Summer Fun

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Ass Insertion

I had been visiting a friend and had planned on staying all afternoon but his parents came back and got into a big row with him so I beat a hasty retreat. The weather was glorious so I decided to walk the mile or so back to our house. Dad and mum were away for the weekend leaving my sister Karen in the house. She was in her bedroom doing her homework when I had left earlier on: I had seen her looking out of the upstairs window. I turned into our driveway and walked round the back of the house toward the family room. I caught a glimpse of something white behind the partly drawn curtains. “Hmm, what’s going on here?” I wondered and sneaked up to peer into the side of the room.

My sister was sitting on the sofa facing the TV set and was dressed in her favourite oversized T-shirt that showed off her tanned legs. The T-shirt had rode up and I could see nearly all her legs . I could feel my cock starting to throb in my shorts: seeing my sister’s body without her knowing it was making me horny. She had nicely shaped 34″ breasts (I know this because I’m always looking at them when she sunbathes), dark curly hair that reaches her shoulders and a firm rounded ass which always turned me on. I always had a little peek at her body when she was out in the sun thinking what it must look like naked. One time she noticed me looking at her bikini bottoms and the way the material had started to pull around her cunt defining the sex inside.

“What are you looking at, perv?” she had snapped and turned over onto her front. Now I could see the T shirt had risen to reveal a brilliant white pair of panties that contrasted with the rest of her tanned skin. She stretched out her arms and pulled off the T shirt.

“Wow, what a gorgeous pair of breasts,” I thought – full, firm, and suntanned with the pinkish brown aureole small and neat around her rubbery nipples. She slumped back onto the plush sofa. She had obviously sneaked into my room and found one of my adult movies and brought it down to view, thinking I would be away all afternoon.

My eyes fell to her torso and followed the beautiful firm flat stomach I had admired so much in her bikini. She idly pulled on a brown nipple and it began to thicken and grow, standing erect from the breast.

Being a voyeur had turned my cock into an iron rod: it had never felt so hard canlı bahis as this.

She clearly was about to play with herself in earnest and it would only be a matter of time before she would be stroking herself. “Time to confront sis,” I thought, and marched around the corner and into the room. “What are you up to then, Karen?” I said.

She leapt into the air and tried to cover herself up. “You bastard,” she shouted, “you were spying on me!”

“I wonder what mum and dad will say if I tell them what you were doing.” She looked worried. “Hey, don’t worry I get turned on by porno films too, you know. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Karen,” I said in a matter of fact way.

“You won’t tell mum then?”

I ignored her question. “Mind if I join you, sis? After all, it is my movie you are watching!” I sat in the chair opposite her before she could object and began to watch the film. She kept her hands across her breasts but this allowed me a good look at her cunt: it sure looked full and plump under her panties. I made several jokey comments about the size of the actor’s cock. She laughed nervously and slowly began to relax.

We carried on watching and after a while I noticed that her face had a dreamy look to it and she had begun stroking her nipples, forgetting I was there. I pretended to look at the film but couldn’t tear my eyes away from her body. “I think I’m going to have to join you,” I said casually.

“Whatever,” she said her eyes glued to the screen. I lifted my hips and slid down my shorts: my cock sprang free and slapped against my stomach. I noticed that the purple head was exposed and straining. She glanced over at the sound and sucked in her breath. “Jeez what is that? It’s huge!” she exclaimed. Her eyes were riveted on my cock and I decided to give her a bit of a show pretending to ignore her. I lifted it up to its full height and slowly pulled the foreskin down so the large purple head was fully exposed. I dipped my finger in the pre-cum that was oozing from the eye and rubbed round the head to lubricate it. I slid the skin slowly up and down letting her see my cock throb each time. She continued to stare and bit her lower lip watching my fist skimming up and down my cock.

“Come on sis, let’s see yours then,” I said. Fixing her eyes on my cock she slid down her own shorts to bahis siteleri the ankles. It was my turn to gasp: she had a thick mass of curly brown hair atop a prominent bulge which lifted away from her hips and seemed to shout out “look at my sex!”. Her sex lips were a darker colour from her body and protruded slightly between her bush and were already shiny with her excitement.

I began to pull on my aching cock all the time looking at Karen’s expression. I stood up and moved directly into her line of sight. Her eyes fell onto my hand as I slid my foreskin up and down my stiff cock. She stared at my cock all the time moving her fingers round and round at the peak of her cunt.

“Rub it for me,” she muttered her eyes forming slits.

“Do you like to see my cock, then, sis?” I asked.

“Yeah, it looks real hard to me,” she muttered. She was using her first and second fingers in a slow rhythmic circling motion around the top of her pussy. Every now and then, she lifted up her first finger into the air and allowed her middle finger to rapidly vibrate her clit which brought a deep throated grunt of enjoyment from her. I felt so horny watching my sister masturbate in front of me. It was now or never: “You can touch it if you want.” She looked alarmed but then relaxed slightly.

“Come over here then,” Karen said. I stood and walked towards her pushing down my penis so it projected horizontally from my stomach. I sat next to her.

I could smell the musky scent of her vagina where she had been stimulating herself.

“It’s so big.” she said. “I don’t think I should be doing this.”

“Go ahead Karen, it’s fine – we are brother and sister after all.” I prayed she wouldn’t panic now. Her small warm hand stretched out and gripped the base of my cock and slid tentatively up to the tip before sliding gently down. “That’s it, Karen”, I muttered through clenched teeth. “Nice and easy”. I stared at her mound. The reflection of the screen highlighted the shininess of her lips which had become puffy with the action of her stroking fingers. Her thighs began to hang loosely apart. I didn’t feel in control of events anymore. Her face was flushed and she was concentrating entirely on my cock as she softly masturbated me while I stared at her hairy pussy only inches from my face.

“God, I want some of this,” bahis şirketleri she said staring at my cock. Our eyes met. I stood and her warm hand slid off my slippery cock. Her tanned slim thighs began to widen still further her eyes were glued to my cock. “You must want it so bad,” she said softly as I saw a bead of pre-cum juice form on my engorged knob end and slowly hang down from the tip. I pushed my cock down and pointed it towards her cunt. Her vaginal lips were red and puffy now and had opened in anticipation. They formed an oval oozing entrance that drew me to her like a fly entering a spider’s web.

“Do you want some of this, sis?” I said lifting my stiff cock up and down in front of her.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“How bad do you want it?” I said through clenched teeth my hand skimming slowly up and down my cock.

“Come on, put it in me,” Karen begged, rubbing her cunt rapidly with her fingers. My cock approached her open thighs. As my purple head neared her soft open lips, I could feel the heat of her cunt flooding out of her body. I positioned the head at the entrance to her hole and looking at her tensed expectant face. I slowly slid the length of my aching cock into the sucking heat of my sister’s vagina. So hot and tight like a warm wet glove. Karen let out a long drawn out sigh and her small hands reached round my back and pulled my buttocks forward. I sunk the full length of my cock into her hole until our pubic hairs were meshing together, sticky with our juices. I pulled out slowly and could feel the sucking friction of her passage around my prick before pushing into her again and again and again.

“Oooh, yeees this is…ooh…” Karen was gone and I couldn’t hold myself anymore and set up a hard rapid thrusting action only wanting to release my sperm into her. We were nearly there, her hips were jerking forward to meet me as we slapped wetly across the sofa straining every muscle for that fantastic release.

“Hello…is anyone home!”

My God, it’s mom – what’s she doing back? I couldn’t hold myself back. Karen’s eyes were bulging wide in orgasm her hips still pumping in rhythm as I pulled my shiny cock out from her with a loud sucking plop, I could see her vaginal muscles were contracting with the force of her orgasm trying to grip the cock that had left it. My cock was also convulsed with its climax: the hard purple dome erupted and jets of sperm shot out of the palpitating, straining end splattering and soaking my sister’s hard sweating belly.

The front door began to open….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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