Sounds Good Ch. 04

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I recorded an audio review the very next day.

The first word that comes to mind is ‘wow’. Snogg: there are a few of your renders which will, in all likelihood, become legendary.

Mike – I want to comment on your acting performance: don’t give up your day job.

Patience: well done. You surprised me several times – and each time, it was a pleasant surprise.

I went on to share my feelings about my memorable date at the pub with Michelle. I had another good laugh about Mike’s participation. Then I addressed two ideas which had occurred to me.

Why was Mike wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey?

Patience: Laura’s intervention was wonderful. I thought that I was in the middle of a tired, old cliché – and you blew it up, in a very original, extremely interesting way.

The ‘blanket’ scene with Michelle: whoever came up with that idea deserves an award. It was absolutely fantastic.

I have to admit that, when I started the game, I expected some sort of ‘harem’ feature. Then you torpedoed that expectation, when Michelle made it clear that she wouldn’t date me if I was seeing Heather.

You lowered my expectations … and then surprised me anyway.

There was one small error (I went on to describe Michelle’s earrings).

Everything else about the scene with Michelle and Laura was exceptional.

When I continued the game, my next option was to speak to Michelle in the kitchen. Laura was still in her room, probably asleep.

– Hey hot stuff. she said. So – I never got a chance to ask: how did you like the movie?

What a clever way to bring up the subject of last night.

– You know very well that I barely saw any of it. I was pretty thoroughly distracted.

– Maybe we should try again. It’s a great film.

– Only if some of the roommates are home. And you may have to leave the blanket in your room …

– Aww …

– Face it Michelle: you, the couch, and that blanket? Irresistible.

– Mmm. Maybe I could pick a movie you’ve already seen. And … do you want me to let Laura know what we’re doing?

I sat still for a moment. Then I rolled back, and clicked on that dialogue again. Yes, there it was: excellent acting. There was just enough hesitation, just a little insecurity in her voice. That made choosing my next option easy.

– Michelle, last night was incredible. I’ll treasure that memory when I’m old and grey. But we don’t have to include Laura whenever we’re together. In fact … would you mind if we didn’t invite her next time?

The next illustration confirmed that I’d made the right decision. Michelle had a serene smile on her face, as she reached out to touch my cheek.

– Sounds good to me. she said.

I got the chance to speak to Laura in the afternoon.

– That was something else, last night. she said.

– It sure was.

– I’ve never done anything like that before.

– Me neither.

– Umm … Tristan? Do you think we could get together sometime … you know, just the two of us? I’d really like to see what happens, with just you and me.

The temptation was there. Could I maintain a relationship with the two girls simultaneously? Or could I just keep having sex with both of them – and sometimes together?

It didn’t feel quite right. I knew that it was just a game. But so far, with the quality of the illustrations, the dialogue, and especially the voices … I was thinking of these fictional characters as real people.

I also had the feeling that this was the way the game was meant to be played.

Michelle deserved more than a share. And after our conversation, when I’d seen the happiness on her face at the prospect of having me to herself (and heard it in her voice) … well, I knew how to respond.

– I’m sorry, Laura. I want to see how Michelle and I will work out. I think that we might have long-term potential.

To my surprise (again), Laura responded positively.

– That makes sense. I understand. I hope it works out for you. For both of you.

Now before you think that I really am chivalrous, remember that I could simply start a new game, and pursue Laura from the beginning. After what I’d seen of her so far, I wasn’t going to deny myself a chance to see all of her scenes.


Hey Cyrano,

That was another good review.

Mike said that he’s expecting his Oscar any day now, and that if you want acting lessons from him, you’ll have to get in line.

The Eagles jersey is a bit of a long story. Snogg’s Dad is a Minnesota Vikings fan. When they made it to the playoffs a couple of years ago, he decided that he wanted to go. The game was in Philly, and he convinced Snogg’s Mom to go with him.

They were harassed outside the stadium. I mean, young Philadelphia fans screaming at them, filthy language. Apparently, some Vikings’ fans actually bahis firmaları got attacked.

Ever since then, Snogg has had a hate on for the Eagles.

On a more pleasant note, I’m glad that we could still surprise you. I understand why that scene struck a chord with you. It is hot.

Glad you noticed the earrings, too. Here’s the (short) story: Snogg started working on this idea a long time ago. He had dozens of renders done before I even came on board. The man’s a machine, sometimes. But he’ll have to go back and fix that.

Looking forward to your next review (don’t forget a saved game!)

All the best,



I decided to back up a bit, with Michelle. I re-loaded just before our pub date again. I skipped through the pub, and Mike’s great performance, and Laura’s intervention.

The scene on the couch, with the blanket, I replayed in full. When Michelle and I ran to her room, I changed one small detail: I locked the door.

There she was again, kneeling on the bed, naked. Wow.

Everything progressed the same way: she went down on me, I returned the favor. Then she pulled me up on the bed beside her.

We kissed some more, I caressed her breasts, and then she climbed aboard me. There was no Laura, this time. Just Michelle and me. She rode me for a while, and then rolled onto her back and held out her arms to me.

Here was another new render: Michelle on her back, looking up at me with a dreamy expression. Her hand was between her legs, playing with her clit as I thrust into her.

It wasn’t quite so thrilling as the threesome scene, but I found it satisfying anyway.

The next morning, we had a slightly different conversation in the kitchen. It began the same way, with her asking how I’d liked the movie. The next few lines were the same. Then I got the chance to ask her out again.

– You don’t have to take me out. she said. You don’t have to spend money to impress me. I’m really happy if we just stay in, watch a movie – or not …

– You deserve to be treated to a night out.

– Maybe. But seriously – I’m just as happy if we cuddle on the couch, and then go back to my room. Or yours.

She was as good as her word. Michelle wanted me to see ‘American Werewolf in London’, so we set up on the couch, with a bowl of popcorn, a couple of beers and without the now-notorious blanket.

Nalani was home, too, so I didn’t anticipate anything too ‘frisky’ until we got to Michelle’s room.

Wrong. Within five minutes, Michelle was stroking the bulge in my pants. Ten minutes later, she had my zipper undone and her hand in my underwear.

Honestly, I would’ve failed a film appreciation class if Michelle was my study partner.

We didn’t make it to the end of the movie. I’m not sure that we made it halfway. With a growl, I scooped her up off the couch, and carried her into the room.

I assume that I locked the door.

There was nothing subtle or complicated about what happened next: I had Michelle stripped naked in record time, on her knees on the floor next to her bed, with her ass in the air.

– Oh my God! she said, a little louder than usual.

I fucked her doggy-style as she sighed and talked. Snogg had a great picture of us in action. There was only one little flaw: she was wearing those earrings again – which she hadn’t had on while we were watching the movie.

I saved my game at that point, and sent it to Patience.


My exams were coming up. Mom reminded me about eighteen times a day.

– “I know, Mom!” I shouted back. “I can’t study 24 hours a day!”

– “Daniel.” she said softly, in that tone she reserved for when I’d crossed the line.

I took a deep breath, and realized that she was right.

– “I’m sorry.”

– “Are you sure that you’re not obsessed with this game of Mike’s?” she asked.

– “No! I’m not – well, maybe a little. It’s really well done, Mom. The artist is exceptional, and the dialogue and voice acting are really good, too. But I know how important my exams are. I am studying.”

– “I’m only reminding you because I want you to succeed.”

– “I know. And I know that I’m short-tempered. I’m still convinced that it’s the steroids.”

Mom shook her head. “We’ve been over the possible side-effects.”

– “And what a lovely list that is: balding, thinning skin, easy bruising, fat deposits around the waist and upper back … plus they depress the immune system, so that I have to worry about infections, and even pneumonia …”

– “Those are possible side-effects. And only after prolonged use.”

– “Which is why I want to get off them.” I said.

Mom had a good, long think before she replied.

– “Alright. We’ll talk about this after your exams.”

– “Mom?”

– “Yes, Daniel?”

– “I’d like to talk about kaçak iddaa it now.” I said.

She blinked. Before she could answer, I carried on.

“I’m 22, Mom. An adult. I know that you and the doctors have been worrying about me for a long time – but I’m not a child anymore. I’m actually a major stakeholder here, if you think about it.”

She didn’t answer right away. She was seriously considering what I’d said.

– “What are you suggesting?” she said, eventually.

– “I’d like to get off the steroids while I do my exams. One less worry, while I’m studying. And I won’t be in such a shitty mood while they last.”

– “You know that you can’t just stop. They have to gradually reduce the dosage.”

– “I know. I have to be ‘weaned off’ them. That’s why I want to start now.”

– “Alright – that’s not unreasonable.” she said. “I’ll talk to Dr. Collins tomorrow, if you like.”

– “No, Mom. I’ll talk to him.”


I did study. Hard. I wanted to succeed, just as much as Mom wanted to see me advance.

But even – or especially – when the going gets tough, we need a little food for the soul. Let’s just say that after 6 to 8 hours of reading and memorizing, I wanted a little bit of distraction. Something more than exercising, or a physio appointment.

So I started a brand new game of ‘The Apartment’. This time, I ignored Heather, Nalani, and Michelle, to concentrate on Laura and Ronnie. I planned to advance both of them to the ‘Intrigued’ level, and then save the game.

After that, I could see all of Laura’s content – I was anticipating it already. Then I could go back to the save point, and pursue Ronnie, to see all of her content. It was a perfectly reasonable plan, except for one thing.


I haven’t described her to this point. She was relatively tall (5’9″), and the flattest of the roommates – an A cup, or a B-, at best. She had dark hair, dark eyes … and the hairiest eyebrows I’d ever seen.

It looked like a pair of caterpillars were escaping from the zoo.

Her nose was … well, big. And crooked. She had wide lips. I wasn’t 100% sure about those. Sometimes, I thought that she looked like a super-villain from the Batman universe. Sometimes, though, she looked pretty good.

The illustrations of Ronnie were excellent. Snogg had created a girl who looked real – a person I might want to meet, and get to know.

Unfortunately, she completely ruined my plan to advance her story and Laura’s at the same time. I got them both to the ‘Intrigued’ level. Laura had just agreed to go out with me – to the museum. And I knew where that would lead – to the kitchen.

The day after, I spoke to Ronnie. She lit into me right away.

– What am I? The missing piece for your jigsaw puzzle? Some sort of specimen for your collection?

– I beg your pardon? I said. (My only other options were ‘Huh?’, or ‘What?’.)

– If you want to date Laura, go ahead. Why are you flirting with me?

Excellent question. She obviously didn’t see things the way Michelle did. I couldn’t fault her for that. So I decided to avoid Ronnie, and concentrate on Laura alone.

Then I had a brainwave. I started the game over, and made Laura the athlete.

One word: Swimsuit.

As I skipped through a lot of the early content, I discovered something interesting. Laura didn’t suddenly assume Heather’s dialogue. Nor did her personality change.

Heather was still in the kitchen quite often, cooking. Laura was still loud and fun. I could choose which one would be the athlete, the bartender, the waitress, the student and the artist.

But their personalities didn’t change. Heather remained the wounded bird, the one the others all tried to support. Nalani was the romantic, the dreamer. Michelle was the den mother, everyone’s confidante.

Laura was the party girl. And Ronnie … the wallflower? The private person? I still wasn’t sure.

I had fun devoting my time to Laura. The very first time I went to see her practice at the pool, I wasn’t disappointed at all. She was wearing a one-piece.

But what a swimsuit! It clung to her like a sheath, and did absolutely nothing to minimize or conceal her bulging upper deck. Again, Snogg avoided the bathing cap, leaving Laura’s long black hair flowing free.

Walking her home was different, too. On Thursdays, after their competitions, Laura liked to go out with some of her teammates, to celebrate. She invited me to come along.

They invariably went to the pub. The group was fairly boisterous, and Laura never refused a shooter, or missed an opportunity to encourage her friends to ‘let their hair down’.

She got hit on, a couple of times, but Laura’s response was always the same: she linked her arm with mine, and said: I’m with my boyfriend.

After these outings, I brought her home, and kaçak bahis she thanked me with a long kiss – and sometimes, a bit of a grope.

Our first date was exactly as I remembered – including the blowjob in the kitchen. I asked her out again, and suggested the pub. Her response surprised me.

– Tristan, would you mind if we went somewhere quieter?

Don’t get me wrong. she continued. I love partying with my friends. And I enjoy it even more if you’re there with me. But when I get a chance to be alone with you … I want to talk to you. To find out about you.

And I’d rather do that where I can hear every word you say. Where I can look into your eyes, and lose myself a little. Does that make sense?

I felt like an idiot. I’d expected that Laura’s story would be quite simple. I’m gorgeous, and fun-loving, with an amazing rack: let’s fuck.

Now I was discovering another fully rounded character with previously hidden depths. Laura was pretty, and fun, but she also had a sensitive, romantic streak.

I should’ve known that Patience would surprise me again. Laura wasn’t just eminently fuckable; she was girlfriend material, too.

We went to the cafe. In the middle of Sunday afternoon.

Laura had a sharp mind. She was curious, and quick on the uptake. She had a ribald sense of humour, too.

After the date, we walked home, hand in hand, just as we’d been doing after her swimming practices. When we came into the apartment, we found that all of our roommates were home.

Michelle was on the couch. Have a nice time? she asked.

– Very. I said.

Heather and Nalani were in the kitchen; Ronnie was in her room. Laura raised a single finger, and touched it to my lips. Then she took my hand, and led me to her room.

– The kitchen is occupied; we’ll have to stay here. she said.

I could think of worse fates. But this time, the shoe has to be on the other foot. I said. I want to reciprocate.

– Mmm. That sounds good. But … don’t you want to see what I wore for you?

Laura proceeded to strip down to her matching bra and panties. Actually, it was more of a thong. according to Patience’s description of the scene. Snogg provided a render of Laura removing her clothes, and a second of her standing there in her lacy underwear.

Laura runs her fingers through her luxurious long hair, and flips the strands behind her shoulders. She lets her hands slide down her body, to rest on her hips. She strikes a pose. She makes a minute adjustment to her thong, which doesn’t seem to make the slightest difference, except to draw your eyes to that tiny piece of lacy fabric.

Laura straightens the straps of her bra, and then trails her fingertips down the straps, and across her nipples. She adjusts the brassiere – completely unnecessarily – though it does make her big breasts jiggle a little.

The bra has a clasp on the front. Laura smiles as she fiddles with it, pretending that she can’t quite undo it. Suddenly, it pops open, and her prodigious boobs spring free. Laura laughs as she watches your reaction.

She takes the bra off, and tosses it to you.

We didn’t make it to the bed. She had a big beanbag chair in the corner. Somehow, she ended up there, with me half atop her. We kissed, enthusiastically, as I played with her incredible breasts.

I didn’t forget my main purpose, though. Laura lifted her legs in the air as I helped remove her little thong. She was freshly shaved.

Laura seemed to really enjoy me going down on her. Her body was arched over the back of the beanbag, head thrown back, tits thrust forward, as she tried to raise her hips and grant me better access to her pussy.

I discovered one more thing about Laura: she was loud.

Heather moaned. Michelle sighed, and talked. Laura howled. She shouted Yes! Yes!, and produced an impressive array of inarticulate noises.

To be quite honest … it was a bit too much. The renders were fantastic, as I’d come to expect from Snogg. I saved a screenshot of the beanbag illustration.

I loved Laura’s voice. But the histrionics were just a bit too … loud. Maybe a 22 year-old virgin isn’t the best judge of such things, but I wouldn’t necessarily want my girlfriend howling or screeching – especially if my Mom was in the house to hear it.

Laura came – noisily – and then pulled me atop her. One of us produced a condom (it wasn’t clear who), and I penetrated her, missionary fashion, on that beanbag.

I turned down the sound, and concentrated on the visuals (A+) and the description (A). Still fantastic.


I had time to record a review before my exams began.

Snogg, I have to applaud you once again. Laura’s swimsuit … wow. And the visuals after the date with her at the cafe were exceptional. I don’t know how busy you are. Nor do I know how long it takes to produce a quality render.

But it seems to me that there is one image that’s crying out for an illustration: Laura unclasping her bra. Patience’s description was excellent, but a visual would have been …

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