Spring Breaking Pt. 02

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Sarah was prone on the hotel bed with her face in the paperback she’d been reading for her book report—to her best friend’s disgust.

Sarah resonated with tingles from head to toe from her friend’s attempts to break her out of her shell. Never did she think she would wind up in a club or dancing between two lustful friends. She wound up kissing her friend but when she thought locking lips with another girl was new, that same friend showed her how well she could use her tongue in her sweet pussy.

It didn’t end there. When Christina was lapping at her delicious hole, she dipped lower and Sarah flinched. Her friend insisted she reveled in eating her ass and though Sarah couldn’t understand how that could be possible, she couldn’t deny how naughty, dirty, and downright hot she felt.

Their mutual friend Aric later joined in at Christina’s request to complete the threesome and Sarah experienced a day full of firsts she believed would happen only in an alternate lifetime.

Christina was elated at her work at cracking open Sarah’s carapace and though the quiet girl enjoyed the group fun and strengthened connection with her friends, the events syphoned the energy out of her. The excessive social interactions served to do this as well and retreating to her shell with a good book was the perfect elixir for recharging her batteries.

Christina was the mirror opposite…

Sarah had transported to the world of her novel when she heard Christina outside the door use her keycard to open the door with a beep and click. A bag rattled with Christina’s entrance and the rustling continued with her steps into the room.

“Hey Sarah! Are you ready for the party…” Christina’s excitement trailed away and Sarah sensed her burning a glower into her. “You’re doing it again, ugh! I thought you promised you wouldn’t use spring break to read books for university!”

Sarah flipped the page. “I didn’t promise that. You promised that on my behalf.”

“Okay, can you please put that back in your suitcase and not bring it out until we’re back at school? Please? I gave you two pleases. Make that three.”

“I had more fun than I ever dreamed of over the last day but I’m doing what I want now. I feel so drained that I can’t move from this bed.” Sarah outstretched her arms with a drawn out, partially exaggerated yawn. “I got out of my shell so you’re happy, right?”

“I didn’t mean for you to have a little fun and then crawl back into it!” Christina was shaking her free hand in a furor but calmed down to empathize. “I know you’re not a butterfly like me or want to go out all the time but we’re on spring break near the strip and a beach! Can’t you at least go back to your shell when we get back? Look at what I bought!”

Christina tossed the bag on the bed and her enthusiasm ignited Sarah’s curiosity so much that she had to take a peek.

Sarah rummaged through the bag and gasped at the first package she slid out. A clear, vibrating butt plug!

“Um, don’t you already have one of these?” Sarah asked as she held up the toy.

“I have three actually but that one is for you!” Christina glowed with so much joy, Sarah didn’t want to be responsible for making it go away. “This makes you feel like a bad girl, you want to cum just by having it in, and it will get you ready to take a cock.”

Christina’s tongue, fingers, or her vibrator being in Sarah’s ass was one thing but a man’s beast was something different. Aric’s seven-inch erection was pleasurable inside her pussy but she couldn’t imagine something like that in her backdoor. The thought alone had tension gripping her.

“I don’t know about this. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to feel good. Why don’t you keep this?” Sarah tossed the package at her friend who caught it but brought it back to her.

She sat on the bed beside Sarah. “Trust me. You’ll love being filled in such a naughty place. You have to get used to it but when you do, you won’t get enough! You’ve enjoyed everything I’ve shown you so far haven’t you?”

Sarah returned her nose to the paperback. “They said you have to get used to whiskey but that never happened for me nor do I have any interest in that either. We had so much fun last night. Let’s keep it at that.”

Christina fiddled around in the bag and out came a bottle of clear gel. “This will help it to slide in easier and it won’t hurt as much. See, I’ve thought of everything!”

“You don’t quit, do you?” Sarah tried unsuccessfully to engross herself in her book.

Christina moved the bag and sat in its place. “When you’re having so much fun, who said it had to stop?”

“I’m good, thanks…”

Sarah fell into the world of her novel and Christina’s presence faded for a moment though her flora aura continued to flow into her nose.

As she turned a page, her friend’s dirty blonde tresses mixed with hers as she drew closer to her face and laid kisses along her cheek. Sarah swatted at her with one hand still anchored to the book.

“I know you want this…” Christina added sweeping back and forth strokes along güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her back, edging closer to her bubble ass each time, and her kissing landed on the rear of her neck.

Despite the spark ignited in her core and the acceleration in her chest, Sarah leaned away from her affections though her resistance lacked much conviction. “Christina, stop…”

“Do you really want me to?” Christina slid both palms along her shirt and one found her ass and granted it a rough grope. Sarah sealed her lips to trap the hum rising from her approval but her friend’s kneading persisted.

Sarah wiped her forehead as her breaths jumped off rhythm. Christina’s hands slipped beneath her shirt, gradually traveled up the sides of her spine, and massaged her shoulders for a few tension-releasing squeezes before returning to her butt.

“I know what you can’t resist…” Christina slipped her lustful fingers beneath the sheets to find the button on Sarah’s jeans to pop it free. Once the zipper went down, it wasn’t long before Sarah’s pants were doing the same and her blue panties wound up in her crack.

Sarah gnawed her lower lip and trembled as Christina worked her pants off her ankles and then peeled her panties off the meet them on the floor.


Christina spanked Sarah and the sound of hand meeting flesh echoed throughout the room and the searing feeling had the timid girl yelping. Her teeth grinding into her lower lip went a little deeper.

“Oww! That kind of hurt…” Sarah rubbed her cheeks but Christina moved her hand away and replaced it with her own.

Christina kneaded her ass like dough. “Mmm, that’s what bad, naughty girls get. Now, we know that’s you.”

Sarah dared not deny it and laid her ear on the comforter in submission. The relaxation brought on by Christina leaning into her massages with silky hands had her leaking onto the sheets.

Sarah began to drift off when her moon parted. She winced as she feared she might be dirty but Christina’s hungry tongue lapping at her dark starfish alleviated her anxiety.

Christina’s purrs spoke to her enjoyment and her wet appendage whirling over her asshole had Sarah patting the sheets. She switched to probing her anus with her tongue’s tip to persuade it to allow entry and she shoved it in as much as it could penetrate. She fucked her with the stiffened appendage before giving it a few lingering sweeps up and down her crack.

Christina spread Sarah’s legs more to provide better access to her wet pussy. A couple of digits pumped into her friend as her opposite thumb rubbed her sphincter.

Sarah wiggled her ankles and let out a soft cry with the increase in sexual power gathering in her nether region.

“Why don’t you open your gift?” Christina whispered as she continued twisting her fingers into Sarah’s pink canal.

Sarah wondered how she could acquiesce to her wish with the thrusting and drilling of her fingers sending her into a utopian realm. She summoned enough will to reach for the toy and fumbled to tear the plastic package apart.

As soon as the toy was freed, Christina swiped it away. A few moments later, the buzzing signaled Christina’s testing of the instrument and a revisiting of some of Sarah’s nerves.

“Ooh, this is going to go nicely in your little bottom…” Christina laid the toy on the bed and drizzled some saliva on her butthole. She buried her face in her butt to give it a furious licking causing Sarah to squirm about. She darted her tongue’s tip in repeated strikes against her brown sponge prior to whipping her licks across it again in a fury.

“Oh, my…” Sarah’s lashes fluttered.

Christina paused her feasting. “You liked that, didn’t you? I have to get you ready to take your gift!”

Christina rubbed a slathering of lube onto Sarah’s sphincter and the quiet friend jumped from the cool sensation. Christina tapped the end of the silicone butt plug against Sarah’s spongy opening. After a few dabbles, she gave Sarah an inch of the toy followed by another. Sarah inhaled and paused as she stretched to accommodate the intruder.

“It’s a perfect fit! Let’s kick the vibes up a bit!” Christina wasted little time kicking the pulses up to the highest setting and the surges of waves flowing through Sarah pushed more quiet moans from her lips.


Christina pulled an ass cheek aside and pumped the toy. With the vibrations, Sarah curved her back and shrieked. Similar ripples emanated from her sweet passage and her thighs tightened.

“We can’t get you too aroused yet,” Christina said as she rolled off the bed to her sorrow, “we’ll be late for the party if we stay any longer. Don’t worry. We’re not finished. We have to see if you’re ready for some cock.”

In a blink, all of the excitement vanished and Sarah whimpered from the absence of Christina playing with her to her astonishment but the idea of a cock in her ass still gave her the shudders much like the notion of going to a party with a bunch of strangers or people she knew but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri rather keep her distance from.

“Party…yeah…sure…” Sarah would have preferred a stumped toe.

A couple of hours later, Sarah had migrated to the back corner of the hotel ballroom as if she was putting herself in timeout. Music banged throughout the space and coaxed head bobs, foot taps, and hip sashaying from the swarm of university students letting loose and destroying their inhibitions. Running the room’s length were white-clothed tables with fried chicken, pizza, cakes, pies, punch, tea, and the untouched fruit bowls and veggie trays. The latter two appealed to Sarah but she dared not venture over there and be seen by the masses. What if they wanted to…’gulp’…stop her and want to conversate?

Sarah was content to wedge herself into the corner and observe from a “safe” distance. Blending with the shadows was also preferable considering the choice of attire Christina talked her into wearing.

Her top may have been a slate gray cotton university shirt with blue lettering but her lower half remained mostly uncovered aside from a blue jean skirt that didn’t come close to reaching her knees. She found herself trying to push it down in utter failure. As if that wasn’t enough, she was certain her circulation was restricted given the tingly feeling in her extremities. It would be the last time she cosplayed as her friend. All for the sake of learning to be sexy.

The “cosplay” couldn’t have been completed without a butt plug lodged into her most sacred hole. Christina was right about feeling naughty with it in and carrying around a secret nobody knew about. However, to say she was a fish out of water was the overstatement of overstatements.

Approaching from the crowd was Aric in his white shirt, plum vest, and matching pants to go with his perfectly disheveled hair. A sense of relief descended upon Sarah in the midst of the chaotic mess of her nerves.

“I thought I might find you in a corner somewhere,” Aric said handing her a cup and dropping his gaze to her legs, “whoa! Christina talked you into…”

Sarah took the cup without thinking. “Yeah, yeah. I know. Rather I don’t know what I was thinking. What is this?”

“Lemon tea. Your favorite,” Aric said and she took a sip, “you don’t have to do anything you don’t want so that means you must like some of this, right? Come on, admit it!”

Sarah took another sip of the tea with a mix of sweet and sourness. “Mmm, the tea is good at least. Might make this party bearable. Thank you.”

She continued to take sips while she contemplated how or whether to answer his question. The answer was obvious but she didn’t know how to admit it to herself let alone verbalize it.

Aric took a guzzle of punch and snickered. “Too embarrassed to admit it? I know what we did this morning. There is something I don’t know how to ask but…”

“…okay, what do you need me to tutor you on?” Sarah shot him a knowing look with her head cocked sideways and a hand on a hip.

Aric sighed and looked at the floor with dejection. “That predictable, huh? I need help with a research paper for English. I’m not the best at writing and need help with the citations. You know I’ll give you something for it…”

“Okay, I’ll help you when we get back to school.” Sarah found it easier to pull a tooth than disappoint someone by saying “no” but Aric knew this and compensated her for her assistance. He worked at a health store and she happened to like a few things he sold.

Aric perked up with a smile and pumped a fist. “Hey, that’s awesome! What can I get you? Honey lemon tea? Some probiotics? How about gummy bear vitamins?”

Sarah displayed the entirety of her milky white pearls. “Yay, that’s cool. I’ll take them all!”

“That’s such a high price for your services! I guess I’ll pay it!”

“Hehe. Where’s Christina?”

Aric pointed towards the center of the party. “She’s mingling and doing her butterfly thing. Find the crowd huddled around someone and she’s probably in the middle of it. What would it take for you to join everyone? Maybe there are other introverts?”

“I doubt they would be here honestly,” Sarah said while crossing her arms.

“You’re here,” Aric countered with a smirk.

“I was talked into it.”

“And you wanted to make your best friend happy. Maybe there are others here that want to get out of their comfort zones, too?”

Sarah laughed sarcastically inwardly. “We’re not always the easiest people to talk to—not without a little motivation.”

“So I noticed,” Aric said with a quick palm towards her to stop any backlash, “but no offense!”

“None taken. I just know how we are.”

“I won’t make you do anything you don’t want but I’m sure you don’t want to hang out in this corner all night…”

Sarah realized he was trying to be a friend, which was beyond appreciated, but maybe he had a point.

“You’re right! I shouldn’t hang out in this corner all night,” Sarah said as a lightbulb güvenilir bahis şirketleri came on. “I can go back to the room and watch Avengers!”

As soon as that came out of her mouth, the one who would surely disapprove bounced her way with her straight blonde locks flying in the breeze and wearing jeans so tight they looked as though they were painted on. Sarah always wondered what miracle it took for her to squeeze into them especially with everything she carried in her rear trunk.

“Hey, Sarah!” Christina said as she tapped her on the hip. “How are you enjoying the festivities?”

Sarah was certain she showered in orange aromatic oil. Both Sarah and Aric were looking at the round twins popping out from her pink tube top.

“I can tell you what I’m not enjoying!” Sarah groaned as she gripped her skirt with both hands and strained to push it to her knees again. “My body is tingly and I can’t feel my fingertips! I don’t want to be sexy if this is what it takes.”

“Hehe, no one said being alluring came easy, my love. I think you look better in that skirt than me!” Christina twirled some of Sarah’s hair around a finger like noodles spun onto a fork.

“Whatever…” Sarah said with a shaking head and rolling white eyes.

“So, what are you about to get into?” Christina asked.

Sarah began to open her mouth but Aric’s words came out.

Aric slithered an arm around Sarah from the side. “She’s actually good on the party. She’s ready to go back to the room and watch Avengers now!”

Sarah jabbed his gut and he exaggerated jumping away and doubling over in pain. “Aric! You didn’t have to give my whole plan away!”

Sarah glanced at Christina who narrowed her glare, dented her chin, and pursed her lips.

“Oh, no, she’s not!” Christina closed the gap between the duo and spoke at a loud whisper while leaning forward. “Did you know she has a butt plug in right now?”

Sarah covered her face upon cherry flushing her cheeks. “I can’t keep any secrets around you two!”

“I had no idea!” Aric sounded so surprised. “Your bad influence has finally worn off. It was a matter of time.”

“Yeah…” Christina took her place at Sarah’s right hip and smacked her ass. Sarah hissed as her hand caught some of her bare leg. She peered around in potential embarrassment if anyone spotted Christina’s lack of restraint. “You won’t believe what she talked about you doing to her. She wants you to…”

Sarah snapped in her own soft-toned voice way. “Okay! I said I would think about trying a few things.”

“Ohhh…” Christina said as she transitioned to her sultry, bedtime voice. “Do tell.”

She bit Sarah’s shoulder and purred like a cat. Sarah pushed her off as she tried hiding her giggles in fake disapproval.

Aric and Christina ogled at Sarah. She could almost see the drool puddles forming at their feet.

“I, um, I’m not exactly comfortable right now.” Sarah’s senses were overreacting.

“Is it the skirt or something else?” Aric asked with his fingertips stroking across Sarah’s knuckles to calm her uneasiness.

“Yes, this ridiculous skirt and this plug…”

Christina tugged on Sarah’s wrist to lead her in some direction. “Come here. I know what to do! You, too, Aric.”

“Hey, where are we going…” Sarah’s heels began skidding across the tile before she could object and wound up submitting to her wish and putting her trust in her again.

They sneaked through a maintenance corridor behind the ballroom where the hotel’s air conditioning roared and the circuit breakers resided. Sarah couldn’t imagine what solutions to her issues were in this area but her two friends didn’t seem perplexed in the least.

Christina found a door labeled “storage” and surveyed the hall in both directions prior to dipping inside.

Brooms, mops, and dustpans hung on hooks along the wall. Mop buckets laid on the floor and cleaning supplies lined the shelves. The scents of such supplies filled the closet as did the moisture from the damp mops.

Christina peered around and perked up when her devious hazel orbs spotted the object of her search.

“Right here!” Christina guided Sarah towards her.

“Wait! What are you…” Sarah could hardly complete her words before she wound up bent over a stack of boxes containing jugs of bleach and bottles of glass cleaner. “Hey…”

Christina pushed Sarah’s skirt above her blue panties and shoved her underwear to her ankles. Sarah wiggled from the exposure with the knowledge that if anyone walked through the door, she would die from the humiliation.

Christina pulled out Sarah’s anal toy and pushed it in again. Once more it withdrew and again she shoved it in. Sarah gasped and arousal streamed from her underworld.

“You’re too tight and you need some lube. That’s your problem,” Christina diagnosed, “Aric, why don’t you fix that for her?”

“I would be happy to,” Aric said.

Christina’s soft hands opened Sarah’s cheeks and Aric’s tongue swept like brush strokes over her asshole. Sarah covered her lips to trap any cries of elation that threatened to escape.

He drizzled some saliva onto her dark passage and went back to eating her ass with a flurry of lashes. Sarah’s knees knocked against the boxes and became whipped cream. He hardened his tongue and probed her ass until he was able to fuck her with it.

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