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** This is a story that starts in the middle – sometimes that is how fantasies go right? **

I lay in the middle of the bed, my chest is heaving from the exhaustion and out of the corner of my eye I can see my breasts sway slightly with each breath. My legs lay spread wide, limp from my orgasm. I glance up at the ceiling, reaching out; I touch my husbands waist beside me. He leans in and gives me a soft kiss on the temple before heaving himself off the bed.

‘I need a drink.’ He states, before moving around the bed towards the bedroom door. I watch his naked behind disappear through the door. I listen to the silence left in his exit, before glancing to my left. I see you in the chair. It turned from his normal position so it faces directly towards the bed and I glance up at the ceiling again, thinking about what you’ve just witnessed. I can guess the picture we made from your current position, and looking back at you I let my eyes sweep your body, noticing your hard cock, which you gently touch, I gather you’ve enjoyed the show. I move my leg slightly, feeling the slick, wet movement of my own juices mixed with my husbands cum seeping from my spread pussy.

I glance over at you, catching your eye as you push up from the chair. Wordlessly, you move towards me, climbing onto the bed between my spread legs. I watch your eyes drop my pussy, the lips slick and pouting from the recent fucking I’ve just taken. You glance back up at me, before dropping to your hands and knees and sliding forward. I feel too spent to move, but I can also feel the flickers of heat starting to settle in my pussy. Your heated gaze, hungry for what is on offer, as well my own anticipation of what’s coming makes me ache. I close my eyes again as I feel your breath glide over my wet skin. You’re so close if you flicked your tongue out you would taste us on my needy skin.

With a mind of their own, my hips move slightly on the bedding, inviting, demanding, I’m not sure – I feel your mouth hover closer, your body heat meeting my skin and I hear you breath in deeply. You turn your head slightly and kiss my inner thigh, making me jump slightly at the sudden movement, your stubble, grazes my sensitive pussy lips and I let out a soft whimper. The anticipation is almost killing me. I lift my hips again, this time more insistently towards your hovering mouth. As I do so, you slide your hand under my arse, cupping one of my cheeks and pulling me up, as you start to lick me clean. Starting with my pussy lips you suck one then the other into your mouth. And I squirm as your stubble grazes against my sensitive clit, still swollen and budding from earlier. You hold sight of my flesh in your hand, preventing me from bucking you off as the sizzle of sensation runs up my spine.

You use your free hand to spread my free leg, your hand firmly pushing on my inner thigh to force my pussy lips further apart. I hear as much as feel your mummer as you press your face closer. You use short, sharp flicks of your tongue to clean up the left over cum and juices. Your tongue dips inside me slightly, flicking softly in an imitation of a cock, before sliding it down, following the juices down towards my arse canlı bahis crack. You use your hand, tilting my hips upwards to allow you easy access to all of me. I feel your tongue run over my arsehole and shudder, the nerve endings firing as you work your way back towards my clit.

You spread my pussy lips, opening them wider with your thumb of your free hand as you let your teeth graze against my swollen clit in a tiny love bite. My arms, which have laid useless beside my head up until now, shoot out to your head, lacing my hands through the hair at the nap of your neck, I push my hips up into your face, keen for more attention on my clit.

I feel first one, then quickly another finger slide into me, your licking doing little to reduce the wetness inside of me. I can already hear the distinct clicking noise your fingers make as your push them into me to the hilt.

‘Oh… oh yes…’ I breathe, my hands flexing in your hair as you settle into a comfortable position and start to flick my clit with your tongue. I close my eyes, images of my husband fucking me hard while you watch, making me scream as he took me… your heated gaze as you looked at my well fucked cunt… the possibilities of what you’ll do to me after you’re done now… I feel my skin sprinkle with heat, my moans taking on a squealing tone as you continue to work mercilessly on my sensitive clit. It almost feels like too much, but I can feel the orgasm riding up inside of me. Suddenly I feel you hand slide from my arse cheek, just slightly as you brush my budded arsehole with your thumb. Pulling back you continue to brush your thumb across it slightly while your fingers work quickly in me.

‘You like me touching you here.’ Your comment isn’t a question. And I know better than to lie. My hips once again with a mind of their own keep squirming me closer, pushing your fingers deeper into my aching cunt, but also inviting a heavier touch on my arse hole. You press ever so slightly and I whimper and I hear you chuckle, your breath bubbling over my sensitive skin.

‘I knew it…’ I hear you whisper as you return your tongue to my clit, continuing to play with my arse hole, and work my cunt with your fingers, I can feel the stirring of an orgasm. Its ripping through me like wild fire and my breath is coming in short, sharp rasps. Faster you work your fingers, you pace pressed firmly to me as you push your tongue heavily against my clit, catching that sweet spot time and again. I feel my body stiffen, and the sudden rush as my orgasm breaks over me. My cries are horse and you keep working me with your fingers, your tongue, heedless to my squirming as I cum. As I start to come down, you pull your face back, planting wet, open mouth kisses on my thighs towards my knees. You continue to work your fingers in me, spreading my juices onto my pussy lips and occasionally down to my sensitive arse hole, clearly teasing me as I recover.

When you see my breathing start to even out, you draw your fingers from my pussy and leaning up, offer them to me. Not thinking twice, I open my mouth and allow you to slide your fingers in, mimicking the way you had just filled my pussy, pushing them as far in as I can bahis siteleri manage before rubbing the left over wetness on my lips as I attempt to lick and suck the tips of your fingers. You then reach for my hand and pull me forward, encouraging me up onto my knees and then placing your hand on my lower back, you slide me forward again so I have my bum in the air, and my face is against the bedding. I turn my face to the side so I can see you, as you move behind me. You encourage my knees forward, making me bottom stick our further, as you move closer to me.

‘I’m going to fuck this beautiful cunt.’ Your voice is gravelly with your desire. Your hands are kneading and squeezing the flesh on my hips, angling me so I am more exposed to your view, or your cock I don’t know. I feel the tip, wet with your pre cum, drag along my inner thigh, before coming up to nuzzle against my entrance. I hold my breath that heartbeat before your hands squeeze my hips tight to steady me, and you buck your hips, sliding home so easily in my wet cunt. I moan, the stretching immediate and deep.

You start to thrust, its hard, and the room soon fills with the sound of your body smacking against mine as you fuck me. Your balls are now slick with my juices as they swing, each home thrust smacking against my wet pussy, my juices leaking from me as you thrust. Your hand comes up and smacks down on my arse, I groan, the pain quickly ebbing into the pleasure I’m feeling as you back hand me across the other cheek. I grab the bed sheets, squeezing them in my hands as my whole body rocks and shudders with your thrusts.

‘This is what I thought about doing, while I watched your husband fuck you.’ You growl at me your hand coming down hard again against my arse cheek.

‘Fucking this sopping wet cunt, filling it with my cum… seeing your arse pink and tender from a good spanking.’ Your words spurring you on, you spank me again and I feel my clit respond. I slide one hand down, under me, reaching for my tender clit, I hiss as I brush the tender spot.

‘It feels… oh god yes…’ I’m helpless to deny my own enjoyment. I know you can feel how wet I am, your cock is slamming into me now easily, and its making a sopping, slurping sound with quick thrust. Fuck it feels good.

You let go of my hips and slide your hands up my body, up into my hair and tug, showing me what direction you want me to go.

‘Up you come. There is something else I wanted to see.’ I follow your lead, bracing on my hands and knees as you pull my head up.

‘Open your eyes.’ I do as you ask, and realise by turning us, you’ve positioned us in front of the mirror above the vanity, from this angle, I can see the lamps behind us, me on all fours and you up behind me, my long curly hair tangled in your fist. You give a sharp thrust of your hips, causing my large breasts to bounce and sway.

‘That’s better.’ I see you grin, your eyes locked on my breasts in the reflection, your hand still holding my hair, as your other one comes to my hip to hold me still, maximizing the bounce of my breasts on each thrust. You start to fuck me hard again, your thrusts frenzied as you watch our reflection. I can’t help but watch bahis şirketleri either, helpless not to be turned on, as I watch myself being taken so hard. You release my hip to only bring your hand down on my arse cheek again, still smarting from the previous spanks. I groan, the situation you’ve created is intoxicating, but with my previous other orgasms underneath my belt, I’m able to take more before the need to cum overwhelms me. Spanking me again, quickly to one side and then back across again, I see your eyes have lifted to meet mine.

‘I wanted to see your face as I spanked you. I love seeing the want for more flare in your eyes as your arse gets red under my hand.’ To prove your point, you spank me again, before sliding your hand around me and brushing my very wet, very swollen clit with your fingers. I squeal, helpless as the flash of pleasure shoots through me.

I can feel your movements are getting a little uneven; your rhythm is fraying as you get close. You keep brushing my clit, holding me steady by my hair, I can feel myself gripping your cock, milking it, with every heavy handed stroke of your fingers.

‘You’re going to cum all over my cock.’ You tell me. I shake my head, unsure if I agree. You nod, as you make firmer connection with my clit and continue to fuck me hard. The bedding bunches in my hands as I feel you pushing me towards another orgasm. The feeling of your fingers on my clit, your cock stretching me as you pound into me, the general tenderness of my arse mixed in with the slight sting of my hair being pulled is a little overwhelming. My breathing comes in short, and forcing my eyes open, I lock eyes with you in the mirror. I can tell, when I take a step closer to cumming, you press your advantage, chasing that response from me. I close my eyes, feeling my orgasm rise again, my tender clit screaming as you continue to work it.

‘Open your eyes. I want you to look at me when you cum.’ I swallow. I can’t. I feeling like I’m drowning in sensation, I’m so full of cock right now. You’re pressing into me as hard as you can, your pubic bone smacking against me on every thrust.

‘Open them’ you demand more urgently and I force them open, looking at you, watching you fuck me, feeling your fingers finally hit along and stay on that sweet spot on my clit, I shatter. I give a horse cry as you keep me upright, so you can watch my entire orgasm to its end. Once I’m done, my bones feelings like jelly, you release my hair and I slide forward. I feel your hands on my hips, holding me steady as take some deep, hard strokes in my now dripping cunt. With each thrust, my body reacts by milking you instinctively. I hear your harsh breathing, your fingers digging into my flesh, as you get close. Your thumb rubs over my sensitive arse hole, and I shudder. Seeing and feeling my response must send you over, because you give a tight shout before stilling inside of me. You slide out as you cum, and I can feel your cum dribble over my pussy lips and out of me as I slowly sink to the mattress.

I feel the mattress give as you slide off the bed. You come around and lean down, planting a soft kiss on my cheek before throwing the blanket over my prone form. My eyes are already closed in my exhaustion. You pause in the doorway looking back at me.

‘Next time’ you murmur, ‘I’ll take that sweet arse of yours.’ Turning away, you slowly close the door behind you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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