Southern Heat

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Big Tits

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It was a hot Saturday night in Dallas and the rest of the week promised to be just as warm. The still summer air only increased the sense of oppression in Nancy Taylor’s suburban home. On the plus side, Nancy’s husband was out of town for the next two weeks so she at least had the bed to herself. Unfortunately, the Taylors’ air conditioning had blown a fuse just before the heat wave hit, so the only way to cool down was to lie naked under the ceiling fan. Even with this steady stream of air, Nancy felt the sheets dampen with sweat underneath her bare body.

At the age of 47, Nancy’s body was beginning to betray her in subtle ways, but the overall affect was not unpleasant. Her hips had widened considerably since giving birth to two children, Mark who was 20 and Alicia who just turned 18. Since she was only 5’4″ tall, her hips and chest gave her a full hourglass figure. Nancy’s breasts had always been large and heavy with small, firm nipples. After Alicia was born, Nancy’s tits had retained their enlarged state even after she was finished breastfeeding, and her blouses were now always filled out. She was one of the luck women whose chest remained high and protruding, and there was only a slight bit of sag. Her brown hair only fell to her shoulders and had large natural curls that were the envy of all of her friends.

On this night, Nancy was lying spread-eagled in her bed, squeezing her big tits in her hands, trying to keep her different body parts from touching one another because of the heat. “Who could sleep in this weather?” she thought. “I wonder if Mark has nodded off yet.”

Mark Taylor had been away at college for the past 2 years but due to the slow job market, he was relegated to living at home this summer. To make matters worse, he was unable to bring his car home so he was more or less stuck in the house for the majority of his time there. A lean, athletic swimmer at school, Mark’s workouts in the backyard pool were barely keeping him in shape so he was often in a foul mood.

Recently, Mark found marathon masturbation sessions to be the best use of his time. Unfortunately, he had to time them between when his little sister Alicia was out of the house, and his mother Nancy was preoccupied. The previous week, he had been so deep in thought while stroking his dick that he didn’t hear Nancy on the landing outside of his room until it was almost too late. On the verge of cumming, he was able to quickly holster his cock inside of his boxers before Nancy waltzed into his room, oblivious to the fact that if she had been a few seconds later, she would have seen her eldest child covered in his own semen.

To make matters worse for Mark, he and his mother had been getting into arguments more frequently. Lately, they had been exacerbated by the heat and the absence of Mark’s father to mediate the disputes. Mark was frustrated by his inability to work out as he wanted, his lack izmir escort bayan of freedom in his old hometown, and the fact that he was used to getting laid at school but was now simply jerking off every day.

Nancy was annoyed because of the heat and her husband’s lack of interest in her, sexually. Seeing her son swimming around the pool in his speedo only reminded her of her carnal needs, but left her unable to satisfy herself. If not for her vibrators, she would have gone out of her mind. Eventually, too tired and sweaty to pleasure herself, Nancy drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Nancy and Mark awoke around noon to a blazing sun and had the same thought: “This is going to be a long day.” Mark eventually made his way down to the kitchen where Nancy was sitting at the dinner table drinking a tall glass of ice water. Their kitchen windows were open but only a soft breeze made its way through. Mark sat down wearing just the mesh shorts he slept in, and no shirt. There was already a sheen of sweat on his shoulders and chest.

“Morning,” she said without looking up. Nancy was wearing impossibly short terrycloth shorts and a sports bra-type t-shirt that was quite immodest, but understandable in the weather. Mark couldn’t help but take note of her heavy tits weighing down the spandex material.

“Good morning. Still no air conditioning, I take it?”

“No, as a matter of fact, there isn’t any.” Nancy had been awake all of 20 minutes and she was already annoyed. “He needs to calm down,” she thought. “If he stays this high strung all summer I’m going to lose my mind.”

“Fine! I was just asking, damn.” Mark pushed himself away from the table and retreated to his room. Maybe a quick wank would take care of his irritation.

Leaning back on his bed he began stroking his cock, up and down, up and down. Rather than thinking to his last girlfriend, Katie, back at college, he couldn’t help but conjure an image in his head of his mother. The huge tits that he had just seen in his kitchen were the biggest female distraction he had seen in days, and he tried to confine his thoughts to just breasts and not the woman they were attached to.

Down in the kitchen, Nancy was working herself up over her son’s audacity. “He’s staying here rent-free and all he has to say are complaints. What nerve!” She stood up and drained the glass of water, spilling a small rivulet down the front of her sports bra top. Wiping it away with her hand, she resolved to go up to her son’s room and confront him. “It’s a shame he’s such a little shit, otherwise it might be nice to have a stud around the house.”

In his room, Mark was fully immersed in his fantasy, his hand gliding up and down his 8-inch cock. Lost in his fantasy, Mark didn’t even hear the creak outside of his door when Nancy pushed it open and stepped into his room.

“Look Mark, we need to talk because this just isn’t going to work if you…” Two steps into her son’s room, Nancy looked escort izmir up to see Mark with his legs spread wide, completely naked, his right hand wrapped firmly around his dick. Nancy’s face became a mask of disgust. “Oh for FUCK’S sake, Mark! Really?! This is all you have to do, come up here and jerk off while I’m downstairs?!”

Mark was shocked at first but after recovering from being naked and aroused in front of his own mother, he became indignant. “Look, where the fuck else am I supposed to go?! It’s a hundred degrees outside, I have no car, and I’m a 20-year-old man, is this really such a surprise?!”

Nancy’s eyes couldn’t help but move to the long member, still engorged with blood, lying on her son’s stomach. Her mature pussy tingled at the idea of being so close to a dick that she knew could satisfy her, if not for who it belonged to. Still, she was so furious that she was beginning to think that maybe that didn’t even matter.

Mark’s eyes were torn between his mother’s big tits, bouncing as she ranted, and her thick thighs which disappeared right below her waist, her pussy covered by a thin layer of cotton.

“Don’t you swear in front of me, I’m still your mother!” Nancy was hot and sweaty now, and tired of fighting. More than that, she wanted Mark to get over whatever was bothering him. “So what would it take Mark, huh? What the hell is it going to take for you to quit being such a spoiled brat?”

“I need to get laid! What am I supposed to do with this?!” he shouted, gesturing down at his huge cock.

“Fuck, you know what?” Nancy was through, a switch had flipped inside of her and she was going to take charge of this situation. “You’re going to fuck ME, how about that!”

Before Mark could process what was happening, Nancy had stripped her sports bra off and her big tits fell into the open.

“FINE!” Mark said, still angry with his mother but only thinking about relieving the tension in his balls. “Get over her and bend over so we can get this over with.”

Nancy glared at Mark but bent over and shoved her tiny shorts to the ground. “This is fucking ridiculous, you can’t even jerk off or go get laid so you have to fuck your own mother. This is so depraved, I can’t even believe it.”

Mark was still jerking his rigid member and pushed his mom onto the bed. “Shut up and spread your legs. I don’t want to do this any more than you but it must be this heat because I don’t even give a shit anymore.”

Nancy crawled on all fours onto her son’s bed, grasping the headboard as she presented her wet pussy and ass for her son to take. The mature housewife’s curly brown hair was now fallen over her face, concealing the lustful expression behind her eyes. “I need to cum too so why not just satisfy both of us?” she reasoned.

“Just get up here and mount me, okay? We’re both very sweaty so I’m going to have to take a shower after this before I get my day started. So just climb up here and fuck me!”

Mark izmir escort stood on his bed and lined his hips up behind his mother’s. He was still annoyed with her but at least he would be able to relieve himself now. With his left hand, he grabbed the back of his mom’s neck and pushed her face into his pillow.

“Ow! Watch it, you fucking dick! I said you could fuck me, not beat me.” Inside, however, Nancy was smiling and getting into it. In her deepest fantasies, she wanted to be controlled and abused like a slut, and the anger that was palpable between her and her son was feeding right into her fantasy.

“Oh shut up, just let me cum, okay? Can you be quiet for 5 minutes and just let me fuck?!” With his right hand, Mark balanced himself on his mother’s thick hips and ground himself against his mother’s backside, sliding his dick up against her pussy and asshole.

“You know what we’re doing is incest, right? You realize that.” Nancy turned around to look at her son, mocking him with her glazed eyes, staring into his so he knew whose pussy he was about to enter. “This is very wrong for a mother to be helping her son cum like this! I’m helping you out, so will you just get it over with?”

Mark grabbed his mother’s face between the thumb and fingers of his left hand and spat in her open mouth. Nancy moaned and sank down more into the bed. Spitting was one of her fetishes and her son had done it at the perfect time.

“I know, you’re my mother and I shouldn’t be fucking you with my big cock, so just shut up!” With that, Mark shoved his dick into his mother’s wet cunt and leaned over her back, sliding up and down her smooth skin with sweat. “Ohhh, FUCK!” he moaned.

Nancy was squirming erotically underneath her big son, her tits swaying as he bucked behind her. “Yeah, that’s it son, FUCK ME! You come up here to jerk off by yourself, just stick it in me instead and get yourself off!”

Mark entered his mother repeatedly, swaying the bed into the wall over and over again, the banging sound of wood against plaster echoed by the erotic sound of mother and son’s skin slapping together. He moved his feet up as close as possible to Nancy’s knees, trying desperately to have their entire bodies in contact while he slipped his cock through her labia, penetrating as deeply as he could until at last he felt his climax building.

“Fuck, this is so good, I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum.”

“Finally!” Nancy moaned, although in truth she wished that it could have gone on all afternoon. Her cheek was mashed into the front of the bed, dripping sweat from her forehead, a rosy glow in her face from feeling so full of soft, warm meat. “Cum inside your mother and get this over with!”

Mark pumped two more times and stayed inside, emptying his balls inside of Nancy. He lay on top of her back, sweating profusely, the Texas sun still rising in the sky at this hour of the morning. Once he regained his breath, he blinked and wondered at how they had ended up like this. Then he reached underneath and squeezed Nancy’s big, full tits. She moaned and stretched out, laying flat on the bed and flexing her walls to hug the dick inside of her.

“So…what’s for lunch?”

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