St. Chester Ch. 02

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This chapter continues the saga of Fred Fringle at St. Chester. None of the characters are under 18. In fact, they don’t even have a corporal existence. Some times I envy them. Just think, lots of sex and no taxes.

After returning from the orientation picnic at the St Chester beach club (Chapter I) I had trouble getting to sleep. I gave some thought to beating off, but I didn’t want to do anything to take away from my memory of the evening, so I just sort of played with myself for a while, dreaming about what had been and then I was just when I was dropping off, when my phone rang.



“Molly!” I did ‘t have any trouble recognizing her voice.

“Would you like to come over?”

“Isn’t the dorm off limits now?”

“There are some rewards for being floor rep. Besides, those rules only count if you’re caught. Everybody does it. You just don’t want to make a lot of baritone noise and alert the Dorm mother. It’s after 10:00 so she’s three sheets to the wind anyway. So get over here. Or don’t you want to?”

“You don’t have to ask. Where do I find you?”

“I’ll be at the door.”

At the porch, I took a good look up and down, making sure nobody was looking. Then I walked up the steps and there she was, standing in the doorway. “Quick, now. Come in and be quiet.” I followed her down the hall a short way to her room.

Inside the room, she said, “You can talk now, but no yelling—not that it really matters, but no point in making trouble where there is none.”

I grabbed her shoulders and gave her a giant hug and kiss. “Whoa, boy. You are ready, aren’t you?” That meant she could feel my cock pushing against her tummy.”

“I sure am. I’ve been in a state of constant arousal ever since we got on the bus.”

“Poor boy, we’re just going to have to do something about that, aren’t we.” Even as she spoke clothes were flying in the air and then we were hugging each other without anything between us but pubic hair and eight inches of cock. She kneeled in front of me and took that cock into her mouth. “I love the smooth feeling of the bulb on the end of your cock against the roof of my mouth.”

“And I love the feeling of your . . . Ah . . . tongue twisting around me. Oh God, Molly. That takes my breath away.”

“Yeah, I noticed. Come on, this is where a bed is really nice. Sorry it’s so small.”

“Hey, how big does it have to be?” Side by side our hands took on a life of their own as they explored hungrily.

“After a while Molly sat up. “This is actually the first time I’ve seen a cock in the light,” she said.

“Is this another of your stories?”

“No, honest. I just lost my cherry this summer. I’ll have to tell you about it some time. It just happened. I mean there was no thought of it. Just a sudden overwhelming need.”

“Let’s not get side-tracked now.”

“God, he is so fine. The head is like silk.” Suddenly she jumped up and went over to her dresser, her fanny cheeks flexing in a way that took my breath away. I bounded up and ran my palms over them from behind as she reached into a drawer and got out a silk camisole. “Like this,” she said turning to rub my glans penis with it. My hips bucked as if I’d been riding a bronco and the head of my cock bounced like a tennis ball. “Get’s to you, does it?” she said.

“Oh, Molly. Oh stop. I can’t take it.” She backed off, started to trail the silken garment up and down my stomach and over my chest. My nipples and I shivered with pleasure. But I was concerned. I didn’t know how many times I could come in an evening and I sure didn’t want to waste one of them in foreplay when it could be from fucking.

“I’d sure like to see you in your camisole.”

“You don’t like to see my body naked?”

“Come on, you know better than that. Here let me help you.” I draped the garment over her head and she wiggled into it. “You like it?”

“Look in the mirror,” I said. She studied herself in the mirror on her dresser. “I do look hot, don’t I? Ha ha. Don’t take me seriously.”

My fingers were all over her, feeling the wonderful interplay of skin and silk—our skin, the skin of each of our two naked bodies and the silken garment. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Molly looked up at me, “I always dreamed of having a man see me in this garment. I hoped it would be like this. Want to know a secret?”


“I like to wear this when I get myself off. I rub myself just like you’re doing it now. Now, I’ll always be able to remember this and make it more real.”

“I hope you won’t have to remember. After all, I’m just across the quad.”

“You don’t want me to play with myself, anymore?”

“I guess it’s all right if it doesn’t take away from us being together.”

“Boy, you sure come on strong.”

“Look at me,” I pointed down. That’s strong. I’ve been thinking about bahis firmaları this. Yes, I’m coming on strong, but you make me do it..” I pointed at my cock, grabbed it and held it out to her. “See what you do to me.”

Molly reached down and squeezed the blood out of the bulb of my rigid cock. Then she let go and the blood rushed back in and my cock swelled even bigger. Precum was dripping down to the floor in long strings.

“Like now?” she whispered, her hot breath whistling as it blew in my ear hole.

“Like now.” Later, after a wrinkle in time that I can’t account for, I whispered in her ear, “So you get it off in this nightie, eh? I’d sure like to see that.” Molly sat down on the side of the bed and lay back, legs spread. First, she started to stroke her breasts and when the nipples got hard, she squeezed them in her fingers. This somehow made her legs begin to jerk and her hands quickly dropped down to her pussy. She pulled the hem of the camisole up and pulled the lips of her vagina apart. Reaching into her cunt, she wet her fingers. I looked closely at the Little curds, so like cottage cheese, that floated on top of the creamy white nectar that was flowing from her pussy’s inside, then I almost gasped as she spread it on her clitoris, which was extruded from between her pussy’s lips. “Oh, this feels so good.”

“As good as me?”

“I don’t know. I forget.”

I got on my knees in front of her, leaned in, and started to lick her clit.”

“Oh, that’s too much,” she squealed, squeezing her knees together so I could hardly breathe. Then she opened her legs again and started to hump my tongue with her pussy. “Leave the clit alone for a minute.”

“I pushed my tongue into her vagina as far as I could; then I licked the full length of her vulva a couple of times.”

“Suck me,” she suddenly said. I hurried to suck her clitoris into my mouth and when I did she started to come and I mean she started to really come, closing her legs on my head and trying to twist it off like a bottle cap. My head was swimming as the sensations of her warmth and the odor of her pussy juice overwhelmed me. I, me, my cock, everything felt like it was going to burst. I pulled my head away and positioned my cock in the entrance of her pussy.

“Can I come in?”

“Remember how Sister Anne said my body is my soul’s house? Well come on in and stay a while. Mi casa tu casa.” With that I slid in and in and in, and didn’t stop sliding until I reached the end of the universe. My mind was in a new realm; one filled with jeopardy: On the one hand the promised land, and on the other hand the danger of coming too soon–having it come to an end before we hardly got started. That’s just a convoluted way of saying I didn’t want to come too soon but I was already on the verge.

To forestall premature ejaculation I held still, my cock fully in her, and waited for the tide to recede. Her cunt made it hard. It went twitch twitch twitch as it tested my resolve to hold out against the current, but I concentrated on holding my fire and gradually cooled off.

Shifting my hips a little I started to press the flared root of my cock into the soft tissue above her vagina without pushing my penis in and out, which would have made me come without a doubt. Even that felt so exquisite I had to concentrate all the more on not coming.

Pulling myself up to where we could kiss I spent what seemed like a long time kissing her face and chewing her nipples and licking her face, while she stared up at me with unfocused eyes. After a while I trusted myself to start the classic in and out that pumps the world around its orbit and somewhere along the line I got my second wind and found myself to able to fuck her for real.

This broke her out of her daze and she started to work against me with abandon, moaning with each movement. The rhythm of in and out began to accelerate and our motion became feverish. Her heels tried unsuccessfully to find a purchase on the floor so she could thrust against me and when that didn’t work, she kicked them up around my butt where she got enough of a purchase to take control away from me. I could have come at this point without any effort at all, but I resolved to let her enjoy her control over me. I promised myself I’d last until she got off again.

It was neat fucking with the room lights on; I could see—we could see, as well as feel, what was going on, so I saw the flush of red begin in her chest and spread up to her face and into the roots of her hair, which announced her impending orgasm. “You’re turning red. I suppose I am too.”

“Not particularly,” she gasped. Then, suddenly she started to kick the back of my legs with her heels, going kick, kick, kick as she went into violent gyrations. I could feel my spawn beginning the trip to the sea and I did everything I could to hold it back, but the kaçak iddaa way her pussy was squeezing and milking my cock made it impossible to hold back. But just trying to hold back had the effect of prolonging the journey while my seed fought to get free and the more I strained, the more my cock burned with the wonderful feeling that coming brings—a feeling I’d always thought I knew well, but now realized I’d only begun to know. “Oh, I’m coming! I’m coming.” I kissed and squeezed Molly for all my life and she hugged me back. How strong the body’s sinew is to be able to stand such stress without tearing.

As I fought to hold my seed, Molly made it more and more difficult by squeezing my cock with her cunt in a grasp that a fist would have envied, but when my sperm finally came spilling out, she opened her legs and relaxed her vagina muscles, welcoming my seed in, sucking it from me, along with all my energy. I died in her arms and didn’t come to life until she suddenly coughed, which pushed my soft cock out like squeezing a watermelon seed between your fingers.

For the longest time we didn’t have a thing to say to each other. Then she sort of pushed me off of her. “Sorry; you’re getting heavy.”

“That’s okay.” I lay beside her. “I want to say I love you, but I don’t want to insult you, making you think I would say anything just to get into you. “But it sure feels like love.”

“Me too; I know what you mean.”

“So, what do I say? I lust you? That’s probably the truth, but people like Sister Anne don’t know how much like love lust can be.”

“Shush. Just let it be. I know how you feel.”

“Okay, let me put it another way.” I got on my knees on the bed and started to kiss her face all over, stopping now and then to nuzzle her nose and licking between her lips from time to time, trying to not be lustful but loving. She was enjoying it. I could tell.

I had seen lots of pussies in magazines and videos, but seeing Molly’s in the flesh wasn’t the same. I am always amazed to see that cunts are as unique in feature as faces and Molly’s was beautiful, the more so for being wide open and dripping my semen.

After a while I turned around so my head was even with her pussy and my knees were even with her face. I pulled one of her knees up so I could see her sex. There was a stream of my semen flowing down like butterscotch on ice cream and her vagina was still open, so if I’d had a flashlight I’d have been able to see her cervix. “It looks different, now,” I said.


“Your clit looks like the pictures in the magazines now. Earlier it just looked like . . . I don’t know what . . . not like this.” I carefully touched the little pearl of her clitoris. “This wasn’t visible at all earlier.”

“What?” I flipped it again. “Oh!”

“Like that?”

“Um.” I leaned in and gave it a flick with my tongue. “Oh!” I did it again. “Oh!” She reached down and pushed my head so my nose was buried in her vagina and shivered.

“I don’t believe it. I’m getting hard again.” Molly rolled over and started to play with my cock while she held her legs open so my face remained in her vulva. It should have been disgusting. But it wasn’t. It was sweet. There I was with my nose buried in my semen, which was still flowing from her sex where I’d just deposited it, but my little head has fewer scruples than the big one and it was in charge again.

“Oh Molly, that feels so good,” I said as she slowly licked the full length of my cock. “When I make long strokes like that, I like to massage my balls lightly at the same time. Ah, yes, like that. Oh my God, Molly, what you do to me.”

Meanwhile, her legs were splayed as wide as she could hold them and I was trying to mirror her every move with the analogous part of her sex. “I never noticed how much a girl’s, a woman’s sex is a man’s, inside out. If I put my penis against your clitoris, my balls fit right into your pussy.”

“Let’s fuck some more, Fred, if you can, that is.”

“Oh, I can. I rolled her over. This time I knelt between her legs with my knees right up against her but and pulled her legs up so I could enter her without lying on top of her. When I leaned forward the penetration was awesome. Then I backed off a little and fucked her for a while with just my cock and her pussy in contact except where I held her legs. I was especially thrilled to have the rim of my glans penis boink in and out like a watermelon seed, just enough to pass all the way in and all the way out. She allowed me the control this position gave me and I used my control to enforce a slow pace. Glide in, ever so slowly, linger a while, glide out slowly. Swive the glide. Glide the swive.

Once and a while I’d pull all the way out and slide my glans penis up and down her vulva, and when I noticed how the head of my penis drove her clitoris wild, I put the tip of my cock kaçak bahis right against it and started to fuck the little nub with the underside of my glans so that my clitoris was against hers in a manner of speaking—that is, the little ‘v’ in the bottom of my glans against the little ‘v’ of the pearl shaped core of her clitoris. This drove both of us wild and my cock swelled up so much I was afraid I was going to come again already, but the earlier orgasms made me able to endure even this, though it felt for all the world like I was about to come. Man that was sweet; like having an orgasm continue on and on and on. “The everready penis; it goes on and on!”

“You have every right to brag.”

It must have been something like that for Molly too, because when she started to come, I was able to keep her coming for the longest time. One of the things I discovered was that I could pull all the way out and then with a wetted finger push the moist inner lips of her vagina against the soft head of my cock so I could feel the ridge of my fireman’s helmet under the softness of her pussy. It seemed like her pussy was wired directly to her heels because every time I plucked her pussy this way, her heels kicked my ribs before lifting her ass up off the bed, pushing my cock back into her cunt. Oh it felt like nothing else in the world.

Then something happened that I’ve never heard of. I had an orgasm that really tore me up, but I didn’t ejaculate. I just twitched and burned (if that’s the word) and went through the great rush and all the lightheaded faint feelings associated with coming, but without pumping my spew into her pussy.

I collapsed against her and lay upon her willing body, cock pushed into her cunt as far as it would reach. And my cock didn’t get soft. In fact once I caught my breath, it was anxious to get with it again.

I rolled off of Molly and onto my back. “Get on top, Molly. Get on top.”

“Can you do that?” she asked.

“Sure. Just put one knee on each side of my hips.” She did and I grabbed her hips and guided her cunt to my cock, which I guided into her without the use of my hands. The design of the human body is definitely fucking friendly—engineered for penile-vaginal access. Yes, her legs and atrium funneled my hot, red, hard cock back into the lists.

And so I discovered the wonderful thing about ‘lady on top’: gravity works with instead of against. All Molly had to do was relax and I penetrated to the fullest extent possible.

When she came down and I was all the way in, I learned to use my hands on her hips to grind her clitoris against the base of my cock where is gets wider just before disappearing into my pubic hair and her pussy.

It didn’t take much of that before I was ready to have another orgasm. Not trusting myself not to ejaculate again, I pulled most of the way out, pushing Molly’s hips away from me. I never stopped to think that she might object to the way I was using my hands on her hips to control her. But I discovered that my bending a little at the waist, I could keep the bulb of my glans in her atrium and drive her clitoris crazy with direct pressure of the softest, best kind. She started to come and when she did, I straightened my hips out again and thrust all the way into her; I started to grind the base of my cock against her clit again. Her orgasm became even more violent and, then, not satisfied with perfection, I pulled out to drive her even higher and wilder with the glans against clitoris trick, and then thrust in again to the hilt.

Then I learned that I just thought I was controlling her with my hands. She suddenly took control for real and I honestly feared she was going to tear my cock out by the roots. She clamped down on my happy muscle, the one which was pricking her, and whipped her hips back and forth until she found my trigger and then we were both out of control, flailing our bodies against each other.

I honestly think we lost consciousness for a while. At least, the next thing I remember is coming to and wondering how long I’d been comatose.

“You know, Molly. I think I understand now why every generation thinks it invented sex. Surely nobody else ever had an orgasm like that.”

“Don’t you mean orgasms?”

“I’m not sure if it’s multiple orgasms or one big continuous orgasm.”

“I don’t guess it matters.”

“Not as long as I can keep it up. Actually, I think I had several orgasms, but just one ejaculation.”

“Well, I’m glad you have a way to clarify it for yourself, but I don’t know what happened to me. I just hope it happens again before I die.”

“Oh, I hope it happens sooner than that.”

“Like tomorrow morning, lover?”

I’m glad Molly is an organized kind of individual. After all that, I never would have had the mental acuity to set the alarm so I could leave before people were up and about in the dorm. If it had been up to me, I would have had to spend the day in her closet until dark. As it was, I only got an hour and a half of sleep before it was time to vamoose.

“Till next time, Molly. Bye. Love ya.”

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