Studying with Kelly: Pt. 02 The Proposal

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If you haven’t read the first story in this series it is highly recommended that you read Studying with Kelly Part 1: The Assignment before reading this story.

As always all characters in this story are over the age of 18 and any similarity of names or characters have with actual people or events is purely coincidental.

I am a newer writer who is still developing his writing style therefore I really appreciate all feedback whether positive or constructive. I also am interested in what you think of this series and what you would like to see Kelly do next so please leave comments. Thank you everyone for your support and feedback!

Part 2: The Project Proposal

It has been two weeks since Stan received a mind blowing blowjob from the class slut. It was an assignment in his history class that originally brought them together and brought her to his doorstep everyday after her soccer practice. Stan could not believe that a history geek like him was spending every evening with the class slut. As far as he was concerned he was the luckiest 18-year old boy alive… After practice everyday she would always show up in those short tight soccer shorts that were probably two sizes too small and hugged that firm ass of hers that just begged for a nice spanking. She told Stan that practice always made her feel sweaty and dirty even though he loved the sight of her after practice, watching as her damp clothes clung tightly to every curve of her perfect body. Just thought of it was enough to fuel his fantasies for weeks.

Kelly insisted she use his shower and made it a habit of making her way to the bathroom connected to his bedroom when she first go there. Both of Stan’s parents worked late so they were never aware of the sultry beauty work worked up a lather just ten feet away from their son. They did not know how he stoked his cock while the hottest girl in school was letting the water rinse down her beautiful breast and sexy tanned legs. Kelly’s parents wouldn’t even have guessed at how everyday when she changed at Stan’s house she would make sure to put on the sluttish outfit she could. Usually it would consist of a short plaid schoolgirl skirt that was rolled up to be especially short. Every evening when Stan saw her walked out of that shower he marveled at the blessing before him. Her long wet hair framed her face perfectly as it fell down past her shoulders. Her pert nipples would always peek at him through the tight shirt she wore. Most of all he loved seeing those long tanned legs of hers that worked their way up under her skirt just begging him to fuck her.

Stan learned that Kelly’s parents thought she was a slut wearing her short skirts all the time and showing off her sexy legs and ass to the extent they forbade her to do so and monitored what she wore when she left the house. What they didn’t know is that even though she left the house in more conservative attire she would always change into the sexy clothes that got the boys attention. The little seductress loved the attention of all the boys in school, always teasing them every chance she got. During their very first study session she proven her parents were right by giving Stan the blow job of his life as an incentive to do well on their project.

Every day for the past two weeks they would stop working on their project about 15 minutes before Kelly to leave for a heavy make out session. Stan never knew a girl as sexy as this 18 year old seductress. She wore a tongue ring that made a make out session with her that much sexier. They would lie on his bed, sometimes even losing track of time. The stud of to tongue ring would glide against his tongue rolling the ball on the end around it. It was incredibly sensual and the taste of her was exquisite. She would then rub her sexy body against him even grinding one of her sexy legs into his growing hard on. It drove him insane but she never would let him cum. At the end she would always ask him one question.

“What color were they today?”

Stan knew the answer most of the time, she was asking about the panties she wore in class that day. She sat across from him in class and always gave him a little show when he ventured to peek up her skirt. She loved his attention and wanted to make sure he noticed. If he got the question right she would give him the panties she was wearing so he could use them to jerk off. She insisted that he cum in them every time and always wore them later that week when he did. It was the sexiest thing Stan could even imagine. Well not the sexiest he imagined doing plenty of other things to Kelly and those sexy legs of hers.

Stan’s life went from an unintentionally celibate lifestyle of voyeurism to a state of permanent arousal. Knowing that Kelly wanted to tease him so that he jerked off in her panties made him hard. He could never have imagined what a cum slut Kelly actually was.

Despite all of Stan’s distractions he knew he needed to ace the assignment he was doing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with Kelly and when he wasn’t with her or stroking his rod in fascination of her he was working on their project. The proposal for their project was due at the end of last week and was the first graded assignment that would contribute to their final grade. This meant it was his first opportunity to impress Kelly and show her he was going to make partnering with him worthwhile.

As Stan sat in class his hands started to get clammy with nervousness when it was announced the teacher would be handing back their proposal assignments. He quickly rubbed his hands against his jeans and hoped that Kelly didn’t notice his nerves. He was never really nervous about his history assignments but there was a lot more riding on this one, Kelly.

“Stan…” the teacher said handing back his proposal, “you’ve really out done yourself this time! I didn’t think it was possible but I think Kelly is making your work even better!” He turned to face Kelly and finished “Did you hear that Kelly the two of you are really standing out on this one, I can’ wait to see the rest of your project!”

“Thanks Mr. Stotle! We both worked really hard on it!” she answered smiling like a good student.

As Mr. Stotle acknowledged her comment and moved on to hand out the other proposals Kelly turned to him and mouthed the words “Good Job” while she wet her lips and uncrossed then crossed her legs giving him a quick peek of her lacy black panties under her short black and grey plaid skirt. Kelly more plaid skirts then most catholic schools could claim and each one was a little different. The one thing that wasn’t different was the length; they were all short, very short. Stan loved it, he also loved how Kelly would change it up, sometimes she would wear matching knee highs, sometimes thigh highs, but Stan’s favorite days were like today when she left those nice tanned legs of those bared to the world. Unlike some girls Kelly didn’t need stockings to be sexy or give her legs more color, their tanned complexion and perfect skin tone just gave off a sexual energy that drew all of her onlookers in.

After class Kelly waited for him in the hallway. Her books were cradled to her chest in an almost childlike gesture as her long brown hair fell down past her shoulders in neat and tidy fashion. Her green eyes just sucked up all of Stan’s attention as she looked at him. She leaned over and whispered into his ear.

“Someone has been a very good boy.” she quickly flicked her tongue a cross his ear before she finished. “And you know what I do to good boys?” she paused slowly bringing a hand up to Stan’s crotch and giving it a quick squeeze before anyone could see. “I reward them.” she finished losing her innocent tone and letting it be consumed by lust. “See you tonight!” she said as she backed away and went back to her innocent quirky tone.

Stan’s imagination was going hard as his cock started to throb in his pants. He quickly lowered his books to conceal the major hard on Kelly gave him. Normally he would try and distract himself by thinking of something else but his mind was already completely consumed with what Kelly just told him. How could she possibly reward him? She already gave him a blow job and made out with him every day for the past week.

The rest of the day drug on for Stan like an eternity. He could not wait to get out and see Kelly. After Stan finally made it home it was another 2 hours till Kelly was there. Stan really didn’t want to blow this so he made a special point of taking an additional shower and shaving again before she got there. He put on his nice pair of khaki pants and a button down shirt. He left the first couple buttons undone because he knew Kelly liked it that way. He thought it gave off some raw sexual energy, but it was probably just stylish.

Kelly was a little later then usual when she showed up and Stan started to worry when she wasn’t going to show up. The wait as always was well worth it as she came in toting a couple shopping bags.

“Sorry I’m late!” she shouted coming through the door and hastily making her way to the bathroom to get cleaned up. “I needed to stop and get a few things, but trust me honey, it will be worth it!”

Stan followed her into his bedroom and watched as she went straight into the bathroom and turned the shower on. This was pretty routine for their relationship as she was always coming from soccer practice and likes to shower first. Even the first day she came over she used his bathroom to freshen up. That day she changed from one of the more conservative attire her parents expected her to wear, into one of her slutty little outfits that made Stan squirm. Stan loved to think about the fact that the girl of his fantasies was naked just feet away from where he stood in the same shower he would be using the next morning. He was been more then tempted a few times to walk in while she was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri getting ready and to see that lush body of hers.

Stan knew better though, Kelly was way out of his league as far as he was concerned and he was not about to blow any chance with her. If not running in to see her naked in the shower meant making out with her later he was totally okay with that. Stan made his way to the end of the bed and sat down like he normally did when she came over. He started to pull out some books they would need for their project when he heard the water stop. Stan let his imagination get the better of him again as he pictured her getting out of the shower, his hard on returning again as he did so.

Stan went back to fishing books out of his back pack while he waited and only looked up when he heard Kelly say.

“So tiger, what do you think?”

“Uhh…” Stan muttered wordlessly as he tried to gather some sort of thought together. “… I… uhh… you look great…” he finally managed to get out.

The virgin’s response was quite understandable as Kelly stood there in one of the sexiest outfits ever seen. It consisted of two pink lace stockings that stopped about mid thigh with a now in front and were connected to a pink and white schoolgirl garter skirt that just covered her panty clad pussy. The top of the skirt was about four inches below her bare stomach and rested just below her hips. The top of the outfit consisted of a white cropped top with two two-inch sleeves hanging off her shoulders and came together in-between her two lushes breasts almost bursting out where it tied off. Kelly’s sexy long hair was hanging straight over her shoulder and she was giving Stan the best fuck me look she could muster. It was a wonder he didn’t cum in his pants right there.

“I picked this up at the store on my way over as a little present for you…” she started to walk over to him sexily crossing one leg in front of the other and allowing her hips to sway back and forth. “I figured you wouldn’t mind they wait.”

As she reached him she grabbed his hands and put them on top of where her stockings reached her thigh.

“I know how much you like me in a regular skirt and I saw this little outfit and I just couldn’t resist you seeing me in it.”

As she talked Stan unconsciously let his hands stroke up and down her sexy legs completely consumed by his attraction to her. They slowly started to work their way up the back of her leg making their way to that sexy ass underneath the skirt.

“Whoa there lover boy, I’m setting the rules and I get to say what you get when! I know how much you like my ass and I have to make sure I don’t give you too much too soon! We have to keep you motivated don’t we? Now…” as she said it she pushed his chest causing him to fall back on the bed and straddling him. “I have to straddle that fine line between what I want, and what you have earned.” As she said it she ground her pelvis into his hard cock. “It is very hard to do, which is why you have to trust me with it.”

Stan lay there slack jawed as this little sex nymph ground into his hard cock. How could she not let him feel her sexy ass while she ground that slutty pussy into his hard cock? Such a strange justification he thought as he tried not to cum from feeling that warm pussy push against his khaki clad cock. Gathering himself together he finally put words to the question he has been asking himself.

“So is this… is my reward seeing you in this sexy little outfit?”

“No you silly little boy… you earned more than that!” with that Kelly bent downed and kissed him working her tongue into his mouth as she ground into him her metal tongue ring slid its cool steal back and forth across is tongue in sensual gesture.. “Today I’m going to give you what you’ve been wanting for the past two weeks; I’m going to make you cum!” Kelly ground into him some more as she said it. “But first I am REALLY horny, so I’m going to make you do something for me, okay?”

“S… sure!” Stan said his sense of reason destroyed by the events occurring in front of him. Stan wasn’t sure what was going on. The only thing Stan knew was that Kelly could have probably asked him to do anything in that moment and he would have done it.

“Good.” She said with a smile.

Kelly then kissed him one more time biting his bottom lip and pulling away before crawling up his body like a sexual kitten about to pounce on its prey. She then reached under her skirt and pulled apart the panties underneath them so that Stan could see her perfectly well shaved pussy lips as she straddled his head with each leg. Stan hadn’t noticed they were butterfly panties before and it drove him wild. Once again he found himself in disbelief as one of his biggest fantasies played out before him.

The slut slowly lowered herself down on him situating herself just the way she wanted. Lowering her moist pussy lips right onto his mouth and grinding güvenilir bahis şirketleri her pelvis in a slow fucking motion as tried to suffocate him with the poignant aroma of her pussy juices. The sweet sent filled Stan’s nostrils as he started to work his tongue into her pussy lips.

“That’s it baby eat my fucking pussy. I am going to ride you like a little fuck toy and you are going to make me cum with that little tongue of yours. I would make it quick too because I’m not going to go easy on you and I would hate for you to suffocate on my pussy juice before we ever got to fuck.”

That was it for Stan knowing Kelly wanted to fuck him drove him into a pussy eating frenzy. Unable to really control what he was doing he just dove into her pussy with abandon. Kelly loved it she started to ride his face working herself around till he hit just the right spot.

She knew how much he worshiped her pussy and she probably should have waited to let him get a taste but seeing the way he looked at her just made her pussy tingle. She loved teasing guys but with Stan it was something more. The idea of him cumming for her sent a tingle up her spine. She found herself thinking about it whenever she wasn’t with him. She no longer enjoyed teasing the other boys or teachers as much; they didn’t have the fascination he did. That is why she came up with the guessing game, she originally was just going to let him have her panties for a day or so as a turn on, but then the idea that he was probably going to jerk off to them came to her and she could not resist the temptation to wear those soiled panties. There was just no way she could think of anyone else when his cum was that close to her pussy.

Kelly was hoping the proposal would turn out well not just for her grade but for the chance to reward him in some way. She knew she wanted to fuck him, her inner slut was calling for it, but she wanted to pace herself. The wait would just make it that much better. As Kelly ground her pussy against his face she felt his tongue rub against her clit and ground even harder. Using him like this turned her on even more. Before she knew it Kelly was clenching her thighs around her study partners face as she rode his tongue to orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her as she came, attempting to drown Stan as he tried to lap it all up with his tongue. She slowly took her leg off of him and licked some of the juice of his cheek.

“What a good little pussy licker you are! She squealed. I bet you enjoyed that didn’t you? Having my slutty little pussy covering your face, knowing I was riding you to orgasm. Well don’t you worry; it is your turn now!”

As she said it Kelly gave him a long sensual kiss tasting her own juices as she did it. She then went to her bag and pulled out her iPod putting it on his dresser and pressing play. Some sexy club music started to play as Kelly did a sexy little dance. She worked her way back up to the bed grabbing Stan by the shirt and pulling him up to her. She started to work against him in a rolling her body against him in a sexual dancing motion. She worked her way around him turning her back to him and working herself down to a squat and back up.

Kelly used him as her own personal stripping pole. As she worked her way up and down his body she made sure to rub her ass and tits against him in an overtly sexual way. It was very clear was she was doing, she was acting like a complete and total slut. When she worked her way back in front of him she pushed him down on the bed again and sat on his lap. Kelly worked her ass into him as she gave him a sensual lap dance. When she stood up she did a move she always wanted to try and worked herself from a handstand and slowly rested her leg on each of his shoulders grinding her pussy in his face yet again. Just as he was trying to work that magical tongue of his into her she kicked back up and turned to him.

“Like I said this is for you…” as she said it she straddled his lap her bare pussy leaking its juice on the lump in his pants.

She slowly worked the knot open on her top and worked it off in a sensual motion.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes… very much.”

“Then why don’t you have a taste.” she said in a husky voice showing her arousal.

She cupped her right tit in one hand and worked it up to his mouth. Her lover licked the nipple then kissed it gently before she grabbed the back of his head and forced him to suck it. With a little more courage stand worked his hands on her other breast as he sucked and nibbled on the first one. It was his dream come true for the boy who had never had much chance with girls before he had met this seductress. He worked his way from one tit to the other enjoying them as if it was the last chance he would ever get.

“Here…” she said as she handed him a small bottle of oil she had placed on the bed.” Rub this on them I have a special treat for you.”

Just like a good student Stan followed her instructions his cock almost bursting out of his pants as he felt Kelly’s wet pussy grind into him some more. He poured the oil into his hands and then worked it all over the slutty girl’s tits.

“Make sure you get in between too, that is important.” Stan followed her instructions making sure to cover every last inch.

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