Sister Brandi

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Chapter 1

I first began seeing my younger sister Brandi in a whole new way when she was an eighth grader and I purposely hid in her room so I could watch her naked after her shower. There I was, a teenaged high school football star who suddenly found himself masturbating to the immaculate vision of a junior high girl slipping into her panties and clasping her bra around those firm little titties. Well, that’s the vision I had in my head for the last few years and it was as glorious as ever until I began to hunger for more.

I’m 21 now and Brandi is 19 and she looks as good as she did back then but she’s very mature in every sense. Anyway, I began to scheme up some way to see her naked again or perhaps, yes, live out the scenarios I had always dreamed we would have together. We go to the same college and our apartments are a few miles apart so we don’t see each other much. I decided to invite her over for a movie when I knew my other roommate would be gone.

I sat in angst for her arrival because I knew it would just be the two of us alone with a movie. I rented ‘The Brady Bunch Sequel’ because it had so many incestuous overtones in it. I hoped she would catch on to my plan and feel the same way. She looked amazing when she showed up. Her fashion was the most modern college girl style: tight black lycra pants, tube top with no bra at all, and high-heeled boots to match.

She welcomed me with a tight embrace and we immediately sat down and popped in the movie. Every time it reached a part dealing with Marsha and Greg’s sexual tension, she would shoot tricky masseur porno me a strange look. The movie had me quite turned on as I thought of my sister and I enjoying a reciprocal feeling of incestuous lust. When the credits began rolling, before I could even say a word, Brandi leaned across my lap to grab the telephone and proceeded to place a call while stretched across me and my couch. She then hung up the phone as nobody answered but remained face down on my midsection.

What happened next had me quite thrilled. She turned her head upward and asked, “Do you think I’m fat or do you like my body?” I told her that I thought she had a wonderful body, then I told her she was naughty for even asking that. Instinctively, I just spanked her rear end, which was right in front of me. Then she said, “you liked that, didn’t you?” I didn’t answer.

Without hesitation, I tugged her pants down to her knees and took in the sight of my sister half naked and on top of me. Then I slapped her ass cheeks again and the feeling of my hand against the yellow lycra panties stretched tight across her ass left me with a huge erection which was quite impossible to hide from her since it was pressed against her lower abs. I could tell that she was enjoying this as much as me so I pressed on.

This time I grabbed some lotion off the end table for my next trick. I peeled the top of her panties back with one hand while I ran my other hand down the swell of her back and began massaging her asshole with my lubricated fingers. She was moaning türbanlı porno in ecstasy as my mind raced on about what I should do next. Instinctively, I rolled her over and pulled my erection out of the top of my boxers and prepared to insert it into her shaven pussy lips, which were just as I had remembered them from years ago.

As I was on the brink of insertion, she begged, “please don’t honey, I’m your little sister and I don’t want you to get me pregnant.” My libido had gotten the best of me there because I knew it was wrong, too. With a disappointed look on my face, I sat there like a prom reject. Then she looked up at me and said, “let’s try THIS instead.” She proceeded to rub her pussy lips all over my cock and taunt me with the thought of possible penetration on my part. She was a tease but it was getting me off so hardcore.

Then she rubbed her firm little titties all over my body and when she brought her pussy lips down to my cock again, I couldn’t take it any longer and I blew gobs of my cream all over her sweet freshmen body. We laid back- her with my cum all over her stomach and tits, and me with the best sexual stimulation of my entire life. I sat there with a smug grin on my face awaiting what would happen after we rested up…

Chapter 2

After our little mess around session, my sister Brandi and I decided to lay down for bed together. She fell asleep in my loving arms. I still couldn’t believe that my little sister, who I had tried to seduce for years, was lying naked upon my body. Her firm little titties türk porno pressed against my chest and I laid there fantasizing about penetrating those beautiful shaven pussy lips that were now flat against my firm abs and giving me quite an erection.

I sat there firmly grasping her ass cheeks and squeezing them while my rigid cock was wedged between Brandi’s muscular thighs. Then I began massaging her asshole again and I couldn’t stop thinking about how tight a passage it was and how hard it would be for me to insert my cock into it. Then my fingers wandered wildly around her down to the base of her tight little pussy lips and I proceeded to sneak my fingers in and out of her vagina as she moaned in her slumber. This was really getting me off.

I gently moved her down a few inches on my torso so that my stiff cock was firmly pressed against her asshole and pussy lips. Then I started thrusting upwards as if to simulate fucking her. I so wanted to stick my hard cock into her unsuspecting vagina but I was almost to the point of climax so I decided against it. I proceeded to fuck Brandi’s inner thigh for almost ten minutes while holding myself back from ejaculating all over her sleeping body. It got to be too much so I decided to blow my load.

I methodically stroked myself while rubbing against her and I shot my load all over her asshole. I could feel my cream running down her body and forming around her luscious little muff flaps. This aroused me quite a bit but then I thought of her getting pregnant, so I began to freak out. I had just gotten off a sleeping beauty who had no idea what I was doing and now my come was dripping into her sweet pussy.

I began massaging it off with my pointer and middle fingers and then Brandi began to stir and opened her eyes. I was busted. What the hell was I going to do now?

To Be Continued…

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