Stellar Sex

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This story is based on characters from “The Spires of Tarkus” by Dave McWhortor.


From the first moment I met Tamika Boson, I felt that rapport that I had had with my own mentor back in college and I knew I was destined to help this young woman discover not only the cosmos surrounding her, but that within her as well.

– Nova Wills

Dr. Nova Wills, renowned astrophysicist, was packing up her things after class when her star student approached. “Dr. Wills,” she began, “something you said in class today struck me as being something I can use in my term paper. I’d like to discuss it with you when you get a chance.”

“Absolutely, Tammie. I don’t have time just now, but perhaps tomorrow evening?”

“That would be great.” replied Tammie.

“My place at seven then. I’ll make dinner and we can discuss matters of cosmic import.”

The following evening, Nova prepared a simple chicken caeser salad and chilled a bottle of the strong local chardonnay. After showering and sprizting herself with a light flowery perfume, she dressed in nothing but a silk slip dress that showcased the deep cleavage between her large breasts. She delighted as the smooth material slid deliciously over her breasts, causing her large nipples to harden. Hedonistic thoughts filled her mind as she made the final preparations for the evening. The fabric caressed her curves as she greeted her protege with a warm hug. After a few more pleasantries, Nova guided her guest to the conservatory by the hand. Tammie was dressed in the standard tight jeans and leather jacket all the students wore. She shed the jacket to reveal that beneath it she wore a simple white halter top tied loosely beneath her breasts. The loose knot distracted Nova all through dinner, beckoning to be untied to reveal the younger woman’s breasts.

The women sat down to the simple dinner and discussed the issues that concerned the budding cosmologist. After dinner, Nova cleared the table, ensuring that she bent low to reveal her breasts fully to her young guest. Tammie nearly gasped as her teacher’s bodice draped open to reveal the smooth round flesh within. Dessert was strawberry shortcake, as Nova remarked with a twinkle in her eye, “I always enjoy indulging in something sweet.”

With dinner finished, and wine in hand, Nova led Tammie to the wide windows looking out over the campus in the distance. The conversation returned to cosmology with Nova pointing out several of her favorite stars. “In fact, I had this conservatory built especially for star gazing,” she explained, “with this button I can darken the windows, and with this button I can make the ceiling transparent.”

“Wow!” Exclaimed the girl, looking up, “but it must be hard on your neck after a while.”

“That’s why I had the hot tub installed. canlı bahis It’s perfect for relaxing with friends after a long day.”

“I didn’t bring a suit,” pouted the girl.

Nova eased the straps of her dress from her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall to the floor. “Swimsuits aren’t allowed in my hot tub,” she explained.

This time Tammie did utter a gasp as she took in the sight of her teacher’s suddenly nude form; from her massive breasts, over her belly, down her legs, and back up to the cleft of her vulva.

Reaching forward to finally untie that devilish knot holding the girl’s top together, Nova said, “and if I’m not mistaken, you have one of the most heavenly bodies I’ve seen in a long time.” With the knot untied, the little top fell away to reveal Tammie’s breasts. They looked small compared to Nova’s but were actually more than Nova’s practiced hands could contain. “Oh, yes, you have beautiful breasts, my dear. I’m so glad you came over tonight.”

Tammie was still in shock from this turn of events, but stammered, “thank you, I have also dreamed of seeing what you look like under your proper collegiate attire, and you look even better than I had imagined you would.” Nova began undoing Tammie’s jeans, but the young woman soon took over and slid her jeans and panties off. Once she was fully nude, she turned so her teacher could see all of her.

Nova led Tammie to the hot tub and both got in. After settling in for a few minutes, the conversation returned to the stars visible through the ceiling overhead. Nova was trying to point out a particular star, but Tammie couldn’t see it from where she was, so Nova suggested she sit between her legs and lean back against her chest so they would have the same point of view. Tammie didn’t hesitate and was soon settled in between the older woman’s spread thighs. Nova delighted in the feel of the girl’s ass pressing against her pussy and her back caressing her breasts. Nova continued to point out points of interest as she whispered in her student’s ear.

Before long, Nova was caressing Tammie’s breasts as they lost themselves in the evening; two people who had found each other in the vast expanse of space. Tammie was so enjoying the new sensations of being so intimate with a woman for the first time that she spread her legs in subconscious invitation and Nova readily took the hint and reached down to explore the girl’s offered pussy. Tammie’s clit was hard with arousal and she muttered a gasp at her teacher’s touch. With Nova stroking her pussy, Tammie soon lost herself in the best orgasm she had ever experienced. Tammie sagged back against her teacher’s breasts as she came back down from her peak. “That was wonderful,” she said at last, “I think I saw stars.”

The older woman chuckled, “there are things bahis siteleri that men still haven’t mastered even after all this time.” The two women continued to caress each other as Nova explained, “the tradition of mentor and mentee bonding through physical intimacy has been passed down to us from the ancient Greeks. My own college mentor will always be one of my closest personal confidantes. And bonding with colleagues has also been similarly rewarding. I think now we should go shower off before we’re permanently pruned.”

Tammie followed Nova to the large shower in her bedroom. Soon hot water cascaded around them from four shower heads and Tammie was thrilled by the decadent sensations of being washed with peach-scented soap by Nova’s practiced hands as their slick bodies rubbed together lasciviously. Nova’s hands seemed to be everywhere; on her breasts, her ass, her shoulders, her pussy. At the same time, Nova’s breasts were constantly gliding along her body, her nipples tracing complex patterns of a dance of utmost desire. Tammie felt another orgasm mounting and grabbed onto a well-placed handle to steady herself as Nova plunged two experienced fingers deep into her cunt and began to strum her clit with her thumb. The girl lost all sense of herself as she became engulfed in a mind-shattering climax that seemed to have her body spasming for hours as the stars whirled around her to infinity.

When she came back to herself, she knew she had to repay her hostess, so she filled her hands with that delightful soap and finally got her hands on the breasts that had so mesmerized her all semester. She lathered up Nova’s breasts, feeling their firm smoothness glide under her hands, she hefted and caressed them, ensuring that she had paid attention to every curve. She watched the suds run down Nova’s belly as she rinsed off the glistening mounds before her. She took a moment to suck Nova’s nipples to full hardness before moving down to cleanse the lower sections of her new lover’s voluptuous body. Tammie felt an electric thrill flow through her as she touched another woman’s pussy for the first time. She caressed Nova’s vulva all over before delving inside to seek out her teacher’s clit. Nova let out a soft sigh of encouragement and Tammie began stroking in earnest. Probing deep into Nova’s hot channel with her fingers, Tammie leaned forward to suck on Nova’s wondrous nipples once again.

Nova held onto Tammie as she felt her orgasm building. Soon she felt the joyous waves of ecstasy crash over her in response to her very talented protégé’s handiwork.

The two women joined in a passionate kiss and fondled each other’s breasts as they luxuriated under the streams of hot water and allowed their breathing to return to normal.

Once cleaned and toweled off, they moved to the bahis şirketleri bed and continued their exploration of each other’s body. Nova retrieved a sleek dildo from her night stand and began gliding it up and down Tammie’s slick pussy lips. When Tammie begged to be fucked with the dildo, nova finally inserted it slowly, teasingly, into her. Nova stroked the toy in and out of Tammie while rubbing her clit and soon Tammie was bucking her hips as she lost herself to another glorious climax. Nova held the dildo steady as Tammie’s frantic movements were enough to continue the fucking she was receiving.

Nova lay back and watched Tammie recover. Tammie took the dildo, now dripping with her juices, and began easing it steadily into Nova’s pussy. She moved closer to watch as the phallus disappeared inside her teacher’s body. The scent of Nova’s arousal tantalized Tammie’s senses and she leaned in for her first taste of another woman’s pussy. She licked Nova’s pussy and swirled the tip of her tongue around her lover’s clit before taking that sensitive nub between her lips and sucking firmly. Nova let out a moan and went slack on the bed as she relished the exquisite pleasure of having Tammie sucking her clit while working the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. Nova’s orgasm built to a crescendo and she came with a gusto she rarely experienced.

“Looks like you found a new friend,” said a manly voice from the doorway.

“Mmmm, yes, honey, ” Nova replied silkily, “this is Tammie. The one I told you about. She’s fabulous. Tammie, this is my husband, Jay, he’s going to fuck you now.”

“Oh, yes, please, Jay!” responded Tammie as she lifted her ass, assumed the doggy position, and resumed kissing Nova.

Jay quickly undressed and mounted the bed. Tammie wiggled her ass in further invitation and Jay wasted no time taking her hips in hand. Jay caressed Tammie’s ass, delivered a couple of sharp spanks, and guided his cock into Tammie’s pussy. Tammie caught her breath as she felt her pussy being stretched and filled. Jay sank his cock balls-deep into Tammie and paused to savor the pressure Tammie’s muscles exerted on him. Jay began slowly fucking Tammie with deep even strokes as he held her ass steady in his strong hands.

Tammie’s mouth went slack as she felt Jay’s cock bringing on yet another orgasm. Nova’s hands on her breasts kept her from flopping forward and off of Jay’s cock as she lost control and began to writhe in ecstasy. Jay held tight as his thrusts brought them both to climax and he pumped his seed deep inside Tammie.

Now Tammie did flop forward onto Nova’s breasts and gasped to catch her breath. Nova held Tammie, brushed the hair out of her eyes, and gently kissed her face. When she had caught her breath she rolled off Nova and finally got to see the cock that had just been filling her up. Nova saw the look of awe on Tammie’s face and chuckled, “Jay has at least one beneficial quality. I trust you’ll spend the night?” Tammie answered by kissing Nova and snuggling into the bed.

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