Sonya Loses Her Virginity

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Hi! My name is Sonya Singh and I am a 19 year old, single, completely whitewashed Indian girl. I live with my parents and my sister who is a year younger than me. My dad is an entrepreneur so we are fairly wealthy and usually associate with the other highly fortunate Indian families. My mom is a doctor and I am training to be a nurse under her instruction at her hospital. I attend a private school and learn all my subjects in an English medium.

As I said before, I am single. Friends and relatives often compliment my looks and advises me that its time to get a boyfriend. I am kind of embarrassed to say that I had my first kiss only a year ago, and I have never gotten in a serious relationship. So obviously I am a virgin. But I always wonder when the magic moment will happen and with whom. I can’t imagine doing it with any boy I know. When I talked to my mother about relationships, she always said I would be married to Josh Dhaliwal. I have never met him or seen any pics but my parents and his parents have already decided and paired us up very long time ago. I respect my parents and especially my mom’s wishes, but when it comes to relationships I want to choose my boyfriend. I mean, who knows if that Josh guy is a completely ugly idiot just waiting to get into my pants?

I have a very close relationship with my mother because for one thing, my dad is usually on business trips in foreign countries and second, my mom is very understanding and never gets mad at me. I don’t mean to brag, but I think the reason that she likes me so much is that I am well behaved. I don’t do drugs, drink, or fool around, and I hit the books most of the time trying to keep up my 100% grade point average. I usually tell my mother everything and she shares everything with me too but we avoid conversations of a sinful nature because we are both devoted proud Catholics. I look a lot like my mother too. She has short black hair, fair brown complexion, a girlish body and d cup breasts. I look very similar with short black shoulder length hair, an even fairer complexion, big brown eyes and curvaceous body. But I am not as blessed as my mother is when it comes to the breasts because I wear only a c cup. She is also very protective of my sister and I and wants nothing but the very best for us. I love my mother and wouldn’t know what I would do without her.

Recently my mom kept talking to Josh’s mother over the phone. I knew that soon I would meet the boy my mom has decided to marry me to. I wasn’t very thrilled since I have no clue what kind of person Josh is and scared that in a year or so that I might be married to this complete stranger and leave the tender care of my loving mother behind. But all my girlfriends were going to get married very soon so there was a part of me that wanted to meet this Josh boy. I really hoped he was handsome. One evening after a phone conversation with Josh’s mother, my mom told me that Josh was coming back to India. Apparently he has been studying in a foreign country for some time. My mom told me that Josh wanted to meet my family and I and my mom had agreed to meet him in her hospital in Saturday, two days from today. It was rather an unusual place to meet Josh, but it made sense since my mom rarely has any work to do in the hospital on Saturdays and I would be there working as a nurse in training. Besides there was no point for Josh to visit our house to meet the rest of my wonderful family since my dad was away on a business trip, and my sister is too busy studying for exams.

I was impatient and wanted to meet this boy fast to see what kind of future will hold for me. On Friday night my mom was talking with Joshua’s mom as usual. She was talking in the living room, and I came quietly downstairs to the kitchen to drink some water. While I was drinking I could hear my mom’s conversation with Josh’s mother very well over the thin wall that separated the kitchen from the living room. I decided to stay quiet and listen to their conversation when I heard my mom starting to talk about Josh. “Oh really? How do you know this? Oh, did you? Couldn’t resist huh? Come on, I bahçelievler escort seen plenty as a doctor, it can’t be that huge? Oh really?” I decided to go back to bed since I had absolutely no clue about what they were talking about. But little did I know I would soon find out.

It was Saturday. I showered, ate and got dressed for work as a nurse in training. I put on my white c cups, my white cotton panties, over the knee white stockings, my white nurse blouse, my rather white short nurse mini skirt and my little white high heels. In my opinion, the nurse outfit exposed too much skin, but it was regulation that all nurses wear the uniform. I put on a little makeup on my fair skin, mascara on my thick long eyelashes and lipstick on my luscious lips. I left my short wavy hair just the way it is. I met my mother outside who was dressed in her usual rather revealing doctor uniform. A white tight dress that came up to the mid section of her ladylike thighs, white over the knee stockings and white high heels. She also thought her uniform exposed too much, but just like me, she had to follow regulation no matter how much of an important person she was in the hospital. She kept her short hair plain just like me.

We arrived in the hospital in our rather expensive car and waited for Josh in my mom’s office. We had to tend to two patients in the office before Josh’s arrival. One patient required antibiotics for an infectious cold and the other a 30-year-old man requiring medicine for a STD. Of course my mother had to inspect his penis before giving any medication. I gave my mom gloves and watched as she peeled back the foreskin to examine its flaccid state. As a nurse in training I have seen a fair amount of penises being inspected by my mother and sometimes I too had to inspect them with gloves on. It was very embarrassing when some penises became erect. The man with STD looked at me in my nurse outfit and I saw his penis harden in response. I blushed. It was a six-inch long penis. I have noticed that all men have a penis of a similar size, sometimes an inch smaller or larger when erect. Most of the ones I have seen were uncircumcised. Sometimes my vagina got wet, especially if the guy was good looking, but I tried not to think dirty thoughts. I refrained form talking about things of such a sinful nature with anybody, even my mother, who I shared all my secrets with. Sometimes very aroused men demanded that my mother masturbated them or even suck their penis. It was disgusting. My mother, faithful and religious, just like me, quickly examined these men and sent them home before they got more forceful. My father knew the nature of the work as a doctor, but he trusted my mother and knew that she would never do anything sinful. They loved each other very much and they regarded sex as a sacred act between a man and woman in love.

The man my mom was inspecting was nice and respectful and wasn’t dirty. He required an injection and I give him the dose by shooting the needle into one if his veins in his six-inch penis. With my gloved hand I put Band-Aid on it. He lost his erection, put on his underwear and pants and moved out of the office. My mom and I both got rid of the dirty gloves and waited for Josh to come meet us.

Josh arrived a little later. It was finally time to meet the boy my mom wished that I would fall in love with. He entered my mom’s office and closed the door behind. Wow! He was very good looking. He had black hair, a fair brown complexion, muscular arms, chest, abs, legs and butt. He was tall. He was wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts that showed off every rippling muscle in his upper and lower body. I was impressed and I felt my knees getting weak, heart beating and butterflies in my stomach and womb. My vagina emitted juices in to my white cotton panties. But I immediately tried to think of something else. I am a strict catholic and it was sinful to think about sex, even if there was extremely good looking and muscular boy that wants to be you boyfriend in your presence.

“Hello Ms. Singh,” Josh said.

“Hello Josh, this is my daughter Sonya. Have a seat.”

“Hello,” He took my hand and kissed it. Oh my god!

“Hi Josh,” I managed to squeak out. We all sat down.

The moisture between balgat escort by legs made a wet spot in my panties. If my vagina went on like this my arousal would be visible on my white skirt. Oh god. He was so sexy. My mom and Josh started chatting, nothing unusual. I didn’t hear a word they said because I was fixed on Josh’s body. Oh god!

Then suddenly my attention shifted to my mom’s words. ” You seem perfect for my daughter Josh, you’re smart, funny, handsome, but are you physically capable of satisfying my daughter? I need to inspect your body now, Josh.”

What was my mom talking about, his body? What was going on?

“Certainly, Ms. Singh, my mother told me I wold be required to show you and Sonya my body before going further with this relationship. But in return I would need to personally inspect Sonya ‘s body as well,” what, my body? Then Josh stood up and took his T-shirt off, revealing his sculpted muscular upper body. My panties were soaked with vaginal juices. Then Joshua took his shorts off and threw it on the floor along with his shirt. Now all he had on was his gray boxers. Thick muscle covered his powerful thighs. I could see the outline of a long snake hanging between his underwear. My vagina was getting very warm and moist, and my little brown nipples started to harden under my bra.”Alright Joshua, you have to take your underwear off too,” this was ridiculous, my sweet mother wants my future boyfriend to take his underwear off. My mom never told me anything like this would happen.

Joshua did what my mother asked and threw his boxers where his pile of cloths was. My mom and I saw his penis.

“Oh god,'” I whispered.

“Oh my! Its absolutely humongous Josh!” My mother exclaimed as her jaw dropped. We both couldn’t believe the size of his penis. It was only semi erect but it was already 8 inches long. It was thicker than my arm and a little bit darker than his complexion. He was shaved down there; even his big smooth balls were hairless.

“Josh, I need to examine your penis now, do you mind if touch it?” my mother asked. “Not at all mam.” My mother grabbed the head of his penis. It was like a purple apple. My god, it looked delicious. My mom stroked Josh’s penis; she could barely put her fingers around its girth.

“It looks perfectly healthy, but its only semi erect Josh, maybe this will help,” my mother opened her mouth and put Josh’s penis inside. She had to open her mouth wide in order fit the penis. Josh’s penis slowly started getting harder in little jerks as my mom started sucking and licking his penis. When my mom took her mouth off his penis, I was amazed, and very confused.

“My my, Josh, you have the largest penis I have ever seen, isn’t it big Sonya?”

“Yes,” I whimpered. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. Here was my mother, my sweet, innocent, religious mother asking me such a lewd question. I was confused, but very aroused as well. My vagina was melting beneath my panties, and my juices were very visible on the back of my white skirt.

“Alright Sonya, honey, you need to show Josh your body as well.” What?! “Hurry up dear, take your cloths off. Then I stood up and started doing it. I don’t know what had come over me, but I quickly started taking my white blouse off, then my white skirt. I was so wet. I wanted Josh so badly. I just wanted to do naughty things him. I took by little bra off and revealed by little erect light brown nipples to my mother and Josh. Now all I had were my white cotton soaked panties, white stockings and my high heels.

“We need to see your pussy too honey,” my mother said. Pussy, it sounded so vulgar. My mother and I always referred to a woman’s private parts as vagina when examining them for medical procedures, never pussy. It sounded so dirty, but it just made my vagina warmer and more moist. Then I did it; I took my white panties off and displayed my vagina to Josh and mom. All I had on now were my white transparent stockings and white high heels. I had never shaved my crotch. There was black triangle of pubic hair down there. Once when I looked at my vagina through a mirror to satisfy my curiosity, I noticed that the black curly pubic hair continued on my labia. My labia not very fat and did not stick out, when I compared batıkent escort myself to other patients my mom and I examined. My vaginal lips were a little brown, and the inside was a bright pink, and my hymn was intact. Would I lose it to Josh? Would it be today? I felt myself blushing as Josh examined the most intimate area of my body.

“Do you like my daughter’s pussy, Josh?”

“Yes Ms. Singh, I think it’s beautiful,” my vaginal walls started contracting and leaking when I heard Josh compliment my vagina.

“Sonya, your pussy is very wet, my god, your pussy juice has even gone down your thighs, and you made the whole room smell all fishy” my mom exclaimed. And she was right, my vaginal oils has leaked down my brown skinny thighs and my vagina was emitting a womanly fragrance that scented the whole room. I was very embarrassed, but extremely turned on. I couldn’t stop starting at Josh’s big penis. I just wanted to lose my virginity right here, right now. My vagina was getting very itchy and warm. Goddd!

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pushed Josh on to the chair and sat down on his penis. I took the big penis knob and aimed at my itchy little hole and started pushing down on it.

‘My god Sonya, what are doing?” My mom asked.

“Agggrhhh! Owwie, mommie! It hurts,” I wasn’t expecting the pain. His thick penis stretched my tight pink walls and popped my cherry. I got off his penis and saw a little blood on the first few inches of his penis meat.

“Sonya honey, you’re that aroused huh? And now you’re bleeding. Let me wipe the mess you made.” My mom took a tissue paper and started wiping the remains of my cherry from my vulva and then Josh’s penis.

“Sonya, you need to go down his penis more slowly. Your pussy would get more used to it and then you can fuck him faster, alright honey?”

“Okay, mom” I couldn’t think clearly at all. I didn’t know what I was saying. All that mattered in the world was Josh’s penis. I got on top of Josh again and started squatting down on his big fat penis. It was very painful, but I continued to push down on the big piece of boymeat to satisfy the itch in my vagina. At six inches the penis painfully hit my cervix. The remaining inches obscenely stuck out from my vagina. My juices ran down his penis and collected at the shaved base of his penis and ran down his smooth big balls. As the pain turned more pleasurable, I started moving up and down his penis faster. It felt sooo good.

“Oh yes, yes, ohhh, oh god, oh god! It so good mom! Yes Josh, fuck my itchy little pussy,” I had no control over what I was doing or saying. Then I started cumming. My vaginal walls spasmed and my stinky juices flowed out of vagina.

“Oh godddd, I’m cummming! Oh godddd!” I continued moving up and down his penis after my orgasm. I felt like I was in heaven. I wanted to be with Josh and his penis forever. Then after a few minutes I started cumming again.

“Oh mom, I think I am going to cum again.” My mother was rubbing her vagina through her white panties. She took them off, and threw them on the floor where mine was. I could see a wet spot in her panties as well. Other than her panties, she had all her cloths on. Taking them off wasn’t necessary for her to masturbate. She had less pubic hair than I did, which meant she must have shaved her crotch before. Beneath the moss of black curly triangle of pubic hair, I could see her fat labia. She was stroking her fat little clit with one hand and darting a finger in and out of her vagina with her other hand. Her eyebrows were sweating and were pointed down like she was angry. She was moaning as well. Then she stated moaning even louder.

“Oh yes, fuck my daughter’s pussy, Josh, make her pussy cum again! Oh, oh, oh Goddd!” then my mother came, her vaginal oils gushing on to her hands.

I started cumming again. “Oh goddddd!” My vaginal walls contracted around Josh’s penis. This sent Josh over the edge and he came. His sperm was shot inside my womb. I squealed in pleasure as his thick goblets of sperm soothed my itchy vagina. When I got off his penis, his sperm, mixed together with my feminine juice oozed down my thighs and some even went down my round butt, and into my hot itchy little butthole.

We all started wiping our genitals and putting our underwear and cloths’ back on. Josh went home and my mom and I continued working. We remained silent. I couldn’t believe what had happened, and how my mom was masturbating to me doing Josh’s penis. It was so dirty but I couldn’t wait to see Josh again. My vagina started getting warm moist again. Oh god!

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