Surfer Girls Ch. 02

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Julie stood and removed her bikini top. We were both now naked as the day we were born. She reached over, turned the water on and said, “Sit down, you look dizzy. You can watch me shower if you want.”

“If I want,” I thought. “I wanted nothing more.”

She turned around into the water and there, two feet in front of me was her beautiful ass. She looked back at me and smiled, she knew I was hers. She smiled again and wiggled her ass in my face. I thought I would cum all over myself.

“Julie, why are you doing this to me?”

“Doing what to you?” she said. “I haven’t touched you. All I did was to show you something that you were obviously dying to see. Besides, I’ve never made a girl do what I want. I’ve done it with guys several times, but never a girl. It’s kind of fun.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My best friend was admitting to me that she enjoys dominating people.

“How could I not know this?” I thought. “We practically live together.”

“I guess it’s a power trip, you know? I’ve made guys jerk-off for me, lick my toes, hell, I even made one guy let me fuck him with a strap-on.” She laughed.

“I can make any of them do what I want, but I’ve never tried it with a girl. Then yesterday, I saw the same look in your eyes that I see in theirs. With you though, there was more. Guys just want it and then they’re done. But you, you wanted me to do this. You still want it, don’t you? Lisa, face it, you NEED this.”

“She’s right.” I thought.

“What have I done?” I thought to myself. “I just fingered myself to a dozen orgasms drooling over my best friend.”

My shame began to cover me. I felt dirty. I felt ashamed.

“But I’m not a lesbian, am I?” My mind was spinning. I had never so much as looked at a girl before. I’d had plenty of boyfriends ataşehir escort and some great sex. I couldn’t understand how I could be reduced to a horny little nympho, begging for a look at my best friend’s pussy. And with such ease.

I closed my eyes and began to cry.

Julie heard me sobbing and turned to face me.

“Come on Lisa, don’t cry.”

I looked up and saw, for a fleeting moment, what looked like concern on her face.

“Is it genuine?” I wondered. I realized quickly it was not, at least not completely.

Julie arched her back, tilting her head back to rinse her hair. She thrust her hips in my direction, her stomach tightening. I watched the water drain from her shoulders to her breasts, dripping from her nipples. It spread across her stomach, following the curve of each muscle. It pooled slightly in her navel and streamed towards her mound. Once again, I could not tear my eyes from her pussy. I wanted to get on my knees and catch each drop in my mouth as it dripped from her lips. My nipples hardened and my hand again found my clit.

Julie could see my lust building and continued her show. She placed her foot on the bench beside me, opening her legs and bringing her pussy to within inches of my face. She grabbed the soap and began at her ankles. Her small breasts jiggled as she leaned forward. She lathered her calf muscle first; then her thigh and hip. She reached around and lathered her left cheek; then the right.

I was in a trance.

I plunged two fingers into my pussy and feverishly rubbed my clit with my other hand. I could feel another orgasm building deep within me. Julie heard my moans and smiled. Her nipples were hard and her eyes told me that she was as hot as I was. She leaned towards me and reached avcılar escort between her legs. She ran a finger along her ass, lightly tickling her hole. Her body shuddered. She continued upward and slowly traced her finger over her lips. She moaned when her finger reached her clit.

I was in ecstasy. I squealed as the orgasm hit me. I had brought myself to orgasm hundreds of times, but none were like this. This time the excitement did not subside. It kept growing. Building inside until my entire body convulsed as each wave swept through my every muscle.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. My lust overwhelmed me.

“I have to have her.” I thought. “I have to make her cum.”

I knelt on the floor, still fingering myself furiously. I reached around Julie’s waist and squeezed her ass. I pulled her to me and covered her pussy with my mouth. I had never tasted a woman before, but right now, I could think of nothing else. Her pussy dripped on my face as I licked the line from her ass to her clit. She thrust her hips into my mouth, almost falling over.

Julie’s breathe quickened. Her hands were on my head, forcing my tongue deeper into her. Her orgasm was near.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

“I have to please her.” I thought. “I want her to cum as hard as I did.”

Suddenly, my only thought was Julie’s pleasure. Pulling my fingers from my pussy, I reached both hands behind and grabbed her ass. I pulled her pussy tight to my mouth, my tongue flicking over every fold.

Julie’s body tensed as her orgasm built. She was about to explode.

“That’s it, Lisa. Lick me, baby.” She moaned. “Make me cum baby. I need to cum now. You want to make me cum, don’t you Lis?”

I looked up and our eyes met.

“You avrupa yakası escort want me to cum in your mouth?” She asked.

It was more command than question. She was going to cum on my face whether I liked it or not.

“Please Julie, cum on my face.” I said. The words were out of my mouth before I understood what I’d said. My mouth was saying what my body so desperately wanted; to please Julie.

“That’s a good girl.” She replied.

I again buried my face into her pussy. I was possessed. Like a man who hasn’t had water in days, I was not going to waste a drop.

“Good girl!” I thought. She’s pleased. I’m making her cum. I was in heaven.

Julie’s moans grew louder. She began to writhe in my arms. I licked faster. My tongue tracing her pussy lips each time.

“Oh god Lisa!” She screamed. “Lick me faster baby. I’m going to cum!”

She was close. I licked her as fast and as deep as I could. I stuck a finger in her ass as my tongue swept over her clit. She screamed in ecstasy, her juices flooding my mouth and running over my chin. Her legs trembled and she collapsed in my arms. I was holding her up, my finger still in her ass.

Her orgasms lasted for minutes. She came on me 2 times, 3 times. I lost count. I tried to take in every sweet ounce.

When the spasms subsided, I sat back and Julie slumped onto the bench beside me. I could tell she was still excited. I was exhausted.

“She could do it again right this second.” I thought. “I will do it all again if she tells me to.”

“Lisa, that was wonderful.” Julie said.

I was enthralled. She was pleased. I wanted to give her more.

“But,” she continued, “You didn’t ask me if you could do that, now did you?”

The tone again. I lowered my head, looking whipped.

“I’m sorry Jules. It won’t happen again.”

“Well, I guess, since you are such a good little pussy eater, I think I’ll only punish you a bit. Telling Ashley all about this should do it.”

“Please don’t.” I thought, but I knew it didn’t matter.

She leaned in and licked her juices from my chin.

“Come on Lisa, let’s go find Ash.”

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