Sodomy in Napa Valley Ch. 01

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Author’s note: I travel a lot for work. The following is inspired by actual events.

His wank:

It’s 6:30am, and he’s already showered and shaved after a satisfying vigorous swim at the resort’s pool. An ex semi-competitive swimmer, nowadays he can barely carve out half an hour to swim at his co-op building pool twice a week. But for the past 3 days, he’s been sequestered at an exclusive resort in Napa at his law firm’s all-hands off-site so has been able to indulge in the sport of his youth.

The conference would have been a nice break from the day-to-day, except for his being woefully distracted and continuously horny thinking about his mysterious and seemingly aloof co-worker. It’s mind-boggling because until very recently, she wasn’t on his radar at all, and to boot, it’s his personal policy never to be on the prowl at work. She isn’t even really his type. He favors powerful, vivacious, glamorous women that he meets at various charity events, while Lizzie seems the consummate young professional — a millennial, for god’s sake — with more or less a boyish figure that doesn’t exactly draw your gaze.

But over the past few weeks, there have been (possibly) inadvertent hints that she is not as vanilla and buttoned up as she seems. The suspected garter stocking top, a hint of bra strap spied during a meeting, and finally, a fleeting glimpse of a belly chain with the end of it dangling out of view towards her ass crack. He was sure Lizzie didn’t mean for these details to be noticed at the workplace — if you blinked, you would have missed it — but he notices. Now, every time he’s pulling on his cock, he imagines a scenario with her. Does she even have an inkling? How many times has he jacked off in the shower, envisioning fucking her hard in the ass while tweaking her perky nipples, his tongue down her throat.

So today he’s on the spacious terrace of his penthouse suite at a resort in the wine valley having a well-deserved cup of coffee, when suddenly he notices a pair of legs on a lawn chair on a neighboring terrace, just one over and down from his. The property is very exclusive and very private, with each terrace equipped with shutters that one can open or close. The owner of the pair of legs likely did not think anyone would be up yet, or if so, not hanging out on their terrace at 6:30 in the morning. Or perhaps Miss Legs is an exhibitionist and chose to keep the side shutters open. Far be it for him to question.

The architectural structure was such that he could just see the legs and most of the bikini bottom that went with it. Not a bathing suit bikini, because it’s 6:30am, but judging from the tantalizing bit he could see, a lacy pair of knickers. Miss Legs has beautiful feet with a high arch, slim ankles that softly curves into shapely calves, knees, thighs. Ravishing. A person can tell that the owner of this pair of legs would have a beautiful everything else. Probably a juicy ass and tasty ass hole, too. He can feel his cock hardening, this after having already jacked off in the shower this morning.

He would love to imagine that these are his co-worker Lizzie’s legs, but by the nail polish shade, he deduces it’s not her. She tends to favor vampy red hues that, to the outside world, hints at a playful side. Anyway, she had told the group she takes advantage of the natural setting to go running in the early mornings. But it sure is fun to think that it could be her. He slips his hand inside his robe and absent-mindedly strokes his cock, reminding himself that he has a lot of emails to get through before the first session at 9.

Still standing there with a coffee cup in one hand and his cock in the other, he observes his neighbor starting to rub her hands on her legs, starting with the sexy toes. She must have an oil or cream that she is moisturizing with. She works in the moisturizer languorously onto one foot and lower leg, then the other. Then, out of view, she gets more of the cream or oil and start massaging onto her thighs. How he wishes he could do that for her. How he would dearly love to work in that cream, then maybe persuade her to part her legs and let him play with her pussy. He would love to moisturize her box with his tongue and suck on that clit, while massaging her pussy and eventually her backside. Then he would lift one leg over his should and turn her a bit on the chaise so that he can tongue-fuck her pussy and tickle her ass hole with his nose. And then…

While his mind is going, he jerks to sudden attention because now the owner of the legs is lazily circling the mound of the pussy with the pads of one hand, while the other hand is out of view with the arm bent, presumably playing with her nipples. Are you kidding me?? This goes on for a little bit, and he starts to think he should get his act together and take another shower and get to work.

But no, right at that moment his neighbor slips her thumbs into the sides of her bikini and starts to draw them downwards, then draws up her knees and pulls off the knickers. She lowers her legs casino siteleri back onto the chaise and arranges her legs in a diamond, the soles of the feet facing each other and the knees apart. His cock seeps up a pearl of precum as he sees her pussy is smooth, except for a tiny flirty triangle high up on her pubic mound. Christ on a stick!

One hand is now back on her pussy and slowly working the clit, every now then the fingers penetrating her pussy. She draws up one knee, and with a greased up hand, she reaches behind the leg and starts playing with her ass. If only he could hop down there. He would love to help out with that. He loves nothing more than toying with a woman’s ass hole, kneading it, licking it, fucking it with his tongue, preparing it for his 8-inch cock.

Suddenly both hands pull away and slip out of view for a moment, and then he sees one hand come back into view holding a good-sized anal toy, a dildo with graduated globes to simulate anal beads, and the other hand smoothing a greasy substance all over it. Then she brings the anal toy behind the knee-up leg and starts to insert it into her ass. The other hand comes back with a small vibrator and starts working the clit. Clearly, this woman planned this wank session ahead of time. It was not an afterthought.

It’s maddening because from his angle, he can’t actually see the insertion. Probably a good thing because he would have shot his load right away. He can see that the ass play hand is coming pretty close to the body, hence the toy is pretty fully inserted. A person who can take such a big toy — at 6:30 in the morning! — is definitely not an anal amateur. He is tugging on his meat somewhat faster now, wanting the sensation to last, yet knowing he could bring himself off at any moment just by watching this show.

Thankfully, after what seemed an eternity, she begins to list onto her side so that her ass-dildoing hand has more room, and lucky for him, this side is the side facing him. He can now see she manages to insert the chunky toy all the way into her ass before drawing it back out, using a quarter-screwing movement. Mmmmm, how his cock is envying that dildo right now. Her greased-up ass, even from this distance, looks tight and creamy. He decides to pace himself so that they climax in tandem.

With one hand on the railing and the other hand working his cock, he sees her pussy play hand is working the vibe on her clit at a more frenzied pace, and her pretty toes are squeezing tight. He pulls on his cock faster and can feel the pressure build at the base of this cock. She is pumping the dildo with long pulls now in and out of her ass. Miss Legs clearly loves a good pounding. He imagines fucking her hard, her face in the pillows, ass up, cheeks spread so he can clearly see his cock sliding in and out of her well-lubed ass. Maybe she would be working a vibe on her clit or inside her pussy.

He can’t hold it in anymore, lets out a soft groan, and finally allows his spunk to spew all over the tiled flooring of his luxury terrace, his breath ragged, his head bowed. Just then, the woman also begins to slow the pace of her hands and gently wiggles and stretches her toes, clearing having just had her own climax. He is completely spent after two morning wanks, and it’s not even 7am yet. Well, at least he can get some work done now. He turns on the outdoor shower on COLD and tears his gaze away from the sight of Miss Legs caressing her hips and stomach in her afterglow, her toys resting inert on the chaise.

+ + +

Her wank:

The past 3 days have been brutal, in a tantalizing way. The law firm she works for is holding its annual all-company retreat at a luxury resort in Napa Valley. The beautiful setting, her sumptuous suite, and her secret crush on one of the partners combine into a perfect storm of feeling constantly — and inconveniently — highly horny. Inconvenient because no way would she consider fraternizing with staff, and certainly not with a managing partner. He is so hot, though, at least to her. Late 40s, good body, dresses well, if rather formal. At the resort, the dress code is more casual so it’s been a nice change to see him in slacks and short-sleeved shirts, instead of the crisp Madison Avenue look he’s usually wrapped in.

He’s even more appealing because he doesn’t walk around like he’s God’s gift and, in fact, is rather reserved. To most women, he may seem a bit nerdy, a bit aloof. She wonders if he’s an awkward nerd or a pervy nerd in bed. Would he be the gentlemanly type who will politely eat her out then engage in some romantic boy-girl copulation before drifting off to slumber. Or would he be the type to toy with her body all night, suck on her ass as much as her pussy and tits, and fuck her hard in all her holes and reward her with buckets of cum. Argh. Must put thought out of mind. Must remain professional.

So it’s the morning of the 3rd day, and she’s already back from a super early run. She lives in a colder climate so it’s a gift to travel to California, and she aims canlı casino to reap all the benefits. Post-run and showered, her intention was to relax on her balcony for a bit before getting on her PC to do some work. After slipping on some pretty undies and bra for the day and making a coffee with the suite’s Nespresso machine, she reclines on the chaise in her plush robe and settles in to enjoy the early morning light. In the back of her mind, she knows she may end up wanking off before leaving her room this morning, but she’s not feeling that goal-oriented.

With her chaise half reclined, she sips on her coffee and finds herself turning her thoughts to her nerd muffin crush Marc. Her suite is quite nice, but she knows that as a senior partner, he has one of most luxurious suites that has an outdoor tub and jacuzzi. She begins to nurse a fantasy where somehow she’s in the jacuzzi with him and they make out. Maybe it happens after the final dinner and they reveal to each other their mutual attraction. Or maybe not even that. Maybe she stops by his suite on the way back for some papers, and he just suddenly turns to her and starts to probe her mouth with his tongue. That’s more her speed. Just the facts, ma’am.

So say they’re now swapping spit, she would comment, “Hey, I hear you have a Jacuzzi on your terrace.” He would reply, “Seems so, but I haven’t used it.” Then she would say, “We should check it out.”

They would walk out to the terrace, and he switches on the Jacuzzi. All the while, they are feeling each other up and kissing wetly. There’s an outdoor couch and he draws her over and guides her onto her back. He reaches underneath her dress and strokes her thighs while exploring her mouth with his wet tongue. His cock is already straining against his pants, and she’s still wondering if he’s nice nerd or naughty nerd.

[In real life, she gets up from her balcony chaise and goes to the bedroom to play with herself. But the early morning light is beautiful, so she grabs her toys and goes back out to the terrace, doffs her robe, and settles back onto the chaise. Again, she’s in no rush so going back to the scenario in her mind, she squeezes out some body cream and start to work them into her feet and gradually work up her body. She’s pleased with herself that she got a fresh pedicure the afternoon before in a lighter shade than usual, as well as a fresh Brazilian wax with “just a little in front.”]

After some old-fashioned making out, he gently draws her up, and sits himself on the seat. He undoes the sash to her wrap dress and shrugs the fabric off her shoulders. The garment falls to the ground, and she’s standing her in her gossamer knickers, lacy bra, and high heeled sandals. There is a light belly chain around her midriff, just below her waistline. The same chain he spied in a fleeting moment at the office, weeks ago.

He gently presses a kiss to her belly as he glides his warm hands up the back of her legs, slipping his hands under her soft knickers and resting his hands on the bottom halves of her ass cheeks. It’s a warm evening, but her skin is lightly goose-fleshed from excitement and anticipation. He meets her eyes for a moment, then draws her hips to his face and takes a keep inhale, his nose separated from her pussy by a wisp of fabric. He playfully nudges his face on her mound. She can feel herself freely creaming into her panty. He asks, “Wanna get clean before we get dirty?” She thinks to herself, ‘I think I know what type of nerd we’re dealing with here.’

They are now next to the hot tub. Marc goes on one knee and unclasps one of her sandals. He rests her foot on his thigh so that he can run his lips along her leg, stopping just before reaching her knickers. He then removes the sandal from the other foot and repeats the caresses. Her pussy is helplessly dripping sweet juice into her $100 knickers. She gets impatient and draws him up to standing. She pulls his shirt off him, then starts to unbutton his khakis and push them partly down.

Her hand cradles his cock outside his boxer brief, and they kiss deeply. She lightly sucks on his tongue, and he lets out a soft moan. He reaches behind her to unclasp her bra and carefully sets it aside. He knows it’s an expensive garment — in fact, one he might have gifted to one of his past loves. He leans down and teases her nipples with his lips and tongue and teeth. She laces her fingers in his hair and lets out a sigh. This night will be so good.

[On her balcony, she has been playing with her clit and pussy with one hand, while her other hand is behind her and plays with her ass with the help of the body cream.]

+ + +

They are still standing by the hot tub as he slips his thumbs into the sides of her panty and slowly draws them down. He hints a smile when he discovers her freshly waxed pussy. He flicks his tongue across her puffy lips just one time, divoting slightly to catch her clit. He can draw out this game a long time. In turn, she pulls his pants down all the way, and he kicks them to the side. His veiny kaçak casino cock is fully erect, with a bead of precum oozing from the small slit.

She was going to make him wait, but the wet gleam on his cock tip is irresistible, and she needs a taste. She sinks to her knees and softly O her lips over his cock head and slowly slips half his cock into her mouth, her tongue massaging the bottom ridge. She imagines making her mouth like a pussy, with just some tension but very soft, and lots of saliva. He’s slowly bucking in and out of her mouth, making love to her face like he’s fucking a very wet pussy. They find a nice rhythm with him arching his hips into her face as she works to take as much of his length into her eager mouth as possible.

But she doesn’t want him to cum just yet, so after a moment, she hesitantly slows her movement and gradually pulls her lips off his cock. She stands, and they kiss again greedily and wetly. Her hand is still softly tugging his spit-covered cock. His hands are around her waist, low by her hips, with the part of the middle finger of one hand snuggling down towards her crack. He really wants to taste her pussy and her ass, but he will make her wait. They pull away, and hand in hand, step into the hot tub together. They continue kissing, his hands running all over her body, memorizing her features—the small perky breasts, the soft toned belly, the slim hips. Likewise, her hand is gently rubbing his cock and balls in the jetting water.

Then he pauses and nudges her up so that she is sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi, her feet supported by the seat below the water line. He lifts up one leg and start licking her toes and lightly sucking them, while one hand is working itself up her thigh. He repeats with the other leg, and this time a hand has arrived at her pussy, his thumb slowly circling her clit. Her head is thrown back, and nipples pointing up, hardened like pencil erasers from the cool night air and her arousal.

He shifts himself to be more centered between her legs and maneuvers her stems over his shoulders. Slowly kissing up one inner thigh and then the other, he finally arrives at her soft cunt lips. He starts lapping at her pussy and clit, making his tongue soft, wet, and wide to cover the most surface area possible. Every now and then he would alternate lightly sucking on her clit or grazing his tongue down her perineum. She is lost in pleasure and holds his head between her legs for dear life.

He eats out her out this way for a good while before lifting his head and motioning for her to turn around. It’s the moment she’s been fantasizing about. Could it be her naughty nerd lawyer crush is going to rim her ass now? She could cry from joy. She turns around, kneels on the seat and leans her elbows on the edge of the hot tub. Her ass is open to him, her body glistening from the water, her belly chain twinkling in the night.

[On her sun chaise, she lubes up her anal dildo and starts introducing it into her ass hole. With her other hand she sets to work on her clit with her trusty travel vibrator.]

He is tall enough that he can kneel on the floor of the hot tub and have her ass right in front of his face. He aches to taste her ass hole, but he starts by kissing her buttocks while massaging the bottom crease of her ass with his thumbs. He kisses the smooth glutes, the small of her back, the two dimples on her lower back. He then moves more towards center and rubs his damp nose along her crack, teasing her ass. Her body is tense with anticipation. Finally, using his thumbs, he gently pries open her bottom’s flesh so that her pussy is exposed. He runs his tongue all around her outer lips, her inner lips, and clit. She sticks her ass out wantonly and is softly moaning.

After a while, he began to trace small circles with his thumbs, meeting at her perineum. He then quickly slides his thumbs up to separate her ass cheeks and scrapes his tongue from her pussy, up her perineum, and along her crack in one movement. She lets out a guttural sound, slumps forward and drops her head onto her crossed forearms. Her ass is unapologetically his.

He sets to munching on her ass in earnest. This is one of his most favorite things to do. Eating out the ass of a beguiling woman. Women who love anal sex, really love it. And Lizzie surely does. Her ass hole is a pretty little star eagerly welcoming his tongue. He is lapping all along her nether region, regularly stabbing her anus with his pointed sword of a tongue. He continues to penetrate her creamy pussy with two fingers. One of her hands is reaching down to strum her clit, as the other pinches her nipples.

He has many plans for tonight, but right now he wants to make her cum from being rimmed. Bonus if she comes with his tongue in her ass and he can feel it squeeze and convulse involuntarily around his tongue as she comes. Gradually he centralizes his tonguing efforts to focus just on her anus, the thin skin around it, and just inside her anal ring, that tantalizing lifesaver that repels yet draws in his tongue at the same time. Whenever his tongue strays from her anus, he would be sure to have a thumb half inserted and gently pumping. He doesn’t want to anally penetrate her too vigorously yet. That’s for later.

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