Summer with Carly

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Summer with CarlyThe summer after I turned 18 may never be topped. Now in my last year of college, I still find myself daydreaming of that small brown-haired girl who could always make me smile. Before that summer, I felt a little like a battery-operated toy that had yet to be flipped to the “ON’ position. Every girl I’ll ever be with has Carly to thank for how they are treated and loved by me.Throughout high school, I’d had a few girlfriends but none that went very far. I was a decent looking guy and always attracted attention, but my anxiety issues always prevented me from taking things to the next level. The constant thoughts of not being good enough or wondering why a girl was with me made most of my relationships pretty short. I spent a lot of hours in darkened rooms playing PC games or writing web code for my friends.Probably because of that, my Dad sent me off to stay with his brother on his farm in Iowa. He seemed to think a little sun and outdoor physical labor would be good for my health… and my skin tone. Uncle John was a good enough fella, but he didn’t have much to say. When he ‘interviewed’ me before taking me on as a hired hand, he only asked “You going to listen?” I said yes, and he replied “We’ll see.”Two weeks after high school graduation, I was picked up at the airport by Aunt Karen and my cousin Carly. I saw Carly every year or two at family reunion-type events. Based on our similar ages (she was about 6 months younger), we always ended up talking to each other. I found it fascinating how many words she could get out of her mouth without taking a breath. Even so, I liked being around her and nodding when I was supposed to. I didn’t have much to say, but that was all right with Carly.I couldn’t help smiling when I saw Carly standing next to my aunt. Her normal ear to ear grin was just the way I remembered. Her face had slimmed a bit since the last time I had seen her, but there was still a hint of the cute round shape that made her look so friendly. Her curly brown hair was a little longer, as it now brushed against her shoulders. The biggest change had come to her body though.She still had to round up to be considered 5’2”, but the rest of her body had grown considerably. The white University of Iowa T-shirt she wore stretched across her chest was tight enough to make the O and W almost comically larger than the I and A. She was wearing impossibly short jean shorts and tiny little white tennis shoes with just a hint of sock poking out beneath her ankles.I tried not to stare at her as I moved towards them, but she was making it difficult. She was already showing her usual excitement at just about anything in the world, bouncing on her heels as I reached them. Everything was bouncing. Even the few words I usually had to say were nowhere to be found.Aunt Karen saved me with a huge hug. “Welcome to Hawkeye country Jacob!”I responded with a weak “Glad to be here!” due to the strength of her grip.As Aunt Karen released me, Carly put her arm around me and gave a tight squeeze. It was a friendly, innocuous gesture but it caused one of my arms to push deeply into one of her soft breasts.”Welcome to a lot of corn and a whole lot o’ nuttin else, Jake!” Carly nearly shouted.I have no idea how she always generated so much energy. It made me tired just watching her sometimes. I gave her my best, toothless smile and forced out a “Can’t wait to see all that nuttin’ Carly.”************************************We all walked to the parking lot with Carly leading the way. I’m pretty sure I learned the details of every single minute she had lived in the past month in that 15 minute walk. I couldn’t stop smiling as I walked with her. She was genuinely funny and the sheer volume of words and enormous amount of energy made me look forward to spending all summer here with her. It didn’t hurt that her jean shorts continually rode up her thigh requiring her to pull them back down.Carly had played soccer for most of her life and it showed. Her thighs were thick with muscle which supported an incredibly firm ass. I fought off a strong urge to cup one of those perfectly shaped cheeks. Not only would it have been inappropriate, but more importantly I’m not sure I would have been able to let go.Carly and I had seen each other several times since we passed puberty, but I don’t remember having any hormonal thoughts on those occasions. It was just nice to be around her for a couple of hours here and there. We were cousins and the unwritten rules applied without us even thinking about them.Now, her openness and energy were a little too much temptation for me. I had never been anxious around Carly before. But Carly’s energy caused the tight ball of loneliness that had been in my chest for months to loosen as we walked. I couldn’t help staring at her; her brown curly hair, her deep brown eyes, how her bright red lips stood out against her perfect pale soft skin…”Ugh!” I was so lost in my thoughts that I tripped over a curb and nearly fell on my face. I caught myself with the bumper of a large SUV, but not in time to save my knees from a good sc****.Aunt Karen put her hand on my shoulder in concern, but Carly was laughing so hard no sound was coming out. I looked at her pathetically, praying she hadn’t noticed how distracted she had made me. I think I lost a good 2 minutes “noticing” her on the walk.As always, Carly knew how to make me feel better. She reached under my arm to help me up and chirped “Let’s get walkin’ you lush. They shouldn’t serve u******ed light weights on planes”.I again felt the softness of her breasts pressed against my arm. She seemed to linger a few extra beats allowing me to feel her taught midsection press against my hip and her cheek against my shoulder. I shifted my stance to ensure the growing bulge in my jeans wasn’t noticed.I turned red from the fall and Carly’s jab at my clumsiness, but was able to laugh at myself. Aunt Karen gave Carly a sharp look, but it softened quickly. There was no being mad at Carly. She comically held on to my arm for balance the entire rest of the way to their car. I could feel how warm and soft she was pressed against me. She was so close I could breathe in subtle traces of her apple-scented shampoo.As we drove from the airport, talk turned to my plans to attend Indiana University in the fall and her plans to start at the University of Iowa where she’d be playing soccer. She hadn’t earned a scholarship, but the coach was excited for her to join the team as a walk on.She was extremely confident she would earn some sort of scholarship once she got her chance to play. She told me she thought if she were 5 inches taller they would already have offered her the scholarship, but no one thought her short legs could get her down the field fast enough. I almost voiced the opinion that I found her short legs fine, but turned red at the thought.************************************After getting home we had dinner with the entire family. Uncle John was quiet as ever, but he did seem excited to have me around for chores. He let me know he would be generous and let me sleep in on my first day tomorrow. Generous meaning 6:30 AM.By the time I unpacked my meager belongings the sun was almost extinguished, leaving a dark purple streak low in the sky and a million stars up high. I washed my face and headed to bed. I usually did a pushup/sit-up routine before going to bed, but I was pretty sure I would get plenty of opportunities to work out in the morning.I pulled the comforter off the bed and slid underneath the sheet. It was still a bit warm from the summer day, but the sheet helped fend off a cool breeze coming in through the window. I settled in with my IPad to continue reading a Vonnegut novel I had started on the plane.In turn Uncle John, Aunt Karen, and Carly passed by my room to say goodnight. As they retired and turned out lights, the house became darker and darker. The light in my room ended up being the only outlier. I shut off my light and returned to bed to continue reading.I heard Carly shuffle around for a few minutes in the bedroom adjacent to mine, but then everything was quiet. I dove into my reading again and was lost for 15 minutes or so when I heard a creak of a window pane. I figured Carly was opening her window a little wider to pull in more of that cool breeze.The sound pulled me from my book and caused me to think of Carly. Her smile never left her face throughout dinner. At one point in her chewing, she caught me looking at her intently and promptly opened her mouth wide while she continued chowing down. My look of disgust made her giggle.I tried to avoid staring by looking down at my food as often as possible. Unfortunately, that meant Carly’s bare feet were right in my line of sight. Her feet were tiny, pale and completely unblemished. Her little toes ended in deep red polish which matched the natural color of her lips. I kept up with the conversation pretty well, but my gaze continued to go through a mechanical pattern of her eyes, her chest, her feet, her eyes, her chest, her feet…I wonder if this is how fetishes start I thought to myself. I started to harden under the sheet thinking of how smooth her legs looked, how soft her small feet would feel… As I started to reach down beneath the sheet I heard a low sigh come from outside the window. I looked up guiltily, but no one was there.I sat as still as possible, one hand on my ever hardening member, listening for another sound. A long, slow exhale was the next sound to break the silence. The first sigh I thought I might have imagined, but there was no doubting this. I quietly slipped out of bed and inched my way towards the window. Crawling on all fours seems laughable now, but at the time I thought it was the most ninja-like method of transit.I leaned my elbows on the window bench seat which ran about a foot under the window ledge. The matching windows for both bedrooms were the kind which jutted out from the second floor, breaking up the smooth descent of the roof. The kind of windows which look like eyes when they light up at night. There was probably about 12 feet between our two windows.I looked out the window and could see the driveway, leading out a couple of hundred yards to an empty county road that passed by the house. A large moon made everything in the yard easy to make out, though with a bluish hue. The driveway was encroached upon by the knee high corn which had been planted for miles around the farm house. I could see their produce stand next to the road as a large dark shape. Past the road was another field of corn which ended a mile or so out in a line of trees.I heard two more sounds outside the window which sounded very much like a short, deep inhale followed by a long, slow exhale. I slowly inched forward to see more on my left side and spotted a small white foot planted on a blanket out on the roof. The toes on that foot ended in a dark polish. I knew in the light of day that polish would perfectly match the color of Carly’s naturally red lips.I stared at that foot, my heart in my throat, wondering if I should say something. Then I noticed Carly’s sleep shorts with little Iowa Hawkeye emblems slide down to the ankle which sprouted from that amazingly beautiful foot. The sound of inhale and exhale occurred again followed by a barely audible grunt.Ung….I heard a wet, sticky sound after another grunt. Her knee became visible as her legs spread. Now her beautiful foot which led to the gorgeous pajama-shorts-ringed ankle was connected to an ungodly sensuous bent knee. Her legs must have been spread very wide to be sitting at this angle comfortably.She’s masturbating!!! I thought to myself, then quickly follow up with a thought of No shit, you idiot!My cock was rock hard and trying to press its way out of the elastic top of my athletic shorts. I obliged and took it in my hand while leaning forward a bit to get a better view. I placed a knee on the window seat and began leaning forward. I could now see the muscular thigh of her right leg. I wasn’t sure if I could lean forward any farther without being seen.If you’re worried about being caught, you shouldn’t be looking you pervert, my mind chastised. Just then I heard a loud metallic smack followed by a panicked Carly shout-whispering”Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”Her phone was sliding down the roof beneath her feet. I froze in place and saw the phone slide to a stop at a point where the roof transitioned to a section with less pitch. It was still a few feet from the gutter but well out of either of our reaches.I held my breath trying to figure out what to do. The two best options seemed to be kneeling down below the window sill or having a stroke. Before I could decide, I heard Carly shift on her blanket. Her head came into view as she crawled on all fours down the roof.Oh my god was all that my brain could communicate to the rest of my body. My lungs weren’t doing their job, my heart had stopped altogether, and my legs seemed ready to simply quit on the spot. Over and over Oh my god repeated as if it were a prayer my brain was saying to jump start the rest of my body.Her curly hair was pulled up into a bun with a few loose strands hanging down by her face. She was wearing the pajama baby doll top I had seen earlier, but it was pulled up over hear enormous breasts. Seeing those large globes defy physics as they refused to hang down will probably be the last thought I have on this earth before I die. Based on my heart’s inability to pump, I figured that last thought may not be too far away.Then her ass came in to view. Her shorts were still wrapped around that gorgeous ankle which connected to that beautiful foot. Her smooth, tight ass took on the bluish hue of everything else in the moonlight, but I could make out the darker shade of her tiny ass hole. My already-stopped heart basically told me it was done for the night as soon as I glimpsed her gorgeous ass swishing side to side down the roof.She stretched out for the phone and was able to slide it towards her with a couple of fingers. She picked up the slim device and checked it for damage. I could barely make out the screen image, but it certainly looked like a woman with a cock in her mouth.This is your brain…Stroke option selected; it was a good life, with any luck the Hindus are right and you’ll get another chance I thought. This beautiful, sweet creature was LOOKING AT PORN!!!Unfortunately, the near total shut down of my nervous system at this point left me at a disadvantage. She was now going to return back to her spot with phone in hand. PORN phone in hand my brain corrected me. If she turned to the left, she would avoid looking in my direction. If she turned right, she would be staring right at a bluish-hued version of me holding my hardened cock.She turned left. I finally took a breath. I’m pretty sure permanent damage was done by the lack of oxygen to my brain over those several minutes. She quietly crawled back to her spot. I soon saw her leg open up again and the sleep shorts take up their position on that glorious ankle.With her going back to business and my cock leaking pre cum everywhere, I had to give myself some sort of relief. I had lotion (for my dry elbows, I told my mom when packing) in my bag, but I didn’t want to make any noise with the bag or the eventual stroking with the lotion. I looked quickly around and grabbed the cotton boxer briefs I had worn that day. I wrapped them around my cock and gently stroked to make sure it would work without giving me an uncomfortable Indian burn. Success!I slowly dropped my shorts, and quietly put both knees on the window seat. I was farther forward now and could actually see Carly’s hand disappear between her legs. I slowly stroked my cock with the boxers hoping this would last forever. I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers plunging into herself and pulling out to spread the wetness on her clit.She was starting a rhythm of pushing in quickly and pulling out slowly. Once she pulled out she made several circles with her fingers and then pushed back in. I could hear her breath come in sharply and go out slowly. On one stroke, she pulled back out enough for me to see her middle two fingers glisten in the moonlight.I could hear her muffled grunts as she must have been squeezing her lips very tightly together. Her knees rocked upwards, pulling her feet off the blanket. The taught muscles of her belly lifted her hips in rhythm as she plunged her fingers deeper.I was trying not to make any sounds, but my breath was very rapid at this point. My leaking precum made the boxers I was holding a mess. I dropped them and went to work with my bare hand. I stared at her rocking legs and strained to hear the sound of her breath.I was nearly bent over double kneeling on the bench sheet, my cock staring straight at me as I tried to match Carly’s rhythm. The wet sounds of her fingers burying deep within her wet pussy made it difficult for me to hold off my orgasm. I leaned forward trying to see more of her, but those large tits were hidden by the angle.Her inhales and exhales were sharp and quick. She groaned through clenched teeth and her legs froze in mid rhythm as she pushed as deep as she could. I heard the moan catch in the back of her throat as her beautiful right foot twitched in the air. Her whole body tensed as she came.I stiffened, leaning forward to balance myself with my left hand as I grabbed my cock hard for the final few pumps. My cock finally burst, sending my first shot of cum out on to the window sill. I pulled back trying not to make a mess and the second and third shots splashed against my chest. A final shot hit low my stomach and dripped down to the base of my cock.I tried to catch my breath as quietly as I could. I stood up from the window seat, cock still oozing cum onto my hand. My legs were wobbly as I reached for the tissues on the night stand. I stood there for a moment using a tissue to make sure my cock didn’t drip on the floor. I still felt the pleasure of the orgasm and aftermath as I stood there with my hand gently squeezing and then loosening my cock.I heard a happy, satisfied sigh come from outside the window. I could swear I heard a giggle as well as she shifted and moved back into her window.As soon as I had cleaned myself up, I slid back under the sheet and almost immediately fell asleep. Almost, I say, as my mind tried to remind me of that last giggle. I forced it to be quiet and drifted off.************************************I awoke the next morning with Uncle John standing at my door asking me if I was going to sleep all day. The clock on the night stand read 6:29 AM. I quickly dressed and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Aunt Karen placed scrambled eggs and a few sausage links in front of me. I could get used to this.”Where’s Carly?” I askedUncle John choked on the coffee he was drinking as he started to laugh. “The princess doesn’t wake up till 8″ he said with flair.”Oh, leave her alone” Aunt Karen said. “No one hits the stand until 9 anyways.” The stand was the produce stand I mentioned earlier. In addition to the corn, they had several other small plots of berries and vegetables they sold down by the road. The stand was about the size of a double wide trailer and did a decent business at various points in the year. Several other farmers and adapazarı escort women who made crafts sold their stuff there. Apparently, running the stand was Carly’s job in the summer.After a quick breakfast, Uncle John walked me around the farm showing me how to use the equipment to water and fertilize the fields. He showed me the various garden plots and told me my duties in each one of them; to weed or harvest or whatever else they needed. I also got the rundown on the chickens and my jobs with them. There weren’t a lot of chickens by farm standards, but the several dozen eggs they produced each week were sold to a fancy grocery store in town. Finally, he showed me the barn where I’d handle cleaning equipment, prepping the produce for sale, and unloading supplies that came in on occasion.All of it by itself was pretty simple, but all of it together was certainly going to make for full days. I started working in the barn to prep stuff for sale. I barely knew what I was doing, but Uncle John came by a few times to nod and pat me on the back. I was sweating my ass off and my back was hurting so I was pretty sure I was earning my keep.Aunt Karen walked by the barn after a few hours and gave instructions on what was needed at the produce stand. She helped me load up the cart that was attached to a four wheeler so I could deliver the produce to the stand at the end of the driveway. After finishing off the trailer, I hopped on the four wheeler and headed down the driveway.I was excited to see Carly, but was nervous about looking her in the eye. I don’t think a person can tell you’ve secretly seen them naked by looking in your eyes, but there’s always a chance. I pulled up to the back door of the stand and poked my head in the door. Uncle John’s produce took up the most room, but everything from strawberries to knitted pot holders were on display.Carly was at the checkout end of the stand looking fantastic in a white blouse that hung off a shoulder and khaki shorts which were somehow shorter than the jean shorts from yesterday. She wore brown open-toe sandals which gave a view of those glorious little feet and red polished toes.She looked over from the register and noticed me looking in. The look on her face was very un-Carly. I squinted a bit reflexively just in case she could see the memory of last night in my eyes, but when she started stomped towards me with her fists balled up, I knew it was too late.She punched me in the shoulder and sneered “I heard you last night.”I wittily replied “uh….”Thankfully a customer called to Carly at the register and pulled her away before she maimed me. As she turned she forced a quick “this isn’t over” through her gritted teeth. I swallowed hard knowing I had really screwed up by not making my presence known sooner. Oh well, only 6 more weeks of dirty looks from my only friend for hundreds of miles. How hard could it be?She finished with the customer, handing back their change with the most polite smile I’ve ever seen. She turned on her heel towards me and stomped back in my direction. Even with her face scrunched up and turning slightly red, she was adorable. Her tiny little nose was twisted by her expression in the cutest way. I figured she might beat me to death in the next few minutes, but I doubt a jury would convict her.She reached me and stood, large chest to abdomen. She started poking me in the chest and whisper-shouted, “So I suppose you get off spying on girls in their private moments, huh?””It… I…” I stammered, but her poking was making me mad. I was turning red from embarrassment and my heartbeat was pounding through my head. I decided to be very un-Jake like and respond confidently “Well, yeah, I do!”Her face loosened and she burst out laughing.”Sure sounded like it!”I was stunned. She’d been screwing with me! And screwing with me about something very taboo!”All those unghs and ahhs, I’m surprised you didn’t wake my parents!” Carly’s laughing continued.I put my hand over my abused heart.”Why did you do that to me? I almost had another heart attack!” I was bending over, but trying not to go to one knee.”Cause I thought it would be funny. And damn, it sure was!” She continued laughing, but feigned concern. “Aww, settle down, you’re fine you big baby. Learn to laugh a little”. I stood up straight and looked down into her smiling face. Her cheeks were red and her eyes were wet from laughing. Yep, she could have killed me and even I wouldn’t have convicted her with that smile.”Wait, what do you mean another heart attack?” she looked at me cautiously.”When you dropped your phone… When I saw you crawl after it… I thought I was going to die there on the spot,” I said and dropped my eyes.”I look that bad?” Carly tilted her head to the side.”Oh god no, Carly. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. You’re so gorgeous” I stared into her eyes and noticed them soften. She rocked back and forth on her heels. A small smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Not the wide open Carly smile I was used to, but one I liked even more.”So I made you hot?” she asked, looking up at me from under her eyelashes. I nodded slowly. I saw several older women pile out of a minivan and begin walking to the stand. When I looked back to Carly, she surprised me by bursting up on her tip toes and pulling me down by my collar. She whispered in my ear “Good, because thinking of you stroking your cock while watching me made my panties wet all morning.”She let go and bounded off towards the group of lady shoppers. She called out over her shoulder, “I’m going to meet friends at 6. You’re going with me, but you have to shower first. You’re gross!” With the last bit, she gave me a wink over her shoulder.Carly went to work on the register while I unpacked the trailer. I kept stealing glances at her while I moved back and forth, but she never looked my way. To say I was distracted was a gross understatement. I walked half way back to the barn before I remembered I had driven the four wheeler down.************************************Around 4 that afternoon, Uncle John found me milling around the barn and told me I was done for the day. He was pretty impressed with how clean I had made the barn. He didn’t know I lost about 4 hours in deep thought while I cleaned trying not to have a hard on over his daughter. It was a losing battle.I sat on the porch trying to focus on my Vonnegut novel and waiting for Carly to come back from the stand. It was no use. I don’t think I finished a page during the hour-long wait. I eventually saw her running up to the porch, almost skipping. She flew up the porch and flew past me with a small smile. It was an “I know something you don’t know” kind of smile.She burst through the door and yelled out, “I’m going into town to meet the ladies, Mom. Don’t worry about dinner for us, I’m takin’ Jake with me. We need someone to make fun of while we eat.” She bounced up the stairs and added in a sing-songy lilt “He has to take a shower first though, he smells like shit!””CARLY!!!” Aunt Karen yelled. “Watch your mouth!”I had to smile. I was falling hard for Carly. Life had been lonely for a while now. Whatever else was going to happen during my stay here, Carly was comfortable to be around. The little anxious voices trying to bring me down from within knew to shut up when I was around her.I walked inside. Aunt Karen looked at me apologetically. I said, rather loudly “It’s ok Aunt Karen, c***dren can be very rude as they struggle to reach adulthood.””I HEARD THAT” Carly yelled from upstairs. Aunt Karen smiled and made her eyes big in an exasperated expression. Uncle John walked in from the kitchen and handed me a $20 “for your trouble” he said with a similar exasperated expression.By 5:45 I was cleaned up and riding shotgun in my Uncle’s F150 heading towards town. Carly was driving. She looked very small in the large cab. I heard her rinse off in the master bathroom shower in her parents room right before I jumped into the shower in the hallway bathroom. She’d changed into a deep necked black blouse over a tight gray undershirt to limit the cleavage. She’d kept the khaki shorts and sandals. Her curly hair was out of its bun and pulled back into a loose ponytail with a portion of her bangs escaping down to her cheek.She drove silently while I stared her up and down. The sun was on her side of the truck giving her a slight halo. She was a safe driver with her hands glued to 10 and 2. She’d pulled a pillow from behind the seat when we jumped in the truck. The pillow was now behind her, helping her reach the pedals. She’d given me a very stern point of her finger to ensure I knew not to comment on her pillow. I put up both hands in a defensive gesture and shook my head.I was about to break the silence when she flipped the turn signal and began to slow down. We were still at least 5 minutes from town so I was confused. She pulled off onto a dirt road in between two cornfields and headed towards a set of trees which further separated the fields. The thin road circled the trees and must have been a turnaround area for a tractor when the corn was high.When she pulled to a stop behind the trees we were completely blocked from the road. The other side of the truck faced shin-high corn all the way to the horizon. Though only a few hundred yards from the main road, we were invisible to the world.She turned towards me and crossed one leg over the other. She gave me a shrewd look and tented her finger one by one in front of her. In a horrible German accent she asked “So, Messer Jake, your curiosity hass gotten you into un mess. You vill have to answer mein quvestions now.””So, were not going to meet your friends?” I turned and matched her crossed leg stance.”Boy, you catch on quick. No. I’ve been thinking about last night all day. I was so excited by the idea of you seeing me. But I’m also excited cause now I have you in my debt. I can ask you questions and get you to do anything I want.” She smiled proudly at the last bit.”You figure I’m in your debt, huh?” I didn’t bother to tell her I would have done anything she asked anyways. It was more entertaining for her to pull it out of me while I feigned resistance. “Ok, do your worst.””First off, how often do you play with yourself?” Strong right out of the gate just like Carly.”Ok, but any question I answer you have to answer as well.” I was turning red and needed something to ease my embarrassment. I was thinking we could share in our shame, but Carly didn’t seem to have shyness or shame in here genes. She nodded while raising an eyebrow so I continued. “2-3 times a week, you?””Once a day at least.” She said it with such casualness, but my heart jumped in my throat. The idea of her having that much need blew me away. She followed up with a whole slew of other questions. “How do you do it? Do you look at stuff? What type of stuff? Take it slow? Go real fast? Fantasize? Use toys…?””Whoa, that’s a lot.” I paused, but she rolled her hand in the air to hurry me up. “Well…I usually wait till I’m the only one in the house and go on the internet. I look at stuff girls post themselves on line. You know, the selfie in the mirror kind of stuff.” I paused again.”And? Keep going, you’re not done yet!”I had to shift a little as my jeans were getting very tight in the front. As embarrassed as I felt, I was excited to be discussing my jerk off habits. Seeing Carly so interested was making my dick strain against my jeans looking for any type of touch to get off.”I like to take my time. I think about touching the girls. I….” I broke off before saying the most embarrassing part. Carly put her hands out and gave me a gimmee-gimmee gesture. “Well, I think about cumming on them.”Her jaw dropped. “You’re a dirty one aren’t you? Always the quiet ones…” She saw me look down in shame. “Aww, that’s not what I meant. ” She reached over and briefly rubbed/patted the bent leg I had on the bench seat. My dick strained against my jeans as if it were a cobra wanting to strike that hand.”I look at stuff too you know.”I perked back up and stared at her. “I saw something on your phone when you picked it up.””Wow, eagle eye! I was looking at dirty pics from an app I have. It’s supposed to have funny stuff, but human beings can’t seem to avoid putting porn everywhere.” I loosened up and smiled a bit as she continued, “I like seeing guys go off. It’s just awesome to see them clench up and spurt everywhere.”I had to shift again. I was getting a tingling sensation I had never felt before on the sensitive patch near the tip of my dick. As hard as I was, I was afraid I’d do permanent damage if my situation didn’t change soon.”Ok, next question, have you ever done it with a girl?” She leaned forward in anticipation.”No, I have felt them up and stuff. I made one girl go off through her jeans, but I always seem to ruin things before we get any closer.””Ok, save that thought. I’m going to delve into that one later”. She made a note taking motion in the air. “My turn, and no I haven’t been with a guy.”I felt relief for some reason. She was becoming “mine” in my head and I liked the idea of no one having her before.”I tried to give a handy to a guy once, but as soon as I touched it through his boxers, he went off all over himself. It was a mess”I had to laugh a bit, but I was certainly worried the same thing would happen to me in a few seconds if she kept talking like this.”Another guy I really liked, but he turned out to be an ass. He was older and popular so I tried to impress him by going down on him. But every time I put my mouth on him he tried to jam it down my throat like I was some pocket pussy. I gave it a couple of tries, but I wasn’t big on the whole gagging thing so I got mad and ran out of his house.” She scrunched up her face and crossed her arms.”Guys suck” I tried to be sympathetic. The story did nothing to help my situation. The idea of her sliding my fly down so she could touch my cock was making it throb. I shifted again trying to find some angle of comfort.She clearly noticed my discomfort. “Ok, I’m still in charge here. Take ’em off” My eyes got huge and she laughed. “I mean it. You’ve seen me, now I see you. Pull him out!”Normally, my anxiety would kick in right about here as I feared I was being set up. But with Carly, I knew I was safe.”What do you want? You need sexy music or something to shimmy out of those things?” She sneered at me, but I could see the curiosity in her eyes.”No, I’ll do it.” I unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. I slid the jeans down to my feet and pulled them off with my shoes. My cock tented in my boxers with a relief, like getting a breath of fresh air after being cooped up in a musty house.”Boxers too. I’m not going to get cheated here,” she said with a huge smile. She leaned forward hungrily. The look in her eyes made ‘him’ throb even more. He was bouncing back and forth like a caged a****l.I tried to pull my boxers down, but my cock was catching in the elastic. I felt bigger than ever as I finagled it around the band and slid them down. I folded them over trying to hide the wet spot my precum had created as I pulled the loose underwear off my feet. I pulled off my socks as well and sat back in the seat normally. I wanted to touch my cock badly, but I prudishly rested my hands on my thighs.”Now you’re hiding from me. Turn back to me like you were before,” Carly said. She made a downward twirling movement with her finger. I felt a bit degraded by the gesture, but excited none the less. Whatever she wanted, she was going to get. I leaned back against the door, now facing her.”Nice… how big are you?” I looked away from her, but she continued “Come on now, I know you’ve measured. Put your leg against the seat and let me see.”I turned toward her and put my leg against the seat. I was now spread in front of her, my cock bobbing. “What makes you think I’ve measured?””You’re a guy” she giggled. “Guys are always doing gross stuff like that. You’re fascinated by it””Well… I don’t know exactly” I stalled. She gave me the gimmee-gimmee motion again. “All right, 7 and ¾ inches long and 2 and ¾ inches around.”Carly burst out laughing “GOD, you’re such a nerd to have done it in fractions. I’m surprised you didn’t do it in metrics and decimals.”Jokes on you as I did and its 19.68cm x 6.99cm I thought but didn’t say out loud. I was a nerd, but I didn’t need to prove it for her.”Well, you’re a nerd who’s pretty cute with a big dick, so you’ve got that going for you. Also, I’m surprised you actually have abs and a little bit of muscle. I didn’t think you ever moved away from your computer.” I finally relaxed with that comment. She was genuinely enjoying this. She lifted her bent leg and put it to mine against the seat. Our bare legs were touching now making an M against the bench seat back. She was now spread facing me, though fully clothed.My eyes drifted down and spotted a wet mark at the center of her shorts. She had soaked through the fabric. The bigger development was that I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties under her shorts. I made out a small tuft of brown hair at the top of her mound. I could also see the puffy, pink skin of her outer labia peeking out the side of her shorts. She was clearly shaved or waxed down below. I couldn’t yet see her inner folds, but this was more than enough to make “him” bob up and down in anticipation.Carly giggled “So it looks like he appreciates a well groomed pussy, huh?” She pointed to my hard, bobbing cock. “Are you doing that?””No, well I can, but it’s kind of involuntary. He’s just really excited.” I tried to manage a smile, but I was breathing hard and focused on the small amount of her I could see peeking out of those shorts. I wanted to beg her to pull them to the side to give me a better view, but I kept it cool. As cool as I could with my cock out and bobbing in front of her, at least.”Make him dance!” She clapped her hands in excitement.I gave her a disgusted look but complied. I flexed the muscles which pulled him almost to my flat stomach and then let him drop to a 45 degree angle. He wasn’t going any lower than that until something was done to satisfy him. He truly had become a “him” with a mind of his own.She was giggling as she watched him go up and down. On a particularly strenuous jerk, the tip came all the way back to my abs and splattered a bit of the leaking precum there.”Ooooh” she cooed. She took a sharp breath in and said “Oh, hell yeah. That’s so hot.”She slid her right hand into the gap I had been ogling in her shorts. She used her other hand to toss me the small makeup case she’d brought with her. “There’s a little bottle of lube in there. If you’re nice, I’ll tell you why I have it….. but later, need to do this NOW!”I found the little black bottle with an odd name on it and looked at her fearfully.”Come on, don’t get shy on me now. Use it to stroke that big cock of yours for me.”I was still tentative. “I need to see more of you then,” I said as I opened the lube. “I didn’t see much of you at all last night.””Allrigt, I know what you want.” She took both hands and pulled off the black blouse, leaving her in a tight gray body shirt with thin strings holding it up. She was much slimmer than I had expected. Her breasts made almost every other shirt she wore billow out from her waist. As she sat escort adapazarı there, though, I could tell the taught abs I felt yesterday were definitely there. I sucked in my breath in anticipation.”Ok, I’ll go the next step once you start stroking,” she said playfully.I dropped some of the lube in my right hand and slid it the length of my shaft. I almost went off right there. It felt amazing to finally touch him after all of this build up. I reminded myself to take it easy and not go off to early. I had no idea how many of these opportunities I would have.I used my left hand to mock her gimmee-gimme gesture. She smiled “Ok, Ok, here I go. She pulled the tight top off with some difficulty. The top had built in support that was getting caught under her enormous tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra to my amazement. Those things were sitting high mostly on their own.Once the support netting slipped off, her gorgeous breasts fell out, but didn’t fall much. They were beautiful. They had to have been at least DDs, but they were perfectly round. Her pink areolas were small in comparison, barely larger than a quarter. Little nubs poked out from them a shade darker than her areolas.”You’re lucky” she said. “Every guy in school wanted to see these, but they never earned their chance.””I’m glad I earned the opportunity,” I replied. “This is clearly a religious experience that few men can handle!”She laughed “You’re so odd. But you’re sweet. I like that.” She sat there in only those khaki shorts, pulled slightly askew so she could reach in and finger herself. She raised her left hand and began to massage her massive breasts. Her right hand slid back into her shorts. I could hear wet sounds almost immediately. “Now come on, let me see how you handle that thing”I slid my hand down my shaft and groaned. I wanted to steal every second I could of this view, but my eyes involuntarily closed every few strokes. God it felt good. I drank in the view of her as much as I could. Carly manipulated her huge breasts, squeezing and tugging at them. Her hand dove into her shorts. I couldn’t see everything occurring in those shorts, but her middle fingers were extremely wet.I kept my strokes short and slow to hold off the orgasm that wanted out so badly. She was making it so difficult. Soft little moans would escape her when she pulled her fingers high to press her clit.”You look so hot Carly,” I said panting. “I’m trying my best not to go off, but everything you do makes me want to stroke faster””How bout this,” she said. She pulled her fingers out of her shorts and put them out for me to see. Her juices were thick and slightly milky. She then rubbed them on her nipples.”Holy fuck Carly!” I was dying to go off at this point, but then it would be over. She smiled at me with deviousness. Once she knew I was locked in, she bit her lower lip and groaned loudly.”Oh, shit” I said and pulled my hand off my dick. “That was close.”She giggled. “Just a few more minutes, babe. I’m trying to hold off too. This is too good to waste!” She put her left foot up on the dash to be fully spread in front of me. I continued stroking as she ran her fingers in and out of her pussy. I had to keep stopping as I was so close.Her groans became louder and she picked up her pace. She too would stop every few strokes and take a deep breath to hold off. I could smell her sex as she continued to make her shorts messier and messier. It smelled both sweet and musky. A very clean, inviting smell.”Ok…here we go… home stretch…” she said as her breath quickened. She slid down the door allowing her legs to come closer to me. Her eyes were half slits and her mouth was open wide. Her whole body rocked up and down. At this point I was stroking, but barely touching my cock at all trying to hold off.She slid that beautiful foot closer to me until it was pressed against my inner thigh. It was so smooth. She must have moisturized it twice a day. I stopped stroking and just watched her.Now lying on her back, those gorgeous breasts were raising and falling almost obscuring her face as she bucked up and down. “Close, babe, Close” she panted. “Stroke that cock for me, I’m cumming!” She slid her foot farther toward me and pressed it into my balls. The soft pressure was amazing. Her body froze and her head tilted back against the door. “Ungh, fuck” she moaned. Her toes curled against my balls as I resumed my strokes. She recovered slightly to look at me “Come on cum for me, Jake. Cum ON me!”That was too much. I squeezed my cock hard and used my left hand to press her foot tighter against my balls. She continued burying her finger into her sloppy cunt as I pumped the final strokes. I cried out as the first spurt shot up her calf. My second shot landed on her ankle.”Oh hell yeah that’s hot” she cried out.She stiffened again and bit her lip to come a second time. I poured my last two shot on to her gorgeous little foot that was I holding against my balls. The two of us sat in that position, panting, for what seemed like hours.As the sunlight started to turn a darker orange, Carly sat up and observed the damage. “I guess I didn’t think that one out” she smiled. I dug through the glove box and found a few napkins and an old rag. I tried my best to clean up, but we were going to be heading home sticky. She took the rag from me to finish cleaning up, giving me a quick peck on the cheek when she did so.We drove into town and grabbed food at a drive thru before heading home. We talked about school, the town, and her friends as we ate and drove. I think we were trying to not to ruin the experience by rehashing it so quickly. When we got back to the farm she bounded up the stairs and I headed to my room. With a very full day behind me, I fell asleep as soon as I touched the bed.My first day on the farm had been the best day of my life to that point. I had no idea how great the days were to become.*****I woke up the next morning groggy and sore from the previous day’s hard work. I stumbled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom which was between Carly’s room and my own. I couldn’t resist taking the few extra steps towards her room.The sun leapt across the floor from her slightly open door. I inched carefully down the hall expecting to be grabbed by my uncle, the police, or Father DiCiccio from my church back home at any moment. However, the pull to Carly was simply too strong to resist.The door was cracked open a few inches with the opening pointed right at her bed. I smiled to myself as I saw how splayed out she slept with sheets and pillows thrown every which way on her bed. Her back was to me, with a bare leg crawling its way out of the sheet. One beautiful, gorgeous, tiny foot was hanging off of the bed.The loose boxers I had worn to bed were no help as the combination of morning and Carly’s bare leg were causing my cock to harden. The tip was poking out the bottom and lifting the fabric with it. I looked around like a thief ensuring no one was around to see me in this predicament. The only sound I could hear was my Aunt moving a few dishes around in the kitchen below.I reached down in an attempt to reign myself back into my boxers, but ended up letting my hand linger too long. I lightly brushed the underside and “He” almost made me lose my balance jumping to attention. I leaned against the wall continuing to spy on Carly in all her cluttered, bare legged glory.As I tried to tuck my cock back into my shorts, Carly rolled over in bed onto her stomach with her face now pointing squarely in my direction. I heard her groan a bit as she stretched two bare legs behind her. The combination of stretching and her thin cotton shorts allowed me a perfect view of her muscular thighs and tight ass.I tried again to compose myself as my brain was screaming at me to get out of the hallway before someone came along. It was too late. I took one more look towards Carly and made direct eye contact with her. Her questioning look was understandable as she awoke to find me standing outside her door with my hand stuffing myself back in my boxers.In typical Carly fashion, she winked and gave me a sly smile. She pushed her head back under the nearest pillow and slowly slid her knees higher on the bed. Her thighs slid apart giving me a great shot of the thin fabric outlining her smooth lips. I saw two small, red painted fingernails appear from between her legs as they slid into view rubbing her mound.”JAKE” Aunt Karen yelled. I jumped backwards my feet slipping on the hardwood floors. I must have looked like a cartoon character as my feet spun without traction trying to push myself back towards the bathroom. I fell into the bathroom slamming the door with my foot.My heart was in my throat and my vision was blurry. It was a good thirty seconds before my brain caught up to my ears. “JAKE… you better get down here quick if you want to eat breakfast before John puts you to work!”Any thoughts of relieving my urges that morning went out the window when my Aunt called me to breakfast. I was through breakfast and an hour into my work in the field before my heart slowed enough to take deep breaths. I was a shy guy that liked to live in front of his computer. My ticker was not ready for this.I spent the morning learning how to operate the irrigation system in the field. It wasn’t overly complex, but the enormous moving contraption demanded respect. Uncle John was going to be assisting other farmers over the next few weeks and he wanted to make sure I could handle one of his more time consuming tasks.At times, I could get a good look at the shop, but I didn’t see Carly. After last night, I went to bed tired but couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities over the summer. Were we going to continue finding opportunities to do that again? Did she want to take things further? We’re we going to become close or just play around? I pushed those thoughts down, but my anxiety was turning them into beach balls in a swimming pool. The harder I pushed them down, the more forcefully they popped back up.I eventually made a run to the store on the four wheeler when fresh stuff was ready to take down. As usual, Carly was able to melt away any concerns almost immediately. I could hear dance music coming from the store when I was still a hundred yards away.I hopped off the four wheeler and peered into the doorway. Carly clearly lived by the phrase “dance like no one is watching”. She was bouncing around barefoot behind the counter with her hands in the air swishing back and forth. She’d returned to jean shorts today, but these were rolled fairly tight around her muscular thighs instead of being cutoffs. A black Led Zeppelin t-shirt hung tightly over her large breasts, but flowed loosely everywhere else.I stood in the doorway with an almost painfully large grin as I watched Carly bounce side to side. Her technical proficiency was sorely lacking, but she more than made up for it in enthusiasm. The music was unrecognizable to me, but I had to admit it provided an attractive beat.When Carly noticed I was standing in the doorway, she bounced over to me with a cheery grin and pulled me out into the otherwise empty store. Without a word she went back into her pattern of hip shaking, spinning, and bouncing. I halfheartedly joined in trying my best to not look foolish. Carly would have none of that.Carly grabbed my hips and started shaking me back and forth in time to the music. Before I knew it she had me bouncing around the store with her. I did my best to keep from stepping on her bare feet, but I otherwise stayed with her fairly well. When she jumped, I jumped. When she spun, I spun. It wasn’t long before we were bouncing off of each other and laughing. By the time the song wound down to nothing, we were both a little out of breath.Her ipod must have been on shuffle as the next song was an 80 year old polar opposite. I heard familiar opening notes of a horn section followed by a smooth clarinet. Carly looked a little embarrassed. “I’ll skip this one” she said as she stepped back towards the counter.I reached out and grabbed her arm a little more forcefully than I’d intended. Carly looked back with a slightly reddened face and a look of surprise. “I think I like this one. ” I translated the opening lines from the French in which they were sung “Hold me close and hold me fast, the magic spell you cast…”Carly’s eyes widened. “Who the hell are you?” she said smiling through her open mouthed shock.I answered by pulling Carly close to me. I took her hand and wrapped my arm around her. It was a little challenging to get my arm underneath hers due to the height difference, but I was ok leaning a bit. “I took French the last few years, mon petit chou. La Vie En Rose was played during a couple of the food days.” While I had taken French, I didn’t want to admit I’d actually learned the song from a video game.”You are just full of surprises aren’t you Jake?” she said as she pulled herself in close to me. Her head rested against my chest as we slowly turned in circles. As the little sparrow of France crooned on about living life while in love, I created one of the most vivid memories of my life.I took in the dusty smell of the parking lot, the earthy smell of the produce, and the baby powder smell of Carly’s perfume. I cataloged them all in a special file cabinet of my brain. I would always be able to feel the soft warmth of her pressed into me and see the damp cement of where Carly had watered the display cases earlier in the day. We turned and shuffled to the soft strumming beat. The minutes of the song wrote hours into my memory.Eventually Edith sang the last line and the band hit the final note. When I pulled back to look at Carly her eyes were moist at the edges. She gave me a huge hug and started to say something when a car pulled up to the open store front. She smiled gently and said “Tonight…” followed by a pause. “I can’t wait to see you tonight. I owe you a special moment.” I started to reply but Carly put her finger up to shush me. She shook her head and cryptically said “Let it breathe a bit. We can be ourselves tonight.”She turned casually to the arriving customers and bounded towards them after running off the CD player. I sighed deeply and headed out the side door. I walked dreamily up the road toward the house. I was almost to the house before I yet again remembered I had ridden the four wheeler to the store. I laughed at myself and turned to float back down the road.The hours ticked by sluggishly as I awaited the evening. I dreamily worked through a few cleaning chores thankful that none involved the farm equipment. The brief dance and feeling of Carly’s soft body should have had a warning label to avoid operating heavy machinery while under the influence. Whenever I interacted with my aunt and uncle, I had to mentally slap the drunken smile from my face.Carly’s poker face wasn’t the best either. As she entered the house at the end of the day and ate dinner with the family, her normal boisterous tone and energetic mannerisms were suspiciously subdued. She avoided eye contact with me and maintained conversations with the minimum word count possible. While she may have thought she was throwing anyone off the scent of our impending rendezvous, she was more like a drunk trying to convince a police officer they were sober enough to drive from the comfort of their back on the sidewalk.After dinner I popped in the shower to rinse off the day. I plodded back to my room tired from a long day, but the anxious feeling in my chest still burned. I needed to be near Carly. I put on a pair of shorts and plopped down on the bed to figure out my next move. Of course, being the Casanova I am, I immediately fell asleep.I woke to a darkened room. I heard someone speaking, but it took a few minutes to shake off the grogginess. A shape was crouched in my window backlit by a high moon. “Wake up you dope!” Carly’s whispered voice called. I managed to mumble a response, but it wasn’t much of one. “Wake up, I’ve been knocking on the wall for like 10 minutes now” she chided.Finally understanding the situation, I hopped off the bed and made my way to her figure in the window. Like our initial experience, everything took on a blue hue in the bright moonlight. I wasn’t sure how to respond to her as I approached. Carly made it easy as she grabbed me in her arms and leaned into me for balance. After the momentary embrace and a quick finger to her lips to shush me, she quickly bound out onto the roof and headed toward her room.Within moments, we were kneeling on a rug next to her bed. She was wearing her usual sleep shorts with a tank top that barely covered her assets. Her brown curly hair was pulled back into the loose playful ponytail I loved.We faced each other in the moonlight, neither of us sure what the first step should be. We’d quickly skipped through a lot of relationship steps to get here so there was no organic build through nervous, tentative private moments.”Me first, or you first?” she whispered. “I was kind of thinking me first. You know? You get kind of, uh, messy when it’s you, ya know?” she trailed off. She looked away a bit, anxiously biting her lower lip.”Well, let’s get something clear first.” I whispered back. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”Carly relaxed and laughed quietly. “Sorry. I should have explained. I was thinking all day about doing something special, like going down on you, but being the strong woman I am, I was also thinking about you doing the same for me”Her words trailed off at the end as if she wasn’t so sure I would find that a great idea. I tried to explain that it may have been the most wonderful idea since the invention of microwave pizza rolls, but all I could manage was to sit there with my mouth opening and closing without sound. I must have looked like a goldfish at feeding time. Eventually I accomplished the Herculean task of nodding as my brain tried to reset all of its tripped breakers.Carly tentatively leaned in towards me and caressed my hips just above the waistband of my shorts. I leaned further towards her and tugged at the bottom of her tank top. We traded tentative, inexperienced kisses as I pulled her tank top up over her head. There was an awkward moment as we continued to kiss with me holding her top above our heads unable to figure out the geometry necessary to uncoil our arms.Eventually we dropped the top behind us and had our first mostly nude embrace. Her soft, warm breasts felt like silk against my bare chest. My cock pressed through the fabric of my shorts and into her just below those breasts. Each movement as we kissed shifted my member against her causing exquisite pleasure and increasing growth.”Should we get on the bed?” I whispered.She shook her head. “No, that things louder than hell if you really get moving” she whispered back. At the time that answer passed unquestioned, but would distress me later.Carly pulled me down to the ground with her. I was on top of her feeling immense amounts of skin to skin contact. Our legs, our arms, our chests all mashed together to create a sense of warmth I could have only imagined previously. I could feel the heat of her center against my crotch. All at once I could feel the risk of the situation as a hunger took over me. I could finally understand how others took such risks when it adapazarı escort came to sex. Feeling my hardened member only two thin layers of fabric away from the ultimate destination shut my brain off from any future related consequences.I pulled my lips from Carly’s and slid my face down to her massive breasts. I kissed, licked, and sucked the soft skin all around her breasts. She used her hands to press those breasts against my face, enveloping me in their velvety texture. Carly was inhaling sharply and letting out long exhales as she tried to remain quiet. She briefly lost her battle when I took one of her small nipples into my mouth. A sharp grunt escaped her when I sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue. A whisper-moaned “oh hell yeah” escaped her lips.I certainly wasn’t experienced in this area, but I had taken to watching instructional videos as part of my online routine. I had watched several videos by an older pornstar which gave intricate details on how to pleasure a woman. I applied the same “French kiss” advice to Carly’s nipples that the video had suggested for a woman’s clit. The reaction from Carly let me know I was on the right track. Her fingers gently ran through my hair as I alternated between her nipples and the soft skin underneath her breasts.Carly’s breath quickened as I kissed farther down her tummy to the band of her shorts. I used both hands to slide fingers inside the elastic at each side of her hips. I was both savoring the experience and waiting her approval. That so many relationship building steps were skipped in moments along the way made me hesitant to move forward. I whispered a questioning “Ok?”.She responded with a definitive double nod of her head. In the minimal bluish light I could see her eyes were closed and she was biting down hard on her lower lip. Carly raised her hips slightly as I pulled both her shorts down. The task of pulling her shorts completely off was made more difficult as her hips continued to rise and fall both rhythmically and involuntarily.Finally getting the soft cotton shorts past her even softer little feet, I leaned back in between her legs and rested my cheek on her silky left thigh. Only inches from her most private lips, I took a moment to examine as best I could in the dim light. A small, neatly trimmed tuft of hair sat on the top of her mound, but the rest was as bare as the thigh I rested against. Her puffy outer lips were broken apart slightly by tiny inner lips which held a barely seen clitoral hood. I could feel the heat as I breathed in her salty sweet scent. I leaned in to kiss tentatively down her inner thigh towards that heat.I’m not sure if I was taking too long admiring or my kisses were too tentative, but I felt Carly stiffen under my touch. She nervously whispered “if everything ok? I mean, it’s ok if you don’t want to keep going.”Her sudden anxiety was surprising to me. I hadn’t thought of how vulnerable and exposed she was as I dove into her most private place. If I were to reject her in some way at this point I could only imagine how devastating that could be.I wasn’t much of a romantic wordsmith at the time, so I did my best to dispel her concerns. “Carly, I couldn’t stop now if a meteor hit me,” I replied in my most confident, yet quiet voice. I could tell it worked as she choked off a quick giggle and allowed her thighs to open even further.I placed hesitant kisses on her smooth outer labia which elicited gentle moans from Carly. A long, drawn out version of her catch phrase escaped her. “Ohhhhhh…hellllll…yeah” she breathed as her hips pushed towards my face. In the blue light I looked up to see her back arch as she cupped her pale breasts. Another memory etched.I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and grabbed her hips to pull her into me. My tongue parted her lips giving me my first coppery taste of her. Carly breathed out am impossibly long sigh as she tried to remain as quiet as possible. Small whimpers escaped as I ran my tongue up the full length of her opening. Carly’s hips pulled her feet into the air involuntarily when I reached her clit.Following the numerous training videos I had only dreamed of implementing, I pressed my tongue against her clit and held it there. I mentally counted to ten like the nerdy neophyte I was. Her body froze as I left the wet pressure on her most sensitive spot. Her quick breaths told me I was on the right track.I alternated between the long licks and even longer pauses at her clit several times. Her body responded with her hips rocking during the licks and freezing during the pauses. I was so revved up I had to roll on to my side to avoid even the slight pressure of the carpet on my hardened member setting me off.I curled my left hand under her leg to rest on the soft skin of her tummy, enjoying the warm comfort. I pulled my right hand back underneath her to slide a finger inside her silky folds. She whispered my name several times as I implemented the “come here” motion with my finger on where the videos said her gspot would be. Her small feet rested on my shoulders as I switch to smaller licks up and down her clit. I could feel her toes curl whenever I applied more pressure with my finger or tongue.I was trying to maintain a slow pace to build her impending orgasm, but my excitement and inexperience pushed me quickly through my carefully studied steps. A second finger slid easily into her dripping slit. I continued the back and forth of fingers pulling against that special spot inside her and the quick licks up and down her clit. Whenever Carly’s carefully stifled moans became too quick or too deep, I’d pause for a few precious moments to avoid taking her over the edge.I kept this up for several minutes as I enjoyed hearing alternated whispers of my name and her endearing catch phrase. I eventually felt her body shift and her abs tighten as she lifted her top half from the carpet. A hand first caressed the side of my face and then gripped my hair. She whispered the magic words, “Oh please, Jake baby, oh please.”I took the hint and went in for the kill. I froze my fingers inside of her on the special spot and began a deep French kiss of her hardened nub. She switched from whimpers to grunts as I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her toes curled so tightly on my shoulders I could feel the skin pinch. She curled her body even further up towards me as I suckled her clit with my tongue pressed against the base.Within moments I felt her body freeze again and heard a gasp choke in her throat. For several seconds the only movement between us was the involuntary quivers running through her whole body. I remained still and continued to suck her clit ever harder.After a solid 15 seconds (my analytical brain counted), movement returned with the pitter pat of her feet against my shoulders. Sound returned as a stifled, but high pitched giggle coming from Carly. Deep breaths alternated with several iterations of “whoa, baby” as her body relaxed. I had a brief thought that the side of my head may be bald after she released her tight grip on my hair.Keeping my head just barely enough to remember the end of the video (though I rarely made it that far), I lifted my lips from her clit and replaced them with my thumb. As Carly composed herself, I lazily strummed her clit with a bare minimum of pressure. Gentle shudders worked through Carly’s body as her breathing returned to normal.”Ok, baby. Ok…” she said almost trying to convince herself that I should stop. “That’s…” she paused as I pressed my thumb a little harder making her shudder again. “Ok baby, that’s…” again I pressed a little harder. Finally she jerked her body up and grabbed my hand. “If you keep that up we’ll never get to you” she smiled playfully.I rose up onto my knees to get a better look at her. The side of her face best illuminated by the moonlight revealed a shiny moistness around her eyes. I used my thumb to gently remove the tear that had made it from the corner of her eye. “Are you ok?” I asked trying not to panic that I had done something wrong.Carly reached up and took my hand in hers. “Jake, sweetie, I am so much better than ok right now. I guess when I go off that good, I get a little emotional. Though, I don’t remember ever going off that good” she said with a stress on the word “ever”.Yet again my hardness pressed against her as she wrapped her arms around me. With her sitting and me kneeling, I was pressed between her breasts with only a single layer of fabric separating us this time. The softness of those breasts combined with the pressure of her embrace was again almost too much. I rushed crazed thoughts into my head of naked old women and spoiled food to avoid this experience ending in a most embarrassing way. Even so, I had to pull my hips away from her when she readjusted herself against me.I held my breath and shook my head at her quickly. She giggled “easy there Tex, we still have a ways to go.” She smiled as she bit her lower lip, but her expression turned quickly to hungry desperation. In a flash she pulled some sort of wrestling jujitsu to throw me around her and on to my back.We both paused for several seconds after the loud crash of the two of us hitting the floor. With her chin resting against my stomach, we each comically looked side to side waiting for a noise down the hall to alert us of impending doom. The house remained still with only our quiet, but quick breaths as the soundtrack. “Be careful” I silently mouthed to her in an exaggerated fashion.The bluish light of the moon provided enough visibility for me to see her mischievously raise and lower her eyebrows several times. Carly began kissing down my stomach, giving a soft tug with her lips at each site. It was my turn for my hips to shift up and down involuntarily. My cock strained against my shorts begging to reengage with any part of her.I could feel her forehead push against the lower portion of my stomach as her hands gripped the edges of my shorts. My cock had been so hard for so long that it felt tingly like an appendage that had fallen asleep. I was nervous that the slightest actual touch would set it off like the least spark would dry gun powder.Carly pulled herself back onto her knees still gripping my shorts. Another memory etched with Carly as a dangerously attractive succubus in a blue hue with her impish smile, enormous assets, and wild curly hair. She attempted to maintain a sensuous air as she slowly slid my shorts down, but when my cock caught the waistband she had to tug harder causing a ridiculous sequence of bouncing and flopping. This time her hands did the pitter pat against my thighs as she stifled yet another giggle.”He’s an awful dancer,” she whispered, “but I love it when he tries.” I had to allow a nervous laugh as well. Carly always knew how to set me at ease with a simple smile and snarky comment. I tried to relax as much as possible, but my whole body was starting to take on that sleeping appendage type of tingle. I felt like a balloon rubbed against shag carpet until the static in the air was strong enough to make me burst.Carly slid my shorts the rest of the way down and made the return trip with her hands sliding up the inside of my thighs. For the first time, I felt a hand gently cup my balls. I closed my eyes and thanked whatever deity involved that this was finally happening. Carly’s gentle tugging pulled my member up to a 90 degree angle pointing straight towards the ceiling. A quick glance down confirmed that I had never been larger. It was if I had gone from a life time of seeing a branch down there to seeing a tree trunk attached to me.Carly’s other hand tentatively gripped the base of my cock causing a dollop of precum to ooze out of the tip and shine in the moonlight. Carly readjusted herself several times as she moved her mouth down towards me. Like me, she was knowledgeable from the many movies she herself had watched, but was inexperienced in practice. When she ran her tongue around the tip, we both moaned with her enjoying the taste of fluid and skin and me feeling a warm wetness that I had only dreamed of previously.Carly dragged her tongue up and down my shaft several times. While I moaned and enjoyed every motion, her amateurish technique was missing the most important spots. Still, it was extremely effective to my equally inexperienced member. Carly would become much more skillful in time, but it was probably for the best that we were both beginners at this point. Her methods matched my minimal stamina this first time.”Are you ready baby?” she breathed. I foolishly nodded even though she wasn’t looking up at me. She got the message anyways.Carly took a deep breath and opened her mouth wide. I gripped the rug in both hands as her mouth slid down over me. Carly’s wet tongue made intermittent contact with my member as she pulled me impossibly deep into her mouth. Much like my first experience with Carly, I felt breakers in my nervous system pop as every sense focused on the few centimeters of skin she touched taking all precedence in messaging the rest of my body.I watched as she took my larger than ever cock into her mouth and out of sight. I couldn’t believe the depths she was able to achieve. I froze with my mouth agape trying to remind my body to breathe again. Just as I was sure I would pass out, Carly suddenly jerked and pulled back.”Whoa,” she choked out with several small gagging coughs following. “Sorry,” she said with wet sound escaping. “You’re a bit bigger than the toy I practiced on.” My mind swam with the pleasure I felt and the idea of her practicing on a toy. It became my mission to see this happen from that point on.”It’s very, very ok” I stammered. “I appreciate the effort.”Carly smiled again and went back to work. This time she didn’t go down quite as far, but she more than made up for it as she sucked on her way back up. Her lips gripped my cock as she pulled up and then parted to leave just her tongue riding my cock back on the way down.I wanted this to last forever, but I was so revved up I was sure I would explode after every up and down lap. “Easy… easy…easy” I kept repeating as the explosion drew ever near. Carly obliged by pulling her head back up and catching her breath whenever I would warn her.Carly gave me wet sounding “Oh hell yeah” after one of her laps. She was enjoying this almost as much as I was. While we traded moans as her head bobbed up and down, I noticed the same quickening pace as earlier in her whimpers. As much as I was building to a release, it amazingly seemed as if she was as well.Once again Carly pulled back with her mouth hovering over my member. Small strings of saliva dripped from her mouth and connected to the shimmering wetness up and down its length. I held her cheek in my hand both trying to convey my strong feelings at the moment and have her pause just a little more to keep my orgasm at bay just a little longer. Carly leaned her face into my hand and smiled with her eyes closed.Her left hand disappeared beneath her as she leaned on her right elbow to grip the base of my cock more firmly. Carly let her tongue trail along the tip and cooed gently in a maddeningly sensual way. Her back arched as her arm reached back and forth into the darkness to hasten her towards the release she’d built. She dragged my sloppy member across her cheek as whimpers turned a lower, throatier pitch.Again Carly plunged her mouth down my length, but this time with doubled efforts. Moving faster on the down strokes and sucking harder on the up strokes she raced me to orgasm. I was in the lead, but the hand she stroked herself with was making up time.”Carly, it’s going to happen,” I warned trying to come up with the right words. “I’m gonna go, babe, I’m gonna go!” Carly only replied with a mumbled assertion that she was well aware of the consequences. That was enough for me. I squeezed my legs against her sides trying to steel myself for the coming explosion while also grabbing as much skin to skin contact as I could.This time both Carly and I froze as we reached the finish line together. Her moans were stifled as her mouth filled with my streams of cum. I could only make small quick grunts as I bit my lower lip to keep the noise in as much as possible. Burst after burst continued to pour out of me as the long awaited release finally came.Carly was rocking back and forth as she continued to quiver through her orgasm, but thankfully kept her mouth clamped over me like a pro. I could only respond with feeble attempts to touch her cheek as I tried to recover my strength. Carly poured nearly silent screams into my cock as the orgasm shook her.Just as I started to relax and settle in for the post orgasm afterglow, Carly had to be herself by nearly bringing that impending doom on us again. She sat back up on her legs with a hand under her chin and her mouth open at an odd angle. I was puzzled, but the tranquility of my first “non-manual” orgasm slowed my brain to a crawl.”Ahyu wah ah oh baw?” she asked in some foreign language. I just stared at her perplexed and half wondering if the massive orgasm had damaged my brain.With more of a smile in her awkwardly open mouth she repeated her query “Ahyu wah ah oh baw?” She started to lean in towards me after this one. My brain was sending red alerts throughout the system, but no words had formed yet.Finally a translation broke through the alert message: Do you want a snowball? No, no, no I did not. I most certainly did not!Instinctually I used every muscle to pull myself away from her on the rug. Leaping back like a fool, my head bashed into her night stand causing her Mickey Mouse alarm clock to fall straight onto my chest. I uttered a quick “Shit!” followed by a comical “Oof” when Mickey dive bombed into me.Carly immediately fell backward in hysterics. She was stuck between laughing like a damn fool and choking on my recently evacuated DNA. I tried to get up to help her, but I was unsteady and seeing stars from the vicious and uncalled for attack by the night stand. Carly was trying to reign in her choke laugh with the back of her hand, but it was no use.We were both rolling on the floor unable to function when the hall light appeared beneath the door. Instantly sobering, we both shot up to a seated position with wide eyes. Carly’s head shook side to side as if she could will this not to happen. She just began pointing to the window. I responded by pointing at my shorts which were an impossible distance away given the circumstance.Carly shook her head more vigorously and pointed sharp enough towards the window that I could hear the snap of the wind. I took a final look at her before jumping buck naked onto the roof. Her hair was wild as it had come out of the pony tail during the festivities. Her chin and breasts glistened in the moon light from the cum that had escaped during her laugh cough fit. Another memory etched of my own personal adorably cute, sexy, and utterly terrified cumslut.I carefully sprinted across the roof into my window and prayed Carly could pull this off. I lowered myself gently into my bed as I heard the first murmurs between mother and daughter. I waited tensely for the screaming and v******e to start.But it never came. I only heard several minutes of murmurs back and forth followed by gentle laughter. Panic finally subsided once I saw the hall light disappear from beneath my own door. Somehow, Carly had pulled it off.A smile crept across my face as I stretched out across the cool sheets of my bed. The smile grew when a crouched, curly haired figure appeared in my window sill.

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