SOI: Club of the Sons Ch. 03

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Joel introduced us to Jerry. He was not the type of student at the university that we would have normally made friends with. He was not a geek but he was very alternative in his tastes, thoughts, and clothing. There was not much that we had in common with Jerry except he loved having sex with his mother and wanted to push this envelope. Mike and I were in our junior year when Jerry started to hang around. Jerry had started in the winter semester last year and was still freshman. Interestingly enough, Jerry had four other freshman who were into incest hanging with us before October was over. Mike and I were into this for fun but Jerry was into it as a lifestyle. We now had seven in the club of the sons. Often we would meet in a secluded area of the campus and talk about our experiences, sex that we like to try or do with our mothers, etc.. Several times the seven of us would have jack off sessions in one of our rooms watching videos like the Taboo series.

It was getting close to Thanksgiving break and Jerry asked if Mike and I could give him a ride home. He lived in this West Virginia town along the interstate that we took to get home. He promised us that it would be worth our while as he wanted us to video his mother with him. Of course, we would and he could even ride in the front seat. We left that day before Thanksgiving and headed east on the interstate. Jerry had called his mother and told her that we would be taking him home. He asked if his friends could spend the night in the guest house but they would have to leave early in the morning in order that they make it home on Thanksgiving morning. She was OK with that and was pleased that Jerry could be home for the holidays. We drove for eight hours and pulled off the exit into Jerry’s hometown. The town was run down but Jerry lived in the better part. We drove until Jerry pointed out his home. It was a two story Tudor already light up for the holidays. His mother was a lawyer but was not rich and the house was inherited from his mother’s parents.

Jerry had already told us about his family. His mother, Suzanne, divorced Jerry’s alcoholic father about 4 years ago. Afterwards, she had a great deal of cosmetic surgery done to improve her looks and it wasn’t long after that when Jerry czech taxi porno began sleeping with his mother. We pulled into the driveway and Suzanne came out the house to greet us. Suzanne was fine for 50 years old. She was a tall country blonde with a great figure and very sharp Nordic facial features. Jerry got his bags out of the trunk and his mother quickly ushered the three of us out of the cold and into the house.

We made our acquaintances and Suzanne began chatting with us like we were long lost cousins. Jerry’s mother whipped up a quick meal as we had not eaten much all day. After dinner, we chatted by the fireplace and began to realize that Suzanne was someone that would not shut up. It was getting close to eight when we told Jerry and Suzanne that Mike and I needed to get some sleep as we were leaving about three o clock the next morning. Jerry suggested that we stay in the guest house where we could leave and not disturb anyone that morning. Jerry led us out through the kitchen, across the patio and the pool which was covered for the season. Next to the pool was a small guest house that was usually used for changing. It was only a ten by twelve open room with some furniture and a full bath. Jerry left us for a few minutes and came back with two sleeping bags.

Jerry pulled out a video camera from inside one of the bags. He pointed us to his mother’s master bedroom which was on the main level. He would be with her in about an hour and we could video them through the bay window. He would make sure the bedroom drapes were open, the bedroom lights would be on and that the exterior patio lights would be off. He told us to keep the camera with us when we left and that the club could review the tape when everyone returned after thanksgiving. He wished us luck and hoped we enjoyed the show. Mike and I checked out the camera and made sure we could operate it. We were checking out the house from the guesthouse window in eager anticipation and cursing that it would be a silent film. Suddenly, the exterior patio lights went out and then each light in the house started going out one by one. Mike switched out the lights in the guesthouse as we set up the camera in our window. The main bedroom lights were on defloration porno and the drapes were drawn open. It became apparent that our viewing angle was not good and we could see very little of the bedroom. Mike and I put our heavy jackets on and quietly exited the guesthouse. We crawled along the cold concrete patio with the camera until we reached a group of evergreen bushes at the edge of the patio. We struggled to position ourselves in the bush where we could be hidden but had a great view directly into the bedroom. It was cold and going to be no fun staying out in this weather but the prospect of getting a video of Suzanne and Jerry kept us warm.

The bedroom door was opening and I switched on the camera, zooming in to get the best view and lighting. Jerry walked through the door and off to side out of the camera view then a come back into view a minute later. He was now nude and climbed into his mother’s bed. He was lying flat on his back with his cock sticking straight up when Suzanne entered the room. She was in a sexy robe and strutted to the end of the bed, facing Jerry. We were looking at her back when she let the robe fall to the floor, giving the camera a great shot of her tall toned back and ass. Suzanne moved to the side of the bed giving us a great profile of her breasts. They were big and very round with small light brown nipples. We could see that she was talking and smiling at Jerry but could not hear a word. She slid into her bed next to her naked son and began to kiss. They were very passionate and intimate. Jerry had told us that she enjoyed having sex with him but it was an intimate, loving, and private affair. She was monogamous with Jerry and our chances of getting a feel or more with his mother was none.

It was exciting to watch Jerry and his mother and while we wanted to, it was too cold to pull out our cocks. After a time of kissing and touching, Jerry positioned his mother across the bed on all fours which gave us the best view of the action. Jerry positioned himself between her legs and slowly entered her. He started to pump his mother faster and the camera captured all the action with his balls slapping her ass and her breasts swinging back and forth. Suzanne started to doktor ofisi porno rock her head back and forth in pleasure and for a moment she looked at what seemed to be directly into the camera. I know that she could not see us but it was scary for a second and our hearts started to pound very loud. She then looked straight forward and arched her head back in orgasm. Jerry was pumping faster until he pushed forward as he came. He pushed so hard that his mother collapsed onto the bed with Jerry on top of her.

After a few minutes, they sat up on the bed facing each other and talked. Again, we had no idea of their conversion but they started to kiss again. Soon Jerry was lying on his back and his mother was between his legs sucking him. She was blocking the view of any good shots of them together until she raised his legs and she laid flat so that she could suck on his balls. We could see his stiff cock raise over his mother’s moving head. When he lowered his legs, Jerry repositioned himself across the bed where we could get a better view and we did. We were getting a great shot of Suzanne’s face sucking on her son’s cock. Jerry lovingly stroked her hair to the side where we could keep this view in the camera. I zoomed in as far as I could to see her lips and tongue play with his cock. In the viewfinder, the battery indicator was flashing red which meant the camera was running out of power. The cold temperature was draining the battery faster than Suzanne could drain Jerry. It looked like Jerry was about ready to cum in Suzanne’s mouth when the viewfinder went black. Mike and I tried watching for awhile but the cold was getting to us and we could not see close up without the camera. We quietly disengaged ourselves from the bushes and crawled back to the guest house.

Mike and I eventually went to sleep and left very early that next morning. I finally arrived home for the holidays and made several copies of Jerry’s tape for my personal viewing. After the holidays, Mike and I met up with Jerry on campus and gave him his video unit and the tape. It was the first time we had spoken with him since we had left the guest house. Jerry had told us that his mother was happy that we were able to take him home and thought we were nice guys. Jerry wished the camera had not ran out of power so soon but he was not able to insure that it was fully charged, under the circumstances. It turned out to be a long evening of love since he had been away for so long. About a week later, the club of the sons had the privilege of viewing the tape to everyone’s enjoyment.

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