Sister’s Home Movies Ch. 03

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“All I’m saying is that you are missing out on a lot of fun, Ron. Dating is a ritual of growing up that you shouldn’t just ignore.”

I love my sister but she could pick the most inopportune times to bring up my lack of dating. Like this time, she was sitting astride my morning hard-on, undulating her hips with an incredibly slow movement that she called foreplay fucking. She said that in the absence of other foreplay like oral stimulation, fingering, etc., this would build her arousal toward a nice vaginal orgasm. Whatever, it felt great and I wished she would just stop talking and let me enjoy it.

“You didn’t date in high school and now here you are getting ready to start your second semester of college the same way,” Maryanne continued without giving me a chance to respond. With my hands on her thighs, I tried to speed up her rhythm to no avail.

“So what you’re saying is,” I sighed, while moving my hand up to caress her rippling breasts. “I should subject myself to ego-busting rejection, spend money I don’t have on movies, dinner or whatever, make my clumsy attempts at small talk in an effort to find common interests, all in the hopes that after eight or ten dates I might get laid?” I raised my eyebrows in an exaggerated smirk as I watched her gently rocking on my cock.

“Maybe I should cut you off,” she teased, raising her eyebrows in a mock challenge. At least I hoped it was. “Maybe then you would have an incentive to start dating.”

“You’d be cutting yourself off too,” I retorted cockily as she finally picked up her rhythm.

“I was doing fine without you,” she smiled coyly. “You’ve seen my dildo collection.”

“Can your dildos do this?” I asked, pinching her nipples and tweaking the tips just the way she liked.

“Ooooo!” she squealed, rocking faster on my eager cock. I bucked my hips to match her accelerated rhythm.

“Or this?” I continued as I dropped one hand to her pussy, rotating my thumb lightly against her swollen clit.

“Oh fuck!” Maryanne cried, rocking faster, bouncing higher and nearly thwarting my thumb’s circular motion on her clit. Mission accomplished. Conversation over.

“Oh yeah!” My sister went crazy, rocking frantically with an intensified rhythm until her pussy-clutching orgasm sparked a gushing release from my cock and we exploded together in a mutually satisfying climax, leaving us both breathless.

“Come on, Geek,” she prodded moments later as she jumped off my cock. “Get showered. You don’t want to be late for school.

“It’d be your fault again,” I said, swatting her naked ass before ducking into my bathroom. We had started showering separately on weekdays to keep from getting distracted and being late. It had happened more than once.

I showered, dressed, grabbed a Pop Tart to eat on the way, and arrived at school with seconds to spare and a big smile on my face. God, I love my sister! Our morning ritual is the best part of my day.

Dashing in the back door of my Physics Lab just as the professor was walking in the front door was not a good way to start the semester. I whipped my eyes around checking out the seating. A middle aisle split the room into two rows of worktables, each with two stools. I quickly identified the few people I knew sitting at each table but those were all full.

Before I could sweep my eyes across the room a second time, someone waved at me, hurriedly motioning me over. I looked around to make sure this beautiful, brown-skinned goddess was actually motioning to me. She smiled and jabbed her finger at me, motioning again for me to take the stool next to her.

“Hi,” I whispered hesitantly as I eyed her black sweater curving lasciviously around her generous breasts. “I’m Ron.” I added as I tried to focus on her face but caught my eyes drifting downwards towards her tits.

“I know, Freshy,” she whispered back, using the common slang for freshman. “Katrina Johnston,” she added sticking out her hand. I shook it as my eyes dropped farther down to the shapely expanse of nylon-covered thighs visible below her mini-skirt. She nodded toward the front of the classroom where the professor was waiting patiently for the class to give him their undivided attention.

He introduced himself, reviewed the curriculum and told us we would be selecting lab partners for the entire semester today. I tried to covertly check out Katrina as he spoke but every time I glanced at her, she was looking at me and I looked away. A few minutes into the class, the professor asked us to introduce ourselves to the person next to us, giving me a chance to look at her more closely.

“I’m… um… not sure why you… I mean I’m glad you did, but…” Damn it! This is why I don’t date! I get tongue-tied whenever I’m around a good-looking woman. And Katrina wasn’t just good-looking she was stunning.

“You were the only freshman in the advanced Physics class,” Katrina jumped in before I made a complete ass of myself. “You became treasurer of the Physics Club,” she continued with her eyebrows raised in wonder about how I had cumlouder porno accomplished that. “You were the only one who appeared to have read and understood the textbook.”

“I love this text book,” I said, pointing to the book in front of her. “I read it when I was in High School. One of the reasons I applied here was because of this author.” The other reason was it was close to my sister’s house but I didn’t share that detail. “I was hoping to take his class but they said he retired this year.”

“He did,” she said, nodding. “He wasn’t a young man and he kept forgetting things. But now he’s making a nuisance of himself at home with nothing to do.” It was my turn to raise my eyebrows.

“You know him?” I asked excitedly. Katrina pointed to the author’s last name on the textbook: Johnston.

“Holy crap!” I said. “He’s your father?”

“Grandfather,” she smiled, her whole face beaming with pride. “I read this whole book when I was in high school too, but I was proofreading it and didn’t fully understand everything then.” We talked about what it was like having a famous professor as her grandfather and I pointed out a couple of his theories that particularly intrigued me.

“At least when you start talking about physics you quit gawking at my tits,” Katrina said matter-of-factly just as the professor called us back together. “I was afraid I was going to have to find different lab partner,” she laughed.

“I’m sorry,” I stammered, my face beet read and my eyes inadvertently dropping to her breasts again.

“Stop that,” she teased, slapping my arm.

“I’m sorry!”

“So you said… twice,” she whispered. “They’re just tits,” she smiled.

“Yeah, and a Ferrari is just a car,” I retorted. Not thinking before I spoke.

“You didn’t just say that!” she said, stifling a laugh but it looked like she took it as a compliment. She picked up her pen and started taking notes. Shit! My cock was rock hard and I could hardly pay attention to what the professor was saying, something about an initial project that was due next week. By the time we were gathering up our books to leave, I was completely lost.

“What do you think, Freshy?” Katrina asked, juggling her books against her ample bosom. About what? The assignment? Her tits? About the cushiony place her books were leaning?

“You tell me, Miss Professor’s granddaughter,” I answered, trying not to give away my lack of attentiveness in class.

“I think we should do number 2, it’ll be fun and it’s the area you seem to like the best.” I nodded but didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

“Perfect!” I said. “Do you want to meet outside of class to get started,” I offered hopefully.

“Didn’t he just say he was going to give us sufficient time next class period?” she asked. Hell if I know. “Or are you just looking for more gawking time?” she added, glancing at the bulge in the front of my jeans.

“No!” I insisted, turning sideways and hoping I wasn’t too obvious. “I was… I guess you’re right he did say that.” She cocked her head to the side and appeared to be studying me.

“Tell you what,” she said, apparently making up her mind. “I’ll give you one minute of gawking time at the beginning of each class and then we’ll focus on our physics projects.” My mouth must have dropped open because as she turned to leave she added with a chuckle, “but no drooling!”

“What about your ass?” I whispered as she passed me by. “Can I gawk at that?” I couldn’t believe I said that out loud.

“Why not,” she shrugged. “Everyone else does.” She was smiling as she brushed past me and I watched her ass sway suggestively under her tight skirt all the way to the doorway. Fuck! What a smart, sassy, sexy woman. On my way out of the room I took note of the professor’s website where we were assured all of our assignments would be posted.

“She said what?” Maryanne asked when I described my encounter with Katrina.

“She said I could gawk at her tits for one minute at the beginning of each class,” I smiled as I took another bite of roast. My sister just shook her head.

“You are so going to get laid!” she shouted, extending her hand for a high-five.

“I know,” I answered as I slapped her hand. “Right after dinner, I hope.”

“No, I mean this woman is perfect for you,” Maryanne continued as I gobbled up the last of my vegetables. My sister really is the best cook.

“I just met her,” I argued, but secretly hoped she was right.

“Ronnie, just don’t be a geek about this gawking thing,” she warned me as we cleaned up the dishes and headed for the bedroom to shoot a video for Mark.

“What do you mean?” I asked, stripping off my clothes and getting the camera ready.

“I mean,” she said turning towards me as she shook her bra loose, releasing her flawless breasts. “Don’t actually do it.” I marveled at the way she just let her bra drop to her hands and tossed it aside without a thought.

“Why not,” I countered. “Don’t you think she wants me to?”

“Yes!” Maryanne answered czech amateurs porno with an exaggerated sigh. “That’s exactly why you shouldn’t.” Really? That makes perfect sense. I shook my head as I watched my sister peel her thong down her long, shapely legs. Her neatly trimmed pussy never failed to generate a reaction from my cock and it was pointing right at her by the time she crawled up on the bed.

“What are we doing today?” I asked as I grabbed the camera.

“You said you wanted to do something with the tripod,” she answered. “But first…” She wrapped her hand around my aroused cock and scooted to the edge of the bed.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as my sister sucked my cockhead into her warm mouth and bobbed her head a few times.

“Just warming you up, Geek,” she smiled. “Get the camera ready.”

With Maryanne on her hands and knees near the foot of the bed, I positioned the camera to the side, zooming in enough to get all the action without showing me above my stomach.

“Let yourself go, Sis,” I directed as I positioned my hard cock against the moist entrance to her love canal. “I want the camera to see your tits swinging wildly.”

“Sure you do. They’re not your tits getting bruised,” she laughed, making me wonder what Katrina’s much larger tits would look like swinging from her chest. I plunged balls deep into my sister in one thrust.

“Oopmh,” she stifled a moan as I grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy mercilessly. Her tits moved exactly as I hoped they would and the camera captured it perfectly. I was glad I didn’t have to worry about how my face looked in these videos. I never wanted to see it contorted the way Mark’s was when he fucked Maryanne. The video was edited and emailed in less than an hour.

“Just be yourself tomorrow, Ronnie,” my sister said later that night as we got ready for bed.

“If I did that, I’d be gawking at her tits,” I joked.

“Just focus on the physics,” she said, turning off the light and snuggling against me. The physics of how her bra held those babies up was what I wanted to focus on.

“I will, Sis,” I said, kissing her good night.

I dreamt of Katrina, picturing her milk chocolate colored breasts tipped with thick black nipples. In my dream, she teasingly offered them to me during our physics lab while everyone else worked on their projects, seemingly oblivious to her nakedness. I squeezed her large breasts and sucked on her erect nipples as she admonished me not to drool.

“Dreaming about anyone I know?” Maryanne asked, jolting me out of my dream. “Looks like you need some late night attention,” she said, scooting down on the bed and taking my throbbing cock into her warm mouth.

“Oh yeah!” I cried as my sister slid her lips down the length of my shaft and her tongue danced along the sensitive ridges.

“Don’t let me interrupt your fantasy,” she said, taking a breath. “Close your eyes, Ronnie, and envision it’s her.” My over active imagination coupled with my sister’s expertise made me cum so hard my whole body was shaking. Fuck! That’s the way to fantasize. I wondered if this was what my sister’s role-playing was all about.

“Damn, Geek,” Maryanne said, wiping cum from her chin. “She must really be something.”

“She is,” I panted as we snuggled together and went back to sleep.

“Remember, don’t even look at her tits,” my sister reminded me as I left for school the next day.

“Got it, Sis,” I kissed her hard on the mouth and squeezed her firm ass before grabbing my books and heading out the door.

“Hey Katrina,” I said, looking only at her face as I took the stool next to her. “I want to apologize for yesterday,” I said. If possible she looked even sexier today. She was wearing a beige blouse that buttoned up the front and another short, tight skirt.

“For what? You did nothing to apologize for,” she whispered, leaning closer and exposing the tops of her light brown globes through the gape in her blouse. Had I been inclined to look, I would have gotten a great view of her generous cleavage.

“I was rude,” I whispered back. “You are a very attractive woman but it was sexist of me to gawk at you the way I did. I’m sorry.” I turned towards the table.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she whispered, laying her hand on my arm. “No need to apologize. Does this mean you don’t want your minute of gawking time,” she teased.

“Nah, let’s just work on the project,” I laughed like she had been making a joke but if I wasn’t mistaken she seemed a little disappointed.

We worked well together and complemented each other’s abilities. Katrina was great at setting up a hypothesis and I was thorough in the documentation of our experiments. Every once in a while I would catch her looking at me with a curious expression but I did my best to ignore her gorgeous tits for the entire class period.

“I’ll type this all up and email it to you so you can review it,” I said at the end of the class period.

“Thanks, Freshy,” Katrina said. “You’re good at this.”

“So czech casting porno are you,” I said, catching myself before my eyes dropped to her chest.

“See you tomorrow,” she smiled. I risked a glance as she walked past me, and damn if she hadn’t undone the second button on her blouse. I could see most of her left breast before it disappeared into a black, lacy bra. My cock sprung to attention at the sight of her mocha colored orb. Fuck! Maybe my sister was right. Maybe she wants me to look at them. I followed the exaggerated sway of her hips as she walked out of the classroom and wondered where this might lead.

“How was your day, Geek?” Maryanne asked as she walked in the door.

“I could use some relief,” I smiled as I helped her with the grocery bags.

“That good, huh?” she laughed, setting the last bag on the kitchen table. I spun her around into a full embrace, squeezed her against me as I plunged my tongue into her mouth. We didn’t even bother with the bedroom. Stripping each other naked, we fucked right there in the kitchen with Maryanne leaning against the sink and me pounding into her from behind.

“Oh yeah! Harder!” she screamed as I dug my fingers into her hips and pummeled her pussy for all I was worth. I closed my eyes and pictured Katrina’s dark breasts, wondering how they would feel in my hands. I imagined her round ass and how her pussy would envelop my hard cock.

“Oh, FUCK!” Maryanne cried, interrupting my reverie. I slammed into her three more times and then we were both cumming. I jerkily shot several loads of cum into my sister’s hot, pulsating pussy as she tightened her muscles around my cock and I collapsed against her back.

“Tell me about your day,” Maryanne whispered once she’d caught her breath. I extracted my spent cock from her soggy pussy before answering her.

“It was fun,” I answered cryptically as I pulled her against me and we enjoyed another long, passionate kiss.

“Tell me what happened,” she said, pushing me away. “Did you gawk?”

“You were so right, Sis,” I said as I described my entire day, including my glance at Katrina’s tits at the end of class.

“I told you she wanted you to look!” Maryanne said excitedly. “The question is: what else does she want you to do?” She raised her eyebrows and smirked at me.

“You tell me,” I answered. “You’re the expert.”

“I think you should ask her out,” my sister said. “But I think you should wait a week or so. See how she handles the next few days.”

I did what my sister suggested, continuing to ignore Katrina’s breasts for the rest of the week. It was like she took it as a challenge, wearing blouses that showed more cleavage and leaning closer so I couldn’t miss the view. She was definitely hard to ignore and my cock was aching by the time I got home from school.

Maryanne kept encouraging me to play hard to get while taking good care of my throbbing hard-on when she got home from work.

The following Monday, at my sister’s suggestion, I tried to conjure up the courage to ask Katrina out but she practically beat me to it.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have given up your gawking rights,” she said when she caught me glancing down her blouse at the end of class. Three of her buttons were undone and she was wearing an even skimpier bra.

“Maybe you should just show them to me,” I retorted as I gathered up my stuff. “Then we wouldn’t have to keep playing this game.” I laughed.

“I wouldn’t do that unless we were on a date,” she said. I just shrugged as I walked her to the door. Stopping in the classroom doorway, she turned and blocked my way.

“I said, I wouldn’t do that unless we were on a date,” she repeated, standing next to me and looking at me quizzically.

“Um…” Damn! I can be so fucking slow at times. “Would you like to go out Friday night?” I stammered.

“Where?” she asked as we moved out of the doorway to let others exit the classroom.

“Wherever you want to go.”

“No,” she said. “I’ll go out with you but you have to at least ask me to go somewhere specific, not just, would I like to go somewhere and show you my tits.” She was smiling but I could tell I had better come up with something quickly.

“Katrina,” I said, looking her in the eyes. “Would you like to come over for dinner Friday night? You could meet my sister and we could catch a movie afterwards.” I smiled as I awaited her reply.

“I’d love to,” she said, her eyes dancing with enthusiasm. “Do you want to pick me up at my dorm or should I meet you there?”

“It wouldn’t be a proper date if I didn’t pick you up.”

“No it wouldn’t,” she said, smiling. “And it is a date.” She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, letting her tits brushing against my arm before she turned and headed to her next class.

The week flew by. I loved working with Katrina on our physics projects. We got more comfortable every day and our bantering became even more flirtatious. By the time I picked her up on Friday night there was none of the usual first date anxiety.

She was ready right on time and met me in the lobby of her dorm. Wearing a light green blouse and black curve-hugging stretch pants, she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. As she walked towards my car, I admired the way her tight pants perfectly outlined her sexy ass.

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