Take Me Daddy, I’m Yours

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Inspired by Becky

* * * * *

I suppose it all began with a compliment made to me by my best friend, Linzi, on our way home from school about six months ago. I had just gotten myself a date with Bobby, the best looking boy in the class. Linzi was happy for me and not at all envious when she said:

‘Becky, you’re such a beautiful girl. I’ll bet you could have any man you wanted in, like, the entire world.’

I smiled appreciatively but said nothing.

‘Well, any man except one that is,’ Linzi added.

I was a bit put out by this remark, following on as quickly as it did from her previous praise. And I think my puzzled expression coaxed Linzi into explaining herself.

‘Your dad, silly.’ She began. ‘You could have anybody you wanted except him.’

We both laughed out loud at my previous concern that I was losing my touch, and that there might actually be a man out there impervious to my charms.

I said goodbye to Linzi at my front door and went up to my room. The thought of what she had said still nagged a little in my brain. It got me wondering. I began to ask myself whether I could make all men available to me, 100 per cent. I mean, could I, if I wanted that is, also seduce my dad? He’s an ordinary, average father sure, but he’s also a man, with a man’s desires. I found myself thinking about whether an ordinary father, any father, would be willing to have sex with a daughter, if that daughter made it clear to the father that that was her wish and intention. I mean, if the daughter flaunted herself in front of the father so much and so blatantly that she was, by implication, giving the father the big green light. Would that ordinary father go for it? Would my dad go for it? All of a sudden, that question was becoming less of an academic poser and more of a practical challenge.

At dinner that evening, I found myself looking at dad in a way I had never done before. He was around mid-fifties I guess. He and mom had married late in life. He was just a normal guy. He liked his beer, and was massively overweight because of it. I mean gross. But he was a kind man with a friendly, happy face. He liked watching football and having his buddies come round for poker. Like I said, he’s just an average dad.

That night, as I lay in bed, I began to think more on the subject of seduction. If dad had been just a guy in the street, a stranger, then I could have him easy. Just a flutter of the eyes, a longer than necessary look, or maybe a flash of thigh is all it would take. But dad wasn’t just a guy in the street; he was my dad, the man who made me. Surely it would be impossible for me to seduce him. I mean, what about the risks? What if he was to tell mom? No, he would never tell mom. She might think that he had made all the running and he’d get the blame himself. Mom would always believe me, I knew that. But it could turn out that he would turn me down and never speak to me again, and I couldn’t stand that. But could he refuse such an open invitation if it was just the once? Could any father?

I had an uncomfortable sleep that night. I couldn’t get dad out of my mind. More to the point, I couldn’t get any peace from my own question; could I have him if I wanted him? By the time morning came, I knew in my mind that I would have to try. I would offer sex to my dad, and after he had accepted, and I had proved to myself that I could literally have any man that I wanted, I would smile kindly, and tell him that it had just been an experiment. Nobody would be hurt and my conscience would be clear. I would set about my plan right away.

My opportunity came the following Wednesday evening. Mom works for a chain of supermarkets as a checkout operator and shelf stacker. Most of her shifts are daytime, but on Wednesday’s she is required to work from 6 p.m. to 2 am in the morning. On these days she leaves me to prepare dinner for dad and I. That Wednesday, when dad got home from work, he saw me in my first attempt at his seduction. I had rushed home from school, showered, put on some light make-up, and dressed in a short, red baby doll nightie and a pair of matching kitten heeled slippers that I had found in mom’s shoe closet. The slippers were a bit too big, but as they were backless, that didn’t matter. And they did give me a little more height and make my legs look better.

The hem of the baby doll outfit came to just below the matching red panties that I wore underneath. And I knew that as I twirled around in normal movement, the material was so fine that the nightie fluttered up to offer tantalising glimpses of my scantily covered bottom. I was very aware of dad’s eyes bostancı escort upon me right from the outset, and half expected him to ask me to go cover up. But, I guess the eye candy was too good to resist and, though he didn’t make any comment either way, I knew that I had got him interested. I went to bed that night, having first returned mom’s slippers, confident that I would soon have dad exactly where I wanted him.

For the following two Wednesday evenings, I performed similar shows in front of dad. On the second occasion, I wore a short white halter neck tennis dress with a pair of mom’s white high heeled sling backs, and for the third Wednesday, I wore the same shoes (all of mom’s pumps just slipped off me) with a pink boob tube and a pair of tight white shorts. The fact that I was wearing sandals borrowed from mom’s wardrobe, and that I only dressed like this when we were alone, must have given dad some hint of my intentions. But although he had begun to stare at my body with less and less self awareness, and now didn’t turn away whenever I caught his gaze, dad still hadn’t given me the opportunity to make a pass at him. I decided at the end of that third week that the following Wednesday would hail a bolder daughter.

That day arrived and I was so very excited at what might occur as a result of my stronger approach. When dad came into the house, I was just putting his dinner on the table. This time I was wearing a simple, high cut, powder blue slip dress, matching thongs and the same white high heeled sandals of mom’s. I sat in the chair opposite the dining table whilst dad ate. I made sure that the light dress had risen well up my thighs as I crossed my legs towards dad’s deliberate gaze. I was thrilled with the fact that he was now blatantly staring at my body.

At about eight o’clock, with butterflies of nervousness and excitement in my tummy, I got up and sat on the couch very close to dad. Summoning up courage, I took hold of his hand and spoke:

‘Daddy, could I ask you for some confidential advice?’

‘Sure’ dad replied, looking intently at the cleavage that my small breasts were making in the dress.

‘You’ve got to promise me, though, that this will be just between the two of us. I mean, mom knows the person that I’m going to talk to you about, and I especially wouldn’t want her to know about this’.

Dad hesitated for a second before promising that he would tell nobody else. So I continued in my conspiratorial tone.

‘Well, Daddy, there’s this girl in my class called Marjorie. She’s told me that she’s recently started to have funny feelings about this older man she knows. She knows him very well, in fact.’

I stared into dad’s eyes, searching for any trace that I should stop. I need not have bothered, because at my hesitation in the conversation, he told me to carry on.

‘Well, she’s recently been trying to get the attention of this older man, hoping that he’ll make a pass at me. Er, her’, I let slip accidentally on purpose. Dad’s eyes widened at my faux pas, and I was starting to get wet in my panties at the thought of the way I was propositioning my own dad.

‘Anyway’, I continued, giving dad my best Bambi eyes, ‘for the passed few weeks when Marjorie and this older man have been alone, she’s been trying to get him to make a pass at her by wearing sexy clothes for him. But so far, the man hasn’t made a move towards her and she wanted me to ask you what I, I mean what she, should do next’.

Dad looked at me for a minute, and I began to fear that I had gone too far. I had made it perfectly clear with my two deliberate errors of personal pronoun that I was talking about me and him. To act as some kind of encouragement, I let my hand rest on dad’s thigh. He looked down at it and then started to speak.

‘Maybe your friend, Marjorie, hasn’t made it clear enough to this older man that she wants him to respond to her flirtations. Maybe this older man wants her as much, but is afraid to make the first move in case his instincts are wrong and he gets into trouble. Maybe it would be a good time for you, I mean your friend, to tell this older man exactly where he stands.’

I was now almost wetting myself with excitement as dad sparred suggestions with me and threw in a deliberate mistake of his own. I let go of his leg and stood up in front of him.

‘Thanks for the advice, Daddy.’ I began in a slow, husky voice. ‘Mom won’t be home for hours yet. Maybe I’ll go upstairs, get out of this dress, and get in touch with Marjorie. Maybe the older man will take the hint this time.’

As I turned on my high heels, giving ümraniye escort bayan dad a glimpse of my ass, I smiled coyly at him and left to go to my room.

I entered my bedroom and put on a slow, sexy CD. I sat on the bed wondering if I had done the right thing. I had just told my own father that I fancied him and wondered if he would take the bait. Two minutes later, as the door to my bedroom opened and dad came in, I got my answer. He stood motionless, staring at me as I sat on the bed. I got up slowly and, smiling seductively, walked over the room and stood in front of him. Even with that fat beer belly hanging over his belt, I could see the bulge of dad’s dick giving away the arousal he felt at being in his own daughter’s room.

I turned my back to dad, offering him my zipper. I shuddered as he took hold of it and at that first realisation of what he wanted to do to me. I felt the air hit my bare back as the zipper reached its lowest point. I knew what I had to do. I would take off the dress, let him see my boobs, maybe even let him grope me a little. Then I would say it had all been a big mistake and that we should stop before it goes too far. I would at least be able to say to myself that no man, not even my own father, could escape my charms. I would never be able to tell Linzi, of course, but I would know.

I walked a few paces away from dad before turning around to face him. I brought my hands up to the two thin shoulder straps that were holding my dress loosely against my body, and slowly let them fall off my arms. The flimsy dress fell to my feet. My small boobs heaved as I stood in front of my own father’s lustful glare.

Dad’s face was almost unrecognisable as he ran those crazed eyes over his daughter’s body. His usual kindly face had been replaced by one of sheer carnal lust. So his next words really didn’t come as any surprise:

‘Take off your panties, Becky.’ He ordered, brusquely.

I hesitated for a second or two. I hadn’t intended for it to go this far. Dad repeated his instruction for me to remove my G-string even more forcefully, and at the same time had begun to remove his shirt. It must have been the excitement of this forbidden, secret, and utterly naughty moment that made me reply as I did:

‘No, Daddy. You take them off me.’

Dad’s shirt was now off and laying on the floor. Then he kicked his shoes off and started to unbutton his pants. I could hardly believe the situation I was in; it felt like I was watching it all happen to someone else. As the trousers fell to his feet, dad stood out of them and moved towards me in just his shorts and white socks. He must have been twice my weight and, even in mom’s four inch heels, dad was over a foot taller than me. He was close enough for me to smell the musk of his sweat, and the bulge in his shorts betrayed his own excitement. I stared as dad tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his underpants and began to pull them down. The material struggled over his erect phallus and I knew that any second now, dad’s manhood would be visible to me for the first time. When it did spring out into the air, all hard, hairy and twitching, I heard myself gasp.

‘You want this, Becky’, dad teased.

I looked up into his maniac’s eyes and just nodded.

Dad sat down on the edge of the bed, grabbed my right arm in one of his big hands and pulled me towards him. As I stood motionless before him, he moved his hands up my arms to my shoulders. Dad slowly moved his hands to my neck. Then he gently gripped my throat, but the look on his face told me that he wanted to squeeze me roughly. As his fingers wandered down to my breasts, and he began to maul them, I squirmed with delight and started to coo. Suddenly, I was propelled closer towards him. Dad’s fat, sweaty face was rubbing against the soft skin of my petite bosom. His bristles chafed against my tender flesh, but, as dad started to suck and chew on my nipples, I found my own hands were clasping the back of his head, forcing him closer to me.

Whilst we were occupied in this fashion, I felt dad’s hands move down the curve of my spine and onto my ass. He gripped my soft cheeks until I knew they would be red and pitted where his nails had dug into the skin. Then dad’s thumbs were underneath the thin waistband of my G-string, and he was pulling them down over my narrow hips, exposing my love box. Dad only allowed me enough time to get one leg out of my panties, leaving them dangling on the other foot, as he pulled me onto the bed so that my legs straddled his waist and my pussy was positioned directly over his throbbing penis. Grabbing kartal escort my slender waist in his powerful hands, dad pulled me closer to his shaft. He had to lean back to get his belly out of the way as he guided his love dart towards my dripping wet hole. I gasped at the first touch of dad’s hard, moist helmet against my vulva. Then I heard myself speaking for the first time in minutes:

‘Put it in me, Daddy.’ I pleaded. ‘Put all of it into your naughty little daughter.’

Then, with my pussy in the perfect position, and shrieking a loud, animal like grunting sound, dad pulled me down onto his meat and filled me up. My head fell against dad’s chest, as he gripped me underneath my ass cheeks and began to hump me up and down.

We were both sweating like pigs as my small, flat belly rubbed against dad’s fat, hairy body. I pulled my head away from dad’s chest to look down at his bulk as it wobbled against me. As the perspiration dripped from our faces and onto our bodies, Dad pulled his lips to me and found my mouth. I opened it invitingly for him. We moved our heads violently back and forth in an effort to find the position that would allow our tongues to enter the other’s mouth as deeply as possible. As I noisily swapped my saliva with dad’s, I became aware of the equally noisy slapping of my sweat covered thighs as they bounced against dad’s powerful thrusting movements. After four or five minutes of fucking like this, I felt the familiar tingle of an oncoming climax. I was encouraging dad to bang me harder and faster. He couldn’t get any faster in this position, so, picking me up as if I was a child, dad carried me over to the wall and wedged me up against it. In this position he could really fuck his daughter as hard as he wanted, and it was this increase in rhythm that finally got me screaming in ecstasy.

As my orgasm got ever nearer, I heard myself begging dad not to stop.

‘Don’t worry, baby,’ he began, ‘your Daddy’s going to give you all you ever wanted.

Cum for Daddy, there’s a good girl.’

Listening to my own dad talking to me like this, as he banged away at the fruit of his own loins, finally sent me over the edge. The prickly heat washed all over my shuddering body as I howled in the throes of an orgasm. Dad brought his fat, sweaty lips to mine again as I trembled uncontrollably in his strong arms. As he violently kissed me, I sensed his own explosion was not too far away.

Suddenly, dad lifted me off his prick and I had to unwrap my legs from around his huge torso. Taking hold of me under my arms, and ordering me to keep me feet off the ground, dad lowered me to the floor. I sat against the wall, still wedged between it and dad’s legs, and looked up at the giant in front of me. As sweat dripped from my soaking hair onto my shoulders, dad’s right hand went to his dick. Grabbing the shaft, he began to pull it up and down. It’s big, purple head and blue veined rod, that up until a minute ago had been scraping away at my insides, was now pointed at my face. To steady himself, dad put his left hand against the wall above me, bent his knees slightly and stood on tiptoes. As he started to masturbate with greater speed, I could see traces of precum slide out of the slit at the top of his knob. I could see dad’s face becoming more and more contorted as he fought to hold back the inevitable and prolong the feelings of pleasure. Bending his knees still further, dad positioned the tip of his prick very close to my mouth. I looked up at him with my best, innocent, doe like eyes, and licked my lips. That did it. Dad managed to get his order out just in time:


My lips parted, and dad got his bell end into my mouth just as his big, hairy balls started to empty their load. Using both hands now to lean against the wall, dad’s dick throbbed in my mouth. The warm, salty liquid gushed over my tongue and mostly down my throat. Some of it escaped my lips and slid over my chin. I grabbed hold of dad’s meat and squeezed out the last few drops of his semen as, above me, he trembled and buckled. I left his tool in my mouth as dad hovered above me trying to recover his breathing. As his penis went limp, I let it slide out from between my lips.

Dad left my room without saying a word. The next morning at breakfast, he and mom and I sat around silently eating and drinking. I gave dad a few looks but was generally too embarrassed to talk to him. It was dad’s voice that finally broke the silence. He turned to mom.

‘Good night at work, honey?’ Dad asked, innocently.

‘Yes, easy.’ Mom began. ‘ Evening shifts always are better than days.’

You know what, honey,’ dad continued, ‘I think you should tell your boss today that you’d like to do more night work. You deserve not to work so hard.’

Mom nodded agreement and said she’d mention it today. Dad looked over to me. He smiled. I wondered what I had let myself in for.

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