Ski Encounter

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The following tale is based on factual happenings during a ski trip I took with a friend when I was younger. It is my first attempt at writing, and any comments you may have will be appreciated. Please send them to me at the address in my profile.

This all happened a long while ago now, back when I was around 26 or 27. I’d gone off to France skiing with a good friend of mine at the time called Lisa. She was the same age as me and ‘enjoyed’ the same sort of thing as I did (and indeed still do!) but was bi rather than lesbian, and we had a lot of fun sharing a room together for two weeks while we were on this ski trip to Courchevel. Our apartment was well appointed, with a lounge/diner which had a large couch as well as two armchairs and various other items of furniture. There was a separate bathroom and a bedroom with two queen sized beds. We really couldn’t get over this and had a great laugh as we took it in turns to ‘share each other bed’.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Courchevel, but it’s one of these ‘poshy’ sort of ski resorts, specially built for the purpose and even has it’s own little airfield close by. As such it attracts a different class of person if you know what I mean and was quite pricey, but we decided to give it a try, and boy were we glad we did. Like all these ski resorts it has quite a ‘varied’ nightlife, both for the ‘apres ski’ as well as the casual drinkers, and loads of nightclubs if you are into that sort of thing.

Lisa and I had gone out quite early this particular evening after a not too energetic day on the slopes. We had found this little nightclub that seemed to be into the lesbian scene when we first arrived, and had got quite friendly with various members of the staff, only on chatting terms you understand, but they all knew us fairly well. It was the first time we’d been in so early, and the place seemed quite deserted with only a few early revellers starting to get juiced up when we arrived, but it began to fill up shortly after we got there and was soon quite busy. We mentioned this to the girl behind the bar who said it was because it was one of the ‘changeover days’ for the biggest tour company that used it, and assured us it would get busier later.

We had a few drinks, and as we sat at the bar chatting we noticed a couple of people sitting in one of the booths round the edge of the dance floor. The lighting was already quite low so it was difficult to see what was happening, but we realised it was a young teenager of around 18 or 19, with a boy who looked slightly younger than she did. There was a whispered, but quite heated argument going on between the two of them, and she seemed to be trying to get rid of him, then suddenly the boy got up and walked out as the girl assured him she would be ok.

Lisa and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows as the same thought seemed to go through our minds. The girl sat there on her own for a short while looking quite nervous as she sipped her drink, almost as if she was waiting for something to happen. She was very pretty, still dressed in her ski pants and jacket, with a roll neck ski top under it and looked quite slim and elegant with longish, shoulder length blonde hair. We asked the girl behind the bar what she was drinking and got her to take her over a drink and tell her it was from the two girls at the bar.

As the drink was delivered she looked over at us and seemed to say thank you, and I suggested to Lisa that we should go across and join her. Lisa agreed readily, and we went across to the booth and slipped in beside her, Lisa next to her and me beside Lisa. We introduced ourselves and asked her if she wanted a bit of company, which she said she did. As we got chatting we began to find out a bit more about her. In quite a well cultured english accent she told us her name was Phillipa, adding that she preferred to be called Pip. She was just 18 years old and was in her first year at university. She was at the resort with her parents and her twin brother (who actually looked a bit younger than she did) for the month, it being the university holidays.

We asked what had been going on earlier and she explained that her parents were both away from the resort on business and her brother had been told to ‘look after’ her. She was very close to her brother, as twins often are and they had decided to go out together for the evening. She had heard about the bar and was ‘curious’ so she got her brother to come along with her without telling him what sort of bar it was. When he found out he was quite interested at first, but began to feel a bit awkward as he began to realise he was the only male in the place. He had wanted them both to leave, but her curiosity had got the better of her and she had told him she was staying but that he should go as he was obviously out of place. She had assured him she would be ok, and eventually had persuaded him to leave her on her own.

We asked her what she was ‘curious’ about and she blushed bright red casino oyna as she told us, somewhat naively that she wanted to find out ‘what lesbians do’. Lisa and I glanced at each other and decided to give her a bit of a demonstration. Our glasses were all empty so I decided to go and get us all another drink. As I stood up to go to the bar I leant across and gave Lisa a kiss, right on the lips and put my hand inside her jacket and stroked her small tit. Little Pip’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she watched me kiss Lisa, and then her gaze dropped to where my hand was inside Lisa’s jacket and her mouth opened wide in amazement.

I broke the kiss with Lisa and went to the bar to get the drinks. Lisa and I both had beers, but Pip had said she only wanted a coke, as she’d already ad two Tequila slammers and drink went straight to her head. Wicked plans were now beginning to form in my mind, so I got the girl behind the bar to put a large vodka in with the coke as she poured it. I took the drinks back to the table and slipped in the other side of Pip, so that she was now sat between us, and leant across to pass Lisa her drink and give her another kiss, right in front of little Pip. As I did so I noticed Lisa’s arm moving beneath the table between her own thighs, and realised she was getting turned on by the situation and was stroking herself through her jeans. As I sat back down I saw that Pip had noticed it too and was surreptitiously watching Lisa out of the corner of her eye. She blushed furiously as she realised I’d caught her watching, and gave a nervy smile as I winked at her and dropped my own hand to my crotch and started doing the same thing. Neither of us had ever been what you might call ‘show offs’ but It must have been the beers that made us do it and we both sat back in our seats and stroked ourselves in the darkened booth, in full view of young Pip. We indicated to her that she should do the same, but she shook her head and wouldn’t. I wondered how far I could push things and as I leant forward and took a sip of my beer I put my hand under the table onto Pip’s knee.

She tensed noticeably as I touched her, but didn’t try and move away, so I decided to try my luck. Lisa had cottoned on to what I was doing and was trying the same thing herself on the other side. As we both stroked the young girl’s knees, from either side little Pip’s thighs parted almost instinctively and we both moved our hands round onto the inside of her thighs and began slowly moving our hands upwards towards the crotch of her ski pants. We both reached the target at the same time, but as we did so little Pip clamped her thighs tightly together and pushed our hands away. After a moment or two her thighs parted again so we made another attempt, with the same result. Realising we were getting nowhere we asked her if she really wanted to find out what lesbians do. She nodded her head said she did, but ‘not in here’. It was time to go!

I got up and went to pay the bar tab as Pip quickly downed her coke without realising it was laced with vodka. She was right, drink did go straight to her head and she stumbled noticeably as Lisa helped her to her feet and headed for the door. The bar girl looked at me and winked as she took my money and said pointedly, ‘have a good evening madam’. I assured her that we would and headed for the door.

When I got outside Lisa and Pip were nowhere to be seen, but I knew my friend wouldn’t have deserted me and wondered where they had gone.

A low, muffled moan from the alley beside the bar attracted my attention and I went down into the darkness to find Lisa and Pip locked in a passionate kiss in the dark yard at the back of the bar. There was a bit of light filtering in from the surrounding streets and I could just make out that Lisa was facing me, holding Pip in a tight embrace. One of Lisa’s hands was on the back of the young girl’s head, holding Pip’s mouth and lips against her own while the other was running almost feverishly up and down the back from her shoulders to the seat of her ski pants as she worked her mouth hard against the young girl’s lips. Pip seemed to be resisting slightly, but Lisa wasn’t going to let her get away and slowly the young girl began to relax and return Lisa’s kisses.

Neither of them appeared to notice me as I walked up quietly behind Pip and slipped my hands up under her jacket to feel the small mounds of her tits through the top of her ski pants. This bought a muffled shriek from Pip, who started to struggle again, but both Lisa and I calmed her down and she began to relax and seemed to be enjoying herself. I moved my hands off her tits and began to feel for the zipper at the top of her ski pants, to try and get inside. I found it and began to slip it down, but as I did so Pip’s hand flew to her chest to stop me. She forcibly broke away from Lisa’s lips and in a hushed, but almost desperate whisper she hissed ‘no, not here…….. please…… can’t we go to your apartment? Someone might catch canlı casino us here’.

That was it! neither of us needed asking twice, and with little Pip between us, holding a hand each we went back out into the street and headed for where we were staying. By now the drink mixed with the cold night air was having an effect on Pip and she seemed to be having trouble walking straight, so Lisa and I put her arms around our shoulders to support her as we walked the short distance back to our apartment. This enabled me to slip my hand round behind her so that I could have my first feel of her tight little bum as we helped her along the dimly lit streets.

She protested slightly in a hushed, slurred voice when she felt my hand on her bum but was uanble to do anything much about it, and I felt my cunt start to moisten as I ran my hand over the firm, round contours of her buttocks.

As we entered the complex where we were staying she seemed to sober up a bit in the warm, and in a slightly slurred voice she assured us she was ok. Our apartment was on the 14th floor of one of the bigger hotels, so we called the lift and went in it up to the apartment. It was quite a busy time so we didn’t have the lift to ourselves, which was a pity as I wanted to steal a kiss from our novice companion. But with other people in the lift with us I couldn’t and had to content myself with another surreptitious feel of her little bum as she stood between us in the lift. It felt really small and tight, and I couldn’t wait to get a good look at her when we got her to our room.

We arrived at our floor and headed for the apartment. Lisa opened the door and went in to put on the lights, but Pip seemed to hesitate so I took her gently by the hand and took her into the room. Lisa asked her if she wanted a drink, but she shook her head and said she thought she’d had enough for tonight as Lisa and I took off our jackets to make ourselves more comfortable. Pip was still standing there in her ski jacket, looking quite hot and nervous, so I suggested to Lisa that we should help her out of her ‘outdoor’ things.

Pip started to look quite worried as we advanced towards her together, and was visibly shaking as I reached out and unfastened the zipper of her ski jacket and helped her out of it while Lisa went behind her, turned her around and began to kiss her again. As she did so I reached between them and found the tab of the zipper for her ski pants and drew it down, then slipped the straps off her shoulders allowing the ski pants to fall loose around her waist. She began to panic slightly as she realised we were undressing her, and said she had changed her mind and wanted to go But Lisa was having none of it and held her firmly as I tugged her roll neck ski top off then pulled her ski pants right down and off her feet along with her shoes, leaving her in just her thermal underwear and socks.

Now, don’t let anyone tell you thermal underwear isn’t sexy, especially when it’s made of pale blue silk and cut to fit tightly around every contour of the wearer’s body. It was figure hugging, showing every curve and crevice of little Pip’s delightful form to perfection almost as if she was wearing nothing but had very pale, blue skin. It was obviously tailor made in two parts, as the only break in uniformity was where the top met the bottom around her slim waist. It was too much for me, and I began to run my hands over the smooth contours of her firm little bum and down her long, slender legs as she struggled with Lisa. At one point she almost broke away, but Lisa held her firmly as she turned the young girl around to face me. Pip was panting hard as she looked down at me, but if her body language was trying to tell us to stop, her natural reflexes were telling quite a different story. If the darker blue damp patch that was spreading around her crotch was anything to go by, little Pip was loving every minute of what the two of us were doing to her.

I raised my fingers to the damp patch and began to rub them gently against the lips of her tight little cunt, still hidden beneath the silky thermal pants. As I did so Pip’s protests began to subside and quickly turned to little whimpers of pleasure as I continued working on her cunt. Once she was fully engrossed in what I was doing to her, Lisa took the opportunity to slip Pip’s thermal top off and unhook her bra, letting her little tits fall free. They were quite small but had quite pronounced nipples, which where already hard due to her state of arousal, and Lisa bent forward and took one of them gently between her lips and began to suck and lick it. This seemed to turn little Pip on even more, and she held Lisa’s head against her chest and began to press her small breast even harder against Lisa’s mouth and began urging her to suck it harder. It seemed that all sense of shyness had now gone, and little Pip would be open to anything we did to her so I took the opportunity to slip down her thermal pants, leaving her naked except for a pair of kaçak casino white, knee length socks at the bottom of her lovely long legs.

She looked fantastic, and I moved back a bit to get a good view of her naked body. I could now see what I wanted, her small, tight cunt with a sparse covering of whispy blonde pubic hair. The moisture seemed to glisten on the young girl’s cunt, and the outer lips were so engorged that her little clit stood out like a very small penis against them. I knew what would push her right over the edge and reached forward and took her tiny clit between my lips and sucked it for her. As I did so she gave a cry of delight and bucked her hips against my face as she came instantly, then seemed to collapse and would have fallen to the floor if Lisa hadn’t caught her and held her up.

When she had recovered slightly I slipped one of my fingers into her cunt and was amazed how wet she was. Moving her thighs apart slightly I watched as some of her juices started to leak out of her and trickle down the inside of her thighs. Then Lisa and I helped her onto the couch and quickly undressed as she sat there eagerly waiting for us to join her. Once the two of us were naked we joined her on the couch and took turns on her sweet little tits and cunt. She was keen to get more adventurous, so we lay her down on her back on the couch then I squatted over her face and forced her to lick my cunt. She wouldn’t do it at first, so Lisa raised Pip’s legs and I held them in the air as Lisa began to slap her little bottom until she started to do what I told her. Once she had started licking me out Lisa pressed her face between Pip’s thighs and bought her to another orgasm. As she came her screams from beneath me were muffled by my cunt which was smothering her face, and the almost plaintive cries she was making were too much for me and I came over her face as her small tongue lapped at my cunt and arsehole.

Before she had time to recover from her second orgasm we turned her over onto her front and made her raise her cute little bum in the air, then Lisa got beneath her and began to work her mouth against Pip’s cunt again while I slapped her raised bum, holding her face hard into the corner of the chair to muffle her cries. Her little bum got redder and redder as I continued to spank her as I was doing it quite hard and alternating between her cheeks, causing her to give little sobs and whimpers into the chair cushion. She kept putting her hand back to try and stop me, but each time I just pushed it away and carried on. It seemed that being spanked seemed to turn her on even more and I could see her juices glistening on Lisa’s face and mouth between Pip’s thighs. By now Pip was almost worn out and was striving desperately to cum for a third time.

Well bought up she may have been, but for all her cultured upbringing she was now behaving like a bitch in heat and totally subservient to the pair of us as we treated her like our sex slave.

During the course of our sexual escapades it hadn’t escaped my notice that little Pip was still a virgin, and I resolved to cure her of that. It was also obvious, from the disgruntled look on her face, that Lisa was the only one who hadn’t yet cum, so I told her to lie on the couch and made Pip kneel at the end of it and told her to lick Lisa out. She knelt there obediently, with her bum stuck sluttishly up in the air and her face buried between Lisa’s thighs working hard to satisfy my friend. I stroked her small, tight bum for her and she wiggled it provocatively as I did so then I went to a nearby drawer and found my best strap-on. I fitted it quickly into place before Pip could see what I was doing, then moved up behind her and began to work the tip of it between the slick lips of her cunt. Pip gave a startled cry as I entered her quickly, then a brief shriek of pain as I forced the thing past her maidenhead, taking her virginity in full view of Lisa, who held the poor girl motionless with her face still buried between her thighs while I fucked her with the strap-on. She shrieked and struggled for the first half minute or so, then began to enjoy it and began to push herself back against me until the full nine inches of it was going deep inside her with every thrust. Remembering what she had been doing she started to work on Lisa’s cunt again, eventually bringing her to a thundering climax. I continued to fuck her, but by now the poor girl was so weak she could barely move and just lay against Lisa grunting at each thrust. I realised she wasn’t going to cum again without a bit of help and reached my hand beneath her to find her little clit and rubbed it as I fucked her until she managed to cum for the third time.

After that we were all just about through and Pip decided she should head back to her brother, so we helped her to dress again and called her a cab and paid it for her for giving us such an entertaining evening.

The next morning Lisa and I reminisced about what had happened the previous evening while we were snuggled up together in bed. It had been such an experience meeting sexy little Pip and introducing her to the joys of lesbian sex and we both agreed that we had to repeat the experience if possible.

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