Tag Team Duo – Part 1

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Tag Team Duo – Part 1
My sexy submissive Renee and I wrote this story together. It is written from a Daddy Dom’s perspective, and I am obviously the voice narrating this tale.

Within the hour, Daddy’s Little Slut will be screaming God knows what into her pillow.

At least that is what my Baby Girl is hoping will transpire. After weeks and weeks of planning, Renee is rather impatiently waiting for her newest fuckbuddies to arrive. Hopefully her gentlemen callers will not be so gentle, as they use every inch of her body for their own sexual pleasure.

Renee can feel her nipples tighten and constrict as a few droplets of moisture seep from her tight little pussy. Flushed and puffy, her pussy lips quiver and dance with excitement as she joyfully imagines the thorough pounding her cock hungry pussy will soon be subjected to.

Daddy’s Little Slut likes her sex hard and rough.

Hard, fast and rough. Yes sir, there is no doubt about that, my Baby Girl enjoys a good, hard, pussy pounding every now and then. Several times a year, Renee’s pussy aches to be invaded by a big, thick dick – a hard, thick, meaty cock that will stretch her pussy wide open.

Yes sir, from time to time, my Baby Girl craves a big, fat, thick, hard cock. Renee love to have her tight little pussy stretched wide open. She loves getting fucked by huge cocks She love the intense feeling of having her pussy stretched wider and wider with each powerful thrust.

The unmistakable feel of a big, hard cock slamming into her moist, wet pussy over and over and over again, always pushes Daddy’s Little Slut over the edge.

Renee loves the rush of pure adrenaline that washes over her body, every time she is fucked senseless. Occasionally, she yearns for that all too familiar feeling of total helplessness that only seems to occur as her defenseless body is being ravished by a big, strong man whose only thought is conquering her delicate flower. Spreading her legs wider and wider, allowing the invading cock deeper and deeper access, my Baby Girl surrenders any semblance of control as the sensitive walls of her pussy shudder again and again and again in orgasmic ecstasy.

Surprisingly enough, an intoxicating mixture of apprehension, coupled with an unusually eerie feeling of absolute relaxation surge from within her bosom as Renee feels her tight little pussy being stretched wider and wider by her fuck buddy’s throbbing cock. A cock that was meticulously selected by her Daddy for a single, solitary purpose. To stretch her tight little pussy farther and wider than ever before.

Renee knows all too well, the impending ecstasy that ultimately comes from being used solely as a sex object. My Baby Girl’s pussy has been pounded, slammed and fucked by huge cocks enough times to know just how overwhelmingly intense each successive orgasm feels when your pussy is being stretched to its limit. She knows the sensation of being stretched by a huge cock will far exceed the titillating excitement that she is experiencing right now.

Breathing heavily, Renee unsuccessfully tries to concentrate on getting dressed. Her mind keeps wandering off in multiple directions, making it damn near impossible to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Although she needs to get dressed, Renee is gleefully daydreaming of the two beautiful cocks that are en route to her hotel room.

Hell, maybe she should forget about her clothes altogether and meet her newest fuck buddies in a bathrobe. That would certainly save her some time getting undressed later in the evening. “Nope, that is not going to happen” Renee thinks to herself, as she continues to get dressed.

Even though tonight will be their first actual in the flesh encounter, Daddy’s Little Slut had initiated several Facetime chats with Richard and Marcus over the past three weeks. During her inquisitive and often flirtatious video chats, Renee had seductively charmed both Richard and Marcus into granting her a sneak preview of their yummy cocks.

Tired of reading outlandish claims, and not being one to readily believe the frequently embellished stories of extraordinary dick size, which more often than not end up being untrue. Renee’s ever vigilant and observant Daddy implemented a strict policy of procuring photographic proof of every potential playmates size or lack thereof.

Prior to setting up an actual play date, Renee’s loving Daddy Dom required each prospective partner to submit convincing evidence to support the claim their manhood did in fact measure up to or go beyond the minimum size requirements. You can’t be too cautious illegal bahis when vetting potential playmates.

Daddy is determined not to let his precious Little Slut touch, suck, fuck or get fucked by any man who cannot pass a rigorous verification process. Although our rules of engagement may seem petty and a little bit unreasonable, there are practical reasons for each rule. Where is the fun in showing up for a play date, only to find out your partner is packing sub-standard equipment?

Well, there is none. Nothing is more disappointing! Absolutely Nothing!

Renee has been let down on more than one occasion. And trust me on this one. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your playmate has a Vienna sausage, when you were expecting a role in the hay with a porterhouse steak.

We have unfortunately had to send several candidates home because they obviously has lied about their length and girth.

There is no question about it. Renee is a true blue, bonafide size queen! And her loving Daddy makes sure she remains true to her fetish. Hence, the minimum size requirements.


After a couple of unsuccessful pleas, Renee was pleasantly surprised when Marcus suddenly agreed to unveil his magnificent cock before their play date. Marcus had been fairly adamant about wanting to “surprise” Renee. But, of course, Daddy had politely informed both Marcus and Richard, that nobody would get anywhere near his Baby Girl’s sweet pussy until he was fully satisfied they both measured up.

Reluctantly agreeing, Marcus informed us that he would comply the next day.

Dialing into Facetime at the appointed time, Marcus brusquely removed his shorts and started stroking his semi-rigid cock. Within two minutes, Marcus was impressively hard and actively taunting my Baby Girl with his big dick.

Upon recovering from her initial shock, I noticed several drops of spittle fall onto the screen of Renee’s iPhone as she unleashed a verbally scintillating stream of highly erotic “dirty talk.” As her Daddy Dom, I had schooled my Baby Girl on how to talk like a slut. Prompting her on several occasions, I had pushed Renee to be more open about her “dirty” talk.

However, I was momentarily stunned as I had never heard my Baby Girl utter such “dirty” words before. It happened all so quickly, Renee almost appeared to be possessed. Possessed by the slut of Christmas past. If only for the briefest of moments, she had undeniably tapped into her inner raunchy, nasty slut, persona.

Daddy was so proud.

u*********sly drooling, she watched in utter amazement as Marcus’s enormous cock continued to rise to attention. Genuinely shocked at the sheer size of his little monster, Renee flirtatiously questioned Marcus about the size of his impressive appendage.

Daddy’s Little Slut was absolutely giddy as she unabashedly gawked at his rock, hard cock. Watching her face light up, I knew she was lost inside her own little dream world.

Renee must have spent five minutes fantasying about Marcus’s massive cock, and how astonishing it might feel to have her pussy stretched by such an enormous piece of meat. Hell, I was busy calculating how much of that huge monstrosity my Baby Girl would be able to take. And any notions I may have entertained of watching Renee deepthroat this man, were instantly shattered.

Maybe Marcus would still shoot his load on her face, or fill her mouth full of cum. But my Baby Girl, certainly would not be stuffing that enormous cock down her throat. Deepthroating was definitely off of the table. Would Renee suck his dick? Maybe! But, my Baby Girl would certainly not be doing anything beyond the obligatory lick here and there just to get him hard. Oh well. C’est la vie.

Quickly snapping back to reality, we both heard Marcus proudly proclaim, “Well little lady, If you must know. My dick is ten and one-half inches long, and nine and one-quarter inches around.”

“And, I cum a lot,” he added with a devilish wink.

“Holy shit! Your huge cock is going to stretch my poor little pussy wide open.” Renee gasped.

“Oh, and by the way. Let me save you the trouble of calling Richard.” Marcus quickly interjected. “My friend’s dick is almost as big as mine.”

“Fuck Me!” Renee whispered.

Grinning from ear to ear, Marcus announced, “We plan on doing just that little lady. And just because I like you, I am going to fuck you so long and hard your pussy will be sore for days. And then I will sit back and watch, as my partner tears up your pussy with his giant dick.”

“Giant Dick???, I thought to myself.

WOW! For illegal bahis siteleri once, we found a playmate who did not need to lie or exaggerate about the size of his dick. And Richard, his tag team buddy, was nearly equal to Marcus’s massive endowment.

Hmmm… This encounter would possibly prove to be monumental.

Renee loves to have her pussy stretched, and I have always tried to indulge her fetish. But now, I have some serious doubts. For the first time since meeting Renee, I began to wonder if my Baby Girl would be able to these two studs. Could she handle two enormous cocks at the same time?

Only time will tell.

Richard and Marcus are athletic, physically fit and unquestionably enthusiastic about their rapidly approaching play date. The dynamic duo are primed, ready and chomping at the bit for their chance to fuck the living shit out of my Baby Girl.

All I can say is, “The sex gods either love us or hate us.”

Can my Baby Girl rise to the challenge? Will she be able to take on two strong, virile men – each one sporting an enormously huge cock. I know she is a trooper and not one to back down from a challenge, but I hope she can handle both of these studs at the same time.

Renee’s rendezvous with Richard and Marcus, will either be one hell of a sexual adventure or a complete clusterfuck. All I can say is, “Renee will certainly have more than her fair share of hard cock to deal with when she meets up with these two extraordinary gentlemen. I just hope she is up to the task.”

Glancing up at the clock, Renee quickly realizes that time is slipping away. She had better pull herself together and get dressed, or she would end up being subjected to another one of her loving Daddy’s surprise punishments.

Renee knew all too well, her Daddy could care less whether or not she was wearing any make-up, but her boots, dress, and hair better be spot on when her playmates arrived. And, there was absolutely no way her I would even consider introducing my Little Slut to any playmate, until her collar was around her neck with me closing the lock myself.

Although we do not have a long list of rules, unlike most of the D/s couples we know, wearing Daddy’s collar was an absolute must for Renee. And she knows never to even think about violating that rule.

Daddy’s Little Slut loved her collar. Renee wore it proudly, and she never played without it.

Despite the fact Renee is always a little ball of nervous energy whenever we meet playmates, I could sense she was overly anxious about meeting Richard and Marcus. Maybe she was uncertain about how this whole evening would unfold. We had only ever invited one man at a time into our play dates, but now Renee would be naked in front of three men.

Renee took great comfort in knowing her loving Daddy would be there to guide her and protect her, but she had no idea what I had planned for the evening. Granted, she knew both Richard and Marcus would be fucking her pretty hard. After all, she was Daddy’s Little Slut.


And I know this next part is what was fueling her greatest apprehension. We had not discussed if Renee would only be getting fucked by each of her playmates, while she held her Daddy’s hand and sucked his yummy cock.


Would Daddy expect his Little Slut to suck and fuck both Richard and Marcus at the same time?

That would certainly be a new twist. Daddy’s Little Slut had never been handed over to a couple of well hung men to be used as a fuck-toy before. And, we had certainly not discussed how far either of her playmates were allowed to push their sex play.

Daddy had decided to see just how far his Baby Girl would go tonight.

This may be the perfect opportunity to finally discover where Renee’s true sexual limits may lie. Could Daddy utilize either of these extraordinary gentlemen as enthusiastic tools to guide his Baby Girl toward new sexual heights?


One thing I am 100% assured of is this one simple fact. Before the end of this night, Daddy’s Little Slut will have taken more hard cock in her wet pussy than she had ever thought possible. Considerably more.

We could possibly be on the verge of discovering how many hours Renee can handle a good hard, rough fucking without tapping out. I was fairly certain, that before the end of the night Renee’s Daddy would discover quite a few of his Baby Girl’s limits.

Could Daddy finally witness his Little Slut pass-out from cumming to hard? I began to envision quite a number of mischievous scenarios. Maybe Richard and Marcus’s huge cocks would stretch her pussy canlı bahis siteleri so wide, Renee would plead with her Daddy to make them stop.

I was fairly certain that within the next three or four hours, we would know approximately how much rough, hard pounding sex, Renee could actually handle. And more importantly, to what extent my Baby Girl savors and enjoys her highly anticipated pussy stretching session.

If I stayed alert and remained vigilant during the entire play date, I could extrapolate a wide range of statistics which would serve as a foundational basis for future decisions. Although exact and precise calculations may not be entirely feasible, Daddy will be able to create accurate formulas for setting up future play dates.

Such as: Two ten inch cocks pounding my Little Slut for two hours, equals sixteen orgasms for Renee. Or, maybe we discover that the perfect formula is: Two ten inch cocks spit-roasting my Little Slut for an hour, which equals four earth shaking orgasms for Renee.

Counting, Categorizing, & Tabulating each and every one of Renee’s orgasms, as well as her other physical reactions during sex is mission critical to producing a reliable repertoire of sexual experiences. After all, my Baby Girl may want to know how many times Daddy saw warm spunk dripping from her pussy – or how many loads of cum she swallowed during the night.

The possibilities are virtually endless, which is why we need to tabulate correct data. And yes, I do know, a brilliant mind is a terrible thing to waste.


We were both certain, Richard and Marcus’s enormous dicks would test Renee’s limits and give her poor little pussy a stretching unlike any she had never felt before.


With barely fifteen minutes remaining until her playmates arrived, Renee knew she would not be allowed to take a break and ask me any of the questions running through her pretty little head. She could only submit to her Daddy’s plan and follow his direction.

Every other time, she had thoroughly enjoyed her playtime with Daddy and the playmate I had chosen for us. Hopefully this evening would turn out to be equally enjoyable. Nonetheless, Renee still had her normal look of nervousness about her.

“Different, but the same. Don’t worry.” I whisper in her ear, as I squeeze my Little Slut’s cute perky ass. “Maybe Daddy will let them take turns stretching your tight asshole all night.” I chuckle, as I walk away.

Cutting her eyes at me, Renee made it perfectly clear, she had no desire for anal sex tonight. Without either of us having to say a word, we both silently agreed her tight little asshole was off limits for the rest of the night.

Although I knew my Baby Girl would emphatically refuse to let either of her playmates fuck her ass with their massive cocks, I began to envision a kinky as fuck play party which included unfettered ass play.

Imagine an artistic web of ropes and knots restraining nearly all of Renee’s movements. Picture my Baby Girl firmly tied to the bed, immobilized by her Daddy’s masterful knowledge of Shibari rope bondage. Visualize her laying there, completely helpless to resist. That would be an anal lovers delight.

Apprehensively awaiting her Daddy to begin his exquisite sexual torture of her vulnerable and exposed body, Renee quietly submits to her Dom’s instruction. Zoning out as Daddy starts to tie her, Renee relaxes into the rope that binds her.

By this point Renee is so utterly overcome with sexual desire, her body quivers in anticipation of her impending encounter. Renee’s wet labia sheds drop after drop of intoxicating nectar onto the ropes that are restricting her movements.

Completely oblivious to her rather precarious situation, Renee’s only focus is her irresistible need for sexual release. A pitiful whimper escapes her lips, as Daddy’s Little Slut pleads for a hard cock to fuck her.

“Be patient my dear. Daddy has arranged for your needs to be taken care of.” I whisper into, her ear. “Yes Sir.” she gleefully exclaims.

I now know without a shadow of doubt, that at some point in the very near future, my Little Slut will happily indulge her Daddy and grant me one of my most wicked yearnings.

I can only imagine what a scene that would be. Daddy’s Little Slut trussed up like a Christmas ham, impatiently waiting for her tight asshole to be repeatedly violated by the five huge cocks proudly standing at attention. Daddy will certainly be ready to wipe away Renee’s tears, as his Baby Girl’s asshole is pounded again and again and again by those massive dicks.


None of that would be happing this evening. The witching hour was nearly upon us, and Renee looked as beautiful as ever. She was simply stunning. Appearing as radiant as an early morning sunrise, my Baby Girl could charm the pants off the Pope.

(To Be Continued)

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