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OMG – I am Such a PUTA! I just love men! I love their muscles, their hairy arms and legs, their big hard cocks! Yeah, I AM technically male, but, except for my very small male genitalia, looking at me naked, I look just like a woman! When I was young I got cherried by a black guy – a close friend of my mom’s boyfriend. His name was D’Wayne and he was fuckin GORGEOUS! When it happened I was very much conflicted about my sexuality. My mom’s man – James – always looked like he was disgusted by me. Once he told me that his elementary school age son could kick my ass. So when D’Wayne started coming around, he was just as macho as James, and I figured I’d disgust him too. But I was wrong.

When D’Wayne came to live with us, James told mom that it would just be for a few weeks, that D’Wayne was on parole and needed an address. Mom wasn’t crazy about the idea, but said it would be ok for a couple of weeks. D’Wayne was so fuckin cute! When he smiled he had the absolute CUTEST dimples on his handsome face! The first time we met I literally couldn’t take my eyes off him; he was 5 foot 10, cocoa brown skin, shaved head, lots of muscles and sexy tattoos! He was built like a BULL! I was having a mad crush! Turns out he felt the same about me! I’d catch him looking at me from the corner of my eye all the time. And he was very friendly to me too.

Both mom and James worked nights, and that left D’Wayne and I home together – alone. One night D’Wayne was in his undershorts and a tank top watching porn in the living room. I was wearing shorts and a tank top too, and I kept finding excuses to walk by him. D’Wayne watched mostly interracial porn. On that night he invited me to watch the DVDs with him, patting the couch and saying: “Sit down, Keven – I don’t bite.”

I sat next to him and he handed me his joint. We sat there, watching porn and smoking weed for awhile, and I noticed him casually putting his hand into his undershorts. I kept sneaking looks and I could see that he was hard, and that his cock was huge!. Just looking at the bulge in his shorts made me excited and nervous at the same time. He caught me looking and internet casino smiled, pulling his erect penis out of his shorts. “Hang on,” he said, ejecting the video he was playing, and inserting another. At first it looked like just another interracial porn vid. A pretty blonde girl was giving a big black man a hot blowjob. But then the camera went out for a wide view, and I saw that the “girl” had a penis! D’Wayne saw my reaction. “I love this shemale shit,” he said, squeezing his cock. Then he explained that in the joint, men have to get their sexual relief from female substitutes – like the sissy in the video. “You’d make your man a lot of money, Keven, if you ever was locked up.”

I blushed. “But I’m not a queer -” I started to say.

“I’m not either,” he said. Sissies like her are not guys he explained, and if a man has sex with a “girl” like her, it’s not homosexuality. He was quiet for awhile, then he said: “You’re not a guy either, Keven. You ever dress up – you know in yo momma’s panties and high heels and lipstick?”

Well, he had me read perfectly. I had been secretly crossdressing for a couple of years, since I hit puberty. So I nodded. “Yeah, I do that sometimes,” I answered him softly.

He got really animated then. “Why don’t you go put on some lipstick and high heels, Keven? I bet you look really sexy!”

“I don’t know,” I said, my head lowered. “It’s embarrassing.”

But the weed and cognac – and the porn – had gone to my head, and I was feeling reckless. “I’ll be right back,” I said. I went into my mom’s room and stripped naked. I chose a pair of my favorite high heels and stepped into them. Immediately I felt the power a woman feels coursing through my body. I slipped on some lacy black panties and applied some sexy red lipstick to my pouty lips, and teased out my thick blonde hair. Then I took the black silk Frederick’s of Hollywood shorty robe and tied the belt loosely. I looked in the mirror; my little penis, which was already hard, stood straight up. I headed back out to the living room to show D’Wayne.

When I got out there I heard a long slow wolf whistle from D’Wayne. “Baby you lookin’ FINE, canlı poker oyna girl!” I noticed that he had kicked off his shorts T-shirt and he was stark naked. God, what a beautiful body! He told me to walk around, so I strutted around the room like a model. Then he told me to lose the robe. I untied the sash and let the silk slip off my shoulders. It dropped to a puddle on the floor. There was a sharp intake of breath, and I shuddered in anticipation as I saw his hands reach out. Those big hands felt so good as the cupped my bare buttocks. I shivered as I felt them run lightly up and down my bare silky legs, and pull me in closer to him. I felt the roughness of his goatee as he pressed his face into my soft belly. and as he did this he stripped the lacy panties right off my ass! I had never had sex before, but I had watched countless hours of porn, and had fantasized constantly about having bare ass sex with a hot MAN!

I reached out and my dainty little fingers encircled his stiff cock. I squeezed down near the base and I heard a deep groan come from him; “Oh baby – kiss on it Keven.” I sank to a spread legs squat between his big hairy legs. Then I performed oral sex on another man for the first time in my young life! His cock was so big I could only take about half of it in before gagging. So I devoted my attention to nibbling and suckling on the big mushroom head. Suddenly he said: “Keven, I want to fuck you, honey! Stand up and show me that ass. I turned and wiggled my bare buttocks as he spread me open. “Ooh BABY! That pussy is PINK and fuckin’ MOIST” He put his middle finger up and told me to get it wet. I took it in my mouth and left a coat of saliva on it. I tensed as I felt it at the mouth of my anus. “Relax baby, he said, just relax. Y’all got any Vaseline in the house?”

I told him there was a tub of it in mom’s room. “Go fetch it, sissy,” he said. I started to go and he grabbed my wrist. “Walk sexy, baby.” So I wiggle my hips and strutted into mom’s room and came back holding the grease in my hand. He greased up his thick finger and had me sit on the couch next to him, and we began kissing and canlı bahis making out. As we kissed he worked his finger deep up into my tight cherry rectum. I was so fuckin HAWT!

“Fuck me, D’Wayne,” I begged.

“You sure that’s what you want?” he asked.

“Yeah, honey, I whimpered,” I want that inside of me!”

He stood up and picked me up, like a bride, and carried me into mom and James’ bedroom, and lay me naked on the bed. He got in next to me and we began kissing and making out again, his finger up my ass. Then he rose up and spread my legs and got between them. He had my legs up over his muscular shoulders and I felt the hardness of his cock pressing up against the mouth of my moist pink anus. This all happened very fast, because D’Wayne was really excited now. Then he raiped me. I mean, I call it raip, but it wasn’t in the sense that I had been a willing participant up to that point. But when I felt the searing pain as he tore into me, I began to scream in pain and fear, begging him to stop. I was squirming my hips, trying to get out from under him, but with my legs up so high, and with his weight, I was pinned to the bed. The pain was excruciating at first, but once he was in me balls deep, it began to subside very quickly, and he began to fuck me with long slow strokes. I felt his hairy mouth on mine, his aggressive tongue probing my throat, and soon we were moving together, mating like any newlywed couple. Then the force grew more rapid and strong and he shouted out in a loud voice: “FUCKIN BITCH!” and he shot his cum deep up into my guts. As this was happening he was shuddering and jerking and making strangled sounds, until finally his body relaxed and he sank down on top of me, his face on my tits, his breath heavy.

After, when we turned the lights on, we say that there was blood all over the sheets. Well, I mean, D’Wayne had popped my cherry, after all! My rectum was bleeding a lot. I tried putting a Kotex there, but after a day it was still bleeding, so I went to my mom and confessed. She was livid and kicked D’Wayne out right there. Then we went to the ER and they put in a couple of stitches. I lied and said I was using a dildoe, otherwise D’Wayne would have caught another charge.

After that I began dressing up almost full time, except when I had to go to school. I quit going there as soon as I turned 16, and began whoring around with different men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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