Slave Girl Ch. 01

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*All characters in this story are above the age of 18*


Angela had stopped crying all together at this point. All fight and most of her emotions had drained away from her in the last 36 hours. After failing to free her boyfriend Anthony from Mayor Frank “big” Johnson, she had been captured and under the Enslavement Laws, she was immediately classed as enslaved for the crime of attempting to remove from enslavement a duly enslaved individual by force and without consent of the owner. Her life had been in a spiral ever since Anthony had been eliminated from UABC and enslaved. Worse still he had been sold to the mayor of their city, who was well known to enjoy being extra hard on his sex slaves, more specifically he was extra hard in their asses. She had never really stood a chance at getting him out, but she had to try. There was no way she could watch the Mayor parade him around and have Anthony suck him off during town meetings, another thing the Mayor enjoyed forcing his slaves to do.

Angela was now being led naked and collared into a viewing room along with seven other female slaves her age, as they were examined by a potential buyer. Angela had stopped attempting to cover her breasts and pussy at this point. After all of the medical exams, laser hair removal of all body hair below her head, and cleanings her modesty was almost nonexistent. She looked numbly at the floor, as she overheard a man speaking off to the side of her. She could not tell what he was saying, but was then shocked when she heard a female voice say “No, this one could use some more filling out. Are you sure she is 18 years old? She looks 12.”

Angela forced herself not to turn her head, as she had learned early on not to draw any attention to herself, but she did move her eyes to look. She saw a white woman, appearing to be in her middle thirties. Dressed very well in what looked like an expensive cream colored skirt suit. She saw a man walking along next to the woman holding a clip board and giving a background and basic information about each of the females as they walked in front of them. The woman had an air of authority about her, and Angela immediately forced her eyes back to the floor as they grew closer. The woman had rejected each of the other seven girls and had now come to stand in front of her.

The woman stood in front of Angela and hummed to herself, the man then began reading his notes “18 years old, 5′, 110lbs, brown hair and eyes, C cup breasts but still might grow more, olive skin indicative of her Italian descent, involuntary enslavement for crimes committed, no drugs in her system, medical screening and blood tests are all negative, no history of mental illness or crime, brain scan negative, heterosexual, no damage to any internal or reproductive organs. Do you have any specific questions, ma’am?”

The woman then brought her finger under Angela’s chin and tilted her head up as she calmly ordered, “Look at me, girl.”

The woman continued to stare into Angela’s eyes, making her very uncomfortable and feeling the need to cry and flee. The woman then began to circle her, feeling all over her body as she went. She pinched Angela’s nipples, groped her breasts, gripped her ass cheeks in both hands, felt along her sides and up and down her thighs, before coming to a stop back in front of her.

The woman then brought her finger to Angela’s mouth and sternly said, “Open.”

Angela opened her mouth and the woman grabbed her chin, tilted her head this way and that as she peered inside. She hummed to herself again and said, “Good teeth and all straight. Good.”

The woman then released Angela’s chin and looked down her body and seemed to smirk to herself, as she pointed down to her legs saying “Spread your legs further, girl.”

Angela obeyed and widened her stance. The woman then brought her finger and ran it along Angela’s clit, causing her to gasp and shake softly. The woman then brought her finger to rub up and down between Angela’s damp folds, forcing Angela to fight to stay still. The woman then smirked as she felt wetness begin to form on her finger. The woman then brought her finger from her pussy to Angela’s mouth and making eye contact again, ordered calmly “Open.”

Angela opened her mouth, as the woman pressed her finger now covered in Angela’s own pussy juices into her mouth, as she stated with a small smile o her face “Suck.”

Angela kept her eyes locked on the woman as she closed her mouth and the finger and began sucking as ordered. It wasn’t a bad taste, and it was one she had been used to when Anthony had made her suck his dick after he had fucked her. Angela absentmindedly ran her tongue slowly up and down the woman’s finger to lick it clean of her juices. The woman began to smile wider and Angela could detect a small gleam in her eyes, as she slowly remover her finger from Angela’s mouth. The woman continued to hold her gaze steadily, making Angela feel like she was being watched by a predator but unable to turn away. But the woman finally antalya escort turned her head towards the man, but never took her eyes from Angela’s as she asked “Sexual experience?”

The man cleared his throat but answered, “Very little. From our tests she looks to have been sexually active for about six to nine months. Nothing out of the ordinary for a heterosexual girl of her age.”

Angela had been so afraid that she almost feared to blink in front of this clearly powerful woman. The woman then turned her head back to Angela and asked, “Girl, how long ago did you loose you virginity?”

Angela thought and then breathed out quietly, “About 10 months ago, ma’am.”

The woman continued to hold her attention as she continued, “How many men have you been with?”

Angela felt her lips tremble in memory of Anthony, as she answered “Only one, ma’am.”

The woman continued to fire off question after question of Angela’s sexual history and experience. She asked if she had ever received anal sex, given a blow job, had someone lick her pussy, and how often had she masturbated before she was enslaved. Angela for her part was able to answer no to anal, yes to blow jobs, no to receiving oral, and masturbating once a day. The woman nodded to herself, as she looked Angela up and down. She then stared back into her eyes as she bluntly asked, “And you have never been with a woman sexually?”

Angela was able to answer, “No, ma’am.”

The woman then turned her head to ask the man, “What was her crime?”

The man then told the woman of Angela’s failed attempt to free Anthony from the Mayor. The woman then whipped her eyes back to Angela as a grin spread across her face, as she asked “This is the girl?”

The man stated that she was. The woman’s face then turned plotting and then back to her previous blank and bored expression, as she declared “I’ll take her. See to my attorney for payment transfer and give him all of the paperwork for me to sign. I want to get this done as quickly as possible and the girl stays with me.”

The man was nodding and agreeing with everything the woman had said and had even turned to begin talking with her attorney, until he heard the last part. He then turned back around and stuttered out, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but slaves are not allowed out past the viewing area. They are brought in and delivered from the slave garage. We never allow slave to enter or exit through the main freeman’s entrance. It would be unheard of. And we never allow a slave to be present during price negotiations.”

The woman calmly took Angela by the hand as the turned back to the man, as she calmly stated “I am not a free man, I am a free woman. If you have your freewoman’s entrance, I would like for you to show me. I have already agreed to buy her and she is staying with me. My attorney can handle all of the paperwork that I don’t need to sign. There is no need to negotiate. What is your price?”

The man continued to stutter, but another man wearing a suit came up behind him and stated “As she is untrained and was enslaved under the criminal enslavement statute, our price is $200,000.00, ma’am.”

The woman nodded to the new man as she said, “Done.”

The new man nodded and whispered something into the other man’s ear, before walking away. The other man then apologized and turned to deal with the attorney. The other slaves were taken from the room, leaving only Angela and the woman. The woman simply said, “I am buying you and you will come with me. You will continue to call me ma’am at all times. Anything other than strict obedience will not be tolerated. You are a gift for my daughter. You will obey every command she gives you without pause or complaint. She will decide what you will refer to her as. Any escape attempts or maliciousness towards me or especially my daughter will be met with punishments for you that The Center would cringe at. Do you understand me, girl?”

Angela was still terrified, but was able to breathe out “Yes, ma’am.”

The woman narrowed her eyes at Angela as she seemed to take a bit of pity on her, as she said “How you are treated is entirely up to you.”

Angela again responded by saying, “Yes, ma’am.”

The woman nodded and turned as her attorney brought over a few forms for her to sign. She then approved the transfer of funds and was given the deed of sale, which she then handed to her attorney. The deal now being concluded, the woman removed a leather leash from her purse and attached it to Angela’s collar. She then led them both out of the front door, amidst several gasps from the staff, and into her waiting black SUV. The driver closed the door after the woman led Angela into the back and then got in beside her. Angela sat quietly with her head bowed and her hands in her lap, unsure and waiting to be told what to do. The woman then handed Angela a water bottle and told her to drink it.

Angela took the water in her shaking hand and breathed out, “Thank you, ma’am.”

Angela then opened kepez escort to bottle and began to drink. She couldn’t remember when the last time she had eaten or drank anything, so she was incredibly thirty and ravenous. She was in the process of drinking the whole bottle when she suddenly realized that the woman was watching her. Angela then took the half empty bottle from her lips and held it in her lap, as she again bowed her head and looked at the floor as she said “I’m sorry, ma’am.”

The woman continued to watch her, then waved her hand as she said “Don’t worry about that, finish the bottle. You look like you could use it, and I don’t intend to let you die of thirst.”

Angela quickly finished the rest of the bottle, but then grabbed her stomach and flinched as her stomach growled loudly. The woman scoffed and asked, “When was the last time you ate anything, girl?”

Angela thought and said, “I had a sandwich two days ago, ma’am.”

The woman tilted her head as she asked, “You haven’t eaten anything in two days?”

Angela said that she hadn’t. The woman then shook her head and ordered the driver to go by a local restaurant. The woman ordered a take out dish and they waited the few minutes for it to be prepared. The food was bought out and the woman paid for the food, before handing Angela the food bag. The woman nodded as she said, “I got you a salad. It’s light enough that you want get sick after going hungry for so long. Eat as much as you want. We will have to take my plane to get home. I don’t think we will be home for another 4 hours, so when we get on the plane I suggest you try to get some sleep. You look like you could use it. When we get to my home, you will be bathed and shown around the slave quarters and main house by my slave overseer Brenda. She will tell you all you need to know. I will be blunt, you are now a sex slave to my daughter. This means pleasuring her sexually in whatever way she deems to tell you. I suggest you come to terms with that in whatever way you can, but you will serve her and fulfill all of her desires. You need to forget about your old life, that is over and done with. You have to do what is expected of you. There is no other option that doesn’t involve punishment for you. Do you understand me?”

Angela was still staring wide eyed at the floor, as she listened to the woman. She was finally able to say, “Yes, ma’am.”

She clutched the food bag tightly in her arms as if she was afraid it would disappear or be taken from her. The woman saw this and frowned as she finally said, “Don’t worry, my daughter is not a sadist. She will teach you what you need to know, you may even come to enjoy it. You should eat, girl. We will talk more later.”

Angela replied with her customary “yes, ma’am” then opened the food bag and began eating her salad. After not eating for over 48 hours, the bland salad tasted amazing. She ate it all, without even bothering to put the salad dressing on it. She had to stop herself from drinking the salad dressing after she finished the salad. She wanted to hold on to what little dignity she had left, as she placed all of the trash back into the food bag and wiped her hand and mouth with the napkins from the restaurant. She then placed the bag at her feet and remained silent with her head bowed, as the drive continued. For her part, the woman smiled softly at Angela’s actions and her reactions to what she had been told. She hoped her daughter would enjoy her own sex slave, as they were both tired of sharing the ones they already had.

The woman noticed Angela’s head droop a few times, and could tell exhaustion was setting in. She had seen that same attempt to fight off sleep by her own daughter numerous times throughout the years, though mostly when she had been younger and attempting to stay up later than usual. Arriving at the private airport, the SUV stopped and the back door was opened by the driver. The woman exited the vehicle and led Angela out by her leash, as they walked the short distance to the waiting private jet in silence. Entering the plane, the woman pointed to the middle of the passenger area of the plane where the couch was seated and said “Lay down there, girl. You may sleep until we arrive home.”

Angela was drifting off already as she mumbled out “Thank you, ma’am,” and sat down on the couch. She began to lay down and was so exhausted that she drifted off as soon as her head and feet were settled. She slept all the way through take-off, the 3 ½ hour flight, and landing. Angela was stirred awake by a gentle but firm hand on her shoulder and a voice saying, “Wake up, girl, we’re here.”

Angela groggily sat up and made her way to her feet, as she was led out of the plane by her leash and into the back of another black SUV. The short ride was made in silence, as Angela tried to force herself to wake up completely. Once arriving at the mouse, mansion was more like it, Angela was led out of the vehicle and into the house. Another woman but this one collared manavgat escort and dressed in a red silk slip that barely covered her ass cheeks and large breasts, bowed her head as they entered and said softly “Mistress.”

The woman answered back, “Brenda.”

The woman then walked towards Brenda and handed her the leash as she said, “This is for my daughter. I need her cleaned and ready for when she returns. Once you are done with her, dress her in something sexy that you think looks appealing in her and put her in my daughter’s room on her bed, and come find me in my bedroom. I have needs that require your attention.”

The woman then grabbed Brenda’s head and planted a deep and passionate kiss on her lips. Both women moaned into the kiss, and gently stroked each other’s bodies in a way that showed their mutual affections and intimacy. Angela kept her head down and felt like she was intruding on a very private moment, as the two women continued to kiss. Breaking the kiss, Brenda then bowed her head with a soft smile as she said “I will take care of your daughter’s present, deposit her on your daughter’s bed, then meet you in your bedroom to attend to you in whatever way you desire, mistress.”

The woman smiled and placed another kiss to Brenda’s lips. She then turned to Angela and said “This is Brenda slave overseer. You will obey her and she will teach you what you need to know. My daughter should be home in two to three hours, so be prepared to service her desires very soon, girl.”

Angela bowed her head lower as she said, “Yes, ma’am.”

The woman then unclasped the leash and walked away leaving Angela with Brenda. Brenda turned to Angela, took her by her hand gently, and whispered soothingly “Come with me, child.”

Angela followed as she was led through the house and into the slave quarters. Brenda turned to her and pointed to the shower, saying “Clean up and take as long as you need. There’s hot water and I’ll have something for you to wear when you get through.”

Angela nodded and whispered, “Yes, Brenda.”

Angela then stepped into the shower, and let the hot water flow over her body. She sighed in relief as she finally felt her body begin to relax. She showered quickly, but thoroughly then turned off the water and began to dry herself. Brenda approached her slowly, trying not to startle her as she said “I need to check you, child, to make sure you are clean. Don’t worry.”

Brenda then examined Angela’s naked body, and found her to be completely clean and suitable to meet her new owner. Brenda then handed her a white silk slip, that like Brenda’s, barely covered her ass cheeks and breasts. Brenda then led Angela to a separate room with a small bed, as she explained “This will be your room, unless my mistress’s daughter tells you otherwise.”

Brenda was unprepared for Angela’s reaction of stepping forward and trailing her fingers over the bed, as if she was making sure it was real. She then turned to Brenda and hesitantly looked up just long enough to whisper, “Thank you, Brenda,” before dropping her head back down submissively. Brenda stared at the young girl, as she tried to gauge her reaction to all of this. Not being able to fully explain her reaction, she said “I know your duties have been somewhat explained to you. Most of your duties will be given to you by my mistress’s daughter, but do you have any questions for me? You can ask me anything, child.”

Angela hesitated, but shook her head nervously. Brenda nodded her head, knowing that Angela was probably too scared and nervous to ask about anything yet. She remembered her first days as a slave to her mistress, and set her hand on the girl’s shoulder to try to soothe her. Brenda finally said, “I know you are scared, but just take your time and do as you’re told and everything will be ok. Mistress and her daughter are not sadists and you will not be beaten here, unless you do something wrong, and even than I doubt any punishments would be physically abusive. In my time here, I have never been beaten for any reason. Mistakes are not met with punishment, only disobedience. So do as you’re told, as best as you can and you will be fine.”

Angela nodded as she breathed out, “Yes, Brenda.”

Brenda smiled sadly, then led Angela up to wait in her new owners bedroom for her return. She was positioned on the king size bed and told to wait. Angela nodded silently, as she continued to stare at the floor. Brenda then walked from the room and closed the door. She walked to her mistress’s room and knocked quietly, waiting for permission to enter. A quick response of “enter” allowed her to open the door and step inside. Brenda saw her mistress sprawled out naked on her bed and gave a small smile as she bowed her head submissively and asked “How may I serve you, mistress Alexandra?”

The Alexandra scowled and answered, “Baby, I told you that I don’t want you to wear that thing in here or call me mistress when we are alone. Come here, I’ve missed you.”

Brenda unclasped her collar and let it fall to the floor, as she walked to the bed and crawled up towards her beautiful naked lover. They kissed passionately and quickly turned their attentions to ravishing each other’s bodies. As they lay panting and satiated, Alexandra asked “How is the doing?”

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