Stepdad Carl Pt. 12

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


I so wanted to break his cherry, that pristine hole should have a cock in it and I wanted the first to be mine. I was sure Timmy was infatuated with my Dad, the way he looked at him, the way he handled Dad’s cock. I placed Timmy on his belly, I got in between his legs spreading them wide so I could get my tongue in there getting him wet and ready for my cock.

Timmy arched his back so his ass was more accessible, his hole so tight, but I planned to loosen him up gradually.

“Push your hole out Timmy so I can get my tongue in there, or I will never get my cock in your hole ever.” I said to him.

Timmy pushed outwards, his hole opening up, I got my tongue in as deep as I could, I explored his cavern with my tongue. Timmy was squirming, moaning groaning.

“Oh my yes please don’t stop Tommy that feels so good, tongue fuck my hole, Oh yeah right there oh that feels so good.” Timmy said moaning.

I pulled my tongue out reaching for the lube, I slicked up my cock and his hole, I placed it at his pucker, pushing my cock inwards to his hole. Timmy held a firm grip on his hole so I could not get in, I was not taking no for an answer, his hole would be mine or else.

I grabbed his hips and applied more pressure. My knob slowly breached his pucker, my cock slowly entering his hole.

“Push your hole out let me in Timmy, I plan to loosen you up so Dad and I can spit roast you tonight, come on let me in.” I urged him as he finally let me in my cock disappearing deep inside of him.

Timmy moaned, my cock was in a vise in his hole, the guy was so tight let me tell you, he clearly was never fucked or if he had it was with a much smaller cock than mine. Dad would split him wide open if he tried to fuck him right now. I was gentle with Timmy I did not want to hurt him in any way, Timmy quickly got into it he pushed his ass on my cock, the guy was a total cock whore.

I held back as long as I could but his ass had a death grip on my cock, he milked my cock for all it had. Once my cock started to shoot it was like a hose with a nozzle on it, I shot so many spurts of cum into his tight little hole. Timmy grabbed his own cock stroking himself till his cock was spurting all over the bed. I slowly deflated and my cock slid out of his tight hole, I laid there spent I could usually go two or three rounds but this had taken it out of me.

Timmy laid beside me looking at me, he had this look of total euphoria, he felt so perfect in this moment. Timmy got on top of me, his eyes on my eyes, our soft cocks meshing together, Timmy leaned in for a kiss. I rolled us over so I was now on top of him, canlı bahis he and I made out for some time my cock quickly getting harder by the second.

“Tommy I need to suck your cock Please?” Timmy asked this look in his eyes.

“Only if I can suck yours Timmy.” I replied to him.

We got in position, Timmy on top of me, as he could not swallow my cock to the root yet, but he was getting better with each time he tried. I took Timmy’s cock in my hand, I held it I examined it, it was so perfect long straight, with a beautiful mushroom head on it. His cock was pouring out precum, a bubble of precum was right at the piss slit, I pursed my lips and kissed his knob.

That wonderful taste of precum, both sweet and salty in perfect combination, I took his purple knob in my mouth, my tongue bathed it in saliva and precum. I sucked and swirled, my tongue bathing is knob getting it wet for my throat. I slowly let his cock slide down my throat, I love the feeling of a cock sliding slowly into your mouth and pushing on your gag, I opened my throat to allow his cock into my throat.

“Oh Tommy that feels so good, you are such a great cocksucker, Oh yes more of that Please.” Timmy said moaning and sucking.

Timmy started to fuck my mouth, he knew I would not gag, I was able to let him fuck my face, his balls quickly pulled inwards, his impending orgasm right at the edge.

“Oh Fuck Tommy, Tommy Yes Take my cock swallow my load, Tommy Fuck.” Timmy screamed out as his cock shot me full of cum.

Timmy improved his efforts on my cock, he sucked down harder, trying to take more and more of my huge cock, between the stroking and the mouth action my cock quickly filled him full of white semen. Timmy licked me clean, not a drop would be wasted, Timmy rolled off of me laying there spent, drained, I would not be able to go another round this morning.

Timmy and I finally crawled out of bed, I had Timmy remove the sheets while I made coffee. I got the sheets in the washer while the coffee brewed. Billy called he was on his way over, I looked forward to seeing him but I was in no mood to have sex with him and he would be hornier than ever. I told Timmy to get some clothes on as Billy was on his way, Timmy was getting in the shower when I told him.

I put on some shorts and a tank top, It would look bad if Timmy and I were naked in the house together. Billy was over in only a few minutes, after a kiss he asked where Timmy was, I told him in the shower. Timmy came out in only a towel loosely wrapped around his midsection, he walks up to Billy and pulls him in for a hug.

The towel only being loose around him falls to the floor, Timmy’s cock semi erect, the boy was ready for another round. bahis siteleri Timmy held on to Billy his naked body against his.

“Sorry about being a jerk with you in school Billy, glad Tommy put me in my place and showed me what a jerk I was being to you, again real sorry Billy.” Timmy said pulling Billy in closer to him.

There was no hiding the semi erect cock in Billy’s trousers, Timmy’s cock was rock hard yet again.

“Timmy man go put some clothes on, I told you to get something on.” I instructed him.

“Sorry Tommy, I will do that right away.” Timmy said as he bent over in front of Billy.

Billy checked out Timmy’s assets, his tongue naturally licking his lips.

“You guys want coffee? Guess I should get some breakfast made for us.” I said to them to break the silence and sexual tension.

Timmy went to my old room to get some clothes on, he picked a pair of grey sweats that had the legs cut off to make them into shorts. There was no hiding his erection in those shorts, he seemed to want to get Billy naked so they could play. I made some breakfast while Timmy and Billy talked to each other, they talked about high school, they talked about university, Timmy again apologised for being mean to Billy in high school.

Billy seemed mesmerized by Timmy, think there may have been a bit of a crush somewhere in the past there. We all three ate, I knew Billy needed and wanted sex so very badly, I was not up for it right now, my balls ached, my ass tender, and cock was tingly from all the action this morning. I was hoping I could get Timmy to play with Billy, but that might be a hard sell for Billy.

Billy helped me make Dad’s bed, he asked all kinds of questions like where was Timmy sleeping? How long was he going to stay with my Dad? And finally did I have sex with him? I stood there not sure what to answer him, but decided the truth was the best answer.

“Timmy is sleeping in my old bed, I am sleeping in here with Dad. I’m not sure how long he will stay, might be good if he stayed with Dad while I was away at university. And yes he and I have had sex together.” I told him honestly.

“Really you actually slept with him, you had sex with my enemy from high school. How could you Tommy, I thought we were.” Billy was about to say boyfriends but stopped mid sentence.

“Billy I love you so much but we are not boyfriends we are friends with benefits, I do not want a boyfriend right now I have to concentrate on education it is my biggest priority.” I told him honestly.

I could see Billy was hurt by what I had just told him, but I had stronger feeling for Dad than I did for Billy, I loved my Dad not like a Dad but like a partner, a boyfriend. I walked over bahis şirketleri to him and pulled him in for a hug.

“Billy I love you but I am not looking to commit to you as a boyfriend. I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way here.” I told him.

Billy at first did not hug me back, but he knew deep down he was the same he had to concentrate on education, not on boyfriends. I held him close to me as Timmy walked in.

“Whats up guys? Do you two need some privacy, or can a guy join in for a threesome.” Timmy asked.

I looked at Billy he at me, we both shook our heads in the affirmative. Timmy did not need any more than that he got on his knees unzipping Billy’s trousers, he had to see his cock. I wanted them to play together alone without me involved, I made an excuse telling Billy I wanted him to play with Timmy alone, to really enjoy himself.

I went to the kitchen to start dinner, you could hear those two going at it, the two of them both inexperienced they would have fun together. They were not in there very long, both coming out red faced and a bit shy.

“Did you guys have fun? Thought you two would go at it half the day.” I said to them.

“We both want you to join in Tommy, I want to suck that cock of yours and Timmy wants to rim your hole.” Billy said to me.

Timmy took me by the hand and pulled me into Dad’s bedroom, laying me on the bed, Billy and I to do a sixty nine, Timmy his face burried deep in my ass. We were going at it and did not hear the front door open, Dad had come home early, he heard all the moaning and groaning going on in his bedroom. He quietly walked in removing his clothes as he made his way in to his bedroom. Dad was naked as he walked in he was not aware that Billy was with us.

“So what is going on in my bedroom boys?” Dad said as sternly as he could.

His huge cock flopping back and forth as he walked to the bed, This would be Billy’s first time seeing Dad’s huge cock.

“Holy shit that is a huge cock your Dad has Tommy.” Billy said his mouth wide open.

“Got him all wet for you Mr M, come fuck his hole.” Timmy said to Dad about my ass.

Dad came around the bed, Timmy was quick to slide it in his mouth to get Dad’s cock wet and hard, Billy laid on top of me not a word spoken of what Dad was about to do to me. Dad grabbed my legs and slid his cock to my wet hole, his cock soon buried deep in my ass. Billy had front row seats to see my hole gobble up his huge cock. Dad was gentle at first then the assault on my ass began, Billy held my cock in his hand then slowly started to suck once more.

Timmy came and rimmed Billy’s ass while I sucked his cock, Timmy wanted to fuck Billy, Timmy slid his cock in my mouth, his cock aimed at Billy’s ass. Billy sucked me as I sucked him, Timmy and Dad fucked us both hard. Dad was close to cum, Timmy as well, all four of us unloaded into each other. We all laid there in a pile of cum and sweat.

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