Susan and the Professor Ch. 11

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Big Ass

Betrayed by her best friend, Susan gave up and, reluctantly and slowly, she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She reached back and released her bra, her breasts bouncing and jiggling as they were released. Jean, who had seen them more than a thousand times, was impressed anew by their perfect shape, the round mounds topped by large, rosy and erect nipples. Somehow it was different seeing her strip in these different surroundings and circumstances. The short skirt was next, and, as it came down, the eyes naturally followed along, down from bulging breasts to the deep navel, to the triangle of puffy blond pubic hair. Susan stood there, nude except for her long hose, two pair of eyes absorbing the seductive sight – a pretty blond woman, naked and vulnerable. For Susan, the feeling was indescribable. Being forced to strip, knowing that she was going to be spanked – and in front of Jean – both humiliated and, as usual, aroused her. She just stood there, waiting for the next command, which wasn’t long in coming.

“Ok, Susan, you’ve been a cock teaser again and are going to be punished. I just got the leather whip and handcuffs out of my suitcase and they’re ready to use. What do you think of that?”

“Oh, Robert, please, not that thing again.”

“No? What should I do, instead?”

“Just spank me with your hand – I didn’t mean to tease you!”

“Oh, yes you did! Now, if you don’t want the whip, beg me.

Susan was horri?ed anew at Jean’s presence, but was desperate to avoid the whip. So, with tears ?owing again, she dropped to her knees before him and beseeched him, “Please, Robert, spank me with your hand, not the whip. I really didn’t mean to upset you. Please!”

Seeing Susan naked and by herself, Jean had always been impressed by her perfect ?gure, everything in proportion (except, perhaps, the tits). Seeing her standing in front of Robert, however, she realized again, just how relatively small she was – he towered over her when she was dressed, but her nakedness accented the difference in size, making her look delicate and vulnerable. As she sank to her knees, kneeling servilely at his feet, Susan looked even more defenseless. It was an arousing sight, almost like a play in which a slave girl grovels before her master, begging for mercy. Jean felt a tinge of remorse as she saw her friend so humbled, but that slight regret was wiped away by a surge of perverted excitement that sent a tingle through her body. She wanted to see Susan humiliated and spanked, and any guilt that she might have felt was assuaged by the realization that Susan, herself, was aroused by that humiliation and by being dominated.

“All right, Susan, get up and come over here!” Throwing the whip onto the table, Robert sat down on a chair and, as Susan came over, he told her to lie over his knees. Without protest, but trembling slightly, she did as ordered, draping herself over him, her head hanging on one side, her legs on the other. As always, she presented a sensual picture of a beautiful, subjugated woman, ready to receive punishment from a dominant man.

Jean had seen Susan in that same pose with Don, but, somehow, this was different. She looked the same – her large tits hanging down, quivering, her hips curving upwards into luscious mounds and her long legs stretched out toward the ?oor – but having a different man ready to administer the punishment changed everything. In addition, Jean was only a spectator, not directly involved, a difference that led her to be more observant, more able to take in details she ordinarily would overlook.

For example, as the spanking began, she noticed the way that Susan’s breasts jounced as he ass was hit, elongating for an instant, and then rebounding and quivering, almost as if they had a life of their own. Also, with each slap, her legs lifted up, her feet leaving the ?oor, only to drop back between spanks. Most importantly, her ass cheeks were ?attened almost completely as Robert’s large hand descended, and then surged back upwards as the pressure eased. However, like aftershocks in an earthquake, they continued to pulsate up and down, each movement less than the one before – until the next blow started the cycle over again. At ?rst, the action was chaotic as Susan squirmed and twisted, struggling to minimize the pain, but as her resistance faded, the spanking fell into a rhythm, the movements blending together into a graceful pattern that was fascinating to watch. (Incidentally, it should be noted that Jean also did some squirming in her seat as the drama unfolding began to heat up her cunt!)

For Robert, as he prepared to spank Susan, the rounded hips draped over his lap created some sexual heat also. Unlike that ?rst time when she had seemed to be only another cock teaser, he was not really angry with her – the need to punish her was more a matter of principle. In addition, having a pretty (and naked) woman kneeling at his feet, pleading for mercy, will have a profound affect on any man – he’ll certainly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri get a heady sense of dominance, of mastery, of superiority, which leads, in turn, to a feeling of bene?cence, a desire to be magnanimous to his poor, weak subject. There is a temptation to lift her up and forgive her – and take her to bed! Presenting one’s self as such a frail and impotent slave or concubine has been a woman’s effective defense throughout history, but Robert stalwartly avoided that seductive trap and began the chastisement.

His hand rose and came down with a thunderous smack, forcing a shrill cry of pain from Susan. He wasn’t genuinely angry and the spanking wasn’t going to be severe – by his standards – but it was going to be a real spanking! That became evident as he fell into the spanking rhythm, his large, heavy hand smacking into the mounds of her ass, eliciting cries of pain and protest, cries which rapidly changed into pleas for mercy.

Smack…”Ouch”…smack…”Ow! …smack…! This time Robert interjected no words between blows, so there was just the alteration between the “smacks” and the “ows.” Then, the change, smack… “Please stop”…smack… “I’m sorry”…smack… “Ow”…smack… “Oh, it hurts”…smack! Soon, there was just smack. . .moan. . .smack. . .ooh. . .smack. . .groan .. smack…!

As said before, the spanking was not as severe or as long-lasting as before, and when Susan ?nally just hung there, accepting the punishment with those moans and groans, Robert stopped. He ran his hand over her burning bottom, feeling the heat coming through her reddened skin, enjoying the feel of the resilient mounds. Slipping his fingers between her legs, he slid them between the well lubricated cunt lips, finding the hole readily accessible. Galvanized by the sensual feel of her ?esh, he abruptly turned her over, picked her up like a feather, and carried her into the bedroom, depositing her gently onto the bad. Quickly stripping off his clothes, not inhibited in the least by Jean who had followed him, he joined Susan on the bed, placing himself between her legs, which he placed on his shoulders, and entered her. Sinking full length into her vaginal passage with one surge, he began a vigorous screwing, his hips ?exing forward and back, driving his cock in and out of her cunt like a pile driver.

Jean had watched the spanking with growing excitement combined with an increasing fear that she had caused Susan too much suffering – that the punishment would be too severe. Thus, she was thrilled when the spanking ended and Robert bore her off to the bedroom. Getting up abruptly, Jean followed them in without hesitation, even when she saw Robert undressing. Actually, she was enthralled by the entire scenario and never thought of leaving or, even, averting her eyes. On the contrary, her eyes focused on Robert’s cock, standing proudly erect, as he moved between Susan’s legs.

She has seen Susan fucked many, many times by Don, and once, through the window, by John, but this was different! A different man, whom she had never seen nude, was mounting her best friend, his cock sliding without hindrance, into her deepest recesses – and Jean could see every detail as she stood no more than four feet away. She could see all but the tip of his cock as it pulled out before it slammed back in. Every hair, every moist millimeter of Susan’s cunt was visible as it accepted the plunging cock as it hammered her. Lubrication was ?owing from her, being whipped into froth by the frenetic fucking. Jean was astounded to see that Susan almost disappeared under Robert as he surged into her, her face at his chest level, her knees pushed up to her head. Her cunt was almost horizontal, and Robert was plunging up and down directly into her, going deeper than Jean would have thought possible.

It was an unbelievable experience to stand so close to two people fucking so vigorously, not caring, or, actually, not even aware, that they were being watched so avidly. Jean was absolutely enthralled, bewitched, her eyes ?xed, taking in every sight, every sound – the cock glistening with Susan’s lubrication, the soft, liquid sucking as it withdrew, the wet, squishing as it plunged back in, Susan’s sighs and gasps, Robert’s harsh breathing as his passion mounted.

It should be noted, however, that while Jean’s rapt attention was focused on the conjunction of cock and cunt, the driving in and out, her observation was not with clinical detachment. Her cunt had become intensely aroused by watching the spanking and the spirited screwing before her eyes sent her over the edge. Her thighs were squeezing rhythmically against each other and, as the passion mounted, her hand went involuntarily to her crotch over her skirt. That did not provide suf?cient stimulus and she quickly reached up under the skirt and began to caress her clit through her thin panties. (Like Jim, Don did not like pantyhose, so Jean had worn a garter belt and hose when dressing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri for the goodbye dinner.) An observer of her actions would have noted a peculiar pattern to her motions as she watched the action in front of her. As Robert’s cock plunged into Susan, Jean’s pelvis surged forward, and, as the cock pulled out, it jerked back. Her cadence exactly matched his, almost as if she were fucking Susan along with him. As he drove in and out in a faster and faster tempo, her ?exing of her hips accelerated, unconsciously duplicating his pace.

Robert’s hips drove in and out, almost in a blur, as he approached orgasm, ?attening Susan beneath him, hardly permitting her to move. As it had the last time, however, that inability to move had no negative effect of her drive to climax and, in fact, may have augmented it. Finally, the crisis point was reached and Robert hammered her with several quick plunges, welding himself against her with a twisting motion, trying to get as much penetration as possible as he ejaculated into her. That ?nal surge triggered Susan’s own explosion, causing her to try to draw him even deeper into herself, her cunt muscles grasping the impaling shaft. At the same time, not by coincidence, Jean’s ?ngers pulled hard against her clit and pubic bone as she jerked forward, pelvis thrust out, back arched, for all the world as if she had a cock penetrating another woman. She held that pose, unconsciously mimicking Robert’s final surge, finally slumping back as her orgasm died out. All three had come at virtually the same time.

For a full thirty seconds, the tableau held, Robert rigid against Susan, Susan pressing upward as hard as she could, Jean, ?ngers tight against her cunt, pelvis pushed out, eyes ?xed on the two on the bed. Jean was the ?rst to recover, and with an unobserved blush on her face, whipped her hand up so that her skirt fell into place, and straightened up. Robert, coming to himself, realized that he must be smothering Susan, drew back, his softening, but still semi-erect, cock pulling out of her cunt. Finally, relieved of his weight (and impalement), Susan was able to slowly lower her legs, letting them down to lie, splayed open, on the bed. Looking between the spread legs, Jean could see the puffy cunt lips, hair plastered down by the lubrication and cum, the inter lips still swollen open, revealing the just-fucked hole clogged with whitish cum. As Susan aroused herself and headed to the bathroom, Jean suddenly realized that she was still staring, her voyeuristic tendencies all too evident, and suddenly embarrassed, turned and went out into the living room.

A few minutes later, as Susan padded, still naked, out of the bedroom, she found Jean ?ngering the Velcro handcuffs that Robert had thrown onto the table. For a moment or two, neither knew what to say, and, to break the silence, Jean asked, “Are these handcuffs Robert used on you? They don’t seem strong enough to hold anyone who wanted to pull away.” To demonstrate, she connected the two sides of the cuffs and, then, with ease ripped them apart. “These couldn’t hold anyone!”

Susan started to sluff it off by saying that they had held hg, but, suddenly, a sly expression (not seen by Jean) ?itted across her face as an idea came to her. “I don’t know. They didn’t seem very strong, but 1 certainly tried to get free. Maybe it’s the angle. Here, bend over the table and I’ll fasten them and you can see if they come off as easily.” She said that in a matter of fact tone of voice and very disingenuously, and, without hesitation, Jean did as she suggested, leaning over and placing her arms over the table. Susan went around to the other side, wrapped the cuffs about her wrists and fastened them to the table legs. “Just a minute, now, he had my legs held too. Let’s see if that makes any difference.”

Going back to the other side, she took Jean’s left ankle and fastened it to the other left leg and, pulling her right ankle to the other table leg, secured it as tightly as possible. “Oh, yes, I had this pillow under my stomach to hold me up – raise up while I slip it under you.” With that done, Jean was in almost exactly the same position as Susan had occupied when tied down. “Now,” she said smugly, “see if you can get loose!” As might be expected from Susan’s earlier experience, Jean struggled futilely to pull free, finally slumping ?at onto the table and giving up.

Just then, Robert came out of the bedroom wearing a short robe and, seeing the scene at the table, asked, “What do we have here?”

Susan looked at him with great satisfaction and replied, “This is what we have here!” Without any warning, she reached down, grabbed the hem of Jean’s skirt and whipped it up over her waist. “Here’s the friend who tricked me into getting a spanking!”

Jean was absolutely horri?ed. This was a woman who enjoyed exhibiting herself – to delivery men, shoe store clerks, etc. – but she was horribly embarrassed to be involuntarily güvenilir bahis şirketleri exposed in that position to a man she knew socially . “Susan,” she screamed, “pull my skirt down! Let me up! You can’t do this!”

“Oh, yes I can. Robert, where did you put the desk stuff when you cleaned up?

“I just left it in the desk – that’s where it was when I moved in.”

Susan quickly went over to the desk and, after rummaging through the drawer, pulled out a pair of scissors. Coming back, she stood between Jean’s spread legs, reached down, and, putting her ?ngers under the crotch band of her panties, pulled it out, saying, “Wow, your panties are soaking wet! You must really have been excited!”

Before Jean could do anything except shriek, “Susan! Stop that! Let me up,” Susan put the scissors against the panties and cut through the crotch. Without hesitating, she turned the scissors and cut from the crotch to the waist band, completely cutting through the panties. As she pulled back, the remnants of the panties fell to the ?oor, leaving Jean’s bottom completely bare. Her hips were, of course, larger than Susan’s, the curves not quite so perfect, and the skin not quite so velvety, but, still, it was a very nice ass! In her spread, exposed position, the cheeks were prominently displayed, the crease between them open enough to give just a peek at her ass hole. Below, however, her cunt was display in such a way that nothing was hidden. Her lips were split apart and were covered with a thick thatch of hair that hid their pink color. However, the hair accented the reddish-pink of her inter lips, making them even more prominent, more of a focal point, drawing the eye to the dime-sized vaginal opening. Not up to Susan’s standards, but delectable, nonetheless.

Needless to say, Jean was very vocal, virtually screaming for Susan to stop, pull her skirt down, let her up. At ?rst, Susan was concerned about the noise she was making, but she was reassured as Robert said, “Don’t worry, this is an old building with thick walls. In any case, everyone else moved out as soon as the semester was over. I’m the last tenant until summer school starts.” With that concern gone Susan started the next step of her revenge. Picking up the multi-strand whip, she dragged it over Jean’s behind, straight between her legs and working up and over the buttocks. She did that several times as Jean settled down, feeling, as Susan had, a pleasant tingle from the soft leather.

Then, as Robert had with her, she brought the strands down in a whipping motion right on the left cheek, followed by a similar blow on the right. It didn’t hurt like a regular whip, of course, but it also didn’t hit as Susan wanted. She repeated the effort several times, but instead of the strands each imparting a separate touch, all hit at once like a mop. Seeing her ineffective efforts, Robert took the whip and demonstrated. “See, Susan, you have to snap your wrist and ?ick it as you bring it down. That way the tip of each strand can do its work.” With his tutelage, she was soon belaboring Jean’s ass with the hand of an expert.

Jean, of course, continued to complain and struggle, despite the fact that the whip was merely causing a not-unpleasant tingle as it hit. Her makeup was different from Susan’s in that she didn’t like being dominated and controlled. She liked to expose herself, as said before, but on her own terms. If asked, she probably would have admitted that she didn’t mind at all having Robert looking between her spread legs and seeing everything she had – but not this way! So she continued to protest, to twist and pull at the con?ning handcuffs, even to threaten Susan with bodily harm when she got free. However, even she tired after a time, and, bit by bit, the same metamorphosis began to take place in the whipping. The continual ?icking of the whip actually was somewhat pleasant and soothing at ?rst, starting with the light strokes and slaps. At ?rst, once she had calmed down and, reluctantly accepted that she could do nothing, her reactions indicated that the feeling was pleasing.

Slap..”Ahhh,”…slap…”Oooh…slap…”Ummmm”…slap…”Ooooh!” Once Susan asked, “Does that feel good”and she reluctantly admitted that it did. After a while, though, it was just slap…pause…slap…pause…slap…pause…, with no more expressions of enjoyment. Then, as the minutes passed, the pleasant tingle slowly turned into an annoying series of weak slaps, and, as with Susan, the slaps turned into stings. Then, Jean’s reactions really changed. Slap…”Ouch’… slap…”Ouch! That stings”…slap…”That hurts!” …slap…”Stop It!”

Susan, of course, did not stop it, and Jean’s cries and protests got louder, even profane, as she demanded that they let her go. Her de?ance fed Susan’s desire to get even, and she continued the punishment, waiting for a sign of contrition, an expression of remorse, but nothing came. With increasing expertise, she ?icked the lashes so that they slipped into the crack of Jean’s ass, touching the asshole. She lowered the whip strands and brought them up directly onto the cunt lips, even into the cunt, itself. As she knew from personal experience, these blows hurt but did no real damage, so she had no compunction about wielding the whip in such a seemingly cruel manner.

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