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Two years ago when I moved back into my parents house after college it all started. When I had left home at 18 to go off to school to study engineering I never figured I end up moving back in but, when the job market for engineers dried up I had to take a low paying job and move back in with mom and dad. They were happy enough to have me around again but my baby sister was another story.

When I left for college she was just a little brat of 14 but, by the time I moved back in she had blossomed into quite a spectacular looking young girl. She had just turned 18 and she looked amazing, just as good as the girls I had gone to college with. The months since I had been back had been hell. She took it upon herself to flaunt her new body in front of me whenever she got the chance, knowing full well the effect she had on me. I think the bitch was a real tease with the guys in her high school as well. She went out with a lot of other guys but from what I saw that summer she never put out.

Many was the time that a guy dropped her off at the house and she came right in. I doubt she ever even gave any of them a hand-job. She was just so fuckin stuck up that I wanted to just tell her off, but needless to say I couldn’t do that in my parents house. She was going to go to college in the fall and my lucky day had come as well because I had gotten a job offer in St. Louis and was going to move there in the fall as well. I probably would have just left her alone if she hadn’t of pulled a really bitchy stunt on the fourth of July weekend.

She and some of her girlfriends had been sunbathing in the back yard and when I came out to mow the grass before going to a buddy’s house for a party she looked at me and turned onto her stomach and undid her top. She had really large breasts and seeing them squishing out from under her on both of her sides really had an effect on me and I KNOW she knew what she was doing. That bitch was going to have to pay before she went off to college I just had to figure out how.

The weekend before she left for school I finally decided how ankara escort I was going to pay her back for her torture. Mom and dad were at work until five in the afternoon and she was busy packing up her stuff to leave for the dorms. She looked so innocent stuffing all of her teddy bears into a box, one never would have known how much of a bitchy tease she was from that scene. However, I didn’t let that stop me. She had made me horny all summer and now she was going to pay.

I walked into her room. “Hey there Courtney, do you need any help?”

“Why do you care?” she answered “Are you really that eager to see me go?”

“Come on Courtney, we’re brother and sister and I just want to help you in your big move. Now, let me give you some advice about college. First, you are going to have study really hard if you want to stay above water. Second, you are going to have to learn to organize because mom and dad won’t be there to do it for you. And third, you aren’t going to be able to tease the college guys with your body the way you’ve been teasing the high school boys and me all summer.”

She got really angry at that one. “What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t tease anyone!” “Yes little sister you do, and you know that you do, and that is the real lesson that I am going to teach you today. I’m going to show you what happens to girls that tease in college.”

She was getting really mad and she began to swing her right hand to slap me but I was ready for it and grabbed her hand in the air. “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO GIRLS WHO TEASE IN COLLEGE!” With that I wrapped her arm around her back and pulled it up toward her neck. She really began to struggle and I dropped my weight on top of her and we fell to the ground. She was on her belly with me on top of her and kicking and squirming for all that she was worth.

“Now take your medicine bitch.” I said and with that I slapped her ass hard. She screamed and began to cry a little but that only made me want her more. Up until this point I had only been angry but with her ass wiggling underneath my escort ankara crotch I began to get really horny. I had intended to just punish her, but I began to realize that I would really enjoy this.

She was wearing nothing but a flimsy t-shirt and jogging shorts, like I said she had been packing. I bit onto the back of the neck of her shirt and jerked my head back to rip it off of her. “Stop it. Stop it you bastard.” she screamed. “Fuck you sis, this is what you’ve been asking for all summer and I’m going to fuck you good.” Her shirt had come entirely off so I shifted my attention to her jogging pants. I yanked them down to her ankles to reveal her soft cotton panties covered with little bunny rabbits. “Aren’t those just the cutest little things. You’d never know from seeing them that they were hiding a dirty little tease’s pussy.” I yanked her panties up giving her a painful weggie in both her butt and her pussy.

After holding it there for a moment I jerked the panties down around her ankles as well. I really wanted to get a good look at her tits so I flipped her over onto her back and they popped up in front of me. What amazing tits! They were large firm and had the hardest little nipples I had ever seen and amazingly she had areolas that cover almost her entire breast. “The college guys are really gonna love these Courtney. I hope you let them get a taste of them.” I sucked on each one gently at first but when she began to struggle again I bit down hard on her left breast. At that she winced and began to cry a little. I had a raging hard-on at this point and decided to do something about it.

“Ok sis, I hope you’ve enjoyed your virginity because It’s mine now.” I grabbed her tits firmly and repositioned my self above her and prepared to drive myself into her and rip her hymen to shreds. I plunged my dick into her expecting her to scream but to my amazement I slid right in up to my pubic hair. “Holy shit Courtney, you’re wet as hell and I didn’t feel no hymen. You’ve done this before bitch haven’t you. Havn’t you, you’ve been fucked before.” “Yes” ankara escort bayan she screamed “I’ve done it before.” “Well then sis, then I guess you should just enjoy yourself.” “fuck you!” she shouted.

I pumped my dick in and out of her pussy slowly at first but with growing speed and violence. After about ten minutes of this I began to feel a relaxing of her will. I think she actually had an orgasm. I kept fucking her for another ten minutes but then it occurred to me that if she was enjoying this then I really wasn’t teaching her much of a lesson. Well, I figured I’d just have to make it more unpleasent. I stopped suddenly and jerked my cock out of her dripping pussy. I wrapped my arms around her midsection and flipped her onto her stomach.

“And now its time for my desert” I said. And I rammed my cock up her ass. Again she screamed and that really did the trick for me. I was hurting her and that took me over the edge. I felt my own orgasm begin to build in my balls and stomach and it only took about thirty seconds of raping her ass to get me ready to cum. I needed to cum so badly, but how could I make it terrible for her. I got an idea and with my ejaculation eminent I put my final plan into action. I jumped off of her jerking my cock from her anus in the same move. I dropped on top of her with my knees on her shoulders and my cock straddling her face. She looked up at me in utter fear as I masturbated myself furiously.

“Here it comes bitch. Enjoy your lesson. You’ve earned it.” With that I began to cum and I purposely aimed for her eyes. My first spurt was so violent that I actually heard it splash onto her right eyelid. I spurted and spurted glob after glob of cum onto her face covering her eyes, nose, forehead and lips. I moaned aloud and nearly collapsed from my orgasm. “Wow. That was really great. Now, for the last part of your lesson.” I wiped up a big glob of my cum with my finger and shoved it into her mouth. “It’s not over until you swallow all of the cum on your face.”

I held her mouth and nose shut until I saw her swallow. And I then scraped the rest of the cum off of her face and fed it too her. When she finished off the last drops I climbed off of her and walked toward her door. Turning around I said, “Well sis, I hope you learned something. Have fun at college.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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