sissy love daddies bbc

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sissy love daddies bbc
Its so nice and fun to walk in skirt at night, dress up and waiting at the park where there not enough lights,

my little polka dot white string keeping the buzzing plug in place, in my wet horny sissy boy pussy

all it needs is one of these factory worker to see me and ill be sucking a bbc in no time, like it happens to sissy like me all the time when we go out dress like sluts

my hearth starts to beat when i saw these 3 daddies walking toward the parking lots near the park

my sissy nature in full effect smoking my cigarette in heels walking in the spot light

and watch them get closer and closer

until one saw me to the left and all 3 deviate from the path , all 3 walking toward me , disapearing further behind the bushy spot

my sissy secret spot

”there , shes here guys”

”my kartal escort god , shes cute”

”yes very cute, you are alone at night looking for cocks?”

nodding at the 3 guys already gropping me , circling the small white sissy boy slut

all 3 helping pants down watching me hit the grass with my knees

”here open up beautifull, yesss slow like this ”

cocks put in my hands , strking on both side my head fuck slow and deep

”my my she loves big black cocks”

”you been waiting for black cocks to please?”

”mmm mmmm”

help to turn around , another nice hard cock in my mouth looking up at all 3 having fun cocks out treating me like a slut girl

”good cock hungry slut”

”i wish i could fuck you, but i have no condom”

they all called me names when i open my little purse and there was only magnum pendik escort bayan pouch in it with a bottle of lube

”damn this one a real trained sissy slut doll ”

”get me ready i want to stretch your cunt”

i reach for a condom and put it with my mouth , always so horny when i wrap a nice big black cock in a rubber

my hole eager to be fucked

doggy in the dark park mouth on a bbc , my boy pussy taking one slowly in, lube added

”oh shes nice, very nice cunt, well trained little fuck hole”

watching the 2 other daddies wrap a condom on to try me

and the game was on

all 3 fighting to fuck me more
until i am just used like a doll

thrown around on the grass legs up cock pounding me down , sit on my stomack pumping my face the other working my ass

so happy to please , weak and fuck escort pendik by nice daddies black cock

i was feed loads after loads , until all 3 were done with me

getting dress and calling me a wore

i should have went home , 10 minute later one of them was back

he used tiewrap and leash me up my hands in my back

telling me to be a good sissy and listen to him carefully

i was help ass up in the back of his suv

tied and a bag on my head

i knew i was in trouble going in the garage of a loud place music shouting people partying

”hey guys , mike is here with the fuck slut”

the garage filled with voices , music playing loud from the open doors

i felt one getting in me and cheerings in the room

”have fun guys this one a real cock slut”

they enjoyed listening to me moan ass up , tied like a doll for the full team of baseball
ass slap and called names all nights , weak and just a hole for lots of horny black guys

i never knew how much cocks went in me

but my purse had so less condom after the nights i had to buy more

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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