Summer in the Pacific Pt. 03

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Author’s note: Well here it is at last. I got a bit of a writer’s block doing and this one because I’m not a huge lesbian myself. I didn’t really know all that well how to write the scenes only ever trying it with another woman once. Anyway I hope that it is well enough because it’s more of a transition for what is to come. This is far from the end, but it may be the last one in Lily’s perspective. The fourth is in the perspective of the middle sister Rosa, so get ready for that one. Well thanks for waiting this long if you did, and if you didn’t then I can’t really say I blame you. Thanks, Lovefreely


Marie and I stared at each other while Jamie continued giving it to me right in my ass. I tried to get him to stop without just coming out and saying it, but he took that as initiative to go faster until eventually I came again.

I dug my nails into his thigh, “Ow mom that hurt,” he said.

“Oh my god,” Marie croaked.

“What the . . . oh shit,” Jamie said.

Marie ran out of the room, but not out of the house.

I pulled Jamie out dripping with his precum. I wiped up a bit and pulled on my robe. I walked slowly out the front room where Marie was sitting in a cute troubled little ball on the sofa. She didn’t wear the scared, scarred, or vacant expressions I expected. She looked like her boyfriend had just broken up with her. Huh, now that I thought of it Marie never had a boyfriend that I knew of. Maybe she was as sick and twisted as I was and was holding out for Jamie.

Maybe I was just being paranoid. I went the liquor cabinet and grabbed the Blue Label Scotch and two glasses. I sat on the couch and poured a very unhealthy amount into both glasses. I took mine and offered her the other. Marie took it slowly and downed half the glass in one gulp. Her eyes opened wide for a moment, “That’s good,” she mumbled.

I followed her example and drank heavily. The smooth liquor glided down my throat like warm honey water. “Marie, I’m sorry,” I said lacking the ability to think of anything better to say.

She chuckled darkly, “It’s funny because you don’t even know what you’re sorry for,” she said drained her glass.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Have you ever wondered why I never had any boyfriends in high school or college?”

“I have thought about that actually, but I wonder if my suspicion is true.”

“Let’s hear your theory,” she said darkly.

“I don’t . . . I don’t think it’s true anymore,” I said nervously.

“Let me guess, you thought I was hot for Jamie too right?”

I nodded guiltily feeling like a moron for even thinking it. “It wasn’t that. I never wanted a boyfriend or a husband. I did think that maybe family would understand, but Jamie was never even a possibility,” she said tears slowly forming in her eyes.

I hit me like a bullet in the heart. She didn’t want Jamie or any man for that matter . . . she wanted a woman.

“Oh Marie I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you ever tell me?” I asked

“The same reason you didn’t tell anyone about Jamie. The reason you didn’t know what to be sorry about.” Marie slid closer to me until our thighs were touching. “It’s hard for people to earn my trust you know, but . . . I trust,” she started to say.

“What is it baby you can tell me,” I reassured her.

Out of nowhere she kissed me very gently on the lips and pulled back less than an inch. Our faces were practically touching; I could even smell her peach scented conditioner. My head was reeling. I was a self-proclaimed bisexual because I experimented with a woman once and it was very enjoyable, but it never really held the toe crunching release that a man could give. My own daughter though? I mean sure I fucked my own son, but I’ve been secretly dreaming about that for years. Marie was always a sweet little angel, the very image of innocence. Her short hair is even arranged in a spiky halo around her neck.

“I trust you the most,” she whispered against my lips. She smelled like fresh water and whiskey; it was intoxicating. “What killed me was finding you with Jamie when I was secretly hoping that when dad left that maybe you would choose women instead,” she whimpered.

I wrapped my arms delicately around her shoulders and she rested her head against my breast. Marie put her little hand on my robe and I willed myself to wonder what hands like hers would feel on my skin. Marie wasn’t the laboring type like Jamie was, she studied court reporting so her hands were strong, but she was a religious moisturizer. I took her hand and slid it under my robe to hold my breast. It felt like I was being brushed by smooth cool silk.

Marie gasped and looked at me with wide bloodshot eyes. I looked at her beckoning and she took the hint and lifted my breast into circles. No one could ever say that I put my happiness before that of my children. She smiled and blood filled her golden cheeks.

“Oh you kept in good shape,” she said.

“That’s pretty rich coming from you miss D cup.”

Marie giggled and pulled her hand back. “Our family canlı bahis is so fucked up,” she said.

It sounded strange to hear expletives on her pure lips. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her smooth lips again, but more skillfully. She wasn’t hesitant anymore, so I parted our lips and dove my tongue into her soft sweet mouth. Admittedly it was really nice to kiss Marie, it was like kissing an angel. Something in her changed because she grabbed strands of my hair in her hands and sat on my lap facing me. She sucked on my lower lip and made swirls on my mouth with her tongue. I could feel my recently widened pussy getting wet again.

She pulled back for a second to stare deeply into my eyes. The passion that burned in her emerald eyes made me proud to have instilled that in her and the fact that she saved it all for me made me feel smug. We smiled at each other for a moment and giggled together. The absurdity of the situation was insane, but I really didn’t care and something told me she didn’t either.

“We should probably fill Jamie in,” I said.

She looked apprehensive about the thought of Jamie. “Don’t worry it’s Jamie, he’ll understand,” I said. She nodded and forced a little smile out. I walked to the bedroom and found Jamie dressed sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Hey handsome are you okay?” I asked.

He looked up suddenly and his eyes were bloodshot too. “Oh honey what’s the matter?”

“I’m sorry, I just thought I was going to lose you for a minute,” he said shakily.

I walked over to him and sat on his lap. I kissed him fiercely and ran my fingers through his hair. “It’s okay I promise everything is alright,” I said. I explained the situation to him leaving out the portion when Marie and I made out like teenagers.

“Can I ask you something?” I said after a long moment of silence.


“What did I do to make you attracted to me that other moms don’t do?”

He took a deep breath, “You raised us to love you more than you realized,” Marie said from the doorway.

I stood up and covered my slowly opening robe. Marie walked over to me and with her hands trembling she opened my robe and fucked my body with her eyes. Her lusciously full lips contorted into a smile that held more relief than mine when they drugged me after surgery.

Her eyebrows curved in a way that made her innocence pour through my skin and into my heart. I put my hand on her cheek feeling less protective, but more in a possessive way. Now that I knew she was a lesbian I didn’t want her to be taken advantage of by a woman. Men are simple with what they want and Marie is clever enough to see past that so I was never worried about her. Women however are also clever and they can be as heartbreaking as men when it comes to what they want.

I shifted a little and my rectum responded badly. I cringed ever so slightly and somehow Jamie noticed.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m fine, just a little sore that’s all.”

“On it,” Marie responded running into the kitchen. She came back almost immediately with one of my old ice packs.

“Thanks sweetie,” I said taking it from her. I placed it gently on my butt and took short surprised breaths until my body was used to the cold. Marie slid into bed on my left side and Jamie made room for her my scooting over on the right. Needless to say my queen sized bed was a little snug at the moment, but perfectly so.

“So Marie I have to ask, what did you forget when you left?” I asked.

She giggled, “I didn’t forget anything I wasn’t even leaving. All I did was go get everyone some coffee which by the way is sitting tepid on the kitchen counter still,” she said. As she said this it occurred to me that it seemed strange that she would leave without saying goodbye. The problem was that at the time I had just woken up and didn’t really think straight. I looked at Jamie who must have had some wits about him at the time that he-apparently-just ignored.

“What?” He asked looking like an eight year old. “Rosa used to do that so I thought that . . .”

As he said that name my heart cracked a little. Rosa, my middle child my twin. My daughter Rosa had been estranged from us for many years now. I had more or less come to grips with it by sending her holiday cards, but Christmas was important to us so to think everyone was around without her even being in the picture was chilling.

“I’m sorry mom I didn’t mean to,” he said before I silenced him with my fingers.

“It’s okay Jamie, I’m not really sure what I did to send my ever middle child away, but I’m working on it,” I said.

“Actually I’m pretty sure that one was my fault,” Marie piped up timidly.

“How is that? You and Rosa got along better than anyone,” Jamie said. He would know, before she left Rosa and Jamie were really close, but she and Marie were even closer.

“Well she was the only one who knew I was a lesbian. To help with my insecurity she would . . . well let me take it out on her,” she said.

“Wait you had sex with Rosa!?” Jamie asked incredulously bahis siteleri

“No no no, we just made out and groped a lot. Sometimes Rosa would lay in bed with me when I was feeling insecure she would gently stroke my hair and tell me how beautiful I was.”

“What makes you think that drove her away?” I asked.

“Well, she always was a little uncomfortable with the idea of incest, so I think maybe I crossed some invisible line and she didn’t take it well. You know how sensitive she is,” Marie said.

I lowered my head. Rosa used to have this problem where she would get really upset and beat her head against the stud in the wall. It scared the living hell out of me when I finally caught her doing it. She use to tell me that she just got bullied all the time, but when I saw her doing it her face was so bruised and bloody I spent the whole night holding her after I finally stopped the bleeding. I made her promise never to do it again. I wasn’t sure if she still did it, but she did promise and that means she better keep it.

“I think all of us took Rosa for granted, I know how others would always compare her to me. The difference is that I’ve have decades to prove myself and she hasn’t,” I said. I’ve always known that Rosa would one day surpass me by great strides. It was only a matter of time she was the greatest artist in the world after all.

Jamie slid his arm around me and buried his face in my hair. “Well I guess you could say that by being attracted to you we’re also attracted her Rosa,” Marie said teasingly.

“That reminds me,” I said moving my ice pack to the bedside table. I slid out of Jamie’s grasp and let my mind turn to my sweet little girl. I climbed over her and pinned my knees around either of her thighs. “Have you been broken yet?” I asked.

“Pardon?” Marie asked blushing like a beet.

“I’ll take that as a no. My friend Ariel is the first and only other woman I ever had sex with. You remember nurse Ariel right?” I asked.

“The busty blonde who’s taller than Jamie,” Marie squeaked.

“Mm, Jamie dear is it alright if I have some alone time with you sister?” I asked. He smirked and walked into my bathroom. I turned my head towards Marie and dropped my lips gently on hers. As much as I wanted her to enjoy this, an irrational part of me also wanted to . . . preserve her I guess would be the right phrase.

“You know virgin vagina smells sweeter than a broken one, they taste better too. Ariel told me all about it when I was eating her sweet unbroken pussy. So now tell me Marie how far have you gone with Rosa or anyone for that matter I want details,” I said enjoying my sick twisted game. Marie was breathing in audible gasps as I ran my mouth down her throat. My ass was sticking high in the air and I swear if I had a tail it would be wagging.

“Not very, just as far as I told you.” Marie’s shaking hands took my robe and pulled it over my head tossing it on the ground. “Mommy you’re so pretty,” she mewled like a little girl. Oh thank god, this perverted twist was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to feel like I was fucking my tight virgin little baby . . . my god I do have problems don’t I?

I started pulled off her shirt exposing her perfect skin. “Unclasp your bra for me D cup,” I asked her. She did and it took her almost fifteen second to finally get it off. I smiled giddily at her resting one hand on her face. “You’re perfect Marie,” I said trying to abolish her self esteem issues.

“You really think?” She asked biting her lower lip in a sweet little grin. Her emerald eyes swam with tears so I kissed them away before they could roll into her ears. This time she initiated the kiss again only she drove her tongue into my mouth trying to taste my stomach. I don’t know how, but it still seemed gentle.

While we made out I took her left breast in my hand moving it in circles with my palm and twisting her tight rosy nipple between my fingers. “Oh mommy, that feels so good. Touch me more, please mommy,” she whined. Usually Marie’s whining made me sad because she usually did it when she was scared or sad, but today it made my mouth water.

“Marie honey, can you touch me too?” I asked. Her face lit up like she was just given the world before she sucked my right nipple into her mouth. “Huh!” I scream whispered. I couldn’t even remember what I was doing before Marie’s soft, wet mouth latched on to my nipple. She suckled and lapped like a hungry baby trying to get milk out. It. Felt. Amazing! I lost my balance and had to rest some of my weight on top of her, but she didn’t cease to suckle. I could feel her soft high moan vibrating my boob while she raked her fingers through my hair. “This is what you wanted all along isn’t it baby? You always were my favorite to breastfeed as a baby, but I’m not through with you yet,” I said trying to regain what control I had when this started.

I put my left hand into action sliding it down her exposed belly. She was wearing jeans, those skin tight yoga sweats the kind that stretched more easily than jeans. My fingers slid easily bahis şirketleri under her waistband.

“Wait,” Marie said urgently.

“I’m sorry baby am I going too far?” I asked more like the mother I was supposed to be.

“No believe I want to, but I get a little sad when I think of Jamie all alone in the bathroom. You don’t think he’ll be jealous because we all know that he’s your favorite,” Marie admitted.

“Marie,” I whispered lovingly. “I’ll check on him,” I said.

“No, let me,” Marie said leaping up. I couldn’t help watching my baby’s ass tighten and relax as she walked the short distance to my bathroom. I had a butt fetish, man or woman I always stared at butts. Marie came out dragging her naked brother back into bed. They looked like they did when they were kids grinning and giggling while Marie tried to get Jamie to do something he wasn’t sure about. “Alright I’ll get back the way I was on my back, mommy can lay on top and Jamie can go in from behind. Is that alright?” Marie asked us for approval.

“You’re right darling our family is fucked up, but I don’t think I could have another way now,” I said pushing her on her back.

“Mommy bring your boobies back please, I want them back in my mouth,” Marie mewled.

“Of course, just start the other one. You’re supposed to switch sides remember?” I asked teasingly pulling Marie’s pants and panties all the way down. Her pubic hair was so thin and soft it was unbelievable. I knew she never shaved, but I thought she would have taken after me and had thick hair and labia, but they were both so thin.

Marie latched on to my right breast and suckled hard like a kitten. The stimuli that my right breast received now balanced out the left. I cut some corners this time and placed my left hand firmly on her pussy. Marie whimpered as I started using my palm to massage her pubis and my three main fingertips explore her pussy. My ring and forefingers spread her thin lips open while my middle finger slid around her dripping slit.

“Mommy touch me more, I want more inside me mommy,” Marie whined too distracted to keep up with my boobs. As I slid my ring and middle finger inside her I felt the bed shift and Jamie wrap his arms around me. It was starting to get hard to focus. I don’t even know how, but Jamie was hard again, I could feel his tip podding my freezing buttcheeks.

“Take it slow baby, I want this to last,” I told Jamie softly. His cock slid up and down my slit while I mimicked the motions with my fingers on Marie’s vagina. My heart was pounding almost painfully in my chest. My little girl and baby boy were sandwiching me ever closer together until my breasts were pressed against Marie’s.

“Mommy your boobies are so squishy against mine,” Marie moaned looking at me eyes smoking.

“D-don’t think I can’t take this young lady. Uh huh, Y-you’re going to sprout fucking wings today by the time I through with you,” I said losing myself in the fantasy.

“Jamie, can I have Mommy’s pussy?” Marie asked.

“Sure thing Mar, I’ll pick up where I left off before you interrupted,” Jamie said as they decided how I was going to be handled.

“Don’t think you can just,” I started to say before Jamie slid full into my still cool ass. “Huh!” I moaned voice cracking. My face contorted tightly in pleasure.

“Mommy, you’re so sexy when Jamie’s inside you,” Marie said taking my face in her left hand. Her right hand cupped my pussy. “Whoa you’re burning hot,” she said without a childlike voice.

I shoved my hand awkwardly down the fronts of our bodies and slid my fingers back inside of her. “Huh, yes oh god,” she moaned. I wasn’t gentle this time, my daughter needed to be reminded who was in charge of this incestous three way. I dug deep reaching upwards for her G-spot.

“See baby, I can make you come and come and come until you can’t move anymore, but what fun would that be,” I said bringing her to the brink and then slowing to a stop.

“Ah mommy something almost happened, was it bad?” She asked.

“Wait Marie have you-uh-never had an orgasm?” I asked with Jamie buried to the hilt in my ass.

“No, I don’t think so,” she said. I started at her wide eyed and sped my fingers back up using my left hand to swirl her clit. “Ah Mommy, it’s happening I’m coming!” she squealed trying in vain to buck off the bed under the weight of Jamie and myself. During her aftermath Jamie brought me to a powerful anal climax while Marie’s little hand was still gently rubbing my pussy. My lips pressed together and I tightened around Jamie’s hard cock. After my climax Marie was still hyperventilating.

“Shh baby breath slowly,” I cooed rubbing her stomach. She took even breaths and slowly made her way back to massaging my cunt. I smiled at her and the three of us kept at are insane connection until I made Marie come three times more, the two of them made me come four times more, and at last Jamie finished.

“Oh mom, you’re so tight,” Jamie groaned plowing into my filling me once more with a healthy dose of hot cum. I moaned and groaned as he pumped the last ropes into my ass. Jamie stood until his cock popped out of me and I dripped on Marie by mistake. I grabbed the cup on the table and pushed into it until the whole thing was about half filled with cum.

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