Swordfight: Steel vs. Jon

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A sword-fight (cock vs cock) between two guys. Jon, a white guy with a cock that’s 5.3 x 4.7 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard. Against him is myself, Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is in three rounds. Five minutes of ‘soft vs soft’, a one minute warm up for the second round of ‘hard vs hard’, and a final one minute intermission before the ten minute finale, ending in either a knock out or decision.


As I and my opponent stepped into the ring and stripped off our white cloth boxers to unveil our flaccid dicks to the crowd. We both get an even amount of applause making me wonder just how much Jon’s pacing to get a rise out of them to rival my own. As we turned to face one another I realized that apart from complexion, his dick was identical in composition to mine. Paired against a cock completely comparable to my own, I knew that this cock-fight could be anyone’s game. However I felt more than capable of securing the victory, relying on my steely rigidity and substantial stamina to trump his erection.

As the bell rang to start the first match, we both strode out to meet one another mid-ring. Flexing my flaccid cock, I managed to rouse a slight rise from my still soft member. All things considered, it was a fairly significant feat of phallic fortitude that Jon immediately copied, getting a similar amount of lift from his own semi-hard rod. However, despite, our similarities across the board, it was quite clear that neither of us intended to let this match end as a draw.

Though both of us were equally worked up by our apparent equivalence, it was Jon who made the first move, swinging his ivory cock into my ebony shaft. His hit is of little effect though and shrugging off the blow I retaliated with one of my own. With both of our erections still soft, my assault was likewise repelled.

It was clear that we were both conserving our stamina for the second bout and apart from the occasional impassioned clash; we ended up trading little more than lackluster blows for the remained of the round.

As the bell rang, marking the end of the first five minutes, it concluded the round with little fanfare. In eager anticipation, Jon and I returned to our corners to ready ourselves for round two, but despite our reservations in the opening round, our cocks weren’t nearly as composed and were already edging toward full size sans any encouragement from the card-girl. Watching as she strips off her top to make her way around the ring I can feel my cock making up the remaining size difference, growing harder, and harder, and harder; Strengthening in anticipation for the round to come.

By the time she finished her circuit, flaunting her bare breasts for both of us to enjoy, my erection was at maximum rigidity. Heading mid-ring to wait for the starting bell, my black cock pulsed and flexed energetically. However, I wasn’t the only one whose erection was at peak performance… standing across from me Jon’s white dick mirrored mine, identical in size if not shade.

As opposed to the opening round which comprised of little more than a few minutes of mediocre clashes, the instant the bell rang to start the second; Jon came out swinging, twisting hips from side to side and immediately slamming his stiff cock into the side of mine. Though his eagerness I expected, it was the strength behind his erection that surprised me. Unlike the leisurely back and forth of the round before, he was relentless. Jon wasn’t looking for an easy win; he wanted a hands down indisputable victory to show that his cock was stronger, and to do so he intended to pulverize my prick to a pulp.

Usually, in these sword-fight type clashes, my opponent’s erection would just bounce off my stiffer member, forcing the opponent to either go for a nut shot or just keep striking at the sides to wear me out. This wasn’t the case with Jon. There wasn’t the slightest ounce of give to his erection, just a solid shaft of unyielding cock.

Momentarily taken back, Jon laid into me, swinging his erection sidelong into mine, his cock felt like an iron pole as it slammed into my shaft. I managed to field a few blows before unyielding assault forced me to retreat a few steps.

With his erectile strength matching, if not usurping my own, Jon continued slamming his erection full force into the side of mine. Poorly weathering the brutal beating Jon was handing, I could feel an unfamiliar agony growing alongside my shaft. I was loathe to say it, but Jon was working me to the point in which I might actually lose my erection. As if to say my doubts, for a moment, there was a split-second lapse in my phallic fortitude.

This was unprecedented, not canlı bahis only did Jon have an impressive amount of erectile strength, but the vigor behind his blows was quite literally staggering. Accustomed to challengers with cocks that hit it then quit it, Jon was turning out to be a force to be reckoned with.

I’m not the only one taken back by this turn of events; the crowd was in an uproar of excitement at the epic clash of cocks. Not to least mention the card-girl, whose eager-eyed attentions spurred me on to attempt another head-on collision with Jon’s member.

However, I was met with a bastion of resistance that caused me to recoil both physically and mentally, providing Jon with ample opportunity to mount his counter-strike. Snapping out of it as he slammed into me, I came forward again and was met with the same unwavering rigidity. I kept on though, going for another sidelong shot just as Jon fired off his own. Our cocks collided in an agonizingly arousing clash.

However, in spite of my arousal my dick was taking a beating. I could only hope that I was giving as good as I got. I couldn’t tell anything from Jon’s face; it had been locked in a determined grimace ever since we started the match.

Unwilling to risk any more side-slams, I pressed my cock in closer to Jon’s to try and grind against him. Gritting his teeth as I did, he locked his cock against mine and began retaliating by trying to muscle me to one side. I’d never faced an erection so rigid before and tried swinging my hips opposite his motion to stop him, but he powered through.

Forced to up my ante, I flexed my cock with as much strength as I could muster, just managing to curb his erections progress. The only contrast between our two dicks was our complexion, mine black and his white, otherwise we were identical in all ways; Girth, length, and to my chagrin, strength. Like two rutting bucks with their antlers locked, we kept up this stalemate, snorting and breathing heavily as we vied for erectile supremacy.

After a minute more of this deadlock, I slowly began to battle my way back. Though neck and neck in our head to head battle, I did have one advantage in that I could keep my erection flexed longer than he could, but even unflexed he put up a hell-of-a-lot of resistance.

This was nothing like the one-way wins I’d racked up before; I really had to fight for my victory. And even then, I could just as easily be handed my defeat.

Just as I’d begun eking an edge over his erection, the bell rang to signal the end of round two.

Neither of us backed off.

Evenly matched we both continued to slug out in center of ring giving no ground, determined to settle things there and then sans any interruptions.

The bell rings again, then again, and then kept ringing as we continued to ignore it. The ring-girl stepped in to tried break us up but at this toe-to-toe match neither I nor Jon were willing to concede an inch, not to the bell and certainly not to one another.

Realizing that neither of us planned to back down in any way shape or form, the ring-girl stepped back to lean against the ropes and watch as we continued our bout. This was going to be a battle to the bitter end and not only did she have a front row seat to the action, but we had an added incentive to crush the others cock with our own.

Like two stags in the heat of battle, we kept our cocks locked against one another’s, grunting as we endeavored to overpower the other

Grunting in exertion, Jon and I continued to power our erections into one another. With every flex from my dick I could feel his yield, if ever so slightly. Begrudgingly being steadily forced to concede our stalemate, Jon grit his teeth in frustration flexing his own rock-hard member against my own.

Once again, our cocks locked, immobile against one another. My chest was heaving, yet despite the exertion of trying to out-muscle an equally matched erection, I remained firm. Through my efforts, I’d managed to make his dick yield about an inch. Yet as I awarded myself the slightest sigh of relief his member rigidly repulsed mine, strong-arming itself back to the neutral position.

As if realizing his advantage, Jon took the offensive, twisting his body to try bending my cock to the side with his own. Feeling my shaft starting to succumb to his strength, I gave my member another full-force flex, cancelling his advance before he could bend me back any further.

After a few minutes of our deadlock, we finally separated, both of us backing off simultaneously to assess the situation. Looking down at each other’s cock, I saw that his ivory rod had begun to leak pre-cum. Smugly smirking at this; I glanced upward only bahis siteleri to see Jon wearing a matching look of self-surety. Unsettled, I risked another glance down and saw that my own member had pumped out a fair amount of fluid over the past round. While it wasn’t dripping from the tip of my dick like Jon’s was, it had instead ended up smeared all over my head and a good portion of my shaft

I realized that this put me at a bit of a disadvantage. While the added lubrication on my cock would make it harder for Jon to land a decisive blow, it would also make it more difficult for me to do likewise. But the real handicap was that my dick’s slickness would also increase the sensitivity of my head and shaft.

As we resumed our impassioned impacts, the added wetness acted as a double-edged sword. While I could feel myself growing more around from the heightened sensations, the additional agony that accompanied it was near paralyzing. My cock weathered a constant series of blows from either side as Jon wildly swung his hard-on alongside mine, then slid past my steadfast member to deliver another strike to the opposite side. It was a game of high stakes give and take that wasn’t getting either of us closer to finishing the other off, but if this continued, my leaking pre-cum would ultimately lead to my defeat.

Looking to break the escalating stalemate and alleviate some of the agony from the impacts alongside my shaft, I decided to switch tactics, turning to jousting for a bit of reprieve. But Jon wasn’t having any of that, wanting to stave off another deadlock and prevent me from having even the slightest opportunity to recover, he fired a stabbing shot toward my balls. It was only a glancing blow, but he made the consequences clear if I tried to play it safe.

Every time I tried to back off more than a couple of steps, Jon would rush forward, spearing the shaft of my cock with his own ivory member. His persistent assault left me with no avenues to regroup, instead forcing me to accept his jousting challenge, if only to prevent suffering a more debilitating blow.

Despite the aggressiveness of our continued clashes, the requisite arousal and subsequent stimulation meant that our cocks were now leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. As we traded blows like two phallic pugilists, flecks of the sticky translucent liquid went flying. A dark network of veins crisscrossed my bulging shaft; my cock felt like it was at its boiling point.

And yet the unthinkable was happening; I was losing my erection. Even with my mounting arousal, I was still somehow losing my nigh-absolute rigidity. Though Jon’s member was faring no better than mine, the fact that he was no worse for the wear in this phallic pugilism was a worrying prospect.

Frustrated with the impending threat of impotence, I realized that the only way I could stay viable was to put everything on the line. Fervor renewed, I returned fire with a rock-hard side slam of my own, catching Jon momentarily off-guard. Throwing caution to the wind, I began to put everything I had into the match, going all out to prove my cock’s superiority. There was no time for strategy, or pacing, or tactics, just action. I upped to force of my thrusts as I swung my semi-hard member into Jon’s, our cocks bouncing off one another’s with a meaty slap. He grunted and began to escalate his own efforts.

Getting annoyed by my cock’s stubborn unwillingness to fall to his, Jon angrily came at me with fiery fury to strikes and slams. While I like to think that I could have withstood his relentless attacks to my shaft, he also incorporated some sporadic stabs toward my balls, forcing me to retreat towards my corner of the ring.

With a tenacity that was terrifying, Jon kept up his phallic assault and it took all I had just to break even with him, matching his crotch-shots blow for blow. Bruised but not yet beaten, I continued to pound my wavering erection into his own waning member, but even against the ropes, he kept up a strong front.

With the added give allowed by our no longer rigid cocks, we began swinging out meaty members from side to side. Flailing wildly, they collided and bounced off one another making both of us wince, but we immediately fired off another assault. We’d both lost a good deal of rigidity since the start of the final round, but none of our vigor.

Crossing swords yet again I felt my spirits lift somewhat as my erection marginally managed to prevail against Jon’s, remaining steadfast for a split second longer than his. In doing so, I’d forced his dick to concede about a quarter inch of lenience to mine and with each consecutive clash, I steadily expanded my lead, albeit by an infinitesimal margin.

My bahis şirketleri confidence buoyed, I felt as those things were swinging over to my favor when my cock faltered once more. I paused for nary a moment as I tried to regroup, but in that split-second, Jon went full throttle on the assault, stabbing at the sensitive underside of my shaft with his cock-head.

This sudden switch to the offensive got a very audible grunt from me as my erection visibly wavered from the impact. However Jon’s assault was not without repercussion, his own erection drooping until it was only marginally harder than mine. The double-edged maneuver seemed to have taken a good deal of fight out of Jon, and capitalizing on the interim, I began to repetitively flex my cock, spurring it on regain some of its lost rigor.

Having momentarily staved my decline, Jon appeared to grow desperate and upped the speed of his thrust as if trying to make up for his failing fortitude with fervency. Though not at full mast myself, I still had enough resilience left in my member to weather the rain of headlong jabs into my shaft.

Satisfied that the remaining strength in my erection was sufficient to secure the win and warrant a bit of posturing, I gave a powerful flex, upper-cutting the head of Jon’s dick with my own making him falter momentarily in his thrusts.

Seeing him wince, I began to pump my cock, flexing it continuously and slamming it repeatedly into the underside of his, battering him with a barrage of low blows. Enthused but exhausted, my dwindling erection reflexively jerked at Jon’s slam; though on its way down, my dick wasn’t ready to be counted out just yet.

However, Jon, though likewise injured, was determined to go down swinging. Literally.

Flailing his semi-flaccid cock from side to side, he began smacking my own floundering erection back and forth. I tried flexing to stave off his assault, but it was to no avail, my dick was getting slapped silly. In an ironic echo, Jon added insult to injury, tapping into his last reserves of rigidity to deliver an uppercut to my cock-head. As if my pathetic phallic performance wasn’t enough, his money-shot was enough to tip me over the edge, coaxing me to make my own money-shot, my cock erupting with pent up spunk.

Yet despite the sensitivity of my over-aroused cock-head, I muscled through the mind-numbing mix of pain and pleasure to fire another thrust into the underside of Jon’s cock. He staggered, standing stock-still, frozen from the sudden stimuli. For a couple seconds he just stood there, completely motionless save for the reflexive jerks of his hips from my cock thrusting into his, helplessly weathering my phallic assault.

I didn’t know what I was trying to do. It was clear that neither of us were going to win, at least by any definition of ‘winning’ and yet there was some indomitable drive to keep on fighting till the very finish.

Growing weary, my focused waned, causing me to miss my follow up lunge. Even in this state of semi-rigidity, my cock had remained hard. But it was taxing. As I momentarily paused to catch myself, Jon snapped out of his stupor and began battling back, beginning with a hard right from his softened cock. My hand forced, I met his charge head-on with as much energy as I could muster, meeting him midway with a matching left.

Both standing center-ring, neither man backing down as they traded blows, it was hard to see how a victor could emerge from this match. Both cocks had been thoroughly brutalized by the other and now hung pathetically/pitifully between the two competitors, retaining only the faintest vestiges of rigidity through force of will alone. Thick globs of cum dripped from Steel’s ebony rod, whereas Jon’s ivory member constantly leaked a thin stream of spent spunk.

Through coincidence rather than calculation, we’d begun to synchronize our thrusts, stabbing our dwindling erections with lackluster force, but brutal repercussions. Our cocks had long since dropped below half-mast; they weren’t even close to quarter mast. Meeting head to head once more, we sandwiched our cum-slicked cocks into one another for one final grind before backing off, our dicks falling limp. All vestiges of phallic resistance had finally vanished.

With our erections totally gone, Jon and I both fell to our knees, beaten. As neither of us was able to muster the energy to flex our worn out cocks to forestall the count-out, it steadily continued until finally reaching ten, proclaiming the result a double knock-out. The ring-girl stepped forward to look down at our members and shook her head in disappointment. In our zeal to prove our erection superior, we’d continued our brutal cross counter blows well past the third round time limit. Usually if the match ended in a tie, the card-girl would treat both cocks to an encore event inside her, but due to the double knock-out there would be no winner tonight.

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