Snobby Surma Ch. 07

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Rakesh was in a dilemma. Deotima had just called him.

Surma was the ultimate bitch. But she would never tell Hugo about his and Deo’s affair.

He knew that.

Surma and Deotima had been best friends, for heaven’s sake.

He decided. He had the perfect reason to dump Surma. Deo would make up for the loss in income. She was more than generous.

And he did not like being blackmailed.

What if he went to Suresh and told him that Surma and he were former lovers?

Surma would be screwed. She would deny it of course. But could she explain why she and Rakesh had suddenly become enemies? She was the one who had suggested his name!

Surma was smart. She could give Suresh some idiotic reason. That he, Rakesh, was asking for more money or that he had some disease or something.

Fucking smart bitch!

Rakesh knew he was stuck. He had to give up on Surma’s deal.

And keep only Deotima.

But Deotima may run away too. Fearing that Surma would tell Hugo.

After all if Surma was not getting Rakesh, she would definitely consider ruining Deotima’s happiness too.

This was too fucking complicated.

Rakesh went to the gym.

The gym was a great place to think. You could mindlessly do your repetitions and let your thoughts wander.

10, 11, 12, 13…

Rakesh dropped the weights and wondered how his life had so many ups and downs.

One day he was living a dream life and the next day it was all gone.

This was the second time and things had changed so fast with these two girls.

Which of the girls would he miss more? Surma’s sultry stares, her eyes? Or Deotimas’ breasts and her pouting sexiness? And her screams.

Bengali women were temperamental. That is what made them so irresistible. Their bad tempers. Their quick changes of mood. They could be exhilarated one moment and angry a moment later. They could tell you to get out and then come crying after you the next moment, begging you to stay.

But the way their skin reacted to a man’s touch, now that was something to be experienced.

Rakesh felt an erection coming on thinking of Bengali girls.

He picked up the weights, added a slab extra and lifted. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

“You certainly work out a lot!”

It was Riya. A new entrant to the gym. College kid.

Rakesh had noticed her a month ago. But had ignored her.

He was too preoccupied with Surma and Deotima.

They were his first priority and would always come first.

“Hmmmmph!” he grunted and finished his reps.

“Yeah I do,” he said without looking up.

“Are these two kilos or three?” she asked as she pulled a small weight off the rack.

“Three,” he replied with just a glance upwards.

She was wearing a short, pink crop top. Her stretch pants were tight. Her hair flowed just below her shoulders.

She was petite. Nice firm tits. Lovely ass. Big black eyes.

She din’t come to the gym to lose weight. She was there to stay fit.

Riya began to do some wrist curls. He could feel her eyes on him.

Riya was not used to being ignored.

“Another spoilt brat like Surma and Deo. Used to having her way” thought Rakesh as he continued his workout.

“You don’t talk much” Riya wasn’t giving up.

“Both those bitches dont deserve me. Maybe a good fuck will clear up my mind” Rakesh thought as he finished his last pull up.

“Yeah. I am the quiet kind.”

“I study at Presidency college. I live nearby. This is the most convenient gym for me.”

“You like coffee?” Rakesh asked abruptly.

“Mmmm are you inviting me out on a date?”

“No. Just canlı bahis coffee”

“You’ve finished your three sets. So shall we meet outside at five?”

“Yeah” Rakesh ignored the fact that she knew how many sets he did.

Sharp at five, she was outside waiting for him. Dressed in a jacket and jeans.

Riya looked adorably cute. Rakesh felt a twinge of excitement at the thought that she was waiting for him. But he kept a cool exterior.

Riya talked nonstop as they walked. It was nervousness, he guessed.

She talked about her college and some guy called Sambit who seemed to be after her.

They entered the coffee shop and sat down.

The waiter came and took their order. Riya was still talking.

Rakesh looked so disinterested that she seemed to like the challenge of seducing him.

Maybe he could accept Surma’s proposal and pretend to stop fucking Deotima. And tell Deotima he had dumped Surma. If Surma or Deotima found out, what was the worst that could happen? At least he would get a few more months with the girls.

Riya was touching his hand over and over. Her tiny, slender fingers lingered on his hands for longer each time. She seemed to love the feel of his strong forearms. He din’t pull his arms away. He let her have her fun.

The waiter came with the bill. He paid and stood up.

He decided Riya was ready for more.

“Come Riya. I want to show you something.”

He took her hand and gently led her outside.

“Are you taking me someplace? I have to tell my folks I will be late. Or they will worry.”

Riya was quite forward. He din’t even have to seduce her like he had to for Surma and Deotima. This girl was his for the asking.

They walked side by side and she moved closer so her arms were rubbing against his as they walked.

She kept talking nonstop.

Rakesh hailed an auto. Saying nothing, he got in after Riya.

Riya and he walked into his room. Riya was still babbling about her college and Sambit and her subjects. She was obviously nervous as hell.

They entered Rakesh’s room and Riya was silent for a few moments as she looked around. Like she had not been in a man’s room before. She pulled off her top and revealed another crop top. Shorter than the one she wore at the gym.

She couldin’t possibly wear something this short outdoors.

“Sorry the room is a mess,” Rakesh offered.

Then he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips.

Riya was shocked for a moment and then returned the kiss. Rakesh felt her breasts press against his chest as he pulled her closer.

Riyas crop top was way too short. She had not worn a bra. Her breasts were slipping below her top as her arms were stretched upwards and around his neck. She was on her toes leaning into him to reach his lips. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest. Her lovely big, black eyes were half open as she kissed. Her lips felt soft and juicy against his. He waited for her to slip her tongue into his mouth and rubbed her tongue with his. Caressing her tongue. Playing with it. Round and round, his tongue circled hers.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, Pleaaaaaase!”

She was moaning in pleasure. She had kissed before. But not like this.

Her crop top left her tummy uncovered. Her lips quivered under his as he kissed her. There were goosebumps all over her bare arms. She was really excited. Rakesh let his strength flow into his abdomen and harden his cock. Riya could feel his hardening cock and pressed into him. She wanted this. She pressed back.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd! Pleassse…”

Rakesh had his hands on the skin of her waist. He caressed her bahis siteleri bare waist and rubbed his thumb along the bottom of her bare breasts. He moved his hands upwards till his thumb rubbed against her her nipples. She was so excited her nipples were standing erect and bursting with excitement. Rakesh rubbed his thumb all over her areola and felt the excitement all over her nipples.


Riya was moaning loudly at the all the feelings coursing through her body.

She had watched this man for over a month. The way he handled himself. His confidence with the weights. His authority in the gym. The way he never flirted with any woman. He seemed totally contained within himself.

She was so attracted by that. She wanted him more and more each day. Now this man she admired so much was making love to her. She let herself go in his arms.

“Ohhhhhhh Rakeshhhhhh! Pleaaaassseeee…”

Rakesh undid the buttons on her jeans and pulled her pants down, making sure his fingers were behind her panties so they would slip down her thighs along with her pants. He wanted to see her pussy.

Both Deo and Surma had different pussies. Deo had a strip between the two lips and her clit was almost outside her pussy. Hanging out to be licked. Surmas pussy lips were closed. He had to pry them open with his tongue to reach her delicious clit. Like feeding a little baby bird in her nest.

Rakesh wanted to see how Riya’s pussy was. Was it the closed type or the strip type?

Rakesh slowly pulled her jeans down her hips. The mystery would soon be uncovered.

“Pleaaaaase! Pleaaaaaaase! Ohhhhhhh my God!!”

Her pussy was covered with delicate pussy hair that was not as curly as he expected. It was almost straight hair. He licked the hair away to see her pussy lips. It was a tiny little pussy.

Her pussy lips were almost pouting at him. They protruded outwards. He licked the outside of her pussy and found she was extremely sensitive even outside her clit. Riya jumped with each touch of his tongue on her pussy lips. This was going to be fun. He licked her pussy lips again. Longer this time. She was thrusting her hips against him now. Pushing her hips towards his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Donnnnnnnnnnnnt! Pleaaaaase Pleasssseeeee!”

God this girl was hot!

Rakesh decided to let her lie on the bed. He gently placed her on his bed and spread her thighs apart. He lowered his head between her thighs and ran his fingers along the back of her thighs.

The best part of a woman was the back of her thighs. The smooth skin there was most sensitive and reached its greatest sensitivity at the confluence of her thighs. Just below her pussy lips. He loved licking the place where the two thighs met, just below the pussy.

He let his tongue circle the bottom of her tiny pussy. His touch was so delicate that Riya was shivering in excitement.

“Pleaaaase Pleassse Pleaaasse! Donnnnnt! Ohhhhhh Godddddd!”

Watching Riya so excited made Rakesh shiver too. This was going to be fun.

Rakesh kissed her tummy as he pulled her pants down over her right ankle. Her hips were thrusting towards his face. He could see droplets of her excitement dripping between her pussy lips.

Now he understood these girls who talked too much. All the time Riya was babbling, on and on, about random stuff, this was what she really wanted. A girll who talks too much is asking to be fucked.

He licked off the dripping juice from her pussy lips. She breathed in sharply. There was no greater joy for a man than watching a woman thrust her hips at him in such desire. The power he bahis şirketleri felt was unbeatable. And power was what turned a man on.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Rakeshhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh Godddddd! Pleaaaaasseeeee!”

Riya was out of control. This was Rakesh. The man she had admired for so long. Treating her so gently and carefully. She wanted to give him her all. Let him pleasure her. Let him enjoy her shapely body.

Oh God! The feelings this man was evoking inside her. Her whole body was raging with waves of pleasure! She could feel waves of pleasure coursing thru her thighs and exploding in her pussy. Pleasure was radiating from her nipples to her abdomen. Down to the tips of her fingers. Rakesh was squeezing her breasts as he was licking her pussy lips. Each breast felt like it was burning in his palms.

Riya felt the first orgasm of her life build up inside her. Her whole body was participating in this process.

The blood from her head and entire rest of her body collected in her abdomen and then it happened. The explosion.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

Pleasure seemed to rush out of her pussy all at once. Trampling over each other as they rushed to her clitoris.

And they all screamed in a chorus in her pussy, in a united voice, that was deafening. Riya bucked her hips towards Rakesh as the pleasure took over. Involuntary spasms rocked her body. She felt a strength that she had never felt before.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddd!”

She screamed and then sighed and her body collapsed into itself to recover from its first orgasm.

Rakesh observed her quietly. He had seen Surma and Deotima behave similarly. A bengali womans orgasm could generate enough electricity to power a city block.

Rakesh waited fifteen minutes and began to kiss her. He was rock hard now. He needed release. She kissed back greedily. This was the man who had given her that earth shattering feeling that she would never forget, ever.

The man who gives a woman her first orgasm is never forgotten. Riya felt more love for Rakesh at that instant than she had ever felt for any man.

Rakesh slowly spread her thighs and began to slide his now rock hard cock inside her.

Riya’s small pussy slowly spread its lips and accepted his gift. Soon he was halfway inside her and moving in and out. Riya was delirious with the feeling. When Rakesh suddenly fell on her so that his cock was buried deep inside her, she gasped and screamed.

“Ohhhhhhh my Godddddd!!”

She could feel his cock in her stomach. It was so big.

The sweet sensuous pain was gradually replaced by pure pleasure as he thrust in and out of her.

Rakesh fucked Riya slowly and deliberately. Until he could feel her stop breathing. Again the blood rushed into her abdomen. Blood rushed in from all over her body making her feel faint with pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

This time the explosion was even more wild. She thrust her hips on Rakesh’s cock mindlessly. Squeezing him and sucking the cum out of him.

Rakesh grunted as he came inside her. He spurted into her. Again and again. Till his cum overflowed out of her tiny pussy as he pulled out of her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddd!!”

Riya felt the blood rush back into her brain.

They lay side by side. Exhausted. In the throes of one of the best experiences life has to offer. A man and a woman experiencing the ultimate pinnacle of feeling. Simultaneous orgasm.

“We need to take an iPill within 36 hours” Rakesh finally found the breath to say.

“Its ok. I am wearing a diaphragm.”

“Who is Sambit?”

“My husband.”

Rakesh decided on his plan. He was going to take the money from Surma. Fuck Deotima. And find out more about Riya.

A mans gotta do what hes gotta do. We pass this way but once.

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