Snowed In Ch. 06

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With everyone feeling pretty good and somewhat revived, I along with my two sisters where actually quite anxious to continue playing mom’s naughty little game. Even my cock had risen to some extent, though not fully taking on a “flag pole” appearance. But I knew that the moment things got going again, it wouldn’t take much.

“Ok, someone else want to draw one out?” she soon asked.

“Before we do,” dad began, I’d like to defer mine until tomorrow if that’s ok with everyone. So…if mine is drawn out, I’d like to wait until then.”

It was a curious request, but under the circumstances the way things were going, it was highly unlikely we’d all have the strength left to do all of us in one day anyway.

“Mandy? You want to draw next?” Mom asked.

Excitedly she stood waiting for mom to hold up the bowl with our folded fantasies and desires waiting inside, each of us wondering whose would be drawn out next. I sat watching as Mandy’s beautiful bare breasts bounced and wobbled as she stood, jiggling erotically for a moment before settling back into place. Her nipples, like my cock now, were hard. Pointed, thick and obviously aroused, though so where mom and Collette’s as I glanced about the table, my eyes feasting on all the delectable tit candy available. I was already looking forward to seeing, doing, whatever it was someone had requested or chosen for us to do. Even dad did a drum roll with his fingers on the table making us laugh, easing the sudden tension that had sprung as Mandy reached into mom’s bowl mixing the remaining folded papers around inside with her fingers.

“Alright! Alright! Enough already! Pick one!” Collette scolded her sister somewhat teasingly, but she too was just as anxious as the rest of us to see what lay ahead.

Finally she removed her hand already smiling before she’d even opened it. “It’s mine!” she grinned excitedly. “I put a little mark on the outside,” she then added solving the mystery.

“So? Read it!” Collette stated once again urging her to quit wasting time. I noticed as she sat there that her hand was already down between her legs gingerly fingering herself in anticipation. We were all “horny” as mom so aptly put it, but I don’t think I’d ever seen my sister this horny before, it was obvious by her impatience that she was already on the edge, anxious to get going again as Mandy tossed her one of her own patented looks, but then began to read her note.

“I want to see mom and Collette fuck one another with mom’s dildo,” she began. As good as it felt when we did, I actually wished I could see what it looked like from a different angle. While they are, I’d also like to have Brian fuck me doggy-style from behind while we watch, and then have dad take turns with mom and Collette while they suck him, still fucking one another with the toy.” She finished looking up.

Collette was grinning as was mom. Even dad had a smile on his face as he thought about having his cock sucked, something he obviously quite enjoyed feeling. As for myself, I too was looking forward to actually fucking my sister. I couldn’t help but wonder what her sweet pink pussy would feel like wrapped around my nice hard dick.

“Back to the bed again?” Mom wondered, though then suggesting as Mandy shook her head yes. “Ok…but maybe we should put a few big fluffy towels down on it this time, in case Collette has one of her deliciously wet orgasms again.” Collette blushed upon hearing that, but readily agreed. Evidently, she was pretty sure she might while impaled on mom’s thick nasty toy, fucking herself and mom as they soon after positioned themselves on the bed. As they did that, dad stood off to one side, stroking his cock until it stood thick, fat and hard, waving around in front of him like a batter stepping up to the plate.

“Where do you want to be?” I now asked her as we stood there taking all of this in. It was already erotic as hell seeing mom and Collette once again ass to ass, the shared toy now connecting them both to one another as they adjusted it, already giving it a few preliminary test fucks against one another.

Obviously Mandy had something in mind as she walked over to dad’s chair standing behind it, leaning over the headrest slightly as her beautiful bare ass beckoned to me.

“Can you fuck me standing up like this?” she asked, “Without tiring out too quickly?” She worried.

“Sis, right about now, I could fuck you while standing on my head if you wanted,” I responded back. I noticed she even thought about that for a moment, smiling.

“Really?” She grinned. “We might have to try that later,” she added though she again leaned over the back of dad’s chair waiting for me. As for dad, he had now crawled onto the bed, kneeling in front of Collette as she opened her mouth in anticipation of taking dad’s cock. He fed it to her, and then looked over towards us.

“This what you had in mind kitten?” He asked pleasurably as Collette’s tongue snaked out, running around and about the mushroom like head of my father’s prick.

It was at that czech first video porno very moment that I slid my cock inside my sister’s cunt, filling her completely. Her answer came in the form of a surprised grunt, her eyes wide as she felt the fullness of my shaft penetrate her for the very first time. I held still for a moment, and then used muscle control to wobble it inside her, unmoving letting her sense that as I did so.

“Fuck Brian! That’s hot! How the hell can you do that?” she asked.

I gave her pussy another couple of dick throbs, and then pulled out completely, resting the tip just at the opening of her now very wet juicy split before sliding inside her again.

“Practice,” I teased. “Years and years of practice masturbating,” I then added hearing her giggle, though so did mom and Collette having overheard me.

“Better to wash a bunch of hankies as opposed to changing your bed sheets every other day,” mom spoke embarrassing me. “And don’t think I didn’t know Brian,” she giggled. “I never saw you blowing your nose even once!”

“Mom!” I shot back, though spearing my sister’s pussy with my prick as I said that. For some reason, the thought of her having known all along now seemed deliciously wicked. What was surprisingly erotic, sensual, was the ongoing conversation we were now having as we all looked about at one another, watching each other. Mom and Collette almost casually grinding themselves against one another connected together with mom’s dildo, though she looked over towards us, watching me fucking Mandy while standing behind her. I’m sure the lust-filled look of pleasure on my face said it all, though I was still blushing a little.

“What I’d appreciate, is if you’d clean your own cum-curdles out of the shower drain in your bathroom. That…or go back to using hankies again,” she giggled wickedly.

“Mom!” I said once again feeling even more embarrassed as Mandy laughed, adding one of her patented “Eeeeuws!” upon hearing that.

Though the subject obviously had now intrigued Mandy’s thoughts. “You ever jerk off in the shower daddy?” she asked him as we both looked over, Collette now fully mouthing my dad’s cock as he knelt there fucking my sister’s face.

“Sometimes,” he moaned pleasurably, his face taking on a controlled grimace. It was obvious that whatever Collette was doing to him at the moment must have felt pretty intense. “Though usually even when I am, your mother’s waiting for me, she enjoys sucking my cum down rather than having me shoot it off in the shower,” he now shared with everyone, likewise now embarrassing mom.

“So you like drinking daddy’s dick juice?” she now turned looking at mom, her breath obviously becoming labored, heated as her arousal level continued to escalate, though my prick sliding in and out of her at a nice steady pace might have had something to do with that.

“Do I ever!” mom replied looking back over her shoulder towards Pop, the slap of her ass cheeks against Collette’s giving emphasis to her own heightened desires. “Sometimes, I just enjoy sitting there on the toilet seat watching your dad pull on his prick, working it. I love watching him do that, always excites me to see how he best likes to play with himself. Just the way he rubs the head of his dick, sometimes palming it, and then slapping it a little for me,” She sighed pausing pleasurably for a moment. “I very often finger myself while I watch him, but then of course…when he’s ready to shoot, he usually just turns and points it towards me. It’s then that I wrap my lips around that big mushroom head of his and wait to feel that first hard-felt squirt as it enters my mouth. After that…I just try and take as much as I can, though even then most of it dribbles out of my mouth and down onto my tits. Makes great lotion for them afterwards though!” she added grinning, though her face and reddened even more considerably with her admission. “After all, you’ve seen how much he cums,” she reminded us all.

One thing I had already noticed was the more Mandy talked, discussing such perverse decadent activities, the more and more aroused and wet she became. Her pussy was soaked, bathing my cock with each steady plunge inside her, the sounds of which could now be easily heard as I thrust in and out of that slick wet passage.

She moaned outwardly, though continuing to speak. I wasn’t the only one that was now aware of this particular little fetish of hers either. “So mom…you ever going to tell us the story of how you and Collette ended up eating one another out that first time?” she asked. Even that one got my attention and renewed curiosity as I groaned, grunted and gave Mandy’s cunt a bit of an extra grinding thrust.

“Yeah mom…tell us, I’d like hearing about that one myself!” I then added.

“Let your sister tell the story,” mom giggled. “She’ll do a much better job of it than I will.”

Unfortunately, with her mouth full of dad’s cock at the moment, that made things a bit difficult for her to do. czech gangbang porno “I will, but I’d like watching Mandy suck daddy’s dick while I tell it,” she responded in kind.

“Bring it here daddy!” Mandy said enthusiastically as dad climbed down off the bed, once again walking over towards us, his massive prick sticking straight out in front of him, swollen purple and quite obviously throbbing. Even I was impressed at its stature as he reached us, Mandy’s small hand reaching up to grasp it, wrapping around though hardly even covering half his engorged length as she did. “OK, so tell us the story,” she said, and then flicked her tongue out running it around and over the head of dad’s cock as he steadied himself, holding onto her head.

“Well, it actually happened quite by accident,” she began. “Everyone was gone, out for the day except mom and myself. Mom had in fact been upstairs baking cookies and decided to drop some off at Aunt Jackie’s for she and Uncle Frank. She had called down to me just before leaving, making me aware that I’d pretty much have the place to myself. I’d been reading some erotic stories earlier, so I was already pretty aroused, having just finished one where the woman in the story had just masturbated while using the water from the faucet in the bathtub. I’d actually done that myself a long time ago, but it had been years since I had. Now…having just finished the story I was horny as hell and with everyone gone, decided it was the perfect time to do so again.”

“Except that I forgot my wallet,” mom said interrupting her, “which I realized just as I reached the highway, so I turned the car around and headed back in order to get it.”

Though Mandy was still licking the head of dad’s dick, her attention, mine, along with dads was focused on Collette’s story as she continued, though the two of them continued to kneel there, grinding against one another without missing a beat.

“I didn’t know of course what she was planning on doing when I unexpectedly returned,” mom added, and then let Collette pick up the story again.

“She’d decided as she explained to me later, that maybe I might be interested in going with her and visit. So she decided to come downstairs and ask me if I wanted to come…” she giggled erotically having said that. “Which I already was planning on, though not in quite the same way she expected, or as it turned out, that I did! Hearing the water in the tub running, she came into the bathroom to see if I might still be interested in going with her. Needless to say, I was so focused on my pussy at the moment, that I didn’t even hear the door open when she walked in. And so…there I was, laying in the bottom of the tub, my legs straddling the faucet, the water beating down on my pussy as I lay there, letting it pleasure and tickle my clit.”

Listening to this story, I was finding it harder and harder to control the inevitable, finally slowing a little though I also noticed Mandy didn’t seem to mind that I had. She had herself just about quit licking and sucking dad’s dick entirely, though he too stood listening with rapt interest though I was willing to bet it wasn’t the first time he had heard the story either.

And once again, mom jumped in, though Collette didn’t seem to mind, now repositioning herself on the bed slightly, her head resting against the mattress as she reached back between her legs, now using her fingers to twiddle her twat as the two of them continued to slow-fuck one another with their shared toy.

“Obviously though I knew she was preparing to take a bath, I hadn’t expected to walk in and see her doing that. It was something I had even done once or twice myself in the past, but hadn’t thought about doing so again in years. Now, standing there looking down at her, as erotic as she looked, the water beating against her pussy, her lips all puffy and swollen as she held them a part…well, it was obviously too much for me to bare. So I hurriedly slipped out of my own clothes! Admittedly I was nervous, scared, not sure how Collette might react to my being there, seeing her. But I figured once I was naked myself, sitting there masturbating while watching her, she might get over the shock of it far more quickly.”

“Which I did!” Collette laughed. “Though admittedly, I think I screamed upon seeing her sitting there on the toilet, didn’t I?” she asked now frigging her clit as she reached back toying with it as the two of them continued to kneel there fucking one another.

“Yes,” mom laughed out loud. “You did, but then you saw what I was doing, and immediately settled down back in the tub again. Which is when I told her how beautiful I thought her bare pussy was, as at the time, mine wasn’t, though I kept it neatly trimmed back then even so.”

“And that’s when I told mom I’d be happy to shave it for her myself,” Collette grinned still fingering her clit, remembering. “And I think that’s when I said something along the lines of how I love eating a woman’s bare pussy, or something brazzers porno like that anyway, not even realizing at first that I had, until mom commented on that.”

“I did. I then told Collette how that was something I’ve always wanted to experience myself, though the opportunity had never presented itself, and that if and when it ever did, I had every intention of doing so. I then asked Collette if she liked it, how it felt when she did.”

“Which is when I told mom…I’d be more than happy to do her myself!”

“Fuck!” I moaned openly hearing all this, as did dad, the two of us I am sure having painted identical images of mom and Collette soon after lying between one another’s legs, sucking one another’s clits.

“So then what happened?” Mandy pressed just as aroused and as curious as we were to hear the rest of it.

“Well that’s when mom agreed to let me shave her. So I got out, and then did that. Sitting there, lathering up her pussy got her even more aroused, and wetter too,” she grinned. “Pretty soon I was actually finger-fucking her while I shaved her, teasing her a little getting her more and more excited. After that she shaved me, though it was a much quicker shave of course since I’d already done so the day before. But…after that we headed upstairs to her bedroom where I then applied some baby oil to the freshly shaved area as she lay there on the bed, legs spread, wide open…inviting.”

“God, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall and seen that,” Mandy moaned audibly.

Mom laughed, “All things considered honey, I’m pretty sure that eventually you will!” Hearing that made Mandy moan again, though likewise reminding her that I had all but quit thrusting into her too. She reached back slapping my ass playfully.

“Giddy up boy!” she urged me. “Fuck my pussy! And don’t you dare fucking stop either!” she then added.

I began doing so again, though I now began to worry about blowing my load, already fighting the urge to do so having heard the story so far.

“Anyway, we spent the next hour eating one another out, one of the most pleasurable experiences I’d ever had, not to mention finally doing something your father had been after me to do for eons, needless to say, when I told him about it later, he ended up fucking me until I couldn’t even walk,” she giggled. “Never did make it over to your Aunt Jackie’s either,” she then added. “She even called twice, worried about me since we never answered the phone.”

I noticed dad was smiling, grinning from ear to ear.

“What?” I asked him curiously, but he merely shook his head unwilling to answer.

It was then that Mandy and I both noticed mom and Collette were smiling too.

“There’s more to this isn’t there?” Mandy stated speaking for us both.

“Yeah, there is…but we’ll save that for another time,” Collette stated. “Suffice it to say, Aunt Jackie drove over because she was worried about mom, and walked in on us!”

“Oh my god!” Mandy and I both said in unison. “She didn’t!”

“Oh yeah, she did!” Dad grinned almost stupidly. “I think I was horny for three days after hearing about it,” he added, and then dropped it, unwilling to continue on even though Mandy and I both pressed for the details.

“Later,” mom said ending the discussion. “Now then…you want us to all continue the way that we are? Or what else would you like us to do?” she now asked.

Though a little frustrated at not hearing the rest of the story, Mandy thought, and then decided she in fact did want to see something a little different now.

“So Collette, you think when you cum it will be a squirty one this time?” she asked.

“I can almost fucking guarantee it, why?”

“In that case, I’d like to watch it myself. So…mom? If you two can manage it, if Collette would now lie on her back, you turn around, though keeping the dildo connected between you two, and fuck her sort of missionary style. Daddy? Go over and stand over them, I’d like to see you titty-fuck mom, and whenever you’re ready to do so, cum all over her boobs so I can see you do that.”

It was evident that dad liked the idea, and once again made his way back over towards the bed. Mom was now thrusting the fake prick in and out of Collette’s cunt with a vengeance as dad began fucking mom’s tits, Collette once again reaching down between her legs, spreading herself, and now frigging her clit almost violently, something she always did which pretty much ensured she would squirt, even slapping it periodically, which I would learn later usually brought that about.

“God sis, I’m not sure how much longer I can keep from coming myself, especially standing here seeing all this!” I told her a bit urgently. My balls in fact felt like they were about to explode, with or without her help any moment now.

“Ditto that,” she told me hotly. “Go ahead and do it,” she then added. “The moment I feel your cum spurting inside my cunt, I’ll come,” she assured me. “And I’m ready…whenever you are. I’m so fucking horny now, I could scream!”

Minutes later, she was doing just that.

In a way, it was like watching dominos fall. Much to my surprise, dad was even closer than I was. Knowing him like the back of her hand, mom realized through dad’s look perhaps, or his sudden quivering that he was teetering on the edge. Her simple comment triggered his release moments later.

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