Susie Sleuth Ch. 02

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This chapter is a little bit shorter, simply because it was supposed to be the intro to chapter two, but I got carried away and realized I could still follow my title scheme and make this a separate chapter. With that said, chapter three will be along shortly as it’s already fully outlined and just needs to be written. I may just do this with all of the stories I have planned out, we’ll see. It will simply mean more chapters more often, but no less story than I already have in mind. I do appreciate the positive response to chapter one, so if you like it, let me know. I’m still new at this but hope it’s a fun read. Enjoy!

Chapter 02 Susie Sleuth and the Slutty Security Guard

I couldn’t sleep that night. It wasn’t the heat. It wasn’t the Vegas night-life a few blocks down from my office that was still doubling as my apartment. It was the fact that last night I found out that Angela Gianni, who had been missing for a year and had even been declared dead by LVPD, was still alive. At least, she was two weeks ago when she had a sexual encounter with pop star Tara Michaels. The proof was in the picture that Tara had given me. I got up out of bed, not turning on the light. The floor was warm on my bare feet, but the breeze from the window helped to cool my sweating body.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I opened the fridge in nothing but a red thong and white bra and pulled out a beer. I walked towards the window, kneeling on the couch, looking towards the Vegas strip lighting the night sky. I felt so alive. So reassured. I had given up nearly everything trying to find Angela when everyone said I needed to let it go. I just couldn’t. I’d never even met her, but I took on the case and something just never seemed right. I knew it in my gut that she wasn’t dead, but I had no leads and soon enough no money to keep chasing the same clues around in circles. But now, there was something. Tomorrow I’d go back to the hotel and start asking around. I stood at my window and smiled.

I reached over to my desk and grabbed the photo of Angela eating out Tara. I smiled at this, too, but for a different reason. I knew what it was like to have your head buried between those million dollar legs. I bit my lower lip, remembering how it was. I set the picture down and sat down on the couch, turning on the TV as I took a sip from my bottle. It was late enough that I saw nothing but skin as I flipped through some of the premier channels (a recent addition with Tara’s generous payment for solving her case). I’d forgotten how much I missed having something to watch on those sleepless nights.

I slowed my channel surfing as I saw a beautiful brunette in a long red robe turn on the water in her shower. I watched as she removed the robe, allowing it to cascade down her back and shoulders. She admired herself in a wide mirror for just a moment, allowing her hand to glide gently across her breasts. She was so beautiful, so sensual. I ran my own fingertips across my chest as I felt a slight tingling between my legs. The woman entered the steaming shower, soaking her lithe body under the warm water. She pressed her tits together with her arms, amplifying the already impressive cleavage. I began to get excited as she showered, and I watched, feeling myself get more and more aroused.

The scene lasted several minutes, and I could only imagine what it would be like if I had a woman here now to watch take a shower in my own apartment. The thought made yearn for her touch. I reached down and gently massaged myself through my panties. It was slow, sensual, relaxing….

I awoke to the bright sun shining in my eyes. What time was it? 9AM. I had managed to fall asleep. I was ready for the day.

I got cleaned up and threw on my short trench-coat and fedora as I headed out the door, ready to continue working on a case long cold. But that was my job. I was Susie Sleuth, Private Eye.

I arrived at the Planet Hollywood hotel after a short cab ride. This was where Angela had last been seen. It was barely ten in the morning, but the streets were already bustling with activity. College students wandering around getting an early start on their partying, older couples on vacation, people passing out flyers for shows, hookers, casinos, there was everything here.

I stepped into the cool, yet smoky air, allowing my eyes to adjust from being in the bright sun for so long. There were so many people here and most of them weren’t even here a few weeks ago when Angela had been spotted. The employees had been here, though, it would be best to start with them, I thought.

“Hey, Susie!” an excited, shrill voice said. I turned to see a young, thin girl with dark, curly hair and a great rack passing out flyers for Club Sharona. It was Shayla, the girl from my first case who had been blackmailing Tara Michaels. When Tara found out it was just out of jealousy she was a little too forgiving and asked that I not press charges. Shayla stepped quickly esenyurt escort towards me with a smile on her face.

“How are you, Susie?”

“I’m great,” I said with a straight face, “how are things?”

“Couldn’t be better,” she blushed shyly. “Tara and I had a wild night last night.” She was such a hot piece of tail.

“Shayla, do you remember anything about the girl that was with Tara when you took that picture of her?”

Not even fazed by my change of subject, she responded, “not really, I mean, she was this REALLY hot Italian girl, but other than that I don’t remember anything. Why do you ask?”

I couldn’t reveal any details of what I was doing. The last thing I needed was word spreading that I was back on this case. “I’m just curious, y’know,” I thought for a second, “she was pretty hot, after all.”

“Yeah, sorry I don’t know more.” She got an inquisitive look on her face and folded her arms, reaching up and tapping her chin with one finger. “Although, I remember what day it was exactly, and there are security cameras all over the place…”

Why didn’t I think of that?

“Is there a way to get access to the security footage?” I asked. Shayla shrugged her shoulders. I was more thinking out loud than actually asking her. There were employees everywhere, but no blatant security. No way was I getting access to security cameras without at least finding some security guards. I looked around at all the slot machines and blackjack tables. I let out a huff of air as I looked up at one of the large globes encasing a security camera. With my head still looking up, my eyes rolled down at Shayla who was just standing there wondering what I was doing. I had an idea.

I looked Shayla in the eye with a slight smile on my face.

“How was it with Tara?” I asked. Shayla looked surprised and blushed again.

“It was…,” she paused, taking a breath, “…amazing.” I took a step towards her seductively, reaching out my hand and running a finger down her arm.

“Did she tell you that the night she came to my office I bent her over my desk and licked her pussy until she came all over my face?”

Shayla got wide-eyed for a moment and then she bit her lower lip. I grabbed her hand and walked down an aisle of unoccupied slot machines so that we weren’t in the middle of the walkway, but we didn’t walk so far that we wouldn’t be noticed. It just had to look like we were at least trying to be discreet.

I stopped by a slot machine and pushed Shayla up against it a little forcefully. She looked at me with a yearning look as I opened my trench-coat, revealing a white blouse and short black skirt. I pressed my breasts against hers as her hands reached inside my coat and found their home on my ass. I leaned in and kissed her hard, giving her big tits an enthusiastic squeeze through her shirt. I knew this was all an act, but damn! This girl was fucking hot. Her nipples were already hard as I massaged her chest, our tongues pressing together and mingling. She pulled up my skirt a little bit so she could grope my bare ass. I couldn’t help but feel a little wet as I gyrated my hips while her hands massaged me.

I broke our kiss and began kissing her neck. I looked around a little bit. I didn’t see any activity from Security, so apparently no one had noticed us yet. I needed to up the ante, so as I nibbled her neck I reached my hands up underneath her shirt, loving the soft warmth of her fleshy mounds and the delightful points of her nipples under my fingers. She moaned slightly, running her hands all over my body. A few people had noticed us, most of them were walking by slowly and then moving on, but a few had paused to try and watch subtly out of the corners of their eyes. That’s what I needed. I kissed her hard on the mouth again and looked at her aggressively. I pressed my thigh in between her legs and she immediately began to rub her crotch on my thigh. I could feel her warmth through her jeans as she rubbed harder and harder, trying to get that release.

“Ladies,” a large man’s voice said, “we’re going to have to ask you to leave.” We both looked at the two big security guards briefly. They were wearing red sport jackets with black pants, and were equipped with earpieces. Shayla was too aroused to care and I needed to escalate things so that we got more than kicked out of here. In defiance I looked away from the guards and lifted up the front of Shayla’s shirt exposing her black bra. There were a few excited gasps from the guests who had stopped to watch. I pulled down one of the cups of her bra, exposing her luscious tit and took the firm nipple into my mouth. Shayla shrieked a little and I felt two large hands grab me by the arms.

“That’s it, you’re both coming with us,” the large man said. Just what I was looking for. The other man grabbed Shayla who reluctantly got her clothes put back in the right place and they dragged us through a door marked etiler escort security and down a long hallway. As we walked, several other guards looked at us through various office windows, and we even walked past a room with several dozen monitors on it. That’s what I was looking for. They took us a few doors further down and forced us into what looked like an interrogation room from a bad cop show furnished with nothing but a table and a couple of chairs. The two guards stood there, blocking the door but otherwise doing nothing. It was an intimidating affect and Shayla and I both didn’t know what to do.

We waited for a few minutes in silence when there was a knock on the door. One of the guards turned and opened the door. In walked a tall, leggy, raven-haired beauty wearing the same red jacket as the guards but with a black skirt. She gave them a curt nod and they both exited promptly. She sat down at the table, saying nothing, just staring at the two of us for a few moments. She leaned forward, gesturing towards the chairs opposite her.

“Obviously you know why you’re in here,” she said with a menacing glare. Shayla sat, but I stayed where I was. “You do know that public indecency, compounded by that cute little trick when you pulled out your tits allows me to detain you and report you to the police, right? You could serve an actual prison sentence.” Shayla looked a little nervous, but I knew just what to do.

“But ma’am,” I said as innocently as I could as I leaned on the table showing off a little bit of cleavage, “I just couldn’t resist. This cutie was trying to get me to visit her club but I just couldn’t wait until tonight to see her.”

The woman raised an eyebrow at me as I stood back up and walked behind Shayla, who was still seated. I reached down and ran my hands up and down the front of Shayla’s body. Shayla looked confused, but started to breathe a little more rapidly. The security officer didn’t budge.

“It’s not public now,” I said as sensually as I could. I lifted Shayla’s shirt over her head and leaned around the front of her and started making out with her as I groped her boobs. I slowly reached down and slid my hand inside of her shorts. She was so warm, so wet. I couldn’t resist reaching inside her panties and running my index finger along the length of her slit, warranting a big gasp from her that broke our kiss. I gently lubricated my finger with her juices as she moved her hips to press herself more firmly against my hand. I looked up to see the security guard lean back in her chair, loosening her tie and shirt collar. Her face was just slightly flushed. This was perfect.

With one hand I continued to pleasure Shayla and with the other I unclasped her bra, revealing her sweating breasts. Shayla began to rub and tweak her own nipples as she moaned and gasped in agonizing pleasure. I kept eye contact with the raven-haired woman who had tried to start interrogating us. She said nothing only watched the hot scene that was unfolding in front of her. As she moved one hand down towards her thighs I knew that we had her.

“Look at her,” I said to the security guard as I removed my hand from Shayla’s pants and licked my finger, “she’s ready for you.”

I knelt down in front of Shayla who was still playing with her tits and pulled her shorts and her panties off in one quick move. I put my mouth near her pussy and licked up some of her wetness. I stood and walked around the table, reaching for the woman’s face. I leaned in and pressed my open mouth to hers, letting her drink Shayla’s juices from my tongue. She smiled wide.

“There’s more where that came from,” Shayla said as she spread her legs invitingly. I led our captor around the table and helped her kneel in front of Shayla.

“I want you to make her cum so much she begs you to stop,” I said. Shayla grinned wickedly.

“I never ask anyone to stop,” she said. The beautiful guard stared into Shayla’s slit, taking in the sight of her shaved, perfectly shaped pussy lips.

“Make sure you go slow,” I said, “make her beg for it.”

She began to kiss Shayla’s inner thigh gently, and Shayla looked down at her longingly. I stood back and watched as she began to kiss, lick, and probe the tender flesh of Shayla’s dripping hot sex. Shayla closed her eyes and leaned her head back, holding the woman’s head between her legs. Perfect, I thought. I waited for a moment, enjoying the scene before me, but also waiting to make sure that they were both so enthralled in each other that they wouldn’t see me sneak out.

I picked the security guard’s pocket, taking her I.D. keycard and slipped out the door silently, looking up and down the hall. I couldn’t see anyone, and there were no cameras here, so I had to just hope for the best. I quickly ran back to the room I had seen with the security monitors. It was my lucky day because there was no one else in sight and no alarm sounded. The keycard let me into the fatih escort room and I looked around. There were dozens of monitors and several filing cabinets. I didn’t think the keycard would let me into the computers to look for the digital files, so I started going through filing cabinets. I found a drawer with dated, backup hard drives. The security footage had to be here. There was no time to think about making copies, so I just hoped that they wouldn’t miss these files. There was one drive for every month, so I just took the last six and put them in my coat pockets.

I hurried back to the interrogation room, and not a moment too soon. Shayla was writhing and sweating, screaming obscenities, insisting that the guard “eat her fucking cunt.” Shayla came as I closed the door behind me and set down my coat. It needed to look like I had been there the entire time, so I quickly hiked up my skirt and started playing with myself just as the guard turned around, her face dripping with Shayla’s cum.

“Are you just going to stand there,” she asked, “or do I get fucked, too?” I smiled as Shayla sat up, still cooling down from a raging orgasm, and pushed the guard’s jacket off her shoulders. She continued to take off the woman’s shirt and tie as I went for her skirt. By the time I unbuckled her belt and started sliding her skirt down her supple thighs Shayla was already on the ground suckling the still-kneeling woman’s tits. She was wearing white lace panties that were aching to be removed, but I wanted her to have to wait.

While Shayla was nibbling on her round, tan tits, I bent the guard forward on to all fours, forcing Shayla to lay down on the ground where they engaged each other in a titty 69. I knelt down next to the two women, resting one hand on the guard’s back and reaching behind her perfectly round, sculpted ass with the other. I rubbed my hand up and down her covered pussy and loved the tingling sensation between my own legs as I felt her wetness. She began to breathe more and more heavily and had to stop sucking on Shayla’s nipples so she could catch her breath. She reached around with one hand and pulled the crotch of her panties violently to one side.

“I said FUCK ME!” She demanded. I complied by immediately plunging two fingers into her slippery pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight she was.

“FUCK!” She moaned. I slid my fingers in and out of her as she bucked her hips back and forth. Shayla, not wanting to miss out, scooted towards the woman’s knees and reached her head up towards my pumping hand. Shayla grabbed the guard’s ass and latched on to her clit with her mouth and sucked hard, causing her bucking hips to hesitate as she shuddered slightly.

“Do you like that?” I demanded of her.

“Y-yeah…yeah, I…like…it…” she panted.

“That’s right you like it, you like getting fucked by all the hot bitches,” I was a little more into it than I thought. “Do you always make girls fuck you when you bring them back here?” She shook her head. “Suck that clit, Shayla, we’re gonna make this bitch cum all over you.” The dirty talk seemed to really get her going and almost immediately I felt the walls of her tight pussy clench down on my fingers as she let out an orgasmic moan. She stood rigid on all fours for a moment as her orgasm washed over her. She settled down as Shayla pulled out from underneath her, giving the woman a kiss as she sat up from the floor. I watched as the pair made out right in front of me, their gorgeous breasts meeting at the nipples. Their hands groped each other’s bodies as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Nothing got me hornier than watching two beautiful women really enjoy each other. After a few minutes their kiss broke, and the security guard looked over at me.

“This is still an interrogation,” she said, her words catching me by surprise, I gave her a look of, so what now, then?

“It’s time for your strip search,” she demanded.

That was corny as hell, but I didn’t care what she said. At this point I was so turned on, anything would have gotten me out of my clothes. I didn’t wait for her to tell me twice. She and Shayla both helped me get out of my clothes and soon it was just three naked girls, smelling of sweat and girlcum, and aching for more. The guard stood and standing behind me helped me to feet. She reached her hands around me, cupping my sensitive breasts as she kissed my neck. I purred in delight as she gently touched me, and I could feel her pointy nipples against my back. I reached behind her, grasping her athletic ass and pulling her body closer to mine. My body was on fire as she played with my tits and to help further things along I reached around a little bit more, brushing the edge of one of her pussy lips. She jerked slightly at the sensation and turned me around so that our breasts were pressed together.

With a smile on her face she pushed me back on the table and climbed up on top of it with me as I sat back with my legs spread wide. With both of us in a kind of crab position she wove her legs between mine and pressed our pussies together. I gasped at the euphoric sensation, making her grin and grind into my pussy harder. Our pussies were immediately lubricated as we rubbed against each other, and I could easily feel her hardened clit against my sex.

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