Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 06

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This story includes messy sex with my sister in law, and cuckolding and mild voluntary humiliation of her husband. If that’s not your thing, there are other stories for you to enjoy, so I’d skip this one.

I had forgotten how cold the winters are in Cincinnati and arrived at my brother’s house in mid-January already chilled just from the trip. Karin was, as usual, happy to see me, and gave me “the look” shortly after I entered their kitchen. I played the straight man, but all I could think about was what panties my brother’s wife was wearing, and how long it would take to get them down to her ankles.

George was seated at the counter, so I had no luck getting alone time with her, and it just built the anticipation. I had gone a couple of weeks without release, holding my lust for my sweet sister in law.

All night, it seems like every time I reached for a quick feel, or tried to get close enough to steal a kiss, my brother or one of the kids showed up. It was frustrating, but kind of exciting as well. But by the end of dinner, I was ready to have my cock inside her in a big way. We had a couple of drinks, and I made George’s extra strong, hoping to wear him out, but we all just ended up getting pretty drunk.

When George finally headed for bed, I grabbed Karin from behind, holding her against me by her breasts, my erection buried between her cheeks, smelling her hair. She slowly ground her firm cheeks against me, but then my niece, Holly, came jogging down the stairs and almost caught us. Finally, frustrated and hard, I headed to the guest room, hoping to get to sleep before the urge got me to waste an orgasm alone.

A few minutes later, I heard Holly and Karin come up the stairs, and Holly say good night. Her door shut, and my mind was flooded with visions of my niece undressing on the other side of my wall; wriggling out of her shorts, peeling her panties off… More and more Holly was starring in my fantasies.

A few minutes later, Karin tentatively opened my door. I feigned sleep, messing with her, but she came over to the bed and leaned over to sneak a kiss. Smelling the rum on her breath, feeling her hair fall on me, I grasped her behind her head and whispered that I had something for her. She took a hold of my cock, “I can see that you do, and I have just the place to put it.”

But now we heard a door open, and she jumped up from the bed. Grabbing a blanket, she turned to see George at the my door. “What are you doing, Karin?” he asked.

“Just getting a blanket for Mikey, she replied. I forgot to give him an extra, and you know how cold this room gets.”

He stumbled back to their room, and we heard him in the bathroom. Karin gave me a quick kiss, and told me, “tomorrow I’ll fuck you if I have to do it at the dinner table.” She headed towards the door, then turned, “now you be a good boy, no masturbating, or mommy will be mad. I want a big pussy full of you tomorrow!”

I laughed and waved my cock at her as she crossed the hall to their bedroom.

But a couple of hours later I woke and was astounded at how cold the room was, had to be below freezing. I stumbled over to the closet, looking for another blanket, but was unable to find one. Out to the hall, I looked in another closet. I heard the toilet flush, and George came out of his bathroom just then. “What’s up bro?”

I explained the situation, and Karin came to the door as well. They checked out the guest room and were shocked at the temperature. “I don’t think a blanket’s going to do it,” George admitted. Maybe you should sleep in Holly’s bed, and she can sleep with us.”

I was thinking I’d rather sleep in Holly’s bed, and she could sleep with me, and a glance at Karin showed me that she knew exactly what I was thinking. She smiled and shook her head.

“George, you know Holly will keep us awake all night,” Karin said. I smiled at her, the meaning clear, “or she could keep her uncle awake instead.”

“Yeah, I guess. Maybe he could sleep on the couch.”

“We have a huge king-sized bed,” she said, sounding exasperated. Turning to me, “just come sleep with us for god’s sake.”

I saw George doing the math. She told him, “don’t worry, I’ll sleep between you two, you don’t have to worry about him throwing a leg over you and making you feel gay.” Turning to me, “You know how paranoid he is about the gay thing.”

“Fine,” he grumbled, and headed back to the warmth of his bed. I looked at Karin with a questioning look, she smiled and pulled out the waistband of her pajamas, flashing her panties at me for a second. “Careful now,” she told me. “Don’t know if you can last a whole night next to this.” Bringing her lips to my ear, she murmured, “he leaves early, I’m going to wake you up with my tongue tomorrow.”

So we crawled into the bed, and George was already asleep on the far side of the mattress. I followed Karin under the covers and gave her ass a quick squeeze. She gave me a warning look, and rolled over on her side, pulling the blankets up high. “Goodnight Mikey.”

I ataşehir escort bayan lay down, and pulled the blankets close, feeling the warmth where she must have been sleeping. I inhaled deeply, getting a little of her scent from the sheets. “Mmm.” And now I really started to harden.

Hearing me, Karin turned and smiled at me, then fumbled around a little under the covers and presented a finger, wet and slick. I moved closer and she held it under my nose. Her eyebrows arched, expecting a response, and when I smelled that musky pussy, she got it. I grabbed her finger and sucked it into my mouth, then tongued it to show her what I had for her.

Again, she turned away, and I fell back on the pillow. It wasn’t long before George was snoring, and after a few minutes, Karin was breathing slowly as well. But I was having no luck falling asleep, I was hard as a rock, and too turned on.

Twenty minutes went by, and finally I lost common sense and control. I slowly inched towards the middle of the bed, where my lover lay inches from her husband. I reached out and stroked her thigh, the heat coming off it almost as tempting as the memory of her pussy. I became bolder and bolder, now caressing her ass, then pulled my body within touching distance. She didn’t stir until I molded myself to her back and reached around to find her heavy breasts. I buried my nose in her hair, loving the smell of her. Blood surged into my cock, and it poked her leg. I maneuvered it up between her cheeks and found the perfect fit.

Slowly she came awake, and suddenly turned her head in alarm. The movement woke her husband at the same time, and he groggily asked what was going on. “Mikey is touching me in his sleep,” she whispered.

“Huh?” he responded, lifting his head to look over towards us. “What’s that? Well, wake him up!” He reached to shake me, but she grabbed his arm.

I just stayed motionless, pretending to be asleep. “Karin, what the hell?” he asked.

Then she took me totally by surprise. “Your brother’s just trying to warm up, he’s cold as ice from that broken heat in the guest room. Don’t worry about it, he’s, like, sleepwalking. Don’t wake him up, that’s supposed to be dangerous, right?” She took hold of my hand, and moved it off her breast, then pulled the covers back over herself.

Still drunk and half asleep he accepted the ridiculous explanation and laid back down, but now on his back keeping an eye on us.

I surreptitiously slid the hand down now, lightly caressing her tummy over her soft flannel pajamas, then slipped my hand under the tops to touch her warm skin. My cock pulsed in appreciation of her soft cheeks encasing it, making her moan quietly.

Again, George was alerted, “Karin?”

“Nothing, honey. He’s just…” just then I slid my hand down the front of her bottoms, lightly over her panties, and curled my fingertips up against her silk covered bush. George sat up and looked at her, lying there with her eyes closed and mouth open. “Mmmmm,” she hummed contentedly. “Oh, George, he put his hand down my pants.”

“He WHAT?”

“Sshh, it’s ok, he’s sound asleep.. Oh, my god.”

“What?” he asked more quietly, studying her face.

“He’s touching me, down there, through my panties.” Her voice had a hitch to it, and I felt the wetness begin to moisten her underwear. She looked at him now and giggled softly, the alcohol slurring her speech. “Remember you used to try to finger me without waking me up?” Again she lurched a little as I bumped my fingertip over her clit. “Ohhhh, yeah” she sighed. “Mmmm, I’m really getting wet now.”

George said nothing, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but Karin had an idea.

She began to move her hips in a small circling motion, I pressed a little harder against the fabric, and she hummed quietly. “Remember on our honeymoon, when I got a little too drunk at that luau? Remember that guy from Cuba tried to get us drunk so that he could get me alone?”

George stammered a reply, Karin continued. “You wanted me to go with him, didn’t you?”

“Well, just.. not really… I didn’t really want ..” he stammered.

“No?” she fixed him with a direct gaze. “You didn’t want me to? You told me to kiss him, just for fun. You pulled my panties off under the table and gave them to him. Then you left us alone for way too long. And when you came back, you wanted him to come have a nightcap with us. George, you gave him our room key the next morning when I was in the shower!”

“I was drunk,” he pleaded.

“Truth serum, like you’ve always said. Alcohol is truth serum. And that’s not the only time. Don’t think I didn’t notice all the times you poured me strong drinks when men were making moves on me. Remember at my school party when Joan’s husband felt me up? I brushed it off, but you couldn’t wait until we get home it made you so horny. You fucked me in their closet.”

Now I slid my hand back up, then tickled Karin’s tummy just above the border of her panties. She stopped talking, escort kadıköy holding her breath in anticipation, and I very slowly slid my fingers down inside the silky scrap, feeling that lovely thick pile of hair, and pressed my fingertips against it to find her slit. The heat guided me, and the wetness showed me that I was at her opening. Karin mewled as I found the spot, “Oh my god, his finger is going inside me, George!” Except for a quiet hum, she was silent for a minute while I stroked her opening, deeper with each pass. She oozed excitement into her panties and jerked with stimulation as I touched her pulsing clit.

“You obviously want another man to have me,” she continued. I never let it happen, did I? And it’s not as if I wasn’t drunk and horny. It was always just foreplay to me, but if it’s something you want, than maybe…”

She waited, giving him a chance to defend himself, to defend their monogamy. My brother was silent.

“Then maybe we’ll ALL enjoy this.” Karin said decisively. Turning away, she pulled down the covers, revealing my hand now nestled inside her pjs, beneath her panties, the motion hinting at my one finger stroking the slit, digging into her furrow through her dark hair.

He stared silently, intently at the violation, but said.. nothing. That told us everything. She, turned back, stared at him, even as her hips undulated against my hand. She took his chin in her hand and turned him to face her. “George, I’ve seen your account. I know what you read, and I know what a cuckold is. I want you to watch closely, because you are going to be cuckolded by your brother. Now. In your own bed. Watch carefully, because I’m going to fuck him. I’m going to suck his cock and fuck him. And he’s going to cum inside me. He’s going to cum inside your wife’s pussy.” He groaned involuntarily. She reached for his cock now and, finding him erect, laughed softly. “I thought so. My god, you haven’t been this hard in years.”

Squeezing her husband’s cock while she rose to meet my finger, she ordered him to confess. “Say it,” she demanded.

“What?” he replied meekly.

“Say it, or I won’t let you watch.”

George dropped his eyes, “Ok, you can sleep with him.”

“George, I’m not sleeping with anybody, I’m going to fuck him. Say it.”

Now he looked up, his voice trembled. “Go ahead and fuck him, fuck my brother.”

“You want me to, don’t you,” she sang in that girlish voice that turned me on so much. Again she squeezed his erection. He groaned, his breathing quickened.

“You know I do, I just want you to come so hard, baby. That’s what I really want.”

“Oh I’m going to cum all right. I’m going to come so hard I might wake the neighbors. And you want him to cum too. Cum in me, fill my pussy up with his sperm, don’t you?”

He turned away, ashamed but too excited to lie.

“You want his cum dripping out of my cunt, a big white mess. You want me to walk around all day tomorrow with it just oozing out between my lips, into my pussy hair, soaking my panties. Walking around at school, all the teachers getting a little whiff of my slutty mess. Maybe Father Murray will get a hard-on from the smell. Maybe I’ll sit on his lap and leave a big wet mess on his pants,” she continued, still in her sexy little-girl tease.

My cock pulsed at this nasty side of my sweet little sister in law. She was really getting into this. I had no idea that this humiliation was in her repertoire of turn-ons.

Karin smiled, “If it will make you happy.” She leaned into him, whispering in his ear, “Oh, and I know what a creampie is, honey. I read those stories too. Maybe I’ll let you have a nice messy dessert tonight.” That made him gasp, but there was no denial. Not enough for her. “Mmm, won’t that be yummy, George? A nice warm gooey creampie?” She looked at him for a long second, he was breathing hard but didn’t reply.

“Mikey,” she whispered. I didn’t respond. She rolled from her left side to her right, now face to face with me. She kissed me, holding my face with both hands, kissed me deeply and slowly. I reached around and held her to me. “Wakey wakey, brother in law,” she sang. “Time to fuck little sister.”

She left my mouth, rose to her hands and knees, and began to slide down my body, kissing my neck, my chest, down to my navel. Her soft breasts in her cotton pajama top dragged all the way down, causing my cock to jerk with desire for her lush body. Her hand found my hardness, and she squeezed, then used both hands to pull my briefs down over my hips. My cock sprang free, weeks of pent-up desire on full display. Eyes fixed on her husband, she removed the briefs, and nestled between my legs, on her knees with her ass high in the air.

She gave me one long lick, from the base to the tip, and then began to tease the engorged head with her tongue. Swirling it around and around, then teasing the slit with just the tip of it. Holding it tightly, squeezing the shaft, she began to form her beautiful lips around me. Just wide enough bostancı escort to force me into her mouth, it felt like I was entering a virgin hole. But of course, I’d violated this hole many times before.

My sweet sister in law began to hum around my cock as she took me deeper with each bob of her head. Her thick blonde locks obscured the view, but she swept them behind her ear so that her husband could watch his wife give me what he hadn’t had in years. Karin began to reach the back of her throat and, gagging a little, worked me into it. Her eyes squeezed shut with the effort, and I was rewarded with her lips reaching my balls. She ground her face into my crotch for a long minute, her swallowing stroking the head, then pulled her head up with a sloppy pop. Thick gooey drool hung from her swollen lower lip as she panted and filled her lungs, then she smiled at her husband, and leaned over to give him a quick kiss.

I could tell he had major mixed emotions, but lust wins and he kissed her back, holding her head and kissing her deeply.

She turned away and began to fuck me with her beautiful face.

My brother reached behind her and slid his hand down her pajama pants, which were soaking wet now, and caressed her from behind. Then he pulled them down below her sweet ass, and as she lifted each knee, past her calves and off her feet. Her ass clad now only in a pair of pink boy short panties. Panties that I’d bought for her, he’d probably never seen.

She pulled off of my cock and ordered, “Now my panties.” He obeyed, pulling down the lacy scrap, and his wife’s naked ass shone in the moonlight.

His fingers began to play between her legs, but she turned to me and giggled, “I think I’m wet enough for you now.”

Now we were naked from the waist down, and Karin pulled off her pajama tops. She wore no bra, and her soft breasts were released to hang down as she crawled back up my body. Her nipples were huge, hanging from the creamy orbs, and brushed across my slick cock. She spread her knees to straddle me and continued up towards my head. Now her wet pubic hair dragged up my chest. Lifting her knees over my shoulders, she sat high on my chest, presenting the most swollen, dripping, aroused pussy I’d ever seen. I reached out with my tongue, and teased the very edge of her labia, watching her jerk in response. Lightly I teased around her gash, tasting the gamey drippings of her arousal, until she couldn’t take the teasing and slid onto my face.

Her pussy spread around my mouth, and she began to slip it up and back as I worked my tongue as deep inside her as I could reach. Her lips were so engorged with blood that they sealed around my cheeks, and she began to increase her stroke, now bumping her clit against my nose. With each contact her thighs would shudder, and I realized that her domination of her husband, and her physical domination of me had brought her to a high level of excitement. I reached around and palmed her firm round globes, my fingers tickling towards the crack of her ass. She began to grind her clit against me in short jerky strokes, then suddenly reached a tremendous climax, throwing her head back and panting as her crotch spasmed across my lower face. I ran my finger deeper into her crack, tickling the rough skin around her little brown starfish, and that made her shudder.

Suddenly a warm current of fluid began to leak from her, dribbling down over my chin and around my neck. She whispered urgently, “oh, Mikey, suck mommy’s pussy baby. Oh my god, that’s it, here I come. Oh I’m coming baby, I’m coming again!” A long groan emanated from her, uncontrolled and animalistic. Her juice was mild and salty, ejaculation from deep within her like I’d never felt. She held her breath, and shuddered once more, then worked her hips back down my torso and collapsed on me.

The room was filled with the scent of her, and her body slipped against mine with the lubrication she’d excreted. Her face fell into the crook of my neck and she licked and kissed me softly. Now aware of my hard-on trapped against her tummy, she began to slowly slip her body back and forth across mine. Her breasts and my cock all enjoying the wet friction of being trapped in her movement.

She lifted just enough to look into my eyes, and I felt her fingers grasp my cock. Her nipples against my chest, her pussy on my stomach, she began to slide further down. I felt the coarseness of her mat tickle the head of my cock, and she began to manipulate it, parting the hair between her legs, and opening up her soaking pussy.

Now she began to vocalize everything, obviously for her husband’s benefit, or maybe for his torture, but the effect on me was also amazing. “Ooooh, baby, look how hard your cock is, you really need mommy don’t you. You really need to put it in my wet pussy, I know how to make you feel sooo good.”

With a slow shift of her ass, she brought me inside her lips, just an inch, and sat there. None of us moved, or spoke, all of my consciousness was concentrated on the tip of my cock, resting against the entrance to my sister in law’s vagina. Her hand left me then, and I realized that the show wasn’t just for us, she wanted her husband to see the penetration. Wanted him to see his wife giving away what was promised only to him.

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