Spring Release

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It was a Saturday morning and Layla had been lying in bed awake for the past few hours despite her responsibilities. She enjoyed the sunlight coming through her sheer white curtains because it finally meant the end of a cold and harsh winter.

She knew she should be up and on her way to work out and make breakfast and study, but there was something so comfortable and lovely about her room in the early morning with the sunlight barely peeking through. With a slow motion, she used her pale hand to push aside the curtains. It was much brighter than she expected, but she could hear sweet birds singing so she opened the curtains entirely. She didn’t mind that she was completely naked – not many were up at this hour, nor could they see easily into her room if they were. Although the thought of someone looking at her soft and smooth skin and perky nipples was a little bit thrilling… just the thought of it made her the tiniest bit randy.

Still, her bed was placed right up against the window and no one would be able to see much of anything. She was contented to walk around her house naked quite often, and no neighbors had come to complain yet.

Layla, who had gotten a little warm at her five second fantasy decided to open the window. She wasn’t quite strong enough to lift the heavy window from the position she was laying in so she got up on her knees and bent over on the bed to push the window up. Her breasts bounced up and down once as she did this and they were immediately greeted with a slightly cold burst of wind through the newly opened casino siteleri window. It was slightly uncomfortable but a little bit sexy. “Wow, I must be pretty horny,” Layla thought. She’d been thinking about her last good fuck all night last night, and this morning everything was turning her on.

Layla hadn’t realized that she’d been sitting on her bed, naked, in the window while considering this. She looked up and started to cover herself, out of habit, although she knew no one could see. However, she was wrong. Suddenly she locked eyes with a young man peering out the window in the house across the yard from her. Layla was surprised that her first action wasn’t to jump out of the view of the window. The last time a man had looked at her in her house, she had literally dropped to the floor and army crawled out of the room. This was a hilarious anecdote she liked to tell about her old neighbors, and even in that instance she had been in her underwear.

But there was something about this man that she was looking at. He was clearly well fit, and though his features were hard to define from the distance, and the water-stained window, she could have sworn he had a straw jawline. And that it was open, just a little bit, in awe at what he was looking at. Even though he appeared to be fully clothed, and she was completely naked, she continued to look at him, one arm covering her nipples. And she couldn’t help but smile…

Layla used her pale fingers to squeeze and massage her left breast, still looking at the stranger. She gave him her most intense canlı casino stare. “What am I doing?” She thought to herself, while maintaining that look. There was something incredibly sensual about this moment and she could almost feel the heat and moisture forming between her legs.

Layla thought for a moment that the man, who had clearly begun blushing would walk away, but he stood stalk still. Layla began gently running her hands down her body. Down her sides, and she closed her eyes, gently touching her soft skin, and letting her tits hand freely. There was something too exciting about this, caressing herself in the window. “I could probably get arrested for this,” she thought, and she slowly raised her eyes up to look at the window and see if her mystery watcher was still there.

He was. And he appeared to be a little bit closer to his own window. At this point, Layla’s attraction had turned up. She almost wanted to motion him over to come fuck her brains out. But she didn’t know this stranger or anything about him, and in any case, this was the hottest thing she’d done in a while. So, instead, Layla slowly spread her legs, little by little, her fingers caressing and massaging her thighs. She ran them so close to her pussy and she pretended she could hear her stranger’s heavy breathing.

Layla could smell the attraction and excitement coming from her, and she wanted to touch and feel herself, but she also wanted to give her stranger a show. She looked at him to make sure he was watching, and she looked down at herself to lead his eyes kaçak casino to her wet mound. She slowly ran her fingers around her juicy puffed lips. She dipped her finger in just the slightest bit, and a string of juices followed her finger.

She looked up. Her stranger was now fully pressed against his window. His hands were nowhere to be seen, but Layla had a guess about what they were doing. She slowly started to rub herself a little bit faster. Her clit was swelling with desire, and she couldn’t ignore it anymore. She began to touch herself more and more vigorously.

Layla could feel an orgasm bubbling up inside of her. She looked up at her companion and just as she guessed, his hands were not visible but his forearm was moving rapidly. The heat of the sunshine and of her tension was building in Layla’s face and on her now rosy red cheeks. She bit her lip and let out a low moan. She stared at her stranger, who locked eyes with her as she slipped her ring finger deep inside of her. She had to throw her head back in delight, her long red hair dangling and tickling her plump ass.

This time Layla knew it was coming and she couldn’t resist any longer. Her quick fingers were massaging her clit in a rhythmic fashion, her slit was dripping wet and making a damp spot on the bed, suddenly she felt that glorious orgasmic rush wash over her. Her moans released were loud and she gripped onto the window for support as her juices squirted hard out of her. She was seeing stars and it almost felt like nighttime again.

Slowly she opened her eyes, panting, and looked up once again. Her stranger’s mouth was agape, and he was still slowly moving his forearm. She gave him a wink, and a coy smile and shut her windows and curtains immediately. That’s enough right there.

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