Spied on Mom

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This is not a story of doing sex, but it’s an incident. I watched my mom masturbating.

When I was 21, my father was renovating the bathroom. The only thing feeding the tub was a pipe coming out of the wall.

The end of the bathroom was just outside my bedroom door. There was a small access door on the wall to get to the plumbing for the bathtub.

So, when you open the door and look in where the pipe feeds water to the tub, you have a perfect view of the person sitting in the tub. I mean the perfect view from the front.

I have spied on my aunts, sisters-in-law, but the best was my mother, and this is the story of the one time I got to see her bathing and masturbating knowing I was watching.

My mother had 4 sons, and I am number 3 and the one that spends the most time with my mother of all the boys, not sure why, just the way it was.

We were home alone on this day, and she had a meeting to go to later that afternoon.

We just finished lunch when she said she was going to take a bath and get ready to go to her meeting.

So, after I heard the water shut off after filling the tub, I went to my access door and peeked in at my mother taking a bath.

I had a perfect view of her, she was laying back in the tub with sincan escort her pussy right in my line of sight. She did not shave or trim her bush, so we are talking hairy.

I love my mother more than anything, but she is not a beauty queen, just a normal housewife that had 4 kids.

She is not fat or has a big ass, just a plain ordinary mom. What she had her; was a pair of nipples that have been my fetish from the first time I saw hers.

Her breast size was 35B and after feeding 4 hungry boys, they were deflated, looking like pancakes with big brown nipples.

The aureoles were about 2 inches across,. It but it was the nipple itself that fascinated me. It was as big around as my finger and about 3/4 of an inch long.

She must have a good bra because you would never know she had nipples like that.

So, after lying in the tub for a few minutes, she washes with a washcloth; she washes her back and then leans forward to wash her feet and she looks right at the hole I am looking through; I know she sees me, just by the look in her eye. Washcloth; know what I mean when she looks you straight in the eye, and you know you’re done.

I am ready to run when she just acts like nothing is sincan escort bayan wrong; she continues to wash, washcloth; humming like she is enjoying herself and nothing is out of the ordinary.

So I stay put and watch. She finishes with the washcloth and starts with the bar of soap and her hands. She starts with her tits and gets nice and soapy and gives them a workout.

She then moves down to her pussy and gets it pleasant and clean. Likewise, she then stands up and lets the water out of the tub and turns on the water to rinse herself all.

Well, she stands up. She takes a couple of clothespins off the line we have in the bathroom to hang clothes to dry.

She then sits back down in the empty tub and starts playing with her tits again. This time paying attention to her nipples pulling and stretching them out, I’m on the verge of cumming in my pants and haven’t even touched my cock, just watching her play with her tits.

After she had her nipples enjoyable and hard, she picks up the clothespins and puts them on her nipple, and does the same thing to the other nipple.

So, here’s my mother sitting in the bathtub with clothespins hanging on her beautiful nipples. She reaches down escort sincan and starts playing with her pussy with one hand while the other one is shaking her breast up and down.

I came in my pants, watching her. It was the first time I came without touching my cock. Not long after I came,. She was close to coming, and no, she didn’t know I had come. She never let on that she knew I was there.

She stopped playing with her pussy and reached up with both hands and took the clothespins off her nipples at the same time.

When she did, she orgasmed just from taking the clothespins off her nipples. And yes, that was it for me and I came again on aid in my pants.

I closed the door and left the house and didn’t return until I knew the rest of the family was home.

I went the next day to check on my peephole, as I wanted to know how she would have seen me.

I opened the access door and went into the bathroom and looked out the hole and I had a perfect view of the hall. I know now she saw me as if it was daylight when I was spying on her. All the other times it was nighttime lime and dark in the hall.

What happened that day was never talked about, and she acted just like it never happened. She knows I spied on her growing up, that was the only time I got to see her masturbate, I watched her and dad fuck twice, he never knew about it, they did any of my brothers; I was the only one that had a thing for my mother.

As for the nipple fetish, both my ex and my current wife have large sensitive nipples that love nipple clamps.

so thanks, mom

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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