Sweet Revenge Ch. 01

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Tommy’s my name and I believe I’m a typical, sexually frustrated eighteen-year-old. I live at home with my parents and sister, Jennifer. I get along fine with my parents but, until very recently, not so well with Jennifer. She’s studying at a college close to our home. She has plans to go away very soon to an out of state university which, at the moment, suits me just fine.

Jennifer walks with a very superior ‘older sister’ attitude and rarely speaks to me. When she does it’s in a tone that is harsh or demeaning.

She has many friends, both male and female, which infers that she is a pleasant, friendly, outward going person. Her stunning breasts, beautifully tanned Baywatch babe figure, long, silken blonde hair, all demand and receive attention.

I don’t know when we adopted a ‘bad vibes’ attitude to one another.

She recently found my hidden hoard of Playboy magazines, showing them to my parents who, surprisingly, stunned us both by telling Jennifer that her ‘tales out of school’ would land her in trouble. But it was more the embarrassment that got to me.

Once again the power she had, to ‘tell on me’, was used to effect and again it made me feel embarrassed. I don’t know which she enjoyed most, knowing that she had the power or using it at every opportunity.

My parents finally went out by the swimming pool. She walked past the kitchen on her way to her room, sniggering, “What’s wrong, Tommy? Can’t jerk off anymore? Are you the only male virgin? Got any hot dates this weekend?”

Her bitter sarcasm cut deep and she knew it. She also knew that I’d been unsuccessful all year trying to get a date with a girl; any girl. For some reason I always told my sister what was going on in my life. I couldn’t understand why I did this. I knew I would never receive a sympathetic ear, yet I continued to tell her my innermost secrets; so strange.

Giggling, she walked upstairs as I sat at the kitchen table, more and more depressed at my situation.

I thought I had average good looks. I stood about five feet seven inches and weighed one hundred and forty-five pounds. My build isn’t impressive, it’s pretty average. I’d begun to work out in our garage, with a range of dad’s weights, in a vain attempt to attract the girls. The one thing I knew I had in my favour was my personality. I was great. Except when I was around girls, then I just couldn’t speak more than a few words to them. I grew more depressed.

“Mister Average, meet Mister Shy,” I said, out loud to myself.

My day dreaming was interrupted by two of Jennifer’s girlfriends ringing the front doorbell. I let them in, telling them where she was and they hurried upstairs to see her. My cock stiffening, watching them ascend. Their scent and lithe figures clothed in short mini skirts making me so horny. My cock ached for something other than my right hand.

Jennifer came down with her friends and went out the back door, all three of them giggling incessantly. I guessed Jennifer had told them about the ‘Playboy episode.’ They got into Jennifer’s car and sped away to one of her campus parties.

Yes, Jennifer had it all, a nice car, a great social life, a steady boyfriend and a good job.

She worked at a men’s clothing store at the mall, earning wages plus commission. With her great looks and high self esteem, she easily sold clothes to most of the middle aged men who walked into the store. She also enjoyed the company of her rich boyfriend, Dan, who was twenty two and who also treated me like a little boy.

‘It’s not fair,’ I thought to myself.

I drifted outside trying to shake off my blues and think of something else. Passing by dad’s car I saw his camcorder lying on the back seat. I opened the car door and took it out. It was one of those new, small, lightweight types that can be held in just one hand. I had used it a couple of times before to film Jennifer and her friends, getting a tan lying beside the pool.

I got on my mountain bike and rode around filming my neighbourhood.

I came to Jennifer’s college, passing close to her sorority house. Curious as to what she may be up to, I got off my bike and hid behind the tall hedge that surrounded the house on three sides. Loud rock music came from the back entrance and I made my way silently towards it. A group of a dozen or so girls in their late teens or early twenties were outside the back door drinking beer, laughing and joking. I recognised my sister as one of the girls.

Jennifer held a beer in her hand.

‘Roll film,’ I thought to myself. Now I could exact some revenge for what she had done to me. When I showed this tape to my parents they’d yell at her for hours about the evils of teenage alcohol. They might even take away her car keys.

I zoomed in for an even closer angle as she tilted her head back, turning up the beer bottle and drinking thirstily. I continued to film for about ten minutes when she turned, left the group and walked ataşehir escort bayan over towards her car with another full bottle of beer in her hand.

The car engine leapt into life. She cranked up the music volume from the CD player and took off by herself, shaking her golden tresses in time to the beat.

‘Drinking AND driving,’ I thought to myself, filming until she disappeared from sight.

I jumped on my bike taking a short cut home. I couldn’t wait to show this to my parents and get Jennifer, ‘The Queen’ into some serious trouble.

As I rounded the dry lake, near home, I heard the music then I heard the car and saw Jennifer, speeding towards me. I quickly hid behind some shrubbery and filmed. She was flying. This was a residential suburb and she was definitely over the speed limit.

I raised the camera and filmed.

‘Man, is she gonna be in big trouble.’

Then I heard another noise, a small child ran out into the street chasing a puppy dog. I watched in horror as my half drunk sister slammed on her brakes just a little too late, screeching to a stop. She missed the puppy but hit the child a glancing blow that threw him away from the car.

She, immediately realised what she’d done, panicked and sped away, turning a corner she was gone, all this occurring within seconds. Meanwhile, the small boy on the ground was screaming and crying while holding his leg. Then a man yelled out and ran over to where the child lay kneeling by his side. I recognized him as Mr Henderson, a lawyer who lived across from us by the dry lake. That’s when I realised the boy was David Henderson, his son. A wailing siren in the distance indicated the arrival of an ambulance that soon took David to hospital. I rode home, unseen by anyone and with the whole graphic episode on film.

I went straight to my room and lay on my bed; the afternoon’s incredible events rushing around in my head. I tried to put everything into perspective. My sister had committed a felony. A hit and run, whilst under the influence of alcohol and I had the evidence on video tape. I had the power to send her to prison for a long time. It would serve her right, for all the trouble she had caused me. I played the tape again, made some copies, hid them then went to bed.


The next day, news of the hit and run was all over town. It seemed no one had seen the accident except David, who was in the hospital with a broken leg and severe bruising. All he could remember was a black car. That was all. He couldn’t describe the car or the driver. The police were investigating but it didn’t look good unless some new evidence came to light.

Once I got home from school, I knew Jennifer had washed and waxed her car, it was spotless. There wasn’t a mark on the front rubber bumper that had hit David.

‘So, she’s covered up the evidence,’ I thought, ‘well, little does she know.’

I went to my room, knowing Jennifer was alone in her bedroom.

I called out to her, “Jennifer could you please come here a moment.”

She came in looking depressed and asked what I wanted. I shut the door behind her, turned on the VCR and played the tape. Immediately after the car accident Jennifer jumped up and switched it off, demanding to know where I had got the tape. I explained the whole story and also how I had made several other copies, secretly hidden away. I told her she could have that tape. Silently, she sat on the edge of my bed, grim faced. My face beamed. Revenge can be so sweet.

“I’m about to go to the mall, will you please clean my room and since you’re such a smart college girl, do my homework for me as well,” I said handing her my homework list and pointing to the textbooks on the desk.

“Oh, by the way,” I said, “can you loan me twenty five dollars?”

Dazed, she delved into her jeans pocket, eventually pulling out some notes and handing them to me.

I was half way down the stairs when I heard her shout after me, “If you think I’m gonna be your damn maid the rest of my life and give you my money all the time, think again, buddy.” I laughed and walked out of the house, got on my bike and whistled all the way to the mall. Life wasn’t so bad after all.

Walking around the mall, I occasionally giggled uncontrollably at my achievements.

I knew she’d be searching everywhere for the other tapes but she’d never find them. All were very well hidden.

I noticed Sally Benson walking nearby. Feeling very confident I walked up to her and we started chatting. She’s a cute blonde girl who I had known at school and whether it was due to my new found power over my sister that gave me added confidence, I don’t know but she responded well to my presence. So, I asked her to go with me to see a movie. To my delight she agreed and we walked hand in hand through the mall to the movie theater.

Halfway through the movie she snuggled in closer to me. I had my left arm around her shoulders escort kadıköy and allowed my hand to loosely, drop down onto her left breast. I cupped her well rounded breast. It felt wonderfully warm under the light cotton blouse she wore. I gently caressed its shape as her nipple sprang to life, my finger and thumb delicately tweaked her aroused nipple. Her bra felt tight and lacy against her flesh. My heart thumping loudly in my chest, then she twisted in her seat and her left hand slapped my face, stinging my ego more than anything else. She got up and without a word left the theater, leaving me to think about what might have been. I could not leave without showing my enormous erection that managed to stay with me for some considerable time.

‘Damn, damn, damn,’ I thought, watching the movie to its conclusion and in the dark I went straight home. After the usual evening pleasantries with my parents I went upstairs to bed. I opened the door to my room expecting the usual mess.

It was immaculate.

Everywhere was neat and tidy. My homework textbooks were on the desk in a neat pile, all completed. This was great. I tip toed to Jennifer’s room to say my thanks. I entered her room and shut the door. With the drapes pulled across the room was shrouded in darkness except for the moonlight at the top where they joined.

Her room always remained in a constant state of neatness and order, like a mirror to her life. She lay on her bed, sound asleep. I stared at her for a while. Asleep, she was beautiful. Perfect. Her breasts, so full, round but firm. I’d always noticed her breasts. I always notice any girl’s breasts but Jennifer’s were outstanding. I sat on the bed next to her and put my hand on her arm that lay on the top sheet. Her smooth skin; so soft, so cool in the evening air. Hair, light, delicate blonde, tickled my fingers.

I gingerly eased back the top sheet, feeling a warm rush go through me, my cock stirred. I circled her breast with my index finger. A lump entered my throat as I became aroused at what I was doing. Leaning forward I kissed her once on the cheek, then full on the lips. I let my tongue run over her soft, full lips. As I enjoyed the sweet, saltiness of her lips, she stirred. Her blue eyes flew open.

“Tommy, what the hell are you doing in here?” she hissed, sitting bolt upright.

I told her I just wanted to thank her for cleaning my room and doing my homework. For some unknown reason I related the events that evening with Sally at the movie theater. She laughed at my misfortune.

“Shut-up,” I said, angrily, “all I wanted was to feel her breasts.”

I gazed longingly at the swell of her breasts in the thin moonlight.

“Tommy,” she said, her voice quivering, “go to bed.” Mesmerised, frustrated, I kept staring at those glorious, heaving mounds covered only by a thin, silk nightgown. With a mind of its own my hand suddenly reached forward to touch one, she caught my hand. A sneer washed over my face.

Forcefully I spoke to her, “Remember… Jennifer.” Two words spoken by me, yet, heard from a great distance, as though someone else had said them.

In the moonlight I heard a frustrated sigh, she released her grip. I tentatively placed one hand on her left breast, caressing its silken structure. First my palm, then the back of my hand moved across and underneath the warm, sensual, unresisting orb. Oh, the warm ecstasy of those breasts. I climbed onto her bed and straddled her legs. She sat back, resting up against the pillows. She gasped as I tore her nightgown, ripping it, pulling it away from her lightly tanned flesh. Panic tightened her chest, uplifting her charms.

At last, before me lay the two most luscious, juicy, firm breasts anyone could lust after. They looked as good as or even better than any portrayed in ‘Playboy.’ I tore my gaze from their beauty and looked at her. Her pleading eyes, begging me to stop, were tinged with fear and anxiety.

If I had wanted too I could not stopped.

I caressed her breasts for a very long time.

The feel of her breast skin texture, size and weight captivated my attention. My mouth sucked gratefully. My tongue worried her delightfully long, hard nipples. My fingers and teeth flexed them to full rigidity. Her areola ridged, splayed wide, then fashioned like a spider’s web, clung around her wet nipples. Her breath rasped in her throat.

“Stop, Tommy. Stop it, now. Please… Oh god… Yes… Tommy. Noooo…” She moaned incessantly.

My hard cock throbbed.

Reaching over I picked up an open jar of hand lotion from her night stand.

Gruffly I said, “Get naked sis.” She appeared to hesitate slightly, then, surprisingly quickly, she did as I ordered.

Did I detect a glint in her eye. Her torn night shift slid to the floor, her white, delicate, cotton thong followed. She was naked.

She sat with arms by her side and her back to the cold headboard, waiting, wondering. bostancı escort Her apprehension was accentuated by the quick rise and fall of her bare, wet chest.

Standing, I rapidly pulled off my t-shirt, shorts and briefs and poured some of the cool lotion into my hand. I replaced the bottle then rubbed my hands together. I moved onto the bed, straddling her legs, my fingers once more massaging her aroused, ultra sensitive nipples. Closing her eyes she arched her head back and moaned low in her throat.

Continuing to caress those aching nipples for what seemed an eternity my hands moved down onto her flat stomach, down to circle her shaven pussy lips. I dipped my fingers once more into the cool lotion. With one finger I began gently caressing her outer labia moving across them, slowly, inexorably towards her clitoris. It bloomed from beneath its silken hood. I touched it. She gasped. Arching her tense back her hips rose up to meet my touch. I moved my finger down her lips and thrust two fingers into her pinkness.

Jennifer murmured half-heartedly, “Aghhh! Tommy, nooo. Tommy, nooo.” She reached out to hold my slippery wrist. I whispered, harshly, “Shut up, or the whole town will know the truth.” She released her grip on my wrist.

My fingers came out from her vagina hot and wet, extremely wet. I realised that I didn’t need the hand lotion anymore.

I thrust them back inside her. She writhed again as my slick thumb brushed her clit. Her eyes clenched tightly shut as she continued to writhe and moan deep within her throat.

It was then it struck me. My power over her had changed. This was a different power, a sexual power. All it had taken to reach out and wield this new power was a kind of… passion? Perhaps it was love; a buried love that had surfaced at last? Or was it just outright wanton lust?

I tried a different approach. I lay on my tummy with my face pressed against her pussy and thrust my long, rigid tongue into her wet pussy while massaging her clit with my sticky fingers, wet from her juices. Her body bucked upward and open mouthed she moaned, loudly.

“Shush, sis, you’ll wake the neighbours,” I said, stopping what I was doing, my mouth and tongue coated with her sweet, young nectar.

God, she tasted wonderful.

“Don’t stop, Tommy. Please don’t stop now… I’m on the edge,” she rasped.

Burying my face in her crotch, frenziedly licking her engorged nub, I plunged two fingers up inside her slick cunt, in and out, in and out furiously building a steady rhythm.

“Aghhh… Aghhh… Aghhh… Aghhhhhh,” she squealed in delight,” yes… yes… yes, I’m cumming… oh, god, I’m cumming.”

She writhed on my face. Her warm juices payment for my control I had over her young body. I was in seventh heaven, realising that I was the one who gave her an orgasm. Me. Inexperienced me But no more. I had suddenly become ‘experienced.’ Her sexual sounds were boosting my ego and giving me the confidence to continue.

Once her orgasm had subsided I gave her no respite but told her to kneel on the floor facing the bed. I sat on the edge facing her. My throbbing cock, inches from her face.

“Suck it sis. Make a good job of it. If you don’t do a good job you’ll be sorry, now suck,” I commanded.

She didn’t need any second bidding but took all of my swollen cock into her hot, tight, wet mouth furiously bobbing her head up and down. Her breasts erotically slapped against my legs. Reaching down I grazed the palm of my hand on the hard bullets that were her nipples. My cock felt the vibration from her throat as she moaned long and deep.

She worked my hard cock with her tongue, cupping her hand around my swollen lubricated shaft she jacked it then pushed it back into the embrace of her warm mouth, grasping the base of my cock with one hand ever spiralling up towards her mouth. With her other hand she gently fondled my balls. Oh, it felt electrifyingly good. She was good, much too good. I felt myself about to explode I stopped her and told her to get back on the bed.

She lay with her long legs open, waiting for me. I got on top of her, my cock nudging against her pussy lips. She smiled warmly, reaching down she parted her slick pussy lips and pushed her young body upwards to meet my downward thrust. She was giving herself to me, willingly, knowing the consequences but allowing my body to become part of her. I loved her for that and rode her slowly, tantalizing her flesh. To my delight she arched up her breasts for me to suck greedily, nibbling endearingly on her long teats. While one breast was in my mouth she caressed, tweaked and twisted the other nipple.

She rose up to meet my thrusts as my urgency sped towards a huge climax.

“Fuck me, Tommy, Fuck me hard little brother, harder, harder. Yessss,” she gasped into the soft moonlight.

I came in one big rush that spurted deep within her, it went on and on, until I lay, exhausted, beside her lightly sheened body. I looked into her eyes and saw a different girl. She held me close as we drifted into a deep, contented sleep, both realising that we now, truly, belonged to each other.

It was how mom found us the following morning.


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