Sleep Can Wait

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The door sighs behind you as you drop your keys on the table. It was a long day, ending with a long meeting, and the relief of being home is almost a physical caress. The cold glass of water raised to your lips brings a cool rush to your throat as you drink quickly. The lights are out, only the dim hallway light witnessing your progress.

Your clothes drop to the floor before you turn on the water. You’re looking forward to a hot shower and getting some sleep tonight. Sleep has become an elusive lover and you must catch her soon. You have been weary for so long; was life always so?

The water cascades down onto your face as you run your hands over your hair, groaning in comfort. Your mind barely registers the slight change in air temperature before you sense that you aren’t alone in the shower any more.

I hold the soap in one hand and a soft washcloth in the other. I lather your back and run my hands along your spine, across your shoulders, down to your waist. My hands rest on your neck and I push my thumbs into the groove that runs along your shoulders; I can feel you tense and then relax as the tightness loosens its grip, your muscles succumbing to the warm water and my stroking. I lean into you and bring my hands up under your arms, onto your chest.

You feel my body against yours; my nipples, hard against your skin, rub against you. The scent of the day, the soap, and my body mingle in your nose. The warmth of the water and the tiredness of your body can’t stop your cock from responding but for now you are content to put your hands against canlı bahis the shower wall and just stand there, waiting.

The soap runs in streams down your body marking the length of you. My hands run across your chest, down your belly, across your pelvis and down the sides of your hips following the white rivulets.

As the water rinses the soap from your body I lick you, tasting clean skin. I slide underneath your arm and bury my nose in your armpit, feeling the tickle of your hair and smelling your scent. My own body, aroused long before I let myself into the room, is showing my pleasure. I’m slick between my legs and my breath isn’t steady anymore. I move to stand in front of you, under the water, and you take a little step back to let me in. I rest my arms on your chest and almost unconsciously play with your nipples. Your hands go to my face and we kiss, soft, slow, deep kisses that leave us breathless. You kiss my nose, my eyelids, my forehead, my cheeks and our lips meet again. I open my mouth to let your tongue seek mine.

After a while we part and I smile up at you, wrapping my arms around you. We stand there, each wrapped up in the other. Believe that the weariness we both feel is caught up in the stream of water tumbling down the drain; believe, and it will be so.

I loosen my hug for a moment and you put your hands on my shoulders, putting just the slightest pressure on, urging me to my knees. I slide down your body, enjoying the feeling of your skin rubbing against mine.

You leave one hand on my head and put the other back up against bahis siteleri the shower wall. Your unsteady knees and beating heart echo my own; when my tongue circles your bellybutton and then begins a slow descent you moan and close your eyes. The sensation washes over you, echoing the warm water raining down.

With your cock in my hand I lick it like an ice cream cone. My tongue swirls around your head, tasting, feeling, and your scent filling my head. Can it be that I am becoming even more aroused? With my other hand I caress your ass with the soap, feeling the slippery smoothness of you under my fingers.

When you feel my hand on your ass you shift your weight slightly and spread your legs. Just as you’d hoped, my hand slides between your cheeks and traces a line from the top of your ass down, down, to the place where your cheeks end and your balls begin. I fondle your balls for just a moment and then move my hand back up. The warmth that moves from between your legs and into your balls grows. Your cock stretches, straining to bury yourself in my throat. You can feel the moan that comes up from my belly and your cock quivers in response.

Holding your cock firmly in my mouth, I grip your ass and pull you more deeply into my mouth. The fingers of my free hand caress and delight your ass. My cheeks are tickled by your pubic hair. I am so aroused I can hardly breathe.

You stand there, holding yourself up against the wall with one hand and twining your fingers into my hair with the other, trapping me in the place where I already want to be. bahis şirketleri You want to arch backward to invite my fingers to explore deeper but you don’t want to lose any contact between my mouth and your cock.

My body listens to yours; my fingers return. They stroke and circle, they dance, tease and play. Your shudder tells me that my fingers are having their intended effect and I breathe out a smile. I slid one finger inside of you and your hips come forward, pushing your cock deep to the back of my throat. I hum and the reverberation travels through your cock. My finger moves deeper; your universe is balanced on the fulcrum between my hand and my mouth.

You can feel a slow orgasm building and you don’t know whether to stop and hold back or let it wash over you now. You feel a little shiver as I tighten my mouth around you and begin to move faster, letting the water and your juice make a slick surface for my lips to glide over. My lips, my tongue travel up and down up and down again and again up and down now more quickly oh god up and down how deep how deep quickly now hold me tighter hold my cock I have your cock my mouth and lips and tongue tasting tasting tasting up and down and again and again…

Too late for making decisions now; you feel the orgasm coming and let go of me to hold yourself up against the wall. I wrap one arm around your legs and press my lips onto your pelvis, licking and swallowing as you close your eyes and let go.

The water continues to rain down on us as I hold you. I wrap both my arms around your legs, then stand up and hold you tight against me. We rest, making little murmurs to each other, while your body comes back to you. You turn the water off and we smile slow lazy smiles, promising more. Just as soon as we get some sleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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