Sleep Softly Sweet Sister

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Cartoon Sex

He watched her sleep. Her porcelain skin looked so inviting, yet he willed himself not to touch her. Every night he came into her room. Sometimes he sat for hours, fantasizing about being inside her.

He gently moved the sheets back, exposing her naked flesh. Her breasts were full and round, the nipples large and pink, getting harder as the cool night air caressed them. How he longed to take a nipple into his mouth and suck on it. Many times he had reached out to touch her, but always he held back.

He moved the sheets from her body completely now. He appreciated how well maintained she kept herself. Never had he noticed the tiniest amount of hair on her body. He knew that she shaved every day, because he sometimes watched her in the shower also.

He gazed longingly at her smooth mound. He wanted so bad to spread her creamy thighs open and bury his face in her cunt and run his tongue in and around her clit. He dreamed of tasting her sweet juices and digging his tongue deep into her.

As he had done many nights before, he reached into his boxers and pulled out his erection. As he drank in the sight of his sister’s naked body, be began stroking his cock. He moved his fist up and down slowly. He licked his lips as he stared at her smooth pussy. Twisting his wrist round and round, he stroked a little faster.

He closed his eyes, fantasizing about her. He was so engrossed in his fantasy that he never noticed she had woken up and was watching him. Curiously, she watched as the tip of his cock glistened with pre cum. He moved his hand over the tip and moistened his cock with it as he handled his erection.

She never knew that he watched her. On a few occasions, she noticed that some of her panties went missing. She wondered if he was the reason. Was he taking them and using them to masturbate with as he dreamed of her? She couldn’t teach that-bitch porno help but be aroused by the thought.

Her brother was extremely good looking and all her friends were half in love with him. Yet, she noticed he hadn’t dated many girls. She just assumed none of them were pretty enough for him to be interested in.

She watched as he masturbated. She had no idea that he had such a big and beautiful cock. The head of it seemed enormous. Her mouth watered as she watched it spew forth gobs and gobs of thick, creamy cum. Not wanting to be caught, she quickly closed her eyes and willed herself to breathe easy, pretending to still be asleep.

Spent, he opened his eyes and looked at her again. Her face seemed flush and her nipples were big and swollen, almost as if she were aroused. Looking down, he saw that he was covered in his own cum. He rose and covered her body before going back to his own room.

The next day she watched him. His muscles glistened with sweat as he mowed the back yard. She found herself getting aroused, but quickly chastised herself for thinking this way about her brother. Yet, she couldn’t help thinking about that huge cock and how good it would feel to have it buried deep, deep inside her.

She was still watching him when her mother came up behind her and said, “Honey, don’t forget your father and I are leaving this afternoon to go see Aunt Grace. We’ll be gone until tomorrow afternoon.”

She turned to smile at her and replied, “Don’t worry Mom. We’ll be all right.”

“Don’t you have a date with Kevin tonight?” her mother asked.

“Yes. We’re going to the movies.”

Her mother shook her head and said, “I sure wish your brother would date more. Oh well, I have to pack.”

Later that evening, as she came downstairs for her date, she noticed teamskeet porno how her brother’s eyes traveled up and down her body

“Do I look all right?” she asked him.

He blushed and mumbled, “Yeah, you look fine.”

But she noticed the bulge in his trousers and smiled.

During the whole movie, she kept imagining his hands all over her body. She wondered how it would feel to take his cock into her mouth and feel its velvety smoothness going down her throat. She longed to feel his hot cum shooting all inside her mouth.

At the end of the night, inside Kevin’s car, she imagined it was her brother’s lips she was kissing and his hands that were inside her shirt. She held him off, but could feel a trickle of wetness running down her thigh as she got out of the car and headed inside.

The house was dark when she went upstairs to her room. She undressed and climbed into bed, anticipating her brother’s arrival. This time, she didn’t cover herself with the sheet, but lay on top of them naked.

An hour or so later, she heard her door open softly and she closed her eyes. She heard him gasp as he took in the sight of her naked body on the bed. A few minutes later, she heard him jacking off and stole a look at his face. His eyes were squeezed shut and a look of pleasure was on his face.

She moved her fingers over her wet mound and slowly inserted a finger inside. Getting it nice and wet, she started tracing circles over and around her clit. When she moaned, his eyes flew open and he stared at her, cock in hand.

“Don’t stop on my account brother dear,” she said. “I was rather enjoying the show.”

“How long have you been watching me?” he asked.

“Since you came in. I woke up last night and saw you masturbating,” she told him. “How often do you sneak into my room at night and do that?”

He tecavuz porno blushed and stammered, “Ev…every n-night.”

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked. “Do you want to bury your prick in my cunt?”

“Oh god, sis. Yes, yes!” he exclaimed.

Getting off the bed, she walked over to him and straddled him in the chair. She moved her slick finger over his lips and watched as he licked her juices off. She felt his hands grab a hold of her hips as he lowered her onto his cock. She gasped as she felt his large head enter her. He thrust upwards until his whole cock filled her.

He reached up and grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head and brought her face down to his. She gripped tightly to his shoulders as he ravaged her mouth with his tongue. With his other hand he cupped her breast and squeezed. When his thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple, she moaned and began grinding on his cock

She rode him hard, screaming as she reached one orgasm after another. She could feel her cum oozing out and coating his cock. She felt him bite her on the neck as she squeezed his hardness inside her.

“Oh god, sis. You feel so good!” he exclaimed. “God, you’re so tight. You’re gonna make me cum!”

“Cum inside me! Now!” she cried.

That was all the encouragement he needed. He buried his cock up to the hilt and squirted all of his seed inside her. She collapsed against his chest, panting. He stroked her hair and held onto her tight.

“Damn, sis, I knew it would be good. But I never imagined you could feel that good.”

She giggled and buried her face in his neck. “Well, I never thought I would be fucking my brother either. But when I saw you last night, I knew I had to feel that beautiful cock inside of me.”

Slowly, she kissed his lips one more time then moved off of him and stood up, his cum seeping down her leg.

He watched as she walked out the room and down the hall. He heard the taps as she started the shower. Steam floated out the bathroom door into the hallway.

She appeared at the bathroom door and motioned for him to join her….

To be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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