“Take off my panties!” Pt. 02

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Despite what you might expect after that unforgettable episode with my little step sister, we didn’t actually have sex in the ensuing weeks and months. Yes, we have a close relationship and can talk to each other about anything that comes up but I think Kristin felt that it wouldn’t be right for us to get going sexually. Maybe she was right.

But it was very cool living with her and her mom Cynthia. Sure I noticed Cynthia. My dad really was lucky to meet up with her. I guess she’d gotten an early start on her sexual life and, I just overheard this, she “Had to get married” when she was just 18. Kristin came along a few months later and Cyn and her late husband Bob got married to make it all legal. By all accounts they had a good marriage and it was devastating for her when Bob developed a malignant tumor in his brain and died an early death.

So Cynthia was just 37 when dad met her. Of course to a knucklehead like me 37 seemed like she was somebody’s grandma! But, when she and her daughter were hanging out in the kitchen first thing in the morning dressed in pajama bottoms and no panties, well, she didn’t look like a grandma then, that’s for sure! I could see where Kristin got her butt. Cynthia had that same jiggle when she padded softly around the kitchen. My dad used to say “It must be jelly cause jam don’t shake like that!” As fascinated as I was by Kristin I couldn’t help but find her older and more mature mother to be very attractive too. There’s a song that Steve Earle sang that summed up my feelings for my step mom. It’s called “The Galway Girl.”

“And I ask you friend

What’s a fella to do?

When her hair is black

and her eyes are blue?”

Well, that described Cynthia and her stunning good looks. I believe she was of Irish extraction and there was this wonderful resemblance to her daughter that I found sexually intriguing. It was like they were two different versions of the same woman. And then that time that Kristin mentioned her mother’s masturbation right on the other side of her bedroom wall…and finding her mother’s dildo.

Cynthia was a real estate agent and didn’t work regular hours so she would be at home during the daytime when my dad was at work and Kristin was at school. She was very friendly towards me. Always asking me about my plans for the future and did I have a girlfriend. Of course I never mentioned that I had nearly fucked her little daughter but beyond that, I had very little sexual experience. It was mostly in my head.

I went out on a job interview one morning and, when I got home I saw Cynthia’s car in the driveway. I let myself in the house and left my keys on the table by the front door. And then I heard it. A quiet “Thump thump…” sound coming from upstairs. Wondering what it might be I made my way up the carpeted stairway and the sound seemed to be getting louder. Finally I was next to Dad and Cyn’s bedroom door and it was clear that the sound was coming from inside. The door was just slightly ajar and I was able to peek in without opening it any further.

Inside I saw my step mother reclining on the bed. And she was busy! She was naked except for a very brief pair of lacy white panties and she was rubbing those panties vigorously causing the headboard to bump repeatedly into the wall! She moaned in pleasure as she massaged her pussy which was just barely covered by her sexy little panties.

“Ooooooo!” She gasped while my cock hardened in my pants. Wow! What a show! I couldn’t help but remember the grand finale to my lewd mutual masturbation episode with Cynthia’s daughter and how she’d used her panties to finish herself off. Looks like Mom used the same technique! Then, almost as though she’d read my mind, Cynthia reached into the nightstand and retrieved a flesh colored dildo. She fondled it briefly before bringing it to her panty covered vagina. She teased the rather large device all over her panties and then she took a deep breath and reached down and took the legend of her panties in her fingers and slowly pulled it to one side! Now I was treated to an unobstructed view of my step mother’s bare pussy! Unlike her daughter, Cynthia’s pussy was not completely hairless. She still sported a shock of curly black hairs above her sex while the lips were shaved clean. It was glistening from her arousal as you might imagine. Her vaginal lips were parted and I could see the delicious pink color she had inside her open pussy.

Then, Cynthia took the dildo and brought it to her mouth to provide some lubrication I guess. I doubted she would need much from the appearance of her sex starved pussy but she briefly sucked on the imitation penis and then brought it to it’s intended target. Then, she gave a low moan and pushed the dildo directly into her waiting pussy!

“Ohhhhh!” She moaned as the dildo slowly slid into her vagina. She moved her head to one side and then…then she appeared to look directly at me! I could be wrong but she really seemed to be looking at the slightly open door where I was hiding. I jumped back, izmir escort bayan hoping she hadn’t seen me and waited several moments before I once again peered through the little opening.

Now Cynthia was rhythmically working the dildo into her pussy with smooth even strokes. Her breath was quickening and she began to move her ass cheeks forward to meet the action of the dildo. It sure looked like she’d had lots of practice! Cyn opened her legs even wider and moved the artificial penis deeper and deeper into her willing cunt, gasping and moaning all the while. Her shiny black hair cascaded down over her big firm breasts accenting her lovely mature beauty.

I couldn’t help myself and I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. This was insane…jerking off in the hall while spying on my step mom but it seemed like I was helpless to stop myself. I stole another peek through the door and now Cynthia’s eyes were closed. She appeared to be lost in some romantic fantasy as she furiously masturbated before my astonished eyes. In and out she shoved the lifelike dildo, pleasing her tight little pussy with each and every salacious stroke! I couldn’t help but notice my step mom’s wedding ring shining brightly on her finger as she held her little white panties over to the side to allow access to her wildly excited pussy.

With Cynthia’s eyes closed I boldly opened the door just a bit more so I could see more of the illicit sexual act of depravity my step mom was performing on her now perspiring body. My cock was already halfway to orgasm when I touched myself down there. I saw Cynthia’s little panties no longer protecting her desire swollen pussy and I couldn’t help but remember her little daughter asking me to remove her panties the night of our little party. Like mother like daughter I guess. I found myself thinking “I have to get her panties…those panties! And then I’ll have a monster cum!”

Just then my step mom gave out a cry and stuffed all of that eight inch phallus into her wide open cunt hole. Knowing she had cum, I quickly pushed my disappointed cock back into my pants and quietly made my way downstairs and out into my car. My twisted twenty year old mind had never experienced anything like this. I couldn’t let Cynthia know I’d been home or she might have figured out that I was looking on while she fucked herself with her dildo.


It was devastating for me and my daughter when my husband died. We just had a short time before he passed and he did his level best to provide for the two of us. He did an admirable job too. Well, except that financial security, wonderful though it is, didn’t provide me with one thing that I’ve needed all of my adult life: Hard cock and plenty of it!

I wasn’t a virgin when I met Bob but I think he was. I always thought of him as pure as the driven snow. He was surprised when I took his cock into my mouth and kept sucking until he poured all he had into my sweet young mouth. He liked me to talk dirty too. He got a kick out of it when I begged him to fuck me, telling him in graphic detail exactly how I needed to be fucked. He got me pregnant on about our forth date and , gentleman that he was, he married me and was always a good father to Kristin. She was the apple of his eye and I know he was proud of what a beautiful young woman she was growing up to be. Just before he passed, Bob told me to please look out for Kristin.

“She’s special Cyn…” He told me, “Be sure she finds just the right guy.” Well, I did my best to guide our daughter as she moved through high school but I could see she was blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with a female sex drive that was going to need satisfaction on an ongoing basis. I thought the best thing for her would be a father figure and the best thing for me was a man I could depend on who also had plenty of stiff cock for my needs. When I met Don, I could tell right away he would fill the bill. On our third date, he filled me too! Filled me with his big hard cock! He wanted to cum in my pussy but I wasn’t ready for that just yet. But it was so good to get fucked again after so long. Just really felt good. When I sensed him about to cum, I pulled his cock out of my pussy and aimed it up at my tits. He seemed to like them when he’d uncovered them a bit earlier so I thought he might like to splash all of his man seed on them.

“Oh, Geez Cyn!” He sputtered as he felt my soft fingers gently squeezing his prick as his sperm came shooting out onto my womanly tits. “Geez Cyn, you’re somethin'”

So Don introduced me to his son Matt who was quite a good looking young man and obviously a chip off the old block. Kristin seemed to like him too. I could see the two of them hitting it off and was thinking about my promise to my late husband. Would this be the right thing to do? Leave her home alone with this studly young guy and let nature take it’s course?

But Don and I were hot and heavy and things just took their natural course. We had a house and three cars so the fellas just moved izmir escort in with us after Don and I married. I had a little talk with Kristin about not getting pregnant like I did when I was so young. Of course Kristin insisted dad was a good father and what does age have to do with it? I knew what she meant. It was hard to argue the point but I did my best.

Don and I went to Vegas for our honeymoon and we left the kids alone that weekend. When we got back, it seemed like the two of them were, well, more than friends. I tried to ask Kristin about this but she didn’t want to discuss it. “Mom, we didn’t do it!” she said glaring.

Well, the four of us settled in and I for one was happy. I couldn’t help but notice my step son out by the pool with his firm young physique. It goes by quickly but Wow! Matt was just muscular and handsome and I didn’t blame my daughter for making eyes at him. sometimes we would all be in the kitchen in the morning and I could see Matt checking out Kristin’s butt in her little PJ bottoms. Then he was checking out MY PJ bottoms too. It was flattering too, that my little step son saw me in a sexual way. I guess I started to see him that way too. Matt was a good looking young man but he didn’t date much. I asked him why one time and he said it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be with women but they didn’t seem to take a physical interest in him. I smiled at his measured response.

“So, they like you like a friend but they don’t want to go to bed with you, is that it Matty?” My step son actually started to blush!

One afternoon, no one was home and I was feeling horny. I was single for a few years after Bob died and I’d figured out how to satisfy myself with a sex aid I bought through the mail. As good as a real man? No way but, at the same time, I could give myself exactly what I wanted and when I wanted it. So I retired to my bedroom, got undressed except for my panties and began to touch myself. There’s something about wearing panties while I do it that I find exciting. I remember my earliest sexual experiences when my panties were my last defense against the aggressive boys I went out with. I usually let them feel up my panties and sometimes I let them put their fingers inside but I didn’t allow anything beyond that. One night I made out with a fella I really liked. Let him feel up my panties all he wanted and he didn’t try to go inside them. At the end of the evening, we were saying goodnight in the car and he asked me for my panties! I was shocked to say the least but I really liked him so I pulled off my panties and handed them to him. He kissed me at the door and I could feel his hardened penis poking me down there. He cupped my ass cheeks with just my little skirt protecting me and pulled my body into his. My pussy was getting excited by all of this as you might imagine. My panties were in his pocket and he was helping himself to a real sensuous feel of my youthful body. I kept saying “Gotta go…gotta go!” but his kisses kept coming fast and furious. Then his fingers made their way under my skirt and he quickly penetrated my bare pussy! Now I was losing control and luckily, my mom turned on the porch light and I managed to escape with my virginity intact.

I guess I was thinking about that night when I prepared to masturbate that day. I massaged my panties and got my pussy all hot and ready for penetration, then I reached over and got my “Little Friend” as I called my dildo. Just then I heard the rhythmic hum of the automatic garage door opening down below. I remembered that Matt had some kind of interview today and that must be him returning.

I should have stopped what I was doing. I know this. Or at least gone in the bathroom and locked the door. But I was already heated up and my pussy was all wet and demanding penetration. I decided the hell with it. I have to admit I found the idea of exposing my still shapely body to my sexy young step son kind of a sexual thrill.

And so I pulled my panties to the side and shoved my dildo into my warm wet pussy. I established a rhythm, just like I always did, and was gloriously fucking myself silly when I glanced at the door to the bedroom…which I’d neglected to completely close, and I saw Matt looking in at me! Now it was the two of us participating in this lustful act of masturbation. Me doing myself with my dildo and Matty peeking from just outside the door. I spread my legs even further to show him even more of my pussy and then began to move my hips forward to capture as much of my dildo as possible. I was moaning and gasping and doing my best to entertain my little step son who had to be getting hard by now. The extra element of lewdly displaying my nearly nude body to Matty had me excited beyond belief now and then I was cumming right there in front of him. My pussy spasming from the intensity of the whole experience. Oh, that was good!

Eventually I glanced at the door and saw that Matt was no longer watching which was a bit disappointing but not unexpected. Would I have liked him to bust in my escort izmir room and fuck me right there on my own bed without giving me a chance to say no? Of course I would but Matty being Matty, that wasn’t likely to happen. No, he was the kind of lad that would have to be encouraged. I decided to think about this a little more.


I drove around for maybe an hour just wondering what to do. My cock was still half hard from the lurid show my step mother had inadvertently put on and I had no idea how but I knew I had to get those panties she was wearing. She was my dad’s wife for god’s sake and she was Kristin’s mom! I couldn’t…I couldn’t really do anything. It was the story of my life. I was surrounded by sexually desirable women but I ended up jerking off while dreaming about them.

Eventually I drove back up to Porter Ranch and parked in the garage. I made my way upstairs and, of course, Cynthia was in the kitchen waiting for me. She gave me a kind of funny look when she saw me and I remembered her seeming to spot me while I was spying on her during her…private moments earlier. I didn’t have time to consider this though because she came right up to me and, with a little smile asked me…

“Matt, it’s Don’s birthday this weekend and I’d like to get him something…unusual. I was hoping maybe you could help me out with this.”

I was surprised but obviously I was glad to help out.

“Sure Cynthia. Anything. What do you need? Help picking out something over at the Outdoorsman Shop? Something like that?” I could tell that wasn’t what she was looking for.

“No…not exactly Matt. Your dad and I, well, we have a very special relationship and I wanted to give him something unique. Something that only I could give him. But I would need help to put this gift together.” She reached over on the kitchen counter and lifted up a towel that was lying on the tile. Underneath were magazines. Dirty magazines. Dad’s stash of porno mags!

“Your dad, well, he likes this type of entertainment and I guess I have to accept that part of him. I asked him about these magazines when I found them under the mattress and he insisted he just enjoyed looking at nude women and that I shouldn’t take it personally.

“I know Cyn.” I told her. I was embarrassed that he found dad’s magazines. I knew he always had porno mags around when I was growing up and…hell, I liked looking at them too! “So, how can I help you?” Now I was curious about this. What was she thinking?

After a brief hesitation Cynthia shot those steely blue eyes right into mine and said, “I’d like to present him with some sexy pictures of me. You know, so he wouldn’t always have to be looking at strange women. Why not, you know, tasteful nudes of his own wife. Wouldn’t that be a good gift Matty? I nodded my head, starting to guess where this was going.

“So, I was hoping you would be willing to take these…these erotic photos for me and get them printed up so I could give them to Don. I wouldn’t be comfortable posing for some stranger Matt. I…I don’t think I could do that. I would be inhibited and nervous and I don’t think the pictures would come out like I want them to.”

My mind was trying to wrap itself around this shocking request but of course the answer would be Yes! And I told her so.

“Well Cyn, I’m no pro photographer but I guess I could shoot enough pictures that you could find some that you think he would like. Sure! I’d be glad to help out. When do you want to do this?”

Cynthia smiled and brushed her jet black hair over her shoulders. “His birthday is Saturday so there isn’t much time. He’s playing golf this afternoon so he won’t be home until dark. Kristin has an afternoon class so…so how about now?” Again…those beautiful blue eyes that looked so much like her daughter’s were burning into mine. She was standing so close to me her tits were actually touching my chest. I could smell her perfume and I had all I could do to keep from putting my arms around her, and pulling her to me, and kissing her and sticking my tongue right down her throat. Whew!

She tenderly took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom where I’d witnessed her lewd act of masturbation earlier. I was wondering if she was still horny. I know I was. She looked in the top dresser drawer and found my dad’s digital camera. I’ve used it several times so at least I didn’t have to deal with fumbling around with the equipment. Cynthia said she had a little lavender teddy that dad had bought her in Vegas during their honeymoon. I agreed that would be a good way to start.

But I wasn’t ready for what I saw when my step mom emerged from the bathroom dressed in the see through teddy! Wow, her big tits were filling out that flimsy little garment and she wore tiny bikini panties beneath. Her jet black pubic hair was easily visible through the diaphanous panties. I had her lay down on the bed and we went through several poses. Each time I was ready to shoot the picture, Cynthia gave me her captivating smile which lit up the room. She then changed into some little pink short shorts with no panties underneath. I posed her on her belly so that her gorgeous ass that was doing such a wonderful job of filling out those shorts was on display.

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