Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 03

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A couple of weeks later Jackie walked out of the school gate with her arm around Gwen’s shoulders; they were laughing, heads together, as school friends do. They stood around in a group, heads together, moving their weight from foot to foot, swinging their school bags idly as girls tend to when they are together and not in a rush to part company. Gwen was the first see him, slowly cruising around the corner on his bike and she nodded to Jackie, “Trouble.” She said quietly and the girls looked in the direction of her eyes.

“It’s Alan from next door,” said Jackie, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I know who it is,” said Gwen keeping her eyes on him. “I just said ‘here comes trouble'”

“He’s OK,” said Jackie, trying to sound nonchalant.

Gwen looked at her incredulously. “He’s OK? He’s nothing but bad news! Always in fights and he’ll shag anything that moves! I reckon he’s slowly working his way through this place,” she indicates the school behind her with a general wave of her head, “and half the bloody neighbourhood!”

“He’s not that bad.” Jackie said, wondering why she was defending him. “Quite kind really,” she ended lamely.

“Kind? He’s bad ‘un that one. I don’t care if he is your next door neighbour. I’d stay right away from him.”

As if suddenly seeing them Alan turned and cruised his bike up alongside the three girls. He revved his engine briefly and then simply sat there casually looking at them, smiling. Gwen scowled back. “Good evening ladies” he offered, “and just what are you three young lovelies doing I wonder?”

“Going home,” said Gwen pointedly.

Alan ignored her and looked at Jackie, “And you?”

“The same,” she said quietly, blushing and hanging her head. To Jackie it seemed that the entire school had stopped to watch the exchange. A silence descended on the group. Alan continued to stare at Jackie and she shifted uneasily from foot to foot under his steady gaze.

“Give you a lift home?” He finally asked patting the seat behind him.

“No thanks,” said Gwen quickly, “we have somewhere else to go.”

“Wasn’t talking to you.” He said shifting his gaze to Gwen who visibly wilted. He looked back at Jackie. “Give you a lift home?” he asked again.

Jackie looked down, “OK.” She answered quietly.

“Jackie!” Gwen almost yelled.

Jackie looked quickly at her friend and then stepped forward and swung her legs over the seat of the bike, settling herself down behind Alan. Gwen stepped forward and grabbed Jackie’s arm. “For fuck’s sake! What do you think you’re doing?”

Jackie shrugged herself clear of Gwen’s hand. “Getting a lift home,” she said, “that’s all.” Before Gwen could say anything else Alan opened the throttle and the bike shot off down the street with Jackie squealing and holding on for dear life. Once they were around the corner Alan slowed down and pulled into the kerb. “Gimme your bag.” He said and Jackie handed over her school bag which she had kept clasped on her knees. He reached around to the back of the bike and opened a small flip top container which was fastened to the rear at the side; another was slung on the other side. “Panniers,” he said indicating the boxes, “don’t have ’em on very much.” He said putting her bag inside one and closing the lid. He looked her up and down and smiled “Must have known eh?” He swung his leg over the bike and revved the engine. “Right, let’s go for ride. Hang onto me.” He ordered and without waiting he pulled away from the curb.

Once clear of the village they were out into the countryside and Jackie suddenly loved the feeling of freedom the bike gave her; the sun shone down and the wind whipped her hair around her face, she felt wonderful, and being forced to hang onto Alan gave the ride an added aura of excitement. The bike cut and weaved down quite country lanes, hedgerows and fields flashing by at a bewildering speed. In the end she rested her head against the back of Alan’s Denim jacket and with her arms wrapped tightly around his waist she clung tightly to him as the bike raced on.

She only slowly became aware that the bike was slowing and she raised her head to look around. She vaguely recognised where she was, on the edge of some woods not far from home; they had been going around in a big circle. Alan pulled off the road and slowly eased the bike down an overgrown track leading away from the road and deeper into the woods. Eventually they entered a small clearing and Alan stopped the bike and eased it back on to its stand. He turned to face her, “Enjoy that?”

Jackie’s face shone with excitement. “Fantastic! Bloody fantastic! I’ve never done anything like that!”

Alan smiled “No? Then we’ll have to take you out more often. That was tame really.”

“Really?” Jackie was grinning from ear to ear. “It was bloody exciting to me!” Alan reached around her and grabbing the top of the pannier on the other side to the one containing her bag he and pulled hard. The pannier came away in his hand. He pulled Jackie forward on the seat and somehow pushed the pannier into position behind her. She heard it click into place. “Sit back.” He said and gently pushed her back into a reclining position resting against the pannier. “Turns beşevler escort into a backrest, built it myself.” He said with evident pride.

“It’s good.” She said, pushing back against it as if to test it for strength and comfort.

Alan shrugged, “It works.” He said with ill concealed pride.

He swung his leg back over the handlebars and sat down, this time facing Jackie. There was not much room, he hooked her legs up and rested them on his. He pulled her slowly towards him and she slid down the backrest a little. “Comfy?” He asked.

Jackie looked at him, for the first time since the bike had stopped she was suddenly so very aware of his presence, of the nearness of him that she shivered slightly despite the warm sun that was bathing the clearing. The bike ticked in the silence as the engine began to cool. Alan smiled. “Cat got your tongue?”

Jackie shook her head, “No.” She said quietly.

Alan smiled and placed his hands on her thighs over her pleated school skirt. “Good. I asked if you were comfy?” He rubbed her thighs with the palms of his hands and Jackie could feel her skirt beginning to move, riding up with the movement of his hands, warm through the heavy material. She could feel the skirt bunching under his fingers. She looked at his face, a small smile played around the edges of his eyes and mouth. Jackie nodded slowly, her eyes on the hands on her thighs. The hem of her skirt had risen above her knees. She realised that if she was going to stop this she would have to speak soon.

“Good,” he answered, continuing the soft gentle rubbing against her thighs, “I like it when my passengers are happy.” Jackie looked at him and again looked down to watch the slow progress of her skirt up her thighs. With a start she realised that sitting astride the bike as she was her legs were wide open and she had no way of closing them. Alan had done this before. He moved his hands slowly down from the top of her thighs and sliding them between her thighs, he began stroking with his thumbs, through the material, the tender skin of her inner thighs. Jackie looked slowly up into the trees; the sun glinted between the leaves blinding her in sudden flashes. Jackie could not believe how the feeling of his hands was affecting her; she wanted to squirm on the seat but did not want to break the spell his fingers were weaving. “Do you like this?” Alan asked softly, his fingers suddenly stroking skin. She looked down to see that her skirt had ridden halfway up her thighs and Alan’s hands were now stroking flesh. ‘When did that happen?’ She wondered almost distractedly. She watched his thumbs move over the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Goosebumps ran up under the hem of her skirt to her groin. She bit her lower lip as she watched the incredibly slow progress of his hands as they pushed the hem of her skirt higher. “How do you like my bike?” He asked suddenly. Jackie looked up at him uncomprehendingly.

“Sorry?” She asked feebly, as though a little stupid.

“The bike,” he asked again, his fingers distracting her, weaving slow circles on her skin, “do you like the bike?”

She tried to get her brain to function “The bike? Oh yes, it was good.”

“Did it get you excited?”


“Did the bike get you excited,” he paused and then nodded at his hands on her legs, “or is it this?” Jackie shook her head in an attempt to make sense of his words.

“Did it make you wet?” He asked.

“Wet?” She was beginning to feel stupid. “Wet?” She repeated, thoroughly confused. “I’m not wet.”

Alan arched his eyebrows in a disbelieving sort of facial shrug. “I think you are;” he said, “shall we check?”

Jackie looked down as, with one movement, Alan gathered her skirt with his hands and lifted it up her legs to her waist, exposing her legs and her blue cotton knickers. “Oh” she said quietly.

“Oh,” he mimicked, “that’s better isn’t it? A much nicer view”. He tried to smooth her skirt flat across her hips but the pleated material was too heavy to sit flat. He looked at Jackie who was sitting, dumbly watching him trying to get her skirt to stay up. “Here,” he said, “hold this.”; and Jackie took the hem of her skirt in her hands and held it high up on her waist, out of the way as requested. Not sure how this had happened so fast she looked down almost unbelievingly. She was sitting there holding her own skirt up high on her waist so that Alan could get access beneath it. Alan looked up at her and smiled. “Thanks”. He said. Jackie looked at him and then back between her wide open legs. Alan’s hands were dark against the skin of her thighs and her knickers were stretched tight across her mound, her lips plainly visible through the thin blue cotton.

“That’s nice,” he said, “I haven’t seen school knickers in years. ‘The stuff that dreams are made of.'” With one hand resting flat on the inside of her thigh he ran the index finger of his other hand up between her legs, gently tracing up between her lips and over her mound. Jackie gasped. Alan arched an eyebrow and smiled. “See,” he said quietly, “I said you were excited.” Without taking her eyes from the finger gently rubbing between her legs Jackie balgat escort shook her head slowly. “No,” she said quietly, “no I’m not.”

“No?” he asked and she shook her head again like a child. His fingers stroked across her mound and then dipped, slowly and deliberately, down between her legs, Jackie gasped as, more firmly this time, he again traced the outline of her lips, gently pushing the material into the line between them. In silent fascination she watched his fingers moving lightly, tracing the shape of her sex. She could clearly see the now damp outline of her lips through the light material. Alan ran the back of his knuckle up between her lips again, opening them further, causing her to shudder; the material now lewdly indented with her shape; fascinating and to her eyes, captivating sexy.

Alan watched her eyes follow his fingers; “Shall we check?” he asked slowly.

“Check?” she asked, her own voice coming at her down a long tunnel.

“To see if the bike got you wet.” She looked at him. He slowly ran his fingers up between her legs and up across the front of her knickers until he reached the waistband. With deliberate slowness he hooked his finger into the front of her knickers and gently pulled the material out and away from her tummy. Jackie watched in dumb silence, as, still holding her own skirt up for him, Alan slowly pulled the front of her knickers down. He leaned forward and peeked inside. “Very nice.” He said looking up at her smiling. Leaning forward and now using both hands he pulled the sides of her knickers down over the swell her hips. He looked at her face for a reaction and finding none other than a look of silent acceptance he slowly ran his finger to the front of her pants and pulled the material down further. As he exposed more of her tummy he stroked the warm skin with the fingers of his other hand. “Very smooth,” he said, “very smooth indeed.” Jackie felt the shiver created by his fingers run in circles away from his touch to settle behind her nipples and deep in her groin. She was vaguely aware of the sun, warm on her newly exposed skin.

Running his hands around to her hips again he pulled her knickers further down at the back and sides. “I think we need to see a little more don’t you?” Jackie didn’t answer; she just sat and watched as with both hands he slowly pulled her knickers down her hips until, because of the way she was sitting, he could get them no further.

She sat quietly astride his bike in the sunshine and in total disbelief was letting him slowly and deliberately expose her; and she was meekly holding her skirt up to allow him to do it! No man other than her father had ever seen her like this, intimately, between her legs, no one had ever done this to her.

As he slid her knickers down with such exquisite slowness, the first of her pubic hairs glinted in the sunlight. “Lift.” He said quietly and without questioning she raised her bottom off the seat. He pulled her pants down under her hips and she settled down again. Slowly he pulled her knickers down onto her thighs, the material peeling away damply from the lips of her vagina. He was undressing her in slow motion and she was letting him, better than that she was helping him, holding her own skirt up to her waist to give him better access to her. She looked down again and wondered vaguely how he had managed to get her knickers down so easily and when did it happen? Raising each of her legs in turn he eased her knickers down her thighs until they reached her knees; then he leaned forward to gently held her legs apart with his hands. “There,” he said, looking between her legs, “that’s what we’ve been talking about isn’t it?” Jackie looked down distractedly and was startled to see the slightly puffy lips of her vagina clearly visible between her open legs. “What is?” She asked.

“You’re wet,” he said as if speaking to a child, “did the bike get you wet?” Jackie slowly shook her head. Alan leaned closer and with extreme deliberation brushed a finger lightly down the outside of her vagina, Jackie watched her lips open and roll back as his finger passed gently over them, like a flower opening at the first touch of sunlight. Alan smiled as he watched her lips fold back like wet pink coral. Jackie moaned softly, her eyes fixed between her legs as if watching some strange, solemn, somewhat miraculous, religious ceremony. She felt remote, as if this were happening to someone else; as if she had no power to affect the events unfolding before her. Her only reality was the sensations between her legs. They were real enough.

Alan reversed his finger and starting at the very bottom he drew it up between the moist lips of her vagina again, slowly and gently, opening her all the way up to her clitoris. Jackie’s head rocked back at his touch; she gasped at the intensity of the feeling and her bottom rose off the seat as her hips tried to follow his finger. He held up his finger for her to inspect, it glistened wetly with her juices. “I beg to differ,” he said. “You’re wet.” He inspected his finger, “Was that the bike or was that me?” Jackie shrugged; she had no words to answer him with. Her tongue had dried to the roof of her mouth. He leaned batıkent escort forward again and using two fingers, he opened her up for inspection. Between her white thighs her lips glistened wetly, shining a deep coral pink as her opened her. Jackie fell back against the rest as he gently spread her lips apart. “Beautiful” he whispered as his fingers spread her open. Jackie watched in awe as he bent closer to look, how could it be beautiful, she asked herself? How could he find it so attractive? He raised his shining fingers to his nose, “and scented.” He said, looking into her eyes. Jackie shook her head in bewilderment.

He touched her again; his fingers felt like fire between her wet and waiting lips, she never wanted this feeling to end. He traced the shape of her upwards until her found her clitoris. “Ah!” He said, uncovering it, leaving it standing proud, protruding from between his fingers like a small nipple. “What have we here?” He gently held it between his fore and index finger and Jackie cried out in amazement. “Sensitive little beggar isn’t he?” He touched it again and the feeling was so intense that she thought she was going to faint.

“Please stop” she managed to gasp. Alan looked at her in surprise, her clitoris still held between his fingers. “Please! It’s too intense, I can’t stand it!”

Alan looked up and smiled at the reaction he was getting, he had never met anyone as responsive as Jackie. He was going to enjoy making her scream. Then he frowned as the though suddenly occurs to him. “Are you a virgin?” He asked suddenly.

The question confused her; part of her wanted to lie and say ‘no’, to appear more adult in his eyes and the other part recognised that he already knew and she would just appear more foolish if she lied; “Yes.” She answered looking up at him, quietly and deliberately, his fingers between her open thighs momentarily forgotten. “Why?”

He sat back and looked her up and down, his eyes lingering for a moment on the glistening lips which pouted wetly in the sunshine. He reached out and ran his finger lightly up between her lips until he grazed her clitoris. Jackie gasped and closed her eyes.

“I need a beer.” He said finally and stepped quickly off the bike leaving Jackie sitting there with her legs open. She reached out to hold him but he was gone. He stood by the bike and lit a cigarette. It had all happened so fast that Jackie simply sat there watching him, her knickers still down around her knees and one hand still holding her skirt up high about her waist. She was completely nonplussed, off ballance; she simply sat unmoving, looking at him. He drew deeply on his cigarette, “You’d better cover that up if we’re going to the pub.” He said nonchalantly, indicating between her open legs with a slight nod of his head. With a start Jackie realised her nakedness and dropped her skirt and struggled to pull her knickers back up her legs. “I wouldn’t bother putting them back on,” he said casually, “you’ll be giving them to me later.” Alan reached behind her and pulling her unceremoniously forward he unclipped the backrest, quickly fastening it back on the side of his bike. Jackie starred at him in mounting disbelief. She could feel her anger rising, he was playing with her. He had picked her up, coerced her, albeit willingly, into opening her legs for him and now he was wasn’t interested, he was discarding her and fucking off to the pub for a drink as if she was totally irrelevant, forgotten; a toy to be played with and then left in the garden when something else took his fancy. Did he think she did this regularly? Dropped her knickers to everyone? Did he not realise how much of herself she was giving; and how desperately disappointed she now felt as he rejected her.

“Fuck off” she said savagely, pulling her kickers up under her skirt. Alan watched her impassively. “Oh you will,” he said smoking his cigarette with a consummate casualness, “you’ll give them to me. I won’t need to ask.” Jackie made to get off the bike but Alan simply pushed her back on and swung his leg back over the low slung handlebars. He kicked the bike into life and with a glance back over his shoulder he said “Hold on.” Jackie sat back, determined not to give him the satisfaction of touching him until the bike lurched forward and forcing her to throw her arms around him and cling on tight. She could feel him laughing at her brief show of defiance.

Then they were back on the highway and Alan opened the throttle, Jackie squealed as the speed increased. Alan took her hand and placed it between his own legs. She immediately pulled it away but not before she felt the outline of his semi erect penis through the heavy denim. Blushing fiercely she buried her head between his shoulders, taking comfort in the thought that he could not see her embarrassment; but his quiet laughter seemed to vibrate hollowly through his chest and back causing her to blush even more. She closed her eyes and buried her head into his back as the world flashed by. Her anger subsided as quickly as it had erupted, the speed of the bike dizzying her, turning her anger to excitement. She closed her eyes to block out the blurring landscape. In her head all she could see was his hand between her open legs and the feelings he had created when he stroked her. She tried to clamp her thighs together to stop the growing feeling of arousal but it was no good, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter and they sped on. “It must be right,” she thought, “it must be the bike that gets you wet.”

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