Soap Star Seduction

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I’ve been the star of Jubilee Court for more than 20 years now. Well, a star of it. If someone mentioned the name Sylvia Richardson it wouldn’t mean a thing to most people; but say Val from Jubilee Court and everyone knows who you mean – the fiery, busty, sex-mad peroxide blonde queen of Britain’s favourite TV soap opera, on the box at peak time three evenings a week plus an omnibus on Sunday. Trouble is, we’re not Britain’s favourite anymore. We haven’t topped the viewer ratings for three years now, and we’ve even slipped to third among the soaps. When that happens, everyone associated with a show starts to get very nervous about their job security.

There was a time when I was at the centre of almost every story. I’m in the record books as having appeared in more episodes than any other character. Over the years Val has had her way with half the blokes in the block of flats where the show is set. She made her debut as a 17-year old seducing a married pensioner; when she was in her mid-30s (I’m 43 now) and pregnant she took her teenage nephew’s virginity at his mother’s wedding reception; she once shagged a bloke while he was lying in hospital with his plastered leg suspended from the ceiling; Val even had a three-in-a-bed romp with a West Indian father and son. That one was fun to rehearse and film! The press have called me Voluptuous Val, Val the Vixen, Val the Vamp, you name it. I even got my own TV special once, Vivacious Val’s Naughty Nights.

Recently though, I’d started to feature less and less. I was still in most episodes, but sometimes it was just down to a 30-second appearance buying a bag of sugar in the corner shop. What had been really worrying me lately was that the writers would be starting on the end-of-year episodes soon; and as everyone knows, one of the more prominent characters always dies at Christmas in Jubilee Court. One bookmaker already had me down as 2-1 favourite to be next. I started my career wanting to do Shakespeare and Hollywood, but after a quarter of a century playing one character I’m not sure I’m capable of anything else. I’ve got a champion in Joe Moss, one of the senior writers. We had a brief fling soon after he joined the show, nearly 20 years ago, and he’s had a soft spot for me ever since, always giving me nice raunchy storylines. But now, every time he tried to put me back at the centre of things he was getting the same response: “Okay, so Val sleeps with another bloke. Oh yeah, very original.” Joe’s job wasn’t exactly safe either.

I was getting increasingly desperate, and one day sitting with Joe I blurted, “All right, why doesn’t Val get seduced by a girl instead?” He pointed out that we’d done the lesbian thing a few years ago with a couple of students. I came back, “Yeah, but that was two kids brought into the show for that purpose then written out again. This is Val we’re talking about, the cock-hungry man-chaser. We could make it a young girl, half her age, French or something to give it a bit of a twist.”

Joe began to like the idea then. “We could make her a Muslim; no maybe not, in the current climate. I know – what about Polish? Since the EU let the East Europeans in there have been hundreds of thousands of Poles coming to Britain, that’d give us all sorts of angles. Old Val pulled by a young Slavic beauty, a hint of racism against this new wave of foreigners coming in ‘taking our jobs’, setting Val against some of her oldest friends, the young girl’s boyfriend kicking up a fuss, there’s a goldmine of possibilities. With Val’s record I don’t know why we never thought of it before.” I spent a nervous few days while Joe developed the characterisation, wrote a couple of sample scripts and pitched it to the editors. Then one afternoon he burst into my dressing room, completely ignoring the fact that I had my tits hanging out, grabbed my shoulders and gave me a huge kiss on my naked back. “You’d better start developing a taste for pussy Sylv; Val’s about to go gay.”

I must admit, I had a few doubts about the idea, even though it was me who came up with it. I’ve had more than my fair share of men in real life, including two ex-husbands, but I’ve never been sexually attracted to women. I’ve got a huge male fan base – I get thousands of e-mails from guys aged 10 to 100 asking for sexy photos, asking for dates, telling me their often bizarre fantasies about Val, and so on. (I must admit, I have tried out one or two of those fantasies with various boyfriends.) Of course, I get the odd contact from lesbians as well, but I normally just delete them without bothering to read them. Val hasn’t exactly been the most dyke-friendly character in the past either. I don’t suppose she invented the term ‘carpet muncher’ for women who eat each other’s cunts, but she certainly used it quite liberally when those two lezzie students were in the show.

It’s not that I’ve got anything against lesbians, or gay men, in real life. Half the cast and crew are that way inclined, and my best friend on the show, Wyn Francis, is a dyke. At least two straight young actresses had fled the show after being propositioned by Wyn, in one case successfully. She’s a wardrobe mistress a good 10 years younger than me but we hit it off the first time we met. Shortly after the new storyline antalya escort had been approved I took her to one side and asked her, haltingly, to give me a bit of advice on what lesbians did together, as a bit of character development for Val. Wyn stared at me as if I’d gone bonkers, rolled her eyes and said in her cute Welsh accent, “Oh for Christ’s sake Sylv, you’re not serious are you? Bloody hell, use your imagination.” She paused for a moment then gave me a saucy smile. “Of course, if you fancy coming round to my place one night I’d be happy to give you a personal demonstration. I won’t even charge you.” I grinned and told her to piss off, but as I walked away I had an uncomfortable feeling that maybe my mate hadn’t been altogether joking with me.

Anyway, we were all sworn to secrecy on the plot until Val’s future lover was cast, and the producers set to work finding someone. After a couple of weeks they came up with Agnieszka Radwinska. Apparently she was already a minor star in Poland, but the name didn’t mean a thing to me. She’d signed up for an initial three months, and she was looking to try and kick-start a TV career in Britain. I got to meet her before the deal was finalised. She was 22 or 23 I guessed, tall and willowy with long brunette hair, high cheekbones and big sensual lips; a nice pair of knockers too. She oozed sexuality, and knowing Gerry, our producer, as I do I could imagine his cock leaping to attention the moment he first set eyes on her. She had a sultry voice and a cute accent. Personally I thought she was probably too beautiful and sexy to be convincing as a student, but Gerry was already imagining what it would feel like inside her knickers and he was dead set on her. Thankfully she told us all to call her Anna, so we didn’t have to try and wrap our tongues around that name.

Naturally, the moment she’d been cast what’s known in the trade as an ‘inspired leak’ by the studio hit the tabloid press and I was front page news: Val’s Lesbo Re-launch, The Vamp Goes Camp, that sort of rubbish. Overnight, entertainment journalists who hadn’t wanted to know me for years were begging my agent for exclusive interviews, and Val was the name on everybody’s lips again, just like the old days. Some of the newer starlets on the show had their noses quite put out of joint by it all. Anna and I did the rounds of the TV studios together and she played up to her part, adopting an innocent little girl voice I’d not heard before, hugging my arm and cuddling up close to me on the sofas. Officially the plot line was still under wraps so we couldn’t confirm it, but I don’t think her performances left anyone in much doubt about the closeness of our characters!

Anna and I did get on well, and we enjoyed rehearsing and filming together. From the moment her character, Ewa Nowak, appeared, the audience ratings shot up, with everyone wanting to see how the little innocent got big bad Val into bed. The make-up and hair styling teams did a brilliant job with Anna, and on-screen she really did look like a naïve 19-year old student. We worked our way through Val taking Ewa in as a lodger for the money; Val coming home and finding Ewa at it with her boyfriend on the sofa; Val having a huge row with her best friend over the other woman’s racism towards Ewa; and Val coming home to throw out the tempestuous boyfriend just as he was about to beat Ewa up. I knew for certain that my career was saved when we were told that the death in the Christmas episode would be the boyfriend, with Val and Ewa being tried for his murder. It doesn’t get any better in soap land than being the star of a murder trial. I made a mental note to make sure Joe wrote those scripts, so there was no chance of Val dramatically committing suicide on the eve of the verdict or something – or being found guilty of course!

That scene where Val evicted the boyfriend was in the episode before Ewa finally made her first move on her landlady. We filmed the fateful moment itself on a Friday. The date it was to be aired was leaked, and the producers were predicting the biggest audiences since a coach load of pensioners had crashed into one of the show’s two pubs during the kiddies’ party on Christmas Eve a good many years earlier. That Friday, Anna and I were both a bit nervous about filming our first kiss, so shortly before rehearsing it we had a couple of drinks in the Hospitality suite. The rehearsal went perfectly. Anna, playing Ewa, approached me and said “Valerie, you saved my life when you threw Janusz out – you don’t know how crazy he is. I want to thank you properly. In my country this is how we say thank you.” Then she put a hand behind my head and pulled my lips to hers, my eyes fluttering shut in anticipation as she pressed me against the front room wall.

The kiss was meant to last about five seconds, and at the end of that time the director called “And cut…okay girls, you can stop now.” We had carried on for several seconds after he wrapped the scene. The thing is, when you kiss on Jubilee Court you either keep your mouth closed or you open your mouth but keep your tongue still. Anna had slipped her tongue straight into my mouth and gone on an exploratory mission with it. She had been drinking Baileys in Hospitality, lara escort and her tongue tasted sweet and felt like silk in my mouth. To be honest, at that moment I was happy to carry on kissing as long as she was. When the director explained to Anna about our way of kissing she blushed and apologised, saying she didn’t know as they did it for real in shows in Poland. What nobody had seen, as far as I was aware, was Anna’s other hand, behind my back, slip down the waistband of my trousers, and one of her fingers stroke very firmly up the crease at the top of my bum! That had sent shivers through me, another reason why I hadn’t wanted to stop kissing her.

Anna was a good girl when we did the actual filming and it went perfectly, with us both keeping our lips closed. Even so, the director said he thought the kiss was so steamy we’d be lucky if the schedulers didn’t insist we aired that episode after the nine p.m. watershed! Afterwards, as we sat having coffee in Hospitality, Anna played the innocent and I decided not to mention what had happened in rehearsal. We were due to film our next big scene, where Ewa got down to seducing Val for real, the following Monday. Anna said she was quite anxious to get it exactly right, and suggested we get together to do an extra, private, rehearsal on the Sunday. Without really thinking about it I agreed, and we said goodbye for the day. As I said, I thought nobody had seen Anna feeling me up; but just after she left Wyn drifted by and, with a wicked leer, murmured to me, “I don’t remember a line in the script that said ‘Ewa sticks her hand up Val’s arse’! Enjoy your, erm, rehearsal on Sunday.” I felt my face flush deep red and told her totally unconvincingly that I had no idea what she was on about.

I didn’t have much time on the Saturday to think about the rehearsal. In the morning I opened a new supermarket, with the manager getting a public snog with me and a sneaky grope of my bum, cheeky little sod; then in the afternoon I opened a carnival near my ‘lovely Essex manor house’, as Hello Magazine described my home, and judged various competitions. On the Sunday morning I took my two beautiful Afghan hounds for a run, then prepared for Anna’s arrival. I thought I’d better dress the part, so I wore the sort of short denim skirt that Val would, together with a silk blouse and my favourite front-clasp push-up bra that really accentuates my big boobs. When Anna arrived she looked stunning. Her mini-dress was so short that as she climbed out of her taxi I got a clear look straight up to her skimpy lacy knickers. She had long, fabulous legs, accentuated by high-heel sandals. She gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips before breaking off to pet the Afghans. I suddenly felt very nervous about the situation. Never mind the fact that I was nearly twice this girl’s age, and that I’ve never fancied a woman in my life: the feel of her lips on mine, her sweet-smelling perfume, and her boobs nestling into mine as she hugged me had had a strange effect on my body. My nipples strained against my bra, and I felt a hint of dampness between my legs.

I made us a pot of coffee and we sat down at the kitchen table to talk ourselves into the scene we were about to rehearse. After a couple of cups of brew, while reading through Monday’s script a few times, Anna said in a matter-of-fact sort of way, “Okay, let’s go into the lounge now and try out the moves.” My face must have betrayed some uncertainty. She continued, “After all, there are some complicated directions in here, just to get us onto the sofa. We don’t want to have to rehearse it too many times tomorrow. And once we’re on the sofa together,” she added with a giggle, “we need to know who’s going to put what where.” We moved through to the lounge and Anna did a few stretching exercises to loosen herself up. It’s my little secret that part of my lounge is actually laid out like Val’s flat in Jubilee Court, just so I can run through my moves in advance. I took up my starting position, by the door to the room.

The early parts of the scene went fine and, sure enough, in a couple of minutes we wound up sitting side-by-side on the sofa. Anna had learnt her lines to perfection. “You know Valerie,” she said, smoothing an imaginary strand of hair off my face, “yesterday, when I kissed you, it did something strange to me. I don’t know why, I’ve never felt this was about another woman before but…may I kiss you again?” I, as Val, nodded nervously, hardly daring to breathe. I didn’t have to act that at all – the sexual vibes coming off Anna were almost visible like heat haze between us, and she was in total command of the situation. Her hand slipped behind my head, like before, and once again my lips melted onto hers. Not only was I not bothered when her tongue slid between my lips, my own tongue made a lazy circle around hers and made its own foray into her sweet mouth. She had one hand in my lap, and a tiny remaining part of the actress in me thought it would be better if her arm extended around my waist. That hand sliding up my leg, under my skirt, definitely wasn’t in the script; neither was her finger slipping past the gusset of my thong panties and straight into my suddenly drenched pussy.

Anna’s lips slid side escort down my throat and onto my chest as her other hand moved from behind my head and started unbuttoning my blouse, slowly, seductively. When she saw my front fastening bra she murmured “How convenient”, and unclipped it in an instant. As it fell away from my boobs it was replaced by her mouth, kissing its way down the flesh of one of my tits to my big engorged brown nipple. She curled her fingers around the other tit and caressed it teasingly. By now we were laying on the sofa, and it felt as if Anna’s whole hand was in my pussy as she slowly finger-fucked me. I couldn’t remember having felt so aroused in my entire life, and my hips started thrusting at her hand, as if I was trying to get her entire arm inside me.

When Anna whispered that she wanted to eat me out I didn’t stop to think for a moment, I just moaned “Oh God yes, please.” A smug smile flickered across her face and she slipped to the floor between my legs. In a second my soaking panties were off and I shuddered, and tensed in anticipation as I felt her warm breath on my inner thighs. When her tongue licked the length of my snatch I felt as if I was about to go into orbit. No-one had done that for me for a long time, and no man I’d met had been as good at it as Anna. She began flicking her tongue back and forth across my clit, pausing occasionally to suck on it with her lips, and resumed finger-fucking me with one hand while with the other she stroked and tweaked my sensitive labia. As she pressed her face more and more firmly into me my hips slid forward on the sofa, wanting more of the joy she was giving me, until eventually I was more or less sitting on the poor girl’s face. As I felt my orgasm starting to build up I lifted one of my big tits to my mouth and sucked on my own nipple, but it didn’t block the scream of lust that tore out of me as, moments later, my juices cascaded onto Anna’s lapping tongue.

I felt quite dazed after that, and meekly followed as Anna took my hand and led me up the stairs to my own bedroom. She stripped both of us quickly and efficiently and we lay on the bed kissing and cuddling. Then she reached across to my bedside table and said, “Look what I’ve found Sylvia. Would you like me to use it?” It was my big, cock-shaped vibrator, which I always keep handy in the bedroom. I just nodded dreamily, and lay back as Anna switched it on, and began softly rubbing the twitching tip across the damp blonde hair around my pussy. I was so desperate to get it inside me that I shuffled down the bed, but she kept teasing me, just keeping the toy at the very edge of reach so it tickled agonisingly sensuously across my slit.

Finally, just when I thought I was going to faint with frustration, she rammed it hard into me, right up to its vibrating plastic balls, making me gasp. As she reamed it around me I felt the most fantastic waves of pleasure sweeping through my body. I was about to suck my tit again but Anna beat me to it, feeding one of her own small pale boobs into my mouth. I happily chewed on her small, round, nut-hard pink nipple. I felt Anna’s hand drift across my buttocks and adjusted my position slightly to give her better access. Sure enough, two fingers wormed their way up my anal passage and forced their way into me. With the vibrator reaming my cunt and Anna’s fingers doing the same to my bum there was no way I was going to last long, and I released her tit from my mouth for fear of biting down on it as, seconds, later, I had another shattering climax, hugging Anna tightly to me.

We both rested for a while after that, Anna’s head nestling on my pillowy tits as her fingers twirled idly in the long blonde curls on my mound. I had never had the slightest desire to sleep with a woman before, but I felt incredibly tender towards this beautiful young satyr who’d given me the most intense sexual experience I’d had in years. After a while she raised her head and, a hint of appeal in her eyes, whispered, “Is it my turn now?” I had sort of known this was coming, and I was dreading it; but after we’d kissed for a while I started to move my head down towards her pussy. Anna stopped me and swung around into a 69 position below me, offering the promise of a reward for pleasuring her.

Unlike my wild pubic bush, Anna’s brown hair was clipped to maybe a quarter-inch, and fashioned into the shape on an arrow pointing straight down to her pussy. Also unlike mine, which extends right round my pussy, Anna’s hair ended, apparently quite naturally, where her puffy pink-brown vulva started. Unsure exactly what to do, I eased her labia gently apart with my thumbs, and was immediately rewarded with a squeak from her. When, taking the plunge as it were, I applied my tongue to her slit and licked it downwards from her clit she squealed and gripped my bum cheeks, her short but sharp fingernails pressing into me. Quickly getting into my stride, I licked, sucked and nibbled Anna’s clit while I finger fucked her and stroked her labia with my fingers, enjoying her bitter-sweet musky aroma as she gasped, sighed and squirmed on my tongue and hands. Against my expectations I was finding eating her pussy an entirely pleasurable and very arousing experience, and the pleasure increased ten-fold when she returned the favour, pinning me open with her thumbs and fucking me with her tongue for all she was worth. I’m not sure exactly how long we kept it up, but we both came several times before I collapsed exhausted and completely sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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