Soft and Sound Asleep

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Gerrod slipped silently into the room as Ali slept, removing his pants and shirt on his way to the bed. Her back was to him as he climbed in and nuzzled up against her. He was still a little drunk and feeling frisky but didn’t want to wake her so he started to stroke himself through his boxers while he peaked under the covers to get a look at Ali’s ass.

Hers was small but perky and he loved to get his hands on it whenever he could. One cheek fit perfectly in the palm of his hand when he cupped it while standing next to her. She was sleeping in a tank top and tiny cotton shorts that were riding up her ass, revealing that she didn’t have panties on underneath. One of her cheeks was fully exposed.

He couldn’t help but reach out with his free hand to stroke between her legs as he continued to stroke himself. When he pulled the fabric of her shorts out of the way, he was excited to find that she was wet so he continued his assault and slipped a finger inside her pussy.

Forgetting his own pleasure for a moment, Gerrod peaked over Ali’s shoulder to see that she was still fast asleep! canlı bahis He got up off the bed for a second to remove his boxers, his cock now at full attention. He had dirty thoughts about her ass running through his head and he was going to see just how deep a sleeper she really was.

As he lay back down he wedged the tip of his dick against her entry and slowly pushed himself inside of her inch by inch. He strained not to moan in pleasure as he began to ease in and out once he had bottomed out in her pussy.

She was lightly snoring and he decided to test her further as he slipped his thumb between her cheeks and found her puckered hole. Gerrod began to ease his thumb into her ass, using the wetness already surrounding her pussy. Once inside he swirled it around, stretching her. He continued to fuck her all the while and still she did not stir.

Ali had let him finger her ass before but never had she let him fuck her there. Every time he tried she stopped him saying it hurt even though she had taken three of his sausage fingers before. His urges overcame him as he slipped out of her pussy bahis siteleri and slowly began to push the tip of his bulbous cock into her tightest opening.

She let a soft moan escape and Gerrod stopped what he was doing. He began to stroke her sides gently, kissing her back, pulling down her straps, and then moving up to give her nipples some much needed attention. Backtracking to second base in case she were awakening.

Ali let out another soft moan while arching her back which inched her ass closer to him causing the tip of his penis to pop into her. Gerrod held back a scream as the tightness overwhelmed him and it took everything in his being to stop from ramming the rest of his cock inside her.

Instead he squeezed her nipples a little bit harder and she pushed herself back onto him further. He continued his assault on her nipples and she started grinding her hips back and forth, his shaft entering deeper and deeper.

Until, finally, his balls slammed against her and he cried out “Oh fuck!” from the sensation of being completely enveloped in her tightest hole. And she bahis şirketleri was amazingly still asleep. It was as if she were in the middle of a very sexy dream.

Gerrod lost control in that moment and starting fucking her tight ass harder and harder. Ali finally stirred, confused for a second, “Gerrod? What is…oh my god are you in my ass? That feels so, so…mmmnh,” she moaned in what could have been pleasure or pain.

“So what baby?” He was thrusting slowly again, knowing he was close to cumming at any second. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to stop but if she just let him finish he wouldn’t have to find out.

“So good! Don’t stop!” Ali suddenly surrendered. Gerrod was so turned on he pushed her onto her stomach, fucking her ass even harder. Ali’s entire body began to shake as she tightened around his shaft. He only made it a few more strokes before exploding inside of her, both of them pulsing in their orgasms. He collapsed in a heap on her back, kissing her shoulders.

After a moment had passed, Gerrod sighed, slipping out and off of her. He pulled her into his chest, “That was so amazing. You are so amazing!”

“I didn’t think I’d like that but it felt so good!” She exclaimed, “Especially since I was asleep and so relaxed.” She smiled at him wickedly, “But next time wake me up for all of it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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