Spring Break with Jane and Tony

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Jane and I had been living together since Christmas eve thanks to Jane’s parents. They had purchased a house for us near our University so that we could spend more time together while we had classes. It was a wonderful arrangement for us both as we could walk to school and back home together. We could also study, sleep and play together as well.

The second quarter of classes were about to finish with spring break on the horizon. This meant term papers to write and finals to study for but we both found the stress levels greatly diminished since we were living together. About a week before break Jane asked, “What would you like to do for spring break?”

“I don’t know, do we need to do anything special?”

“Well, traditionally, students head off for warmer climates like Florida or Texas in order to drink in excess and/or have sex with as many partners as possible.”

I grimaced and answered, “Well, neither of us like to drink that much and I have no desire to have sex with anyone but you so it doesn’t sound all that appealing to me.”

Jane chuckled, “Yeah, but it would be nice to go somewhere warm and lay in the sun for a week without a concern in the world!”

I sighed, “I agree, I would like to be warm again. This Chicago winter has been pretty rough. Do you have any idea where you would like to go?”

With a smile Jane replied, “As a matter of fact I do. My parents have a beach house in Kauai with a private beach and a swimming pool. They said we could use it if we wanted to. So, what do you think?”

“I think you have been planning this for some time if I know you!”

Jane looked at me sheepishly and said, “Well, um uh, yeah. I thought it would be nice but I wasn’t sure what you would think.”

I laughed and wrapped Jane in my arms and gave her a big kiss. “I want to do anything you want to do.”

Jane laughed and said, “Good! I have bought plane tickets and arranged for a rental car. My folks called the caretakers of the beach house and told them to have it ready for our arrival!”

“Well, it looks like we are going to Hawaii. I’ve never flown before so I’m looking forward to that.”

Our last finals were done on a Thursday and our flight was booked for Friday morning. We would fly non-stop to Honolulu on a United flight and then to Lihue on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. We were booked in first class for the entire trip, the perks of having a rich girlfriend! Our flights went off without a hitch…even our luggage arrived with us! We picked up our rental car and Jane drove us to the beach house.

The terrain was rather wild around the house as it was a rain forest. The house was fairly large with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room that looked out onto a patio (which I was to learn is called a ‘lanai’ in Hawaii) and the pool. Another fifty yards beyond the pool down a hill was the beach and the ocean.

We took our luggage to the master bedroom and unpacked our things. The weather was warm and muggy in the early evening so we thought we would go for a swim in the pool. Jane went into the bathroom while I changed into my swimming trunks. I yelled out that I would meet her out at the pool and then scampered off.

The pool was an infinity pool which had no discernable edge to it on the ocean side. I walked down the steps into the shallow end of the pool and then dove out towards the deeper part. The water felt very refreshing after the long hours of sitting on airplanes. I swam a couple of laps and then leaned against the far edge where the water was shallow again to await Jane.

When Jane walked out of the house my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw her bikini. It appeared to be made of three very small triangles of material held together with three small strings! The two small triangles of her top barely concealed Jane’s nipples and areolae and the triangle on the bottom barely covered her vagina as the top of the triangle ended mere millimeters above the crack of Jane’s pussy. My penis reacted immediately putting immense pressure on the front of my swim trunks.

When Jane saw my reaction, she smiled and walked down the steps into the shallow end of the pool. She dove under the water and swam over to me reemerging in front of me. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a deep passionate kiss. When we broke the kiss, Jane asked me, “So, what do you think of my bikini?”

I smiled and said, “I will have to reserve judgement as I haven’t seen the whole thing yet.”

“You pretty much have, actually,” Jane said with a smile.

“I’ve only seen the front so far.”

“If you want to see the back we will need to get out of the pool.” And with that Jane pushed away from me towards the steps. I followed her closely until she began climbing the steps out of the pool. When Jane got out of the water she looked naked from behind except for two small strings. Her ass looked delectable as she climbed dripping with water and glistening in the sun light.

I climbed out after her and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as I approached her Jane tuned around to face me. The cool water caused her nipples to harden and the material from her bikini clung to her breasts and pussy making it looked as if her bikini was painted on. My swim trunks were clinging to me as well exacerbating the effects of my erection. Jane looked down and smiled, “It would appear that you like my bikini!”

“What’s not to like?” I asked with a smile.

Jane smiled as she reached behind her tugging on the string behind her back untying her top. She then pulled the top off over her head and dropped it on the patio. She then reached down to her sides and pulled the knots on her bottoms loose and letting it fall to the floor. “I think I would like it better with nothing on! The better to fuck your brains out!” Jane then reached over and pulled the knot loose on my trunks and then pulled them down and off me.

Jane then turned around and walked over to a large padded ottoman, knelt down on it with her ass in the air, turned and looked at me over her shoulder and said, “Time to start spring break!!!” I walked over to her, kneeled down and sunk my face into Jane’s ass cheeks! I licked her from her tailbone to her clitoris. Then began lapping at Jane’s pussy running my tongue up and down from her clit to her perineum and back again. Jane began moaning as I began concentrating on her clit and as I sank a couple of fingers into her moist depths.

Jane was pushing herself back on my face and rubbing her little nub as hard as she could on my tongue as I continued pumping my fingers in and out of her hole. After a few minutes Jane cried out that her orgasm was upon her so I shifted my mouth around to catch her ejaculate as I always liked to do. As she came down from her high I shifted my face up to Jane’s ass and began licking on and around her anus. This elicited more moans from Jane. I began probing her asshole with my tongue sticking it in as deep as I could. Jane pushed her ass back on my face as she reached around and pulled my head into her.

Finally, Jane released my head which allowed me to pull my fingers from Jane’s pussy and push them into her ass. Jane let out a low growl as my fingers sank deeper and deeper into her bowel. “OH FUCK! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” Once all of the way in I began pulling them out again so that I could plunge them back in. I, also, sank two fingers back into Jane’s pussy with my other hand and began pumping those into her in rhythm with my hand in her ass. Jane then cried out that she was cumming again as she shot her ejaculate on my hand.

“FUCK ME TONY! FUCK MY ASS!” Jane cried out as she was in the throes of her orgasm. I pulled both hands from Jane’s orifices, stood up, lined my rock-hard dick with her pussy and slowly pushed my way inside of her. “OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD,” as I began sawing in and out of Jane. My intent was to lube myself up for Jane’s ass so after ten or twelve pumps in her pussy I pulled out and put my dick against Jane’s anus.

“OH YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK ME HARD, TONY!” As I pushed into her Jane pushed back into me causing me to bottom out with one hard push. Jane screamed her delight as I moaned with the intense feeling of her ass. I began pounding into Jane the way I know she wanted. She turned and looked me in the eyes as I plundered her gaping ass. I reached under Jane and grabbed her nipples and pulled and squeezed them as hard as I could. I pulled her tits out to both sides of her body as I continued shoving my cock over and over into the depths of Jane’s insatiable asshole. Jane’s tit flesh was jiggling as I pulled on her nipples. “PULL MY TITS! IT FEELS SO GOOD! I’M GOING TO CUM SOON! FUCK ME HARDER!” After three more pumps into Jane’s asshole she came! I knew that if I kept plowing into her and pulling on her tit’s Jane would continue cumming for several minutes.

Jane continued her massive orgasm I kept pumping in and out of her backdoor. Finally, I felt my own orgasm welling up inside me and with a few more pumps I buried myself in Jane’s colon and released a torrent of jism into her depths. My cock kept shooting bolt after bolt into Jane as I cried out with my release. As my spasms lessened I collapsed onto Jane’s back as she collapsed onto the large ottoman. We were both gasping for air as we relished our post coital sensations. I rolled over onto my side pulling Jane with me, my cock still impaling her backside. “God, that was wonderful Tony!” Jane managed to croak. “This is going to be a wonderful vacation!”

I agreed with her and said, “You know, if possible, I would like to spend at least one day exploring the island.”

Jane laughed, “Well, okay. Maybe one day. But the rest of the time I just want to be naked with you!”

“I can live with that.” I reached around to Jane’s pussy and began caressing her clitoris as I noticed I was still fairly hard in Jane’s ass. She was quite wet and as I rubbed her she got wetter güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri still. I could feel her squeeze me with her anal muscles which made me twitch and get harder. I began rocking my hips sawing myself in and out of Jane’s anus once again.

“OH MY, TONY! THAT’S NICE!” Jane then reached over my hand at her clit and buried a couple of fingers deep inside her pussy and began pumping away. I could feel her fingers as I kept up my tempo in and out of her ass. We kept at this for about ten minutes until I felt Jane shiver with another orgasm. Jane kept having orgasms one after another causing her to grip and release my penis inside her ass. I couldn’t take anymore and shot another load into Jane’s bowel.

After this orgasm my cock shriveled up quickly and fell out of Jane’s well-worn anus followed by a large amount of my spunk. A few minutes later my stomach growled as I discovered that I was quite hungry. Jane heard and asked, “Are you hungry, dearest?” I confirmed that I was so we got up on not too steady legs and made our way to the kitchen and threw together some dinner. After we ate we were beginning to feel the effects of our journey and our romp by the pool. We took a quick shower to get the chlorine smell off our bodies and then jumped into bed for a long night’s sleep.

In the morning as I woke up I noticed Jane wasn’t in bed. I got up, relieved myself and then drifted into the kitchen. I hadn’t bothered to put any clothes on as I knew Jane wouldn’t have any on. Sure enough, I saw Jane in her naked glory in the process of making coffee. I walked behind her, kissed her ear and whispered a good morning to her. She responded by pushing her ass back into my groin and saying good morning also.

“So, what’s on the agenda today?” I asked.

“It looks like it will be a nice day so I thought we could go sit on the beach and play in the ocean. Does that sound okay to you?”

“It sounds nice…this will be another first for me! I’ve never been to a beach or had a swim in the ocean.” I responded.

“I keep forgetting that you weren’t able to do a lot of things as a kid. Well, perhaps today we can share a couple of firsts because I’ve never had sex on the beach!” Jane exclaimed.

We made and ate our breakfast and then got some towels and suntan oil together and headed down to the beach. We helped each other get slathered in suntan oil and then laid down side by side on a couple of beach towels. The warmth of the sun felt exquisite on my naked flesh, especially after all the cold weather we had had in Chicago. We had a radio playing Hawaiian music and with the waves crashing things were perfect. If only Annette and Tommy were with us!

I decided it was time to take my first plunge into the ocean and told Jane to join me. We ran, hand in hand, as far as we could and then jumped into one of the breakers and dove in. I had forgotten that the ocean was salty when I first tasted it. We frolicked together by splashing and grabbing each other. After a while I grabbed Jane and pulled her into strong hug and powerful kiss. My penis was growing as the passion of our kiss increased. Jane wrapped her legs around me as we got deeper into the surf as we continued making out. I then felt Jane reach between us, take my cock and begin rubbing me along her vagina. We both moaned as we kissed enjoying the sensations. After a while Jane positioned me at her opening and forced herself down on me impaling herself on my erection. I grabbed both of Jane’s ass cheeks and began lifting and lowering her on myself. It was a wonderful feeling as we stood in the Pacific Ocean fucking.

In due course, we both felt our orgasms rising from within. Jane climaxed first followed closely by myself. We just stood in the water holding each other until my penis fell out of Jane’s pussy. We then swam back to the beach and resumed sun bathing. After half an hour, Jane turned over onto her belly and asked me to oil her back for her. I grabbed the bottle and began at her shoulders and worked my way down, spreading the oil as I went. When I got to her ass I skipped down to her feet and began working my way up her legs back towards her beautiful bottom. As I rubbed between Jane’s thighs she began moaning and spread her legs wide for me. I could see a trickle of my semen leaking out of her pussy which caused my penis to wake up.

When I returned to Jane’s ass I began rubbing the oil into her cheeks with extra emphasis. I would rub around the sides of her globes up towards her waist and then rub back down along the crack of her ass towards her vagina. Jane began lifting her pelvis off the ground as I continued my pattern on her fanny. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured some down the crack of her ass and began rubbing from her tailbone to her pussy. I then inserted my middle finger into her anus causing Jane to moan. I added a second and then a third finger as Jane cried out her enjoyment. After a while Jane said, “TONY PUT A FOURTH FINGER güvenilir bahis şirketleri IN AND PUSH THEM IN DEEP!” I poured some more oil onto Jane’s ass and then inserted my fourth finger and pushed in as far as I could. “OH FUCK TONY! I WANT YOU TO FIST MY ASS!”

“You want me to put my fist into you! Are you sure?” I replied with concern.


Being my obedient self I gathered my fingers and thumb and began pressing into Jane’s ass. Her anus was stretching to uncharted widths as the thickest part of my hand passed through. Jane screamed FUCK at the top of her lungs as my hand breached her sphincter. Finally, my hand was all of the way in. It was a strange feeling seeing my wrist at her opening.


I handed Jane the bottle of oil so she could lube my other hand. I repositioned myself a bit which caused me to twist my hand in Jane’s ass. She moaned very loud when I did. I then started working my other hand into Jane’s vagina. She was really wet making it easier to work my hand into her. In a few minutes, I had both hands inside of Jane.


Again, I did as I was bidden. I pulled my hands out to their thickest point and then pushed back in while twisting them. Jane was going crazy with passion. Before long she began having a series of orgasms. I continued with my pumping until she asked me to stop. I slowly withdrew each hand from her and when they were completely out Jane collapsed onto her towel. As Jane lay panting I watched as her anus slowly returned to nearly normal. Her sphincter was swollen but there wasn’t a gape.

I jumped into the ocean to cool myself off after that exhibition. When I laid down on my towel Jane turned her face to me, smiled and said, “I hope you aren’t freaked out or anything. I saw it on a porn site once. And, after watching the porn movie at New Years with the two hung black guys I figured this would be the closest I could come to that.”

“Nothing you want freaks me out anymore. I will do anything you want. Actually, it was pretty erotic!”

“I’m kind of hungry. Let’s go up and eat. Besides, you’re looking kind of pink and we don’t want you getting too burned!”

We grabbed our stuff and headed back up to the house and made lunch. After we ate we showered and took a nap. After our short nap, we drifted out to the lanai to enjoy the day. We were both reading while we laid on chaise lounges.

“Isn’t this great?” chimed Jane. “I love being able to sit outside naked without a care in the world! No classes or exams to study for. A person could get very spoiled!”

“No kidding! This is idyllic.”

“How about we go sightseeing tomorrow. We can drive around the island and see if they are surfing off of Waimea and have lunch in Lihue. Sound good?”

“Yeah, it sounds great. Maybe we can find a hiking trail, too.” I injected.

“Ooh! I know a great trail that my Dad always took us on. It has some great views!”

“Sounds like a plan. Are you ready for dinner?”

Jane said she was so we fixed dinner and ate it out on the lanai. After we ate and couldn’t see the ocean anymore we decided to call it a night and go to bed early. We wanted to get off on our island adventure early in the morning. After our pre-bed ablutions, we hopped into bed. We laid there hugging and kissing for a while until Jane began working her way down to my penis. Once there she swung a leg over my head placing her vagina right over my mouth.

Having an absolute love of eating Jane’s pussy, I dove right in. I love everything about Jane’s vagina…she keeps it clean shaved, she tastes wonderful and her aroma is an aphrodisiac for me. I could keep my face buried in Jane’s pussy for hours, I like it so much. I licked, sucked, munched and drank from Jane in pure ecstasy. It also helped that Jane was working her special magic on my cock at the same time. We took our time working each other to climaxes as we wanted to savor the sensations we were both experiencing. But, as it always happens, we both orgasmed within minutes of each other. Jane slurped down my semen, I drank down Jane’s ejaculate and we were both content and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Our day of adventure began with the hiking trail Jane described the day before. It was everything she promised and more. We walked through mist in the trees up the side of a large hill only to have beautiful vistas at the top. We then went to Lihue for lunch and ate at a quaint café with Hawaiian food. After lunch we drove to Waimea to watch the surfers. The surf was pretty good so there were quite a few people out testing their skills. We watched for nearly 3 hours before we headed for home.

When we arrived back I told Jane I was going to jump into the pool. I stripped off my clothes on the lanai and fell into the water. Jane wasn’t far behind and when she got into the pool we began splashing each other. After a while she swam up to me and hugged me tightly.

She whispered into my ear “I’m having so much fun with you!”

“I’m having fun too! I’m going to have even more fun because I’m going to drag you from this pool and fuck your ass until you scream for mercy!”

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