Sisterly Love Ch. 17

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Illustrated version available on request to Author

Chapter 17

Mom Again

I felt guilty about having fucked someone else and leaving my mother home and horny, and so on getting home around 7:30 or so, I asked her if she wanted to go out and share a pizza with me.

She lit up like a Christmas tree and hugged me as she agreed that it would be a wonderful idea.

“I go change. I promise I won’t be long. I’ve been dying to wear this dress I bought before you got mono. Your aunt and I were going to take you out … but, you know …”

“Anyway, I won’t fuss too much. You take a shower. I’ve got some primping to do because I really want to impress you.”

“Oh, Mom its just pizza!”

She laughed and reasoned, “You’ll like the result. Now, get going!”

She did take another forty minutes to get ready, which ticked me off until she came out dressed about as sexily as I’d ever seen her. She was wearing a dark green, partially iridescent dress with a flowing, full skirt and a tight bodice, cut shockingly low. The full upper portions of her breasts were visible and they seemed to sway and bounce with her step. I kept trying not to stare. Sometimes it even worked.

“I must look good,” my Mother said, “you’re staring pretty hard, Howard.” Then she changed the subject, asking, “”How do you like this new perfume?”

I shook my head and leaned toward her neck, as if to smell the scent behind her ear but she surprised me by pulling the bodice of her dress away from her breasts and leaning toward me providing me with an almost unobstructed view of her bra-clad tits.

“Nice!” I gasped. I was also quite articulate. Tres cool that was me.

She laughed and said, “You mean the perfume?” She laughed again and added, “I’m teasing you and I shouldn’t. I’m going to be with the handsomest man in the room and I want to look good for him,” she said and then kissed me hard.

So I passed on Yogi’s Pizzeria, my usual stop, and drove a few miles to Victor’s Italian Restaurant, a more upscale establishment. I wasn’t worried about the cost, my mother was taking care of that, but I did have a fistful of twenties Inez had given Duane to give me after we’d left her home.

At Victor’s we were given preferential treatment, in all likelihood because of how well mother and I were dressed. While an upscale place as I mentioned, most diners were dressed casually, and we stood out, or rather, my mother stood out.

There were two booths adjacent to our table with four men in each. Several other booths and tables near us had couples dining, but the men couldn’t seem to take their eyes off my mother.

“My God, Howard, those men are staring at me.”

“Would you like me to tell them to mind their manners?”

“Oh, no … nothing like that. It might cause a scene, and besides, I know you feel you should protect me and all, but I’m capable of handling situations like this.”

I saw her shudder and wondered what was going on. Then she giggled into a napkin and I had to ask her what was so funny.

“I’m afraid it’s me, Howard.” She was trying to keep a straight face but couldn’t, “All those vibrant young men over there ogling me. I can’t tell you how hot it’s made me.”

She pulled a compact and a tube of lipstick out of her purse and applied a nice fresh coat, pursing her lips in the mirror as she whispered, “it’s been so long since I’ve been desired by a grown man.”

“I don’t think you meant to hurt my feelings, Mom, but you put a dent in them,” I said softly.

“Oh, Howie … no! I didn’t-I didn’t mean you. You’ve been fantastic! But I’ve been without for all this time since the mono …”

“I know that Mom. That’s why I wanted to take you out. I … um … have plans for us later on.”

“You do, do you?” She laid her hand on mine. It wasn’t a move a mother usually makes with her son and people noticed. “Maybe for tonight you can call me Rachel?”

“Mom … Rachel, your hand. People are watching.”

Oh,” she said and slowly withdrew her hand and picked up a napkin and dabbed at her left eye as if she’d been crying.

A trio had been setting up to play and their leader called out that although the dance floor was small, we were all welcome to use it, and then they began playing a lively tune.

One of the men from the closest booth got up and approached us. “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but admire your beauty, madam. Would you please do me the honor of this dance?’

My mother looked at him and smiled, then looked at me and with a warm smile said, “Howard do you mind?’

“No, not at all.” I said, and to the jacketless man standing at our table, said, “You will be courteous won’t you?”

He nodded and replied, “Of course, Sir.” Then he placed his hand on the small of her back and off they went.

I would learn his name was Jerome, and except for our meal, which was served about twenty minutes later, Jerome and I danced every dance with my Mother, whom I continued to call Rachel to keep our relationship hidden. He was actually very polite, and socially at ease; latin sex tapes porno and made Mother’s night as she was filled with a desire to dance the night away. Jerome helped immensely in that regard.

In fact, he treated us to three bottles of champagne, and I couldn’t recall ever seeing my mother so happy and animated. Her eyes were shining and when she laughed it was deep-throated and lusty.

The last two dances were slow and romantic and Mother insisted that she dance with her date. “You understand, don’t you Jerome? Howard’s my date and I’m really taken with him,” she said over her shoulder as we moved away.

I looked into her eyes and said, “Thanks, Rachel. That meant a lot to me.”

“Well, it’s true,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. I was aware of a sheen of perspiration on her face and upper torso. Looking down, I could see a large drop of moisture that was trailing its way down between the heaving halves of her breasts.

She moved closer and wrapped both arms about me, holding me tightly to her body. Again, I was acutely aware of her pelvis against my thigh.

My hand had dropped to her waist and then to her upper buttocks and felt the firm muscles of her ass moving under my hand. The melodic strains of a clarinet floated around us.

“Thank you, Howie,” she whispered in my ear.

“For what, Mom?”

“For everything. For this day, this dance, for treating me as a woman. But mostly for making me feel special. I know it’s been tough on you these last weeks. Your girl friends seemed to have dumped you and my sister Elaine and I may have used you a little too much. I’m terribly sorry for that. I do hope you can forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive. Everything that happened was voluntary. No one forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do.”

A split second later she moved against my erection. Part of me wanted her to know it was there and another part was still mortified at being seen in public grinding into my mother.

It didn’t seem to bother her, so the lusty part of me won out. I just pulled her even closer, allowing my hand to slip farther down on her ass. And then the musicians announced it was the last dance and I maneuvered my mother over to a dark corner where we simply danced in place; she with her back to the wall, me with a hand on her ass, swaying side to side as the music slowly died away.

She whispered something and I asked her to repeat it. “Kiss me,” she whispered huskily.

I lowered my mouth to hers, just touching her Champagne coated lips. The tip of her tongue flicked out and ran across my lower lip. I returned the compliment. We didn’t really kiss, at least as in pressing our lips together. Rather, it was a mild version of dueling tongues accented with heavy breathing. (My guess is we were both worried about possible witnesses to our incestuous actions.)

Her legs and stomach pressed against me as well as her full breasts as my tongue greedily licked the corner of her mouth.

Pulling back, she gasped and said in a raspy voice, “Get me out of here, now!”


As soon as we walked in the door my Mother pulled off her pumps and threw them into a corner of the living room. I only mention this because the following morning she couldn’t find the left shoe and spent an hour ranting and raving in looking for it.

But I digress. After losing the shoes we kissed. Her lips were wet and seemingly slightly swollen. We kissed again, and we mouthed each other, breathing into each other. I gave her my tongue again and she responded the same way, pushing the urgent, hardened tip of her tongue deep into my mouth.

I found myself slowly rocking my pelvis into her, rubbing my erect cock on her thigh. I felt her push back in a slow, grinding fashion, pushing her pubic bone into me.

“Let’s sit, Howie. I want to be closer to you. How ’bout I sit on your lap, huh, sweetie?”

Without waiting for a reply, she half turned and lowered her bottom into my lap, wrapping her arms about me in the same motion, her breast under my chin, and her cleavage right under my nose.

“Mmmm, that’s better!” she proclaimed and placed my right hand on her hip while I placed my

left hand around her bottom. She was sitting right on top of my hard-on, and just to let me know she was, she squirmed around until my hardon was centered on her asshole.

“Ohhh, yes, that’s definitely better!”

I told her I had to agree, it was better.

“I’d like another one of your kisses, Howie,” she said so softly I almost missed hearing her.

I turned into her mouth and felt her tongue rush into it and groaned, “”God, you’re delicious,” while grinding her butt on my lap.

Only then did I recall Aunt Elaine’s comment after I’d eaten her ass out. “Your mother has strong anal preferences too, Howie.”

I ran the palm of my right hand up from her hip to palm the side of her breast. She expressed approval by kissing me harder, so I cupped her full breast lezbiyen porno in my hand and thumbed her erect nipple.

We were both moaning and voicing largely incoherent sounds. She was hugging my head and tousling with my hair in a passionate, almost frenzied fashion.

Our faces were wet from the open-mouthed kissing and licking. I had pulled down the bodice of her dress, exposing her push-up bra. Her dark areolas were plainly visible through the lacy half cup and pulling the cup down caused her hard nipple to pop out.

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “kiss me there. Suck me, Howie! Suck that tit!

“God, Mom,” I croaked, “I love you so much. I can’t tell you.”

“Yes, yes … I know Howie. Just love me. Hold me tight, and kiss me!”

I couldn’t keep my hands off her body. She’d been twisted and turned so much that her dress had ridden up on her thighs, exposing a good expanse of leg.

Holding her skirt-covered buttock with my left hand, I ran my right hand up and down her body, while her hot tongue wildly licked at my ear.

My mother scrunched down further, helping me to lift the dress. Suddenly she was bared to her pelvis.

“You have such beautiful legs, you know?”

Her only reply was to kiss me again and open her legs.

I ran my hand up and down the warm softness of her inner thigh. She groaned and pushed her pelvis at me. The side of my hand pushed against the cushy bulge of her pantied crotch.

That caused my mother to grunt then lurch, snapping her legs shut and trapping my hand. I tried to pull out, but she suddenly reached down and with surprising strength, grabbed my wrist, I thought it was to pull me away from her pussy. Instead, she opened her legs wider and pulled my hand into her crotch even tighter, sawing me up and down against her cunt, moaning constantly.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Shit. Shit, Shit. Yes. There! Do it!”

My fingers seemed to find a life of their own, scrambling to find a way under the leg of her panties.

She let go of my hand and raised her hips to help me. I grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled downward. Again, she heaved up, and with her free hand, helped me pull them down, first to her low thighs and then in a tangle of limbs, off completely, muttering the whole time, “Get ’em off, get ’em off.”

Freed of her feet, I pulled her silky panties to my nose and inhaled her essence as she groped at the zipper of my fly which was unaccountably jammed at the time.

“What is it with this …?” She groused petulantly.

“Here, let me,” I said and half stood allowing the treads to lie flat and open with ease.

My Mother began to laugh at the situation, loudly proclaiming, “Christ! And I thought ‘guys’ had a hard time with girls’ bras! Thanks for the help, Lover!”

I managed to lift her and carried her to the couch where I dumped her unceremoniously. Then I rid myself of my slacks and shorts while my erection jutted out obscenely. My mother’s dress and bra quickly joined the frantic pile of clothing on the floor. Suddenly, we were both nearly nude.

She reached for me, as if to cuddle again, as if to kiss again, but I pushed her back into the couch cushions causing her legs to come up.

In one motion, I pulled outward on the inside of one knee, opening her up to me; in turn she hooked a thumb in her panties and swept them to one side, leaving her nude save the garter belt and stockings that framed her wet, swollen and open pussy.

I waited until we made eye contact, and then gradually lowered my head toward her crotch. She knew exactly where I was going.

“Oh, Howie!”

The edges of her pubes were neatly trimmed, leaving the labia bereft of pubic hair. I looked, but couldn’t see her anus. It was hidden in shadow.

Smiling lewdly, she slouched down even farther, arching her pelvis up to meet me. I placed the palms of my hands on her thighs, widening them even more.

She murmured approval, “Take them the fuck off me,” she said huskily.

I did, ripping them from her and tossing them aside.

“Yes, that way,” she growled salaciously. The musky, almost intoxicating scent of her cunt wafted up to me. I knew that smell. Knew it from the times that I’d picked up her soiled panties, but it was never this intimate. I drank in the scent and held it.

She knelt over my face then lowered her cunt to meet my mouth. She used her hands to guide my mouth to her swollen clit and I kissed it tenderly.

“Ohhh yes, Howie … Do me nice right there … right there Howie … suck me, baby … suck me there!”

I did just that and would have gone on indefinitely, for with each touch of my tongue to her little man she jerked as if shocked by a small jolt of electricity. And when I licked her there with a smallest amount of tongue pressure, she would roll her pelvis against my face, rubbing on my mouth so that I would divert my tongue to the wet, swollen lips of her cunt where it was now a virtual swamp of gooey liquids oozing out of her and mixing with my saliva.

Her speech had liseli porno become almost guttural as she explosively exhaled each time I drove my tongue into her.

“Ugh … Christ … I, ugh … needed that! Can you … huh-huh, go any … deeper, Sweetie?”

I pulled back, my face drenched, and kneeling between her legs, I fisted my painfully hard cock that she might see me and again looked into her eyes. Her face was in half shadow and her eyes were dark slits.

It was as if she were another person other than my mother.

I could see her shift her vision to my cock as I slowly stroked the shaft, bunching up the skin about the bulbous head and then pulling it slowly back. I looked at her open pussy, and then at my cock before I again looked into her half lidded eyes. And asked without saying a word.

Her answer was equally silent and equally unmistakable. She pulled her knees up and out, while running the inverted V of her fingers down to her pussy, opening it up in invitation.

I knee-walked to her up-thrust pelvis, bent my cock down to her, running the head through her wet trough and then, wielding it like a stick, I used it to thump on her clit. I couldn’t recall if it was Candy or Stephie who showed me that particular move. But it remains one of the more powerful parts of my sexual repertoire.

I started softly but rapidly increased her clit flogging until she was gasping and twitching.

“God damn you, Howie … Put it … OH GOD YES!”

Mother exploded. “Naugh! Oh fuckkk!”

“Like it? Like what I’m doing?” I asked repeatedly, until she realized what I was asking and that I wanted an answer.

“Wha … oh—I love it! Now-now fuck me you little shit!”

Now this was yet another side of my mother I’d never seen before.

“Remember, you asked for it!” I said and rammed the head of my dick into her beleaguered cunt.

She answered by thrusting her pelvis at me, effectively burying my cock deep in her vagina, ending any thought I had of feeding it to her slowly. Who was I kidding? As if I would have waited!

I fell forward on her, mashing her breasts under my chest. Her hands were above her head and I grabbed each wrist with my crossed hands and imprisoned her arms. I supported much of my weight with my elbows, but allowed my mass to hold her down as I thrust into the deepest parts of her womb.

“Feel my cock, Mom! Feel it opening the walls of your pussy? Is it touching your womb?”

Her only answer was to grunt and thrust back at me. We began to rut-short rapid strokes followed by slow, longer strokes, with me occasionally pulling all the way out and then slamming in again.

I came, but remained hard and kept fucking. I seemed to me that I was in control. Maybe I was, and then again, maybe I wasn’t. For my part I was describing in lurid detail what I was going to do to her. Oh, yeah, suddenly I was a big shot.

My guess now is that when she threw back her head and with her face contorted as if she was in terrible pain, she was acting. Later on I thought about her actions and concluded erroneously that the whipping of her head from side to side meant that she was climaxing again.

So we rested a few minutes, my cock hard in her pussy, and still holding her wrists above her head.

She kissed me signaling she was ready for another round and this time I surprised her, whispering in her ear: “I want you to get on your knees, facing away from me. I’m going to fuck you from the back.”

She gasped, “My ass?”

“Aunt Elaine told me you love anal,” I said.

“That whoring bitch!” my mother swore, but didn’t deny it. What she did do was to scramble around and assume the doggy position. “You can do me this way. I like it fine!”

“Well,” I said as I studied her ass and pussy from that angle. It was really the first time we were performing in decent lighting. “You know you’re pussy looks so sweet, pooched out that way between your legs.”

“Jesus, Howie, you’ve got a wonderfully dirty mouth.” Then she chuckled, adding, “And I love it.”

She lowered her head to her crossed forearms, accentuating the sway of her back, and with her ass pointing up, the cheeks of her ass opened, I could see her ass hole for the first time.

It was tan, slightly darker than the surrounding skin, puckered and tight looking. I wondered if she’d ever had Dad’s cock in there.

“You’re checking my ass out, aren’t you?” As if reading my mind, she added, “I hate admitting it but my sister is right. I do love anal sex but your father thought it was dirty.”

“Now don’t tease me too much, Howie. I like being touched back there, but don’t drag it out. I want your cock in there.”

I hooked my thumb in her pussy and cupped her mons. She sighed happily.

“I’m looking for your G-spot,” I told her.

“Use the middle finger, it’s longer,” she said her voice raspy and thick.

I switched as she told me, and was rewarded with: “A little to the left … a little … THERE!”

I rolled the pulp of my finger over that slightly raised tissue under her pubic bone as I fingered her clit on the outside with my thumb. With my other hand, I traced feather-light touches around the rim of her anus. The sphincter tightened then relaxed. I pushed the tip of my left index finger against the anus applying constant but gentle pressure.

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