Summer at the Farm Ch. 01

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I sat in the back seat of my parents’ van, a full size conversion, on my way to a family reunion out in the country. Now, when I say out in the country, I don’t mean the cornfield five minutes from home, I mean six to eight hours, past a couple cities, and at least an hour from there. The June sun seemed to be burning my skin through the window as I dozed off to sleep. My parents thought it might be a good experience for me to spend a summer up at the family farm, visiting with cousins, getting my mind off of my ex-girlfriend before heading off to college. I hadn’t known it at the time, but she was slutty. I found out in April that she had been sleeping with every guy in school, but she told me she was saving herself for marriage. Needless to say, I was going into this summer a frustrated, horny young man.

We arrived at the farm late in the afternoon, and uncle Steve showed me to what would be my room for the summer. There were two beds, a dresser, and a night stand at each one. As I settled in, I was pleasantly surprised when my cousin Emily walked in, carrying 2 rather large bags. Now, Emily is my cousin, god knows how many times removed, and, being the only cousin nearby my age, we were very close. Every time we’d see each other we’d share our experiences, and tell our deepest, darkest secrets. She knew the first time I kissed a girl, she knew when I experimented with drugs, she knew everything about me.

“Hey You!” she said, with a big smile on her face. I hadn’t seen her in person since we were about fourteen, and she was starting to fill out then. Four years later, here we stood, and I was all but speechless, seeing her slim frame, just barely shorter than me, supporting those C cup breasts, and that perfect ass like I had never seen. She was wearing a pair of knee length shorts, showing off her tomboy side, but her tank top showed off her flat, firm abdomen. This was my best friend, the only girl I had ever known who understood me, who I could tell anything to, and she was now the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

After the usual greetings, we hugged, and the conversation began. “So why do you have so much luggage with you for the week?” I asked.

“No one told you? I’m gonna be staying here for the summer with you! Granted, we have to share a room, which would be awkward if we weren’t so close!”

“I think I can handle it if you can, Em.”

“Of course! What’s canlı bahis the worse that could happen?”

A Simple, rhetorical question, and yet I never would have guessed the answer. The week went by without incident, our room was shared with 5 other teenagers, all younger than us. We did find time to share our stories, bring each other up to date as far as our lives were concerned. I told her about my recent breakup, and she told me about her boyfriend who dumped her because she was saving herself, and then spread rumors about her after they broke up. After the week was over, and the visiting family left, we stayed behind, and began working on the farm. We’d milk the cows in the morning, collect eggs in the afternoon, and work on the tractors in the evening.

Naturally, the dirty jokes came out first thing in the morning, while milking the cows. It started as just silly jokes, “Hey, you’re pretty good at this!” That sort of thing. After a few days, it progressed and all we had to do was look at each other and we’d laugh. Then, of course all day long, we’d be just frustrating ourselves with it, and, sharing a room, neither one of us could relieve that tension for ourselves.

Then one day, I got the surprise of a lifetime. We milked the cows, and collected the eggs like always, and i was in the shop, working on the tractor, so we could do the spraying in a couple days. We had just finished dinner, and the thunder began to roll across the sky. Knowing that the roof would leak on me, I flipped the main breaker and went into the house. I wanted to take a shower and relax, so I went into our room to get a towel and pajamas.

When I got to the door, I knocked, to be sure Emily had some warning, and opened the door. There, in the bed next to mine, was Emily, covered from her toes to her neck with her blanket. Her face was flushed, hair disheveled, and biting her lower lip. I raised my eyebrows, and jokingly said, “And what have you been doing, young lady?”

“Nothing!” she said, quickly, then bit her lip a little bit harder. This of course, told me exactly what she was doing, so I decided to take my time getting my towel. I watched as her eyes followed me, and she just held her breath. As I sat down n my bed, I heard her let out a sigh, trying her best to stifle it.

I grinned, and looked over at her, and teased her, saying, “Do you need a hand in there?” Her reaction bahis siteleri surprised me, as she closed her eyes and sighed again. This gave me an idea, and I stood up, slowly walking towards her. Her eyes watched me as I put my hand on her shoulder, pulling her blanket down, just enough to show her bare shoulders. I smiled, and squeezed her arm, watching her eyes close again. Unsure of how far this could go, I pulled the blanket a little farther down, revealing her perfect C cup breasts, and moved my hand to them, fondling and watching her bite her lip even tighter. She moved one hand up to cover her other breast while the other was obviously busy under the blanket. Her eyes followed me once again, but they seemed to be begging me not to stop. I bent over and kissed her on the forehead as I walked out the door, closing it behind me. As I took my shower, I couldn’t help thinking about Emily, and her fun under the covers. I didn’t even notice as I came back into the room that I had a raging hard on and it showed through my towel.

“Seems like I’m not the only one who’s a bit frustrated these days,” came a voice from the other bed. I turned to find Emily sitting up, wearing pajama pants and a T-shirt, smiling up at me. I sat down, and hid the bulge as best I could. Now, I don’t have the largest penis in the world, just about the average, 6 ½ or 7 inches. But when it’s hard, it tends to be noticeable, especially when I’m wearing nothing but a towel. She laughed and said, “It’s ok, I’ll leave you alone so you can take care of it.”

“You don’t have to do that Em, We share this room, you know!” She got an evil grin on her face as her eyes looked down, hovering for a moment on my slightly tented towel.

“Ok, then, I guess I’ll stay,” she said. I climbed under the covers, relocating my tent to my blanket, and just laid back, relaxing. “Need a hand under there?” she said, still with that evil grin on her face.

“Are you offering or just teasing?” I asked, just testing the water, see how far this would go.

“Well, I didn’t quite get finished while you were in the shower, maybe lending you a hand could help me out.” She got up from her bed and slithered up next to my naked body. She laid her head on my shoulder, rubbing her hand p and down my chest gently, she said, “I think you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Carl.”

I hugged her close, kissed the top of her head, and bahis şirketleri laid my hand on her flat, smooth stomach. Moving my hand upward, I gently fondled her breast, and tweaked her nipple just a little. She gasped and closed her eyes as she once again began to bite her lower lip. I lifted her shirt over her head as I licked and suckled her nipples. I began kissing a trail down her abdomen, slipping my fingers just under the waistband of her pajama pants before hooking my thumbs and pulling them down. As they came free of her feet, I moved my kisses to her inner thighs, so far up that my chin just barely nudged her lips apart. She gasped again, reaching for my cock, and gripped it tightly, stroking ever so slowly. With her other hand, she reached down and with two fingers, spread her pussy lips open, allowing me easier access to her clit.

I started slowly, barely touching her clit with my tongue, and brought my hands around her legs, to hold her lips apart myself. As I intensified my licking on her clit, she lightly kissed he head of my dick, then licked the slit, just a little, as if tasting a Popsicle, then drew about two inches into her mouth, and began sucking. Just as she did this, I put my middle finger into her soaking wet hole, making her gasp again. “Oh my god, Carl, no one has ever done that before!” She said, then took down five inches and almost gagged. But even then, she continued to try, until she was able to take six inches with very little problem.

I continued licking and suckling her clit, and worked a second finger into her pussy before I felt that familiar welling in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum. Her pussy was so wet, I wondered if she had ever been this wet before, yet, knowing her, I doubted it. “Em, Where do you wan me to cum? Have you ever had cum in your mouth before?”

“No, but I guess I’ll be willing to try it!” This sentence only sped things up for me, as I moistened a third finger with her juices and started playing with her asshole. Her hips bucked at me, her muscles tightened down like a vise on my fingers, and her legs grabbed my head like a bear trap as her juices flowed out, and she stifled a scream on my dick. I couldn’t handle any more, I shot my load straight into the back of her throat, gagging her for half a second before she came back to sucking it all out. Her swallowing reflex had taken over, and she just laid there, drained of all energy.

She got up, walked across the small room to her bed, and curled up under the blankets. “Thank you Carl, that was a lot of fun!” she said as she faded off to sleep. I smiled, looking forward to the day to come.

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