Sister’s Friend Caught Stealing

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Sister’s Friend Caught Stealing
Sister’s Friend Caught Stealing

Living and working on a farm changes your life significantly in many respects. The biggest change was getting up before the sun comes up, and going to bed early so you can get up again, in the morning. Since graduation from high school, I too had adopted this pattern of sleep, but my sibling sister, still in school, did not. We share a bedroom and many times, she would invite a friend over to spend the night. Unfortunately for me, that meant that while I tried to get to bed early and sleep, I was forced to put up with them giggling and talking late into the night, before they eventually fell asleep.

My eyes opened slowly with my mind registering the sounds of our stairs creaking. I glanced at the clock, noting that it was just 3:45 am more than an hour before I would have awaken normally. I could see my sister Ashley’s outline on her bed but the pallet made up for her friend Michelle was empty. I knew I would be unable to go back to sleep now, so I got up and headed downstairs in the darkness.

“Hey, what is going on here,” freezing as I heard Dad’s voice looming out of the darkness, I started to reply, when he continued.

“Why do you have my wallet in your hands?” Peering over the railing into the downstairs, the light next to Dad’s chair flashed on illuminating the room. Standing next to the table in a scant nightgown stood Michelle with several bills in her hand along with Dad’s wallet.

“Umm, I was just going to the bathroom,” she mumbled as she clumsily tried to hide her hands behind her back. With her arms behind her back, her breasts poked out with her nipples forming points visible thru the thin material of the nightgown. Dad reached out swiftly grabbing her arm revealing his open wallet and a couple of $20 bills in her hand.

“This certainly doesn’t look like that to me. Are you stealing money from me?” His voice was stern.

“Your father and mother will hear of this young lady. If you needed money, all you had to do was ask, I would have given it to you with no thought, but this, no, no, stealing from me, this is NOT Acceptable.” She immediately began sobbing having been caught red handed.

“I’m sorry Mr. W.…. please, do not tell my parents. I will be grounded forever, Please,” she begged with tears falling down her cheeks. I shrank down lower along the stairway peering at them listening carefully.

“What do you expect me to do, standing here with money from my wallet in your hands and you lying about it? This is not the bahis siteleri first time you have been invited here by my daughter to spend the night, have you been doing this every time you have been here?”

“No…well, once before I took $10 from the table, I meant to return it, but….”

“But, but what? Stand up straight,” he commanded as he got up from his chair. He was only wearing boxer shorts, and I saw her eyes look down at his crotch and the outline of his cock. He reached out and filled his hands with her pert little breasts, squeezing them roughly, watching her face.

“Mr. W, keep your hands off….” She started to speak.

“Keep my hands off what, you should have thought of that when you were stealing from me, If you don’t do as I say, I will tell your parents about your stealing.” he growled in a low voice and continued to lift and feel her breasts. ”

“Yes sir,” she stammered, “Please don’t tell on me.”

“That’s better,” he smiled evilly at her. “Take your nightgown off girl; I want to look at you more closely.” Slowly she complied, grabbing hold of the bottom of the nighty and raised it up and over her head, revealing her small 34A breasts. Her nipples were rosy colored and stood out straight from his rough fondling.

“You liked my hands on your tits, didn’t you,” he asked knowing the answer as her face flushed a deep red. He pinched her nipples between his thumb and fingers, pulling on them and twisting slightly. She squirmed some but remained standing still in front of him.

His hands cupped her face and he leaned and kissed her lips lightly, pulling back to look at her, then kissing her again more passionately. Her breathing was becoming heavy as he continued kissing her neck and shoulders while his hands roamed down her sides feeling the contours of the young girls figure.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded as he took his forefinger and traced the tiny cameltoe crotch. As her legs opened wider, he fingered her thru the panties, noting that they showed signs of wetness.

“Is this the first time anyone has touched you?” he murmured as he continued kissing her neck slowly working his lips down to her breasts. He cupped and lifted her breasts with his hands, using his tongue; he licked the soft mounds in wide circles, moving inwardly until reaching her nipples.

“Answer me; has anyone ever touched you like this before?” His eyes locked on hers as she watched him captivated as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. There was a sharp intake of breath, as he nibbled the tender nipple with his tipobet güvenilir mi teeth.

She did not say a word but shook her head ‘No’ to his question. Her eyes kept closing as he suckled both breasts, one after another. His hands followed her sides down to her hips and he felt her buttocks, soft and full, in the panties.

“If you like what I am doing, pull your panties off.” He continued to kiss her breasts and shoulders, caressing her sides and hips. As if in a trance, she hooked her thumbs in the waistline of her panties and pushed them down below her thighs and they fell magically down around her ankles.

“I like you touching me,” she moaned softly.

“Umm,” he murmured when the panties went down and soft blonde mat of hair appeared covering her vagina appeared.

“Touch yourself.” A faint ‘Yes Sir’ came from her lips as he sat on the arm of his chair, watching her breasts heaving up and down with her breath as her tiny hands started rubbing her pussy gently. Moving slowly, I could tell that Dad was getting quite excited because the tip of his cock was now showing against his thigh.

“Show me how you pull your little love lips open and touch yourself. Use your fingers and push them into that hot little honey pot.” He began stroking hard, watching her closely as he gave her more and more instructions.

“Good girl,” he cooed as he watched a wet stream of nectar pour from her pussy amidst her loud of moaning. His hands around her naked waist was all that kept her from falling down in a heap on the floor.

He lifted her up easily, lay her over the arm of his chair, and spread her legs widely. Burying his face in her drenched pussy, he licked, lapped and chewed on it, savoring the sweetness of her nectar. She began squirming and moaning as he took his fingers and worked them into her pussy while he nibbled on her clitoris. Her small hands grabbed at his head, pulling him into her crotch, her knees bent, as she wrapped her legs around him. Her pussy flowed again with nectar, dribbling down his chin onto his chair as he lapped away. When she finally stopped humping at his face and relaxed like a spent rag, he rose, wiping his face with his hands.

She was still breathing heavily with her head tilted back in the seat of the chair as he stepped over to her, dropped his boxers and his cock leaped out, stiff and hard. Her eyes widened as lifted her hands and placed them on his cock.

“Open your mouth,” He commanded. Reaching down between her legs, pussy juice covered his fingers. Wiping perabet her mouth with her own nectar, he smiled as she eagerly began tasting his fingers, sucking them into her mouth. Working his fingers between her pussy and mouth, she was soon panting and sucking his fingers deep into her mouth.

“You like tasting your own cum I see.” She nodded and closed her mouth tightly on his cum covered fingers again nodding her head ‘Yes’. I saw a glint in Dad’s eyes and watched him move between her legs. His positioned his cock head between her labia, and rubbed the tip up and down, coating it in her juice. I watched just the tip of his cock disappear in her pussy. He held very still with the tip in her using his fingers against her clit. When he pulled out, his cock head glistened in the light.

“Open your mouth wide,” as he moved around, cock glistening with her own nectar, he guided his cock into her parted lips. She hesitated at first, his cock was larger than the two fingers he had been putting in her mouth, but her lips tasted the familiar nectar, and she engulfed his cock with her mouth. Not pressuring her, he let her use her tongue and lips to
savor the taste.

As she opened her mouth wider to take in air, he slipped his cock further into her mouth, feeling her teeth sc**** the shaft of his cock the deeper he went in. Her cheeks puffed in and out, as she easily swallowed his cock, when he began a rhythmic humping deeper until the tip of his cock was touching the back of her throat.

“Oh baby girl, you do like this cock in your mouth, don’t you.” Looking down at her face, she had a wild-eyed look as a muffled ‘OMG yes’ came from her throat. Dad started pumping his cock faster and faster into her mouth, as he squeezed her breasts tightly in his hands. I knew from experience, that it would not be long, and his cum would be shooting down the girls throat in great gushes.

I hurried back up the stairs, got into bed, turned on my night light, lay atop my blanket, and began fingering myself thinking of the sweet load of cum that Dad was delivering to the young girl in the living room. My fingers were deep inside me as I raised my hips up to meet my fingers when I heard the stairs creaking and Michelle stepped into the light holding her panties while pulling her nighty back over her head. She nearly stopped dead in her tracks seeing me spread eagle on the bed masturbating openly.

“Ah, Michelle, I hope you enjoyed yourself with Dad.” I smiled as I spoke to her, pulling my fingers from my pussy. “Come here.” Her face reddened but she did as she was told, and stepped up to my bedside. I offered my fingers to her lips. She hesitantly opened her mouth and sucked my fingers in, cleaning my cum off them.

“I think you will want to visit Ashley more often now, won’t you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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