Soapy Seduction

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Inspired by JNJH, thank you for your input x


He had been away with work for 3 days and she had missed him.

She heard the familiar clunk of his car door, the crunch of the gravel under foot as he walked down the path and the jingle of his keys as he unlocked the front door.

She moved into the hallway to greet him and as the door swung open she burst into smile. He looked weary, his eyes were tired.

Gently she put her arms around him and pulled him close, burying her face into his chest, inhaling his familiar and comforting smell. He let his briefcase drop to the floor and encompassed her into his arms. They stood silently together for a moment, enjoying the closeness before she lifted her face to him and smiled.

He lowered his lips to hers and they kissed, gently and softy, their lips moving together in a rhythm well practiced.

‘I ran you a bath’ she whispered as she took his hand and led him upstairs to the bathroom. He smiled a wide smile as they entered the room. She had run an enormous deep bath for him, full of bubbles, laid all around bathtub were candles of all shapes and sizes casting a soft sensual glow around the room.

He sat down on the edge of the bath and pulled her to him ‘you do spoil me’ he said, his hands gently stroking up and down her back. She bent to kiss him and began to unbutton his shirt as they enjoyed a deep kiss.

She helped him off with his clothes and watched him as he lowered himself into the bath tub. His features visibly relaxed as the warm water covered his tired limbs.

She left him relaxing in the bath as she went downstairs to clear up and turn off the lights. A while later she returned to the bathroom – he was lay back in the tub amongst the bubbles, his eyes closed, dozing. Trying not to disturb him she tiptoed around the room changing from her clothes to her robe until she heard the sound of water as he shifted in the bath. She turned to him to see him holding out his arms to her ‘come here’ he motioned.

She walked over to the tub and allowed her robe to drop to the floor leaving herself naked. She felt vulnerable under his gaze and took a step forward ‘wait’ he said. He drank in her form, open to view in the flickering candle light. He loved her body, every inch of her every mole, every scar, every bump, every wrinkle; she was a real woman, solid and yet soft in all the right places. He knew she didn’t feel the same about her body, he knew all the bits she tried to hide and he didn’t care. He didn’t see them as flaws, they were what made her, they were part of her and he loved them all.

He helped her climb into the tub and motioned for her to sit in front of him in between his legs. She lowered herself down and leant back into his chest, feeling the hair on it rough against her back. She let out a huge sigh and closed her eyes. They lay there for several minutes enjoying the warmth of the water and the fact that they were together again.

He looked down at her body from his position canlı bahis behind her. Her large breasts that never failed to excite him were out of the water. He could see the freckles in her cleavage, the dark area around her nipples and the nipples themselves, small, delicate and the most beautiful pink colour. He slowly brought his hands down from the sides of the bath and cupped a breast in each hand. They were so heavy in his hands, he couldn’t imagine having to walk round supporting them all day. He brushed his thumbs over her nipples until they awoke, small and hard under his touch.

He felt his cock twitch under water and wondered whether he had the energy to make love to her. He moved his fingers away from her nipples and instead lazily stroked circles around her breasts, running his fingers over and under then, watching them flush pink as he did so. She was so relaxed, the stroking of his hands, the warmth of the water and the soft lighting in the room made her very sleepy. Her breathing slowed down and he felt her totally relax as she fell into a slumber, he moved his arms around her and hugged her close, smelling the sweet smell of her hair and watching the rise and fall of her breasts with each breath.

They must have both dozed off he thought as he opened his eyes. The water was now barely warm and the bubbles had gone, he was feeling a little cold and she must have been too judging by the erectness of her nipples and the goosebumps on her arms. He tried to straighten up a little and she woke as he moved.

‘Oh’ she said ‘the water has gone cold, did we fall asleep?’ she asked. In answer he stood up and pulled her to her feet to join him. Swiftly he pulled the curtain around the bath and turned on the shower above them. She moan appreciatively as the first hot streams of water hit her skin. They stood closely together allowing themselves to warm up under the hot spray.

Bending down he picked up the soap from the side of the bath and slowly began moving it across her back, leaving a trail of bubbles as he did so. Gently he stroked it up and down her back, creating a lather. He soaped as far down as her buttocks and then up again to her shoulders, feeling how soft her skin was under his hands. She took the soap from him and began to return the favour, running her hands up and down his back, feeling his strong muscles flexing as his hands moved over her body at the same time.

She took a small step forward until they stood groins together, arms around each other. He brought his hands to the front and began soaping her breasts, they hung low, heavy and full and again he felt himself swell as he caressed them. She brought her hands around to his chest running a soapy trail through his chest hair, down his stomach and down to his…

He caught her hand in his and said ‘No, my turn to spoil you’. She gave up the soap to him and he carried on moving his hands all over her body, some strokes firm, some more gentle until her whole body was tingling and clean.

The bahis siteleri water steadily beat down on them washing away the soap, rinsing them both. He sank to his knees in the tub so that his face was level with her groin and slowly he brought his hand up to the centre of her womanhood and very gently parted her lips with his fingers. She was beautiful, her lips were the palest pink but he knew that soon they would become swollen and red with need, inviting him to taste them. His fingers opened her up to him and he leant forward and kissed her most private of parts. She shuddered with desire as he slowly dragged his tongue from the very tip of her pussy down to the bottom. He loved to do this, it was the combination of her smell, stickiness, the taste of her and the feel of her on his face. She was sweet like honey, he felt he could lick her for hours and never tire of doing so. His tongue found her clitoris and he lapped at it eagerly. He knew easily when to apply pressure with his tongue and when to do it more lightly. When to suck her clitoris directly and when to lap around it. His tongue flicked over her hard nub, increasing in speed as he felt her body start to tremble.

She looked down at him, the sight of him on his knees, with his mouth in her pussy was such a turn on. She grasped the back of his head to keep him there, throwing her head back savoring the feelings he was producing in her. He could feel her hips moving in a rhythm as old as time indicating it wouldn’t be long before she reached her peak. Her lips were glistening with a mixture of her juices and his licking, the more he licked, the more she produced. He buried his face into her and penetrated her with his tongue as deep as he could – her pussy was so responsive, he could feel it throbbing with need around his tongue as he thrust it in and out of her wetness.

Easily he slide a finger into her pussy feeling the warmth of her core and how wet she was. He slid a second and third finger inside her, and began to slide them in and out of her as his tongue continued to dance across her clitoris. He could hear her moaning above him, picked up the speed with his fingers and sucked her clitoris into his mouth.

He loved to do this! It also helped that as he was doing this he could think being able to slide his cock all the way in to her right to the hilt and then fill her with his juices so that they mingled with hers.

Almost imperceptibly he felt the tiniest of contractions around his fingers, he knew she was close. He thrust his fingers harder and faster inside her, he wanted her to cum, to press his face right into her as she did and feel her body jerk on him, soak him with her juices. He increased the speed of his tongue across her clitoris, flicking and sucking, licking and nibbling until the movement of her pussy around his fingers was unmistakable. She came with a loud moan around his fingers, and he pressed his face into her. Her pussy grabbed at his fingers in spasm, sucking them in, gripping bahis şirketleri them almost painfully as her muscles contracted. She convulsed against his face, covering him in a sheen of her juices and he fought to drink the copious amount of liquid she produced with each spasm.

Her legs weakened as the tremors died down, she felt heavy, he looked up and smiled, he knew she’d enjoyed her orgasm and he loved pleasing her. She stroked his head and thought how natural the scene was with the shower water splashing and bouncing off his head and shoulders and around his jaw.

He stood and reached for the bath oil and unscrewed the top. Turning around she leant against the wall with her hands up in the air, as he poured the oil onto her shoulders. It ran down her back, separating as it made its course down her body. He massaged the oil into her shoulders and down her back, reaching round to caress her breasts, his hands slippery with oil. Her nipples still swollen from her orgasm responded with a full hardening. Moving his hand down her stomach to the top of her pubic hair she breathed heavily and sighed with pleasure, her sighs turned him on.

Reaching down her back again he rubbed the oil into and between her buttocks; she parted her legs wider and he caressed the oil into her legs one by one making the backs of her knees tingle sending her into sexy spasms. She wanted him now and as his hand moved up between her legs he could feel her lips full and wet. He reached up and turned off the water.

Wrapped in towels they made their way to the bedroom and sank down onto the bed still half soaked. He kissed a path down her neck, around her breasts and down the front of her legs to her feet, making her skin tingle with excitement. He rolled her over, massaging her shoulders and ribs, licking down the centre of her back to her ass, kissing the spot at the top of her buttocks on her lower back sending gushes of moisture down to her swollen lips. She teased her ass into the air a few inches off the bed, and he knew she was ready for him. Kneeling behind her, he pulled her upwards towards him and sunk his cock into her warm wetness feeling every ripple and every muscle in her canal. He began with long slow strokes enjoying the sensation of her tight, wet warmth around him. She pushed herself back hard to meet him, feeling him deep inside, incredibly deep, each thrust causing her to groan.

He reached underneath her and took a breast in one hand, the other hand he held her by the shoulders, almost as though to steer her onto him. His balls slapped against her ass with each thrust, she reached behind her to capture them in her hand and gently squeezed them.

His paced increased and she could feel him thicken and his groans deepen. It was time, he pushed in hard and held his position as he filled her. She could feel his cock throbbing as he came, and taking over from his thrusts she slid herself along his length, feeling his cum pumping into her as he gave himself up to the tightness of her pussy.

Spent, he leaned on to her back and they fell on the bed. He was still inside her, she could feel his cock shrinking but it was nice to have him in there, hers. They held each other and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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