Straying within the Family

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Part 1

Richard’s Story

My wife Vicky and I welcomed our son’s choice of a life partner into our home in Sydney, Australia a few years ago now. It was 2002 and Daniel had been away for two years, doing the travelling that we urged him to embark on before even thinking of settling down to domestic life and marital bliss. He initially spent a year working in England, then did some touring through much of Europe before finding himself with another work opportunity in Canada.

Vicky and I had been so excited to welcome him home. He flew in just in time to celebrate his 24th birthday with us. We had missed out on his 22nd and 23rd celebrations so we eagerly organised a party and invited a bunch of his buddies and a few of the girls he had known at school or in his early work days who had blossomed into very charming young women.

I sensed that Vicky had a bit of matchmaking on her mind with the invitations to some of Daniel’s previous girlfriends to his combined welcome home and birthday party. But before that evening was over, Daniel would reveal to us — and then to the party guests – that he had fallen in love with a young Canadian woman and he was planning for her to join him in Australia soon. He had already been to the Immigration Department that day to set the process in motion.

So within 3 months, Daniel and his new love Kelly were reunited. Initially, she stayed with us and we had no qualms about the two of them cohabitating from Day One in Daniel’s bedroom. Obviously, another party was in order and we again happily invited all our boy’s buddies and former girlfriends to come and meet his new love. On that night, Daniel and Kelly announced their engagement.

They may have felt a bit inhibited in living with the olds, so after only 6 weeks they found themselves a small apartment about 20 minutes’ drive away. It wasn’t a long engagement and within 10 months of Kelly arriving here, they were married here in Sydney. Kelly’s parents and brother flew in from Vancouver for the ceremony and reception and Vicky and I encouraged them to stay for an extra week so we could proudly show them around our wonderful city.

So they were wed in June 2003 and in due course began a family with the birth of a daughter Charlotte in 2006. A son, Stuart followed in 2008. The jobs that Daniel held in London and Vancouver must have looked really good on his C.V. because he manoeuvred his way into a very well paid job that enabled them to buy their first home much earlier than expected. They were moving further away from us, the travel time now 30 minutes across town.

You have a bit of the family background now so I need to bring us up closer to the present day so that I can relate the story I have for you. The year is now 2015 and Daniel and Kelly are both now 37; their kids 9 and 7. Their wedding anniversary was coming around and Vicky and I, being quite the ones for organising parties, suggested we put one on to celebrate the occasion of their 12th.

A small gathering of around 20 of theirs and our closest friends was organised for the coming Friday night at our home. Vicky loves organising parties … all the invitations had gone out and everyone happily accepted. Then Daniel called on Wednesday to tell us his boss was sending him across to New Zealand (a bit over 3 hours flying time from Sydney) on Thursday morning for a rush business trip, a series of urgent meetings in Auckland and Wellington. Daniel said he expected that he could still make it back by around 6 on Friday evening so he urged us not to cancel the party plans.

The first that we knew that Daniel was not going to make it to his own wedding anniversary was when Kelly arrived at our front door alone just before 7 on the night of the party. She said Daniel had called, that the last meeting over there had dragged on and he had to make a frantic cab ride in heavy traffic to the International Airport, only to be told the flight had closed. He watched his aircraft taxi out and take off, frustrated that he was now stranded … that was the last Sydney flight out of Wellington that night.

It was way too late to postpone the party with guests beginning to arrive even while we sat around with Kelly discussing what we should do. Vicky and I were a little annoyed … she would have known by around 3pm our time that he wasn’t on the flight so Vicky and I were somewhat peeved that she hadn’t called us then. We may have been able to phone around to postpone everybody until the Saturday night. Well, I was only a touch annoyed but Vicky was — shall we say — regally pissed off.

So the anniversary party went ahead with one of the two guests-of-honour absent and the other over indulging on alcohol so it turned out not to be one of the better parties we had hosted. I kept the speeches and cake cutting short for fear Kelly’s slurred words would paint Daniel’s beautiful wife as unable to hold her liquor. Oh, I don’t think I’d mentioned the word beautiful in relation to Kelly previously … had illegal bahis I? Well, she sure was and that lilting Canadian accent just added to the appeal.

I held off saying anything in the earlier pages but I have to admit that I proudly uttered a few “That’s my boy” comments when we first met Daniel’s beautiful life partner. Oh, only to Vicky and my brother and my old dad and a few of my long-term mates. What’s the expression … “punching above his weight?” That’s probably unfair because Vicky and I always considered my son was quite a catch — a good looking young man and very intelligent. Why, even my beloved wife had once or twice actually paid me the compliment of saying that Daniel took after me.

But Vicky … well, she has always been a bit reserved about Kelly. She was always polite in her presence but to me she would express her inner feelings. I did wonder if Vicky had pre-judged, if she had formed that opinion that night at the welcome home party to Daniel when he told us of his plans to bring Kelly to Australia … before Kelly even arrived.

Was my wife one of those mothers who immediately resented some younger woman – particularly such an attractive one – coming along and replacing them as the key woman in our son’s life? Or did she at least wait until Kelly’s arrival down under before she began slipping in those snide little comments to me. About her dress sense and how she felt Kelly often spoke out of turn. They may have been generational problems. But Vicky also found our daughter-in-law at times to be over exuberant in mixed company … Vicky said she came across as a bit of a flirt.

I myself loved Kelly’s often cheeky manner, especially when she would sidle up to me and hook her arm in mine to leave some flippant or even suggestive remark lingering in the air, conjuring up all sorts of innuendo. Daniel never seemed to mind her flirtatious ways.

So you can imagine how Vicky reacted to Kelly getting herself a little sloshed as she coped with being alone at her own anniversary party.

Our guests began to drift away early, from around 11.15 … it was just that kind of party without the key man, Daniel there. By a quarter to midnight, most had gone and the vivacious brunette Kelly surprised us by walking into the living room with her coat over her arm and purse in hand.

“Where are you going Kelly?” my wife sounded indignant.

“I’m gonna drive home,” slurred Kelly. Even her attractive curvaceous body swayed a little as she stood before us. She was definitely not in any condition to drive.

“Oh no you’re not sweetheart, you can’t drive in that condition,” Vicky countermanded, rising from the lounge alongside me and looking back at me for support in restraining our daughter-in-law.

“I’ll be okay … really!”

“No Kelly, you can forget about driving tonight. Tell her Richard.”

I could sense that Kelly could blow the breathalyser meter right off the scale but more dangerous was the prospect that the mother of our grandchildren could be in an accident. I stood too to remonstrate with our son’s wife, “Vicky’s right Kelly, you can’t drive tonight, you’ve had way too much to drink.”

Vicky chimed in as if it were an intervention, “Honey, we’ll make up Daniel’s old bed for you and you stay here and you can drive home after breakfast. It’s too risky to drive as you are. You could have an accident or get picked up by the cops, you don’t want to lose your license.”

“No, I want to be home tonight, I’ve got so much to do in the morning. I need to pick up the kids from Jess and Rob…”

Jessica is our daughter and Rob is her husband. They live quite close by to Kelly and Daniel. Jess and Rob aren’t much into parties so they had foregone coming over tonight for Daniel and Kelly’s anniversary party and instead were looking after the kids. The intention had been so that Daniel and Kelly could enjoy their night unhindered by having to rush home to relieve babysitters.

“…I told Jess I’d get them before 9 and Daniel is on a 6am flight out of Wellington. That’s 4am our time, so with the time difference, his flight should get in about 7.30. I need to drive to the airport to pick him up and then we’ll get the kids on the way home.”

“Well, you’re not driving, that’s for sure,” Vicky was adamant. My wife turned to me, “Richard, what if you drive Kelly home since she seems determined not to stay here.”

Can you feel the tension in the way Vicky speaks to Kelly? She could have said, ‘since she seems determined to get home tonight,’ but instead it becomes a negative, inferring that Kelly doesn’t want to take up the invitation to stay with us, even for one night.

The thought of driving the beautiful young Kelly home hadn’t even occurred to me, but the unexpected suggestion from my wife did have some appeal. I didn’t often get a chance to enjoy some quiet one-on-one time with this lovely woman … my delightful daughter-in-law.

“Oh sure, I guess I could,” I offered, attempting to sound helpful without being too eager. “I illegal bahis siteleri haven’t had that much to drink tonight.”

It was true. I don’t know why because I usually enjoy a few beers, or a few wines, or even the odd rum and Coke at our parties. But for some reason, I hadn’t imbibed much at all tonight.

“I’ll go get my keys,” and I moved past Kelly to go get them, leaving she and Vicky momentarily alone. I heard Kelly at last agreeing to the alternate plan as I left the living room.

I returned quickly, not wanting to leave the two women alone for too long, particularly since Vicky too would have put a few glasses of wine away tonight. Sometimes her utterances could be construed as antagonistic … Vicky might say something that everyone would regret later.

I walked over to Vicky and gave her a perfunctory kiss on the lips, “See you honey.”

“Are you sure you’re okay to drive Richard?”

“I sure am.”

“I know you’re a safe driver, even when you’ve had a few drinks, but there is the risk of the random breath testing units. You can’t afford to lose your license either, that would be most inconvenient. Perhaps if you get to Daniel’s safely, it might be best to stay over and come back in the morning rather than risk driving both ways.”

Did you notice the subtle pieces whenever my wife engages in conversation with our lovely daughter-in-law? She didn’t refer to their home as Daniel and Kelly’s but simply as Daniel’s. How must these little idiosyncratic comments make Kelly feel?

Stay over? What a strange suggestion from Vicky that came from right out of the blue. What did I think of that? Well, I had no objection and I would enjoy having an early breakfast in the morning, just one-on-one with Kelly. “Sure, I’ll think about it, providing it’s okay with Kelly.”

“Umm? What? Oh of course, whatever?”

I wasn’t sure that Kelly actually grasped what Vicky had proposed, but I sensed that she just wanted to get out of there. Probably stung by Vicky’s attitude toward her, the less time she spent in my wife’s presence the better.

I escorted Kelly to the front door, my hand under her bent elbow to ensure that she didn’t bump into any doorways or walls since she still seemed a bit unsteady on her feet. I heard Vicky close the front door behind us and the cooler night air hit us as we reached Vicky’s car parked on our driveway.

“Do you need your coat on?” I asked as we reached the front passenger door and I opened it.

“No, I’m fine thanks Richard.”

I preferred her choosing to throw her coat over onto the back seat. Wearing it would only have covered up the smooth slinky black dress she had worn tonight. I stood back, holding the door open and she gave me a warm smile as she clumsily dropped into the front seat of her own car, her legs splaying wildly … a generous expanse of upper thighs exposed to my avid gaze. As I closed the door behind her, I spotted her grinning up at me and I guessed that I had been caught perving on my daughter-in-law.

I walked around the car and slid into the driver’s seat and started the motor. It roared into life and I carefully reversed the car out onto the street.

Only a couple of minutes into the expected 30 minute journey, Kelly turned around in her seat, pointing her closest leg toward me and her foot tucking up under her arse. She leaned her back against the closed door so she could face me.

“Do you have your seat belt on Kelly?”

“No, it’s okay.”

“No honey, you should be wearing it, and it is the law.”

“Don’t fret about it Richard, it’s okay. Besides, I want to watch you as we drive.”

“I’m sorry Kelly, but I really would feel better if you wore your belt.”

“Oh okay, okay!”

She moved away from the closed door and shimmied across in the seat so her body was much closer to mine. From the corner of my eye, I could see her wrapping the seat belt around her … well, sort of, not quite the way they are supposed to be worn.

“So Richard, how do you cope with Vicky? You always seem so relaxed, so content and you’ve been married for a lot of years now. And she seems so … err, what should I say? Is aggressive too strong a word? Oh, it probably is … I’m sorry Richard, am I out of order to be talking like this?”

“Yes, we’ve been married 37 years now and we do still love each other. She can be a bit irrational at times. I think that you and she have different personalities and possibly you each rub each other up the wrong way. No, she rubs you the wrong way. I don’t see that you say or do that much to upset her, it’s just the way she reads it. But surely we don’t need to discuss Vicky on the way to your home. Tell me, how are the kids?”

“Oh Richard, they’re just great. Daniel and I love them so. We’ve even been talking recently about whether we should have another.”

“Really? But there would be such a gap from the first two.”

“Yes, they’re would be, but we keep thinking that we gave up too early. Now that we canlı bahis siteleri see how wonderfully these two have turned out, we kind of think that we’re pretty good at this parenting thing and we should have one or two more while we still can.”

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming? So is this just idle chatter or are you really determined to go ahead?”

“Oh, you mean are we trying yet? Yes we are, we’re trying our hearts out. I stopped birth control a few months ago but so far nothing.”

“Well, it will happen, just give it time. I don’t recall you having too much trouble conceiving with the first two.”

“No, we sure didn’t! Each time I stopped taking the pill, I was pregnant almost immediately. And I certainly have no complaints about Daniel’s efforts, he does like trying, not only on the nights when I tell him that I’m likely to be fertile, but just any old time.”

“That’s good!” I was pleased that my son was looking after his wife. Daniel and I hadn’t really discussed sex much since I gave him my best fatherly advice when he was approaching puberty.

“Does he get that from you Richard?”

“What Kelly, does he get what from me?”

I was stunned to feel the warmth of the palm of her hand land on my closest thigh, just above the knee. My first reaction was to spin my head round to look at her but I managed to restrain myself and remain cool as if nothing intimate had happened between us. Was I misconstruing the gesture, was a young woman touching her father-in-law’s leg in a darkened car at midnight considered an intimate gesture? I decided that it must still be.

“His horniness, your son is such a hot guy, always up and ready for it … even after 12 years of marriage. I’ll bet he gets that from you. Do you and Vicky still get hot and heavy nearly every night?”

I wasn’t sure that I was comfortable with where she was steering this conversation. “Err, not quite every night, the sex slows a bit around 60 and with the same woman all these years. But we get our share.”

“So you’ve never had a bit on the side. Oh God, it must be boring with the same person all along.”

“We’ve been okay, we have both enjoyed sex a lot, still do. It’s just that we don’t do it quite as often as you younger ones do.”

“Is it still quality, do you still make her cum?”

“Oh, I don’t know that we should go into that Kelly … that’s really between Vicky and I.”

“You’re avoiding the answer Richard, don’t tell me you don’t ring her bells anymore?”

Damn, my reputation was at stake, as much as I was hesitant to discuss my sex life with my son’s wife. “She still does alright from me.”

“Good on you man, so you still give it to her good, eh! Is she a bit of a screamer, does she wake the neighbours when you make her cum?”

“I don’t know about waking the neighbours, she sounds like she enjoys it.”

“Well, good for you. Taking care of business.”

There was silence for the next kilometre or so and I thought that she had run that conversation down, but worse was to come.

“Richard, you’re nearly sixty, so how does that affect your libido? Can you still get it up whenever you want to?”

Damn! She wasn’t going to give up. Nor was her hand that I think I detected moving a little further up along my thigh. Her palm felt very warm through my trousers. And something else was feeling warm to me, my penis was reacting to the closeness of this beautiful young woman and her choice of topic.

“I do alright,” I answered reluctantly, “it responds whenever it needs to.”

“Hmmm! That’s nice! What about now Richard, is this a time when it feels the need to?”

“No, not now, different circumstances to the usual needs.” Did I rush in a bit too quickly there? Should I have thought about my answer more carefully?

“Really! Are you telling me the truth? What if I were to check, are you saying I wouldn’t feel some stiff or even wet reaction.”

“I’d rather you didn’t Kelly.”

“Why? What am I likely to find?”

“I just don’t think it would be right for you to take this any further.”

“Oh come on Richard, don’t be shy. You know me … particularly when I’ve enjoyed a few drinks. I say and do whatever I feel like. You must know that I’m going to check for myself, you just don’t know when. What if I felt it now, would I be surprised or shocked? No, I wouldn’t be shocked … I never get shocked. Or, what if I leave it for a few more minutes, talk a little more about sex with you and then touch and see if it’s where I think it will be.”

“Kelly, I’m sorry but you’re way out of order here. You are a very beautiful young woman and I have always found you so, but for Christ’s sake, you are married to my son and you have already told me that he looks after you well, so why are you doing this?”

“I’m just having some fun with you, playing with you … wouldn’t you like to play? You are a great guy, and no reason why you wouldn’t be. You’ve raised a wonderful caring son who loves me and I love him. But Richard, I have these strong urges about you, I have since I first arrived here. I am so curious, have been for years now, about what sex with you would be like. Would it be a mirror image of Daniel? Or could you be even better … I just have to know.”

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