Taboo Series: Dana and Uncle Tim

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Dana gasped as she felt her uncle’s fingers sink deep into her cunt, her back arching as he curled them, leaning down to whisper in her ear, “So wet, little slut. What have you been doing today?”

Dana moan, “I’ve haven’t done anything,” She pushed back on his fingers, rocking her hips as he teased, “I’ve been a good girl all day.” Her auburn hair fell over her shoulder as she leaned her head down, resting it on her arms for a moment. Her skirt was pushed up, her panties pushed down to her ankles as her uncle stood behind her.

Dana and her Uncle had a long standing arrangement. It had started when she was 19 and had needed a place to stay. Displaced by her divorcing parents, she had called Uncle Tim. Tim had been more than happy to help his only niece out, giving her his spare room and making her comfortable in his home. Dana had settled in quickly, her Uncle had only one problem.

Dana had a tendency to dress a little less . . . conservatively than he had expected. More often than not she would wear cropped tops that bared her flat belly paired with short shorts or, the worst offender, short skirts. It hadn’t taken him long to begin to think untoward thoughts about his beautiful young niece.

It wasn’t long after Tim had begun to imagine Dana in a number of compromising positions that he had stumbled upon the girl on her knees in his garage- a cock buried deep in her throat and her fingers buried deep in her cunt. Once the door was opened, there was no stopping.

Now, every day when Dana came home, her Uncle inspected her cunt and asked her about her day. At first, Dana had been unwilling to share the events of her day while her Uncle fingered her- though she had loved having his fingers inside of her, his tongue running over her lips. It had been the lack of privacy that had bothered her.

She had grown out of that before long, though, and now a year later she found that she looked forward to her nightly inspection.

Tim slipped his fingers out of Dana’s cunt, slapping her ass as he shook his head, a grunt of pleasure escaping him as she yelped.

“Now, we both know that’s not true. Your cunt is leaking cum, and your ass is practically gaping.” Dana bit her lip and pushed her hips back, and as expected her Uncle’s fingers slid back inside of her. She pushed back to meet him as he thrust them in, and she put on a good show of blushing.

“Okay, I didn’t do much. I just met up with a friend, that’s all.” She pushed back as he thrust his fingers in and out of her faster. She moaned louder, and this time he didn’t stop to spank her. She felt him shift behind her, and then his free hand came down on her ass. She jumped slightly, her head going back.

“And tell me what you did, unless you don’t want me to make you cum.”

Dana moaned and whimpered, “No, please, I want to cum on your fingers, Uncle Tim. I want you to fuck me.” She bit her lip, her hips rocking as he fingered her. She felt her Uncle’s free hand move up her back, and tangle in her dark hair. He pulled back, encouraging her to crane her neck as he pushed himself against one of her ass cheeks.

She could feel his hard cock through his slacks, straining, a testament to how much he enjoyed this special time each day, “Then tell me what you did with this friend, slut.”

She blushed again, then gasped and moaned as she felt his thumb move over her asshole, “I was such a good girl, Uncle Tim. My friend, he told me he just wanted to hang out, but I knew better. His cock was hard before he even got in the door.” She moaned, aching for her Uncle’s cock where his fingers were.

“Mmm, bostancı escort and what did you do with that hard cock,” he encouraged as he worked her juicy holes, “Did you get on your knees for him?”

“Oh yes!” She arched her back, nodding even though he held her hair, “Yes. I got on my knees and I asked him if he wanted me to suck his cock.” She gasped, close to cumming as her Uncle worked her expertly.

“Good girl, and he said yes, didn’t he?” He smiled behind her, then slapped her ass, pulling his fingers from her. He released her hair and unfastened his belt, “Show me.” She smiled as he watched his niece sink to her knees and turn to him as he opened his pants. She licked her lips as his cock sprung free of his underclothing, and he reached out to run his fingers through her hair.

As her tongue ran over the head of his cock he made a quiet sound of pleasure that turned into a full groan as she pulled the head of his cock into her hot mouth. He watched her as she worked his shaft deeper between her lips, wasting no time in tasting him. Her tongue moved over his shaft as she began to bob her head, and he thrust his hips slightly, accenting her movements.

“Mm, good girl. Show me how you sucked his cock.” He ran his fingers through her hair, gripping now and then, pulling just a little, just enough to keep her attention as she worked. He let his head fall back as she pushed his cock into her throat the first time, a deep groan escaping him, “Yess. . .”

Dana moaned around her Uncle’s cock as she sucked, looking up at him. She loved watching him as she swallowed his cock. She loved the way he pushed his hips forward and pulled on her head, the way his head went back as she looked up the length of his dress shirt. She loved the way he groaned as she worked her throat up and down his throbbing shaft, reaching up with one hand to touch his balls, the other disappearing beneath her short skirt to tease her swollen clit.

Tim let her suck his cock for ten good minutes before he finally pulled back on her hair, taking a single step back and watching his cock bounce free of her lips. He enjoyed the way it smacked her in the face, and the way she ran her tongue over the head as she looked up at him, loyally awaiting his next demand.

“What did you do next?” He grabbed his cock as he awaited her answer, stroking it and running it over her cheeks and lips, rubbing it on her chin. She moaned, in response.

“I fucked him on your couch.”

Tim raised an eyebrow and smiled just a little, “My couch, hmm?” He pulled at her hair, guiding her to her feet. As she stood at her full height, which was no match for his, he let his lips longer over hers, his breath hot on her mouth as he let her dangle in the moment. She moaned, waiting for what came next, straining forward just the slightest as if she might steal a kiss from him, “What a naughty slut.”

He turned her around once he had spoken, smiling as he bent her over. His hand came down on her ass once again as his cock rubbed against her twat, gliding between her swollen pussy lips, rubbing against her clit. She moaned, shuddering with pleasure and pushing back in invitation.

“Take off your blouse.” He ran his hands over her hips, pulling her back as he pushed forward, always teasing. Sometimes his cock caught at her dripping hole, and for a moment she would think he was going to enter her, to ram his hard cock deep inside of her and fuck her. But he didn’t. Not yet.

She unbuttoned her blouse quickly, nearly tearing it off and throwing it aside as he bent over her. His hands moved ümraniye escort bayan up her sides, moving beneath her to grasp at her breasts through her bra. She moaned, pushing back again.

“Please fuck me Uncle Tim!” Her voice was heavy with lust, but Tim held off, enjoying the slow game of torment he was playing. He squeezed her breasts as his lips trailed over her neck, his teeth grazing the lobe of her ear before nipping.

“I will. You know I will.” His hands traced the lines of her bra until he came to the clasp, letting the bra fall away. Dana moaned as he held her breasts again, this time tweaking her nipples. He pulled and twisted them, and she gasped with pleasure. Her cunt slid up and down his slick shaft, and she was nearly ready to beg for him to let her have it inside of her.

“Did he fuck you in the ass, as well?” He whispered in her ear as he played with her breasts, enjoying how the felt when they hung loose beneath her.

“Yes, Uncle Tim. He fucked me in the ass, and it felt good. So good. I came so hard.” Dana whimpered as she spoke, aching for another orgasm, this time on her Uncle’s cock.

Tim gave in. With one hard thrust he buried his cock inside of her, her cry of pleasure cutting through the bedroom as he ground forward.

“Such a good girl. Such a good slut, cumming for every cock that fucks you.” He nearly growled the words as he began to fuck her. He did not take her fast, but each thrust was firm, pushing her body forward, making her breasts swing in his hands.

“Such a good whore, sharing your experiences with your Uncle.” He nipped at her neck, reaching one hand up to grab her chin. He twisted her head to the side, his mouth finding and claiming hers, his tongue thrusting between her lips just as his cock thrust into her dripping hole. She moaned and cried out each time he buried his cock in her, pushing back, aching for more.

Dana moaned into the kiss, her tongue meeting his, moving against it, teasing it. She coaxed more passion from him as he devoured her, and he began to fuck her faster, harder. His body pushed hers down into the bed, and she loved the feeling of his weight upon her. When he broke the kiss her hands tangled in the sheets and she pushed back harder.

He pulled up, his hands moving down to her waist. Gripping her slender curves, he began to pull her back as he thrust forward. She screamed with pleasure, and he thrust harder, “Yes, take my cock. Scream for me.”

Tim let his head go back as he rammed into his niece, thoroughly enjoying her tight cunt around his cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long before she came the first time, and he could hardly control himself as he drove into her, working towards that moment.

Dana screamed, her head going back as her Uncle leaned slightly over her, changing the angle that his cock slid into her, and she gave in to her pleasure. Cumming hard on his cock, she pushed hard into him, her back arching, “Yes! Fuck me! Please- Don’t stop!”

Tim groaned loudly, pulling his cock out fast. His niece’s cunt had threatened to strangle his cock, nearly milking his own orgasm from him. He slapped her ass, smiling behind her as she writhed, whimpering at her suddenly empty cunt.

“Roll over.”

Dana was quick to obey. Rolling over onto her back, she spread her legs wide for him, her ass right at the edge of the bed. She ran one of her hands over her breast, the other slid between her legs to tease her sensitive clit as she arched her back again.

“Please don’t stop fucking me now, Uncle Tim. I want to cum again, please?” Her chestnut eyes kartal escort begged him as clearly as her words, and he moved forward, grabbing her legs behind the knees and pushing them up towards her chest.

“Don’t worry, little slut, I’m not going to stop.” He smiled down at her as his cock slid over her cunt, then pushed against her asshole. Her eyes widened for a moment, and then a long, low moan escaped her as her head went back.

Slowly, Tim pushed his cock into his niece’s tight ass. A groan escaped him, mingling with her moan, and he tightened his grip on her knees as she gasped, “Yes, oh yes! Fuck me in the ass Uncle Tim!”

Nearly lifting her ass off of the bed, she encouraged him to slide balls deep inside of her tight hole. He gladly obliged. Only one his balls rested against her ass did he pull back and begin to fuck her. He did not take her gently, and she did not complain. She moaned and cried out with pleasure, her fingers running over her cunt, sliding inside of it, grinding against her clit. Her other hand teased her nipples, pinching and pulling and twisting as he watched her. He knew she was putting on a show for him, and he showed her how much he enjoyed it by fucking her harder.

“That’s a good whore. Yes, finger your cunt. Mmm, pull on your nipples. Ohh, such a good slut. Take my cock in your ass.”

Tim thought less of her pleasure as he took her ass, and more of his. His head went back as he thrust into her, and his eyes closed for a moment as he focused entirely on having his cock encased in her ass. A heavy load was quickly building in his balls, one that he had been saving for her all day, and he had to struggle to hold back.

“I’m going to cum in your ass, slut. Tell me how much you love it.” He opened his eyes to look down at her as he pushed her knees all the way up to her shoulders and began to fuck downwards into her ass. It felt so good, he wasn’t sure he could make it as long as he intended.

“Oh yes! Yes Uncle Tim! I love it when you fill my ass with cum! Please! Please cum in my ass! Fuck me harder! Fill me up!” She was screaming as she urged him on, and his breath began to shorten as he groaned.

“Yess . . . Yess- Good girl . . . I’m . . mmm . . . I’m going to fill your ass right . . NOW!” With a bellow, Tim finally let go, his cock throbbing and jumping inside of her as he unloaded spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum in her ass.

Dana screamed as she felt her Uncle’s cock swell, the feeling of having his cock twitch inside her ass sending her over the edge a second time. Her ass tightened and milked his cock as her cunt began to spasm, another hard orgasm wracking her body.

“Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming Uncle Tim!”

Tim didn’t stop thrusting into Dana until his cock was nearly empty, and then he pulled out. Grabbing his cock at the base, he stroked forward slowly, squeezing out the last of his load onto her swollen clit. She moaned and ground her fingers into the nub, gasping.

Pulling her cream covered finger to her lips, she licked and sucked them clean, looking up at her Uncle as she devoured his cum. She moaned again and he smiled. Releasing her legs he leaned down over her, kissing her hard. She let her arms wrap around his neck, and her legs around his waist as she kissed him back.

Both Dana and Uncle Tim enjoyed the aftershocks of their mutual orgasm as they kissed, catching their breath. Only as they both evened out did Tim pull back, closing his pants as he smiled at his niece.

“Such a good girl, now, let go find something to eat, hm?” He reached down and took her hand, helping her to stand before kissing her again, “Then we’ll see if you left a mess on the couch, and decide how you’ll best go about cleaning it up.”

Dana blushed, running her fingers through her hair as she smiled up at him as she nodded, “Yes Uncle Tim. Anything you want.”

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