Son Teaches Mom How to Come Ch. 02

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Jacob lay back on his bed, holding his prize up before his face: his mother’s pantyhose, stolen from her laundry basket. He reached into his briefs and eased out his swelling, thickening cock. He was going to take it slow and savour this rarity: the still-warm, freshly-soiled sheer black nylon treasure. He began with the feet, inhaling the scent of where her sweaty soles had been trapped inside her shoes all day at work. Jacob was by no means a “foot-guy” but just the intense intimacy was enough to stiffen his cock to its full size. He was stroking its length as he gently pulled the soft smooth material over his face, his wide nostrils drawing in his mother’s secret scents.

When he reached her damp sticky gusset he felt his heart rate increase and his cock throb in his fingers. He had a date with Melanie (one of his mother’s friends) tomorrow night and he was thinking, ungallantly some might say, of how hard he was going fuck her… use her body while he imagined the body of his curvy, cheeky, gorgeous Mom. Wanking harder, Jacob stretched out his tongue and tasted the hot spicy juices soaked into the fabric…

Down the hall Jacob’s mother lay on her own bed, next the snoring bloated hulk of her loveable but unexciting husband, and let her fingers trail just inside her sloppy pussy-lips; she was not, definitely not, imagining her fingertips were the tongue of her young beautiful son. True, he had described in excruciatingly arousing detail his pussy-eating technique but… to think about his mouth and tongue and lips pressing on her dirty cunt… well that? That would be wrong. So wrong! So she couldn’t possibly be thinking that.

She forced her mind elsewhere as two of her fingers began to pump in and out of her pulsating slit: her so-called friend, Mel! That cow! How dare she sneak around screwing her boy like that, getting her rocks off with his tight young body, kissing him, touching him, spreading her skinny, ugly legs and making him feed on her straggly minge, the bitch! Why does she get to come… Janey climaxed in a fury of jealousy and horny anger.

She lay gasping, her mind racing, her wet hair sticking to her forehead. Her juices soaking a damp spot under her ass. She was ashamed and unashamed. She sniffed her sexy scent on her fingers. She felt guilty and scared at her own deviant desires. Janey licked her fingers clean and decided to fall asleep, allowing her unrestricted dream-self to roam free in the darkest corners reality kings porno of her imagination.

The next evening Janey was pottering around in the kitchen, playing the good housewife after her pervy mind had betrayed all her wholesome ethics, morals she previously believed were embedded in concrete. Her world was turning upside-down and she was baking a pie, hoping something so normal, so mum-sy, would reinforce her stable position in the family, in society, in the world.

Her husband had already gone off to bed so she was sitting alone, sipping tea as the baked pie cooled next to her, when Jacob returned home. She forced her brain NOT to think about where he’d been (with her friend of many years) and what they’d been doing… she watched him as he walked in and thought, “Of course I don’t fancy my own son, it was just a ridiculous, fleeting, mad moment of fantasy. Perfectly normal and perfectly stupid. It would be silly to dwell on it. Pay no attention to-” Jacob leaned in close and hugged her and the smell of pussy on his face hit Janey like a sledgehammer. In an instant her tummy was turning somersaults, her panties were dampening.

“Shit.” she whispered.

“What, Mom?”

“Nothing. Nice night?”

“Yeah sure. Ooooh can I eat some pie?”

“Huh? Of course. Check it’s not too hot first.” Janey pretended to yawn, said she was going to bed and left in a daze.

Later,just before drifting off to sleep, Jacob lay in bed and reflected happily on his glorious life. Yet to begin college and all that pressure. A sexy older woman to fuck with none of the bullshit drama that girls of his age bring. Secret masturbation sessions his mother’s dirty undies. No rent, no problems, no worries. He had it pretty sweet. There was a soft knock at his door. He opened his eyes. Had he imagined it? His door opened slowly. A shadowy figure entered and asked, “Jakey-boy, you awake?”

“Mom? Are you okay?”

“No. Actually.I’m not.” Janey closed the door and crossed the room to stand by his bed. From his horizontal position he imagined he could see, just below the long tee-shirt Janey wore as a nightie, that she was knicker-less. He leaned over and switched on his lamp and was rewarded with the wondrous image of his mother’s dark brown bush peeking out from under the blue cotton hem, and just below her fluffy pubes, her pussy lips glistened. Then he became aware of the smell, the sexmex porno residual fragrance left upon the material of her underwear was nothing compared to the primal, fresh, incredible scent now turning his mind to blancmange.

Jacob could sense that his mother was speaking, but as if from a distance, unintelligible, like when the teacher speaks in a Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoon.

“I can’t bear it anymore, Jacob, it’s been driving me crazy. I hope you’ll understand and forgive me. But I have a huge, immense, favour to ask. If you say no, then I’ll buy you the biggest apology present you could ever wish for and we’ll never speak of this again. If you say yes-“

“Yes!” Jacob’s voice croaked and he looked up at his fretting Momma. He nodded as she searched his face for confirmation. “Mom, YOU are all I could ever wish for.”

Janey climbed on to the bed and swung her leg over so she was sitting on his chest. Under his blanket, Jacob’s dick grew as tall as the Eiffel Tower as he watched his mother’s hairy cunt part, her lips opening to reveal her delicious pink slit. He wasn’t absolutely sure that this wasn’t all a feverish dream.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Are YOU sure you can do all those things you said you could?”

“Why don’t you come here and see if I was bullshitting?”

“Language, young man.” Janey edged forward and kneeled over Jacob’s face. “I want you to know, that right now I am not your mother, I’m just a woman who who wants… needs… to ride your face until I fucking come. Agreed?” Fuck that, Jacob thought, you are MY Mom and I am going to love every second of sticking my tongue in your hot wet dirty beautiful cunt. His strong arms slid under her thighs and cupped her bumcheeks. Janey closed her eyes as her son lifted her on to his mouth.

She released a visceral, animal cry as she felt his tongue slide right up inside her. All of the built-up tension and anguish and frustration washed out of her as she gave in to her filthy desire to grind her cunt on his face.

She felt him circling his tongue, slurping at her juices, varying the angles of attack so that she couldn’t catch her breath; each new lick and kiss and nibble catching her by surprise until she could feel the unmistakable tingles she remembered, the gathering storm of orgasm in her nipples, her stomach, her legs, her mouth and, of course, centred on her evil, depraved, pervert cunt. Janey whimpered sindrive porno and fucked her son’s face faster.

Jacob was alarmed at the amount of slippery fluid that flooded his mouth and did his best to swallow it all, his face was covered and he felt his mom’s come dribble down his neck, down the sides of his face to pool in his ears. Janey was grinding her teeth and growling the word “Fuuuuuck!” over and over again.

Jacob looked up at the writhing, wriggling woman he was eating and she was the happiest he had seen her in a very long time. He watched her yank off her tee-shirt and rub her stiff nipples, squidging her luscious boobs. Janey looked down at the pair of eyes buried under her brown fluff. Panting she said, “Well, my boy, you weren’t fibbing.”

Jacob kept kissing his mother’s clitoris as he slowly shook his head. She gave him no chance to speak as she pressed her full weight down on his face.

“Let’s go again!” she said in a deep, commanding voice.

An hour or so later, she was laying in his arms, their skin glued together. Her fingers toyed with the curls in his hair as she gently kissed his cum-sodden lips. After a while she became acutely aware that they were humping as they kissed, with only the thin (sticky) material of his underwear being a barrier to her screwing the young, questing, incestuous penis.

Janey crawled over to the edge of the single bed and pulled the tee-shirt down over her head. She stood up, fell back on her bum and giggled, then stood up again. “Made my legs all wibbly, didn’t you, honey?”

“Wait Mom, er, Janey.”

“I wish I could spend the whole night with you but-“

“But you can’t leave me like this?!?” Jacob pulled down the blanket and his briefs to display his proud erection, throbbing with blood-red lust.

“Now, put that away. That’s none of my business. You’ll have to sort that out yourself. Or get Mel to do it.”


“That will never happen, Jacob.”


“And this… this must never happen again, okay?”


“Was just a one-time-only deal.” Janey walked to the bedroom door, she paused to pick up her bunched, spunked pantyhose from the floor. “And I’ve been meaning to speak to you about this!”

“But-” Jacob’s cock stood upright, like a flagpole wavering in the wind, as Janey bent over, displaying her naked curvy butt.

“I’ve known for many years that you borrow my panties so you can… entertain yourself with my… emissions,”

“But, Mom!”

“But these were really expensive. I don’t want you ruining my nice tights by stretching them all out of shape. Am I clear?”


“Nighty-night, Jakey-jakes.” Janey exited the room, taking her reclaimed pantyhose with her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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