Surprised by Stacey

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Sometimes when I look back over the two or three years since this incident happened I wonder if it really did or if it is just the imaginings of a man in his older years. But then I unlock the bottom drawer in my office desk and the proof is there waiting for me – a tiny, lacy, black thong, long since dried out from the juices that once covered it but which still acts as a memento of a very young, very sexy, very special lady!!

This story came about as a result of my son-in-law being asked to go over to Germany for a training course which would last for 6 months. He is employed by one of the European supermarket chains that have begun to take a foothold across the UK in recent years. At that time he was the manager of one of their smaller stores but the company obviously had their eyes on him for greater things when they suggested the intensive course at their German headquarters with a view to making him an area manager and eventually even more.

Initially the plan was that his wife, my elder daughter, would stay behind with the two children whilst he spent the time in a hotel with the occasional trip home, but then it was suggested that there was the option of a six-month rental of a private house and that the whole family could make the trip. That left my daughter and son-in-law in a quandary, the thought of this all-expenses paid trip was so appealing but their two small children were still in junior school and taking them out of school and their other activities for a period of 6 months would cause problems. The eventual solution was originated by my wife.

“Why don’t the two of you make the trip whilst we look after Jack and Sophie. We managed to bring up three children of our own without any problems and I am sure we can cope. And besides it will be good for the two of you to get away alone for a bit.”

The idea sounded good. Simon worked long hours at the supermarket and a “second honeymoon” might be good for their marriage. Added to the fact that we adored our grandchildren and took every opportunity to spend time with them it seemed a solution that would suit everyone and provide minimum disruption to the children’s schooling.

We held a couple of meetings to iron out the details and then everything seemed to fall into place. We would move in to our daughter’s home for the period of their six month’s absence. They only lived 5 minutes away by car. The children would be able to keep their own bedrooms in the 4 bedroom house and be close to their friends. My younger daughter still lived at home with us and so she could look after our own house, feed the cat and no doubt enjoy her independence and the chance to have her boyfriend over to stay as and when it suited them.

I was already semi-retired, working just 3 days in the week, and would have time to help with the school runs etc. My wife had not worked for many years. She did some volunteer work for the local hospice and enjoyed trips out with friends but between us we had plenty of free time and energy to make the whole thing work. Or so we thought.

It was hard to find a flaw in the plan and everyone seemed suited and so the appropriate arrangements were made. My son-in-law’s employers would, very generously, give us an allowance to help with things and in no time at all we were waving goodbye to Jane and Simon as they made their tearful farewells and headed off to the airport.

The children seemed to cope very well. The first couple of nights were a bit stressful but once we all got into a routine things went well. The nightly calls from their parents in Germany reassured the children and they were also able to speak via the web cam.

The only problem which seemed to develop was for my wife and I. Whilst we had brought up 3 children of our own we were no longer as young as we had been, both now in our mid 50’s, and we had got used to the freedom that comes once your family have grown and become independent – going out without the need to plan childcare – staying in bed in a morning after a late night – things we had started to take for granted. Plus the increased work load of more washing, ironing, cooking etc had come as a bit of a shock to our systems.

Still there was nothing to do but grin and bear it. The 6 months would soon pass.

Then someone made the suggestion of getting in some outside help – a nanny / au pair sort of thing. As I have said, my son-in-law’s employers were happy to foot the bill for any reasonable expense and the idea started to sound more practical. But where would we find someone for what was now less than 5 months of employment?

The solution came the following Friday evening as I was discussing the matter with a few friends as we enjoyed our Friday night drinks in the local pub. One of them had a neighbour whose daughter was looking for some casual work before going back to full-time education later in the year. It seemed she had done some work in a nursery nearby and whilst she had no qualifications she seemed perfect for the position. I passed my number on via the friend and waited to see if anything bahis firmaları materialised.

On the Saturday morning my wife and I were discussing the matter, in between resolving the grandchildren’s breakfasts, homework etc, when the phone rang.

“Hi, is that Mr Fielding? , this is Stacey, I understand you are looking for someone to give you a lift with your grandchildren”

Stacey sounded very young but very confident and bubbly and so I made arrangements for her to call round that afternoon for a chat and to see what could be resolved.

2pm arrived and with it Stacey – right on time. I opened the front door to see her lovely smile and sparkling eyes. For the minute her other attributes had not come to my attention. She was exactly as she had sounded on the phone, bright, bubbly, enthusiastic and young, even younger than she had sounded on the phone. But one thing the telephone call had not told me was just how pretty she was. Pretty in a way that seemed both innocent and yet experienced. Pretty from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Pretty in a way that made men’s pulses race and their hearts beat faster.

Both my wife and I warmed to her as we enjoyed a cup of tea and some biscuits and the fact she asked to meet with the children gave us reassurance that she was not just out to make a few pounds over the summer months.

We all agreed to give it a go and see how things worked out and arranged for her to start on the Monday morning and I, for one, was certainly looking forward to having a young, bubbly female around. I was almost old enough to be her grandfather but something about Stacey was already starting to put a spring in my step.

Monday was one of the days I did not work and was often a day I chose to get a few things done around the house. My wife often went out for the day with friends but cancelled this to see how things went between Stacey and the children. I often did not bother to shave on Mondays and wore clothes suitable for doing jobs around the house but this Monday was different. I was showered and shaved and dressed reasonably well before Stacey rang the door bell. Even my wife was impressed.

Breakfast was soon sorted and the kids taken to school and then Stacey returned to the house to get a few of the fine details resolved and so that we could all get to know one another better.

We found out a lot about Stacey’s life over the next couple of hours. How she was still living at home with her mother and younger brother. All about her boyfriend who lived a short way away from us. How her parents had split up when she was quite young. How her mother seemed to have a succession of boyfriends, some of whom eventually became live-in ones. How the current live-in boyfriend was creepy – always asking her about what she got up to with her boyfriend – making flimsy excuses to come into her bedroom – the way he looked at her whenever they were alone in the house. All in all her home life was not a happy one and it seemed this was the major reason she had chosen to go back to education later that year. It would give her the chance to break away and sort herself out a little.

Soon it was almost time for the children to be picked up from school and given their teas. Whilst Stacey was away at the school an idea hit me and I wondered how my wife would react.

“Stacey seems a nice girl” I suggested. My wife nodded in agreement.

“It’s such a shame she is so unhappy at home. How about this for an idea? We have a spare bedroom here which she could use and it would mean she was around almost 24/7. She could help around the house, be here when the kids wake, sort out their school uniforms, breakfasts etc. Plus if we want to go out in the evenings, either together or separately, we have a resident baby-sitter. What do you think?”

My wife took a few minutes to consider the idea. It was not as if we would be inviting a stranger into our house as this was not even our home, we were somewhat strangers ourselves and there were a lot of positives in my suggestion. My wife being the more cautious one, however, suggested that it sounded like a good idea but that we should leave it for a few days to see how things went first.

That seemed the perfect compromise and we said no more about it for a day or two. The early morning rush of getting two children out of bed, washed, fed and ready for school was making us realise how much help a third pair of hands could be and as we seemed to be getting on so well with Stacey it was only Thursday before my wife announced, ” I’ve been thinking about what you said on Monday and the idea gets more appealing by the day. Let’s have a word with Stacey at tea time and see what she thinks”

Tea time arrived and as the children ate their teas I summoned Stacey into the lounge. She seemed a bit anxious wondering what she had done wrong but when she heard our suggestion that lovely smile was soon back on her face and lighting up the room.

“You don’t have to make a decision right now” I reassured her “Think about it over-night and let us kaçak iddaa know tomorrow”

“I don’t need to think about it” beamed Stacey, not wanting to give us any chance of changing our minds, “When can I move in?”

I was a bit taken aback by the speed of Stacey’s decision but managed to mumble” Whenever you like……….I guess over the weekend would be a good time.”

“The weekend it is then” beamed Stacey again, “I can’t wait”

And so the weekend became a blur of Stacey arriving with clothes and a few personal effects and taking up residence in the 4th bedroom. It seemed strange that her mother had not seen fit to come around and check us out and seemed happy for her daughter to be moving in with virtual strangers but that was for her to decide.

The next few weeks went well and it soon felt as if Stacey was a part of the family. Her personality was infectious and the whole atmosphere of the house had changed for the better. The kids seemed happier and the routine was running like clockwork and, not least of all I was thrilled by her flirtatious manner, especially when we were alone in the house together. It was hard to imagine that this was any more than banter but it was good for my self-esteem to imagine creeping into her bedroom during the night, climbing into her bed and giving her a really good seeing to. But I kept all those thoughts to myself as I could not imagine, even in my wildest dreams, that Stacey saw it as any more than winding up an older man by the use of assets she clearly realised she possessed.

One of the major plusses was Monday. I was working Tuesday to Thursday at that time and Monday was a day for catching up on chores around the house and getting a bit of time alone as my wife almost always went out for the day with friends and Stacey had also got into the habit of using that day for any personal shopping or meeting up with her own friends. My usual start to the day was to load up the washing machine taking care to sort the whites from the coloureds. Up to now it had been something of a bind but now suddenly Stacey’s clothes were appearing in the washing basket and it felt so good to be touching the clothing that had been so close to her skin, not least of which was her underwear.

The job of going through dirty washing was not foreign to me but the items Stacey deposited there were quite different from anything left by my wife, lacy, see-through bras and minute silky panties and thongs. My pulses raced as I stood alone in the kitchen and held each item and imagined Stacey wearing it. Soon I had graduated to sniffing at the crotch of her worn panties and even licking the inside. I started to try to make a note of which pair she had deposited on the Monday morning before leaving for school as they aroused me even more as the smells were still fresh and I sensed they were still almost warm from her young, exciting body.

Outwardly I tried to keep a distance from Stacey. I never entered her bedroom and avoided any possibility of causing a compromising situation as I did not want to be thought of as an older version of her mother’s boyfriend. I did wonder, however, if she flirted with him in the way she often did with me and if that was the reason he seemed to be coming on to her a bit strong at times.

Our bedroom had it’s own en-suite bathroom and so Stacey had the safety of using the main bathroom for herself and the children. There would be no excuse for me appearing there whilst she was showering or dressing and whilst there were several occasions when I heard the shower running and imagined her there naked under the hot, soapy water there was no reason to ever go in there.

There definitely was something about Stacey that turned a man on – and I was no exception. My erections were harder and more often than they had been for years and whenever the chance arose, particularly on my Monday’s alone, I masturbated surrounded by images of Stacey and the things I would love to be doing with her and to her.

When no-one else was around Stacey had started to refer to me as “Honey” rather than my real name and I found that a real turn on. She seemed to say it in a way that oozed sex-appeal and I could image her saying it to me as I made love to her.

The weeks had passed and it was Monday morning again. My wife was being picked up by friends and they were off to the Lakes for the day. Stacey was going to drop the kids at school then head into town for coffee and chat with a couple of mates. I would sort out my usual chores and make sure the washing machine was loaded and set in motion before grabbing a coffee and some “me” time.

As we made our usual rush through the breakfast routine Stacey piped up “Could you do something for me”. I was waiting for the “Honey” to be added at the end but then realised that my wife had not left yet and the children were still around too. I thought of the things I would like to do for Stacey and, no doubt, once the house had emptied I could re-visit those images.

“If I can” I mumbled in reply.

“It’s just that the lamp at the kaçak bahis side of my bed doesn’t seem to be working. Any chance you could take a look at it for me” Stacey said in a manner that no man could possibly refuse.

“No problem, it can be first on my list once the washing is sorted” I responded with a gleam in my eye that I hoped was not visible to my wife. This was going to be a wonderful start to the day. I had already identified the panties that Stacey had dumped in the washing basket that morning, a sexy pink thong, and I couldn’t wait to be alone with them and after that was the excuse to visit her bedroom for the first time since she had arrived.

When Bob Geldoff sang “I don’t like Mondays” he had clearly never met Stacey.

The door bell rang and my wife hurried to meet up with her friends. They would be out until the early evening. Almost immediately Stacey and the kids were heading out the door and off to school and the chaos of breakfast-time was over as the house settled into quietness at last.

No time but the present to get the washing sorted. I made a bee-line for Stacey’s pink thong and soon the crotch was between my lips as I sucked on it tasting every trace of her juices. The front was lacy and transparent and I put my hand inside to imagine how easy it would be to see her pubic hair and her pussy lips when she actually wore them. My cock was hardening already and I knew it would not be too long before I needed relief but then another thought hit me. Whilst I was alone and with an excuse to be in Stacey’s bedroom then why not wank there.

Having had my fix of Stacey’s pink thong I was soon on my way upstairs to her bedroom. It was so feminine and smelt of her perfume and my hard-on was almost complete as I tried to concentrate my attentions on the broken lamp. I undid a couple of screws and found that a wire had come loose. Within 5 minutes the lamp was fixed and working perfectly again and my thoughts returned to the throbbing cock being restrained by my jeans.

I figured that Stacey owed me some sort of reward for fixing the lamp and my reward would be to take a closer look around her room. Soon I had found what I had been looking for, her underwear drawer, and what a sight to behold. All manner of lacy things were crammed in there. Panties I had never even seen in my weekly washing inspection, ones that tied at the sides, a couple of pairs of crotchless ones. My mind was in overdrive and then I came across a red thong, identical to the pink pair in the washing basket, except for the colour. My cock couldn’t wait any longer.

I undid my belt and slid my jeans and boxers down to my ankles and soon my right hand was full of my swollen cock. I sat down on the edge of the bed and wrapped the red thong around my cock and started to slide it up and down along the shaft. The lace on the front rubbed against my skin whilst the softer transparent part felt so smooth. Whilst I did so my left hand carried on searching through Stacey’s underwear drawer until I suddenly felt something hard. I pulled it out from below a pair of French knickers to reveal a rabbit vibrator. I wondered how long it had been since that lucky rabbit had experienced the thrill of Stacey’s cunt and my erection grew even harder at the thought.

Soon I was flicking the switch on the rabbit and sensing it start to vibrate in my hand. I held it against the tip of my cock and electricity shot though the lower half of my body. That felt so good and my wanking was now a steady rhythm as I sensed the first signs of orgasm. But I was determined that this was not going to be some quick fix. I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible and so every time I felt the onset of an orgasm I broke off before I reached the point of no return and savoured every second as I used the vibrator to touch my balls and even my nipples through my shirt as my right hand slowed almost to a stop. Four, five, six times I brought myself back from that special point and each time the sensations grew to the point where I knew I could not last much longer.

By now I was imaging Stacey there with me and that it was her cunt and not her panties wrapped around my red-hot throbbing cock. There was no-one in the house and so I was calling her name, telling her what I wanted to do to her and what I wanted her to do to me. The air was blue but that didn’t matter as there was no-one around to hear.

Finally I could hold on no longer and with a deafening scream and an out-poring of profanities I shot my load all over Stacey’s red thong. The ejaculations seemed to be endless and the skimpy thong was clearly designed for its appearance and not its absorbent qualities as I struggled to contain it. As my cock started to shrink my thoughts turned to cleaning myself up and I swung my legs around towards the doorway.

The door was half open and there in the doorway stood Stacey. She had clearly been there for some time and had been observing my performance with interest. I later found out that when she had reached the school she had realised she had forgotten her credit-cards and had nipped back to pick them up. She had crept into the house and up to her bedroom to collect them before hearing noises from the half-open door. She peeped through the half-open door and took in everything.

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