Sobbing Mom

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It was early evening when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone. When I went to the door there stood my mother.

“I need to talk to you,” she said.

I could see she had been crying. I ushered her into my living room and she sat down on the couch. She told me she just had a big fight with my father. She said that things hadn’t been going well between the two of them of late. Mom said that my Dad was staying out late at night. He said he was working. Mom told me that she smelled perfume on his clothes. She ended up confronting him that night.

This was all a big shock to me. I never imagined that my parents had been fighting like this. Tears were running down my mother’s face. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was on the couch next to Mom. She moved over closer to me and she put her arms around my neck. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest. Mom was a big breasted woman. I hate to say it, but I was getting excited.

I felt my cock stirring in my pants. I was a little embarrassed to be having these feeling. Mom finally pulled back from me. Our faces were just inches apart. I don’t remember how it happened, but we ended up kissing. It wasn’t a peck on the cheek sort of thing. Mom opened her mouth to me and our tongues met. I guess I just lost control. I reached up and cupped one of her tits on the outside of her top.

Mom began to moan. She was getting into me touching her. I soon felt her hand on the inside of my thigh. She was inching up closer to my crotch. My cock was getting harder for sure. Mom removed her top and then she unsnapped her bra. Her big boobs came tumbling out. Her breasts were lying on her chest and I could see her nipples were rock hard. Mom told me to stand up. When I did, she czech sharking porno unfastened my belt and she pulled down on my pants and underwear.

I was already half hard. Mom reached out and took my prick in one hand. She leaned in and surrounded my cock with her lips. I hadn’t had this kind of attention in some time. I put a hand on the back of my Mom’s head and I urged her to take all of me. I didn’t have to urge her at all. She was taking all seven inches of my dick down her throat. This went on for a few minutes and then Mom pulled back.

She stood up and we walked back to my bed. Mom stripped out of the rest of her clothes and I did likewise. Mom got onto the bed. I was looking down at her pussy. Mom had a thick patch of hair down below. Her large pussy lips were showing. I joined her on the bed and I spread her thighs apart. I buried my face between her legs and I licked up and down her wet slit.

Mom got so vocal as I worked my tongue inside her pussy. Her hands were on the back of my head, urging me to work my magic. My face with covered with her juices when I pulled back. I took hold of my dick and I brought my mushroom to her opening. I slapped my cock against her pussy a few times and then I slid inside my mother.

She let out this loud scream as I pushed all the way inside her hole. I was surprised that my mother was so tight. I worked my cock in and out to loosen her up.

“Fuck me Todd, I need this so badly,” she pleaded with me.

I drove my stiff pole all the way inside my Mom. I would hold it there for a few seconds and then pull back. I left my cockhead barely inside her and then I would push in as hard as I could. My Mom’s pussy began to go into spasms. czech streets porno Her muscles had me in a tight grip as I gave my Mom exactly what she craved. I know how crazy it all sounds, but we both needed sexual satisfaction. My balls were slapping again my Mom’s bottom. I was getting as deep as I could.

We fucked like that for some minutes. I pulled out and told my mother to mount me. Mom slid down on my prick and I reached up and massaged her big tits. I was pulling on her nipples and Mom was screaming as I worked on them. I lifted my hips up and I fed my mother as much cock as I could. Mom reached back with a hand and squeezed my balls. I didn’t know how much more of that I could take.

I could feel myself getting closer by the moment. My cum was rising up through my dick. There was no way I make myself pull out. I sent hot blasts of my cream deep into my Mom’s belly. Mom’s eyes got big when she felt my love offering enter her body. She milked me with her muscles and that made me cum even more. I must have gave my mother six or seven large loads of my seed. She squeezed every drop from my body.

I left my cock inside my Mom until she finally pulled free. My cum came dripping out of her pussy. Mom got up and went into the bathroom. When she got back she cleaned my spent dick with her mouth.

“That was the best sex I have had in years,” she told me.

I wanted her to stay, but she said she needed to clear the air with my father, once and for all. I saw my mother off and I didn’t hear from her until the next day. She called me and asked if she could stop over. I told her I would be home. When Mom arrived she said it was over between her and my Dad. She told him she czech super models porno wanted a divorce. Mom said he didn’t seem to upset. She was pretty sure this would free him up to be with his lover.

“Can I stay the night with you?” She said.

We found our way to the bedroom and we had sex one more time. This time Mom got onto her stomach. I lifted her ass up and I parted her legs. I entered her pussy from behind. This sex was maybe more intense than the day before. I pounded my mother hard and she screamed out loud as I drove my hard dick into her body.

“Oh my God, fuck me”! My mother kept crying out.

It was obvious that Mom needed a hard cock in the worst way. I seeded her twice that night. I was surprised I had so much cream left inside me. Mom said she was still taking birth control pills. We didn’t have to worry about any mistakes. A few times I did think about what it would be like it I made my mother pregnant with my baby seed.

It was a fantasy I kept to myself for the time being. Mom stayed with me a few days. She eventually found herself an apartment and I visit her regularly. Mom is greedy for cock. I sometimes wonder if I can satisfy her in the long term. She always tell me she can’t get enough of my cum. One night I let it slip. We were fucking like crazy. I told my Mom I was going to impregnate her belly. Mom gave me this wild look.

“Do you really mean that?” She asked.

What could I say but ‘yes.’

She asked me if that was a fantasy of mine. I told her it was. She confided in me that she had thought about it as well. What would it be like to have her own son impregnate her belly. Needless to say, we fucked like two crazy people the rest of that night. I deposited a large load of my cream deep inside my mother. Mom laid there on her back as she tried to recover from the fucking she just took.

“Maybe I should get off birth control,” she told me.

That is the game plan for now. Where all this craziness leads, I don’t know. For right now I have my cock buried inside my mother’s pussy most nights.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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