Sins of the Father Pt. 05

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Chapter Seven: Friday, July 4, 2003, 7:30 P.M.

So, there we were – James, me and our daughter Rachel – in our lounge… with me continuing to vacuum my husband’s considerable, spermy load from my daughter’s very puffy pussy.

Sarah, for some reason, immediately ran up the stairs carrying something in her arms that I couldn’t quite make out. Our two boys, on the other hand, came right into the lounge and began to strip without saying a single word.

We all watched as they came over to where I was laying on the settee. They picked up their naked sister; each brother in turn kissing her on the lips. What they did next was astounding to me and Jim!

It was like being on the set of a porn movie, only the action wasn’t staged for anyone but the participants – in this case, three of my children! There was some foreplay (though certainly no need for any): my sons’ mouths and hands caressing Rachel’s sweaty body; electrifying every possible nerve-ending. Then, Jimmy lay on his back with his wide girth proudly pointing skyward. Rachel crawled over to him, turned around to face his feet and very carefully and smoothly sheathed his cock in her ass!

Once her groin made contact with his, Peter knelt down and offered Rachel his tool to drool over for a short time. Then, he pushed his cousin/sister/wife back onto her brother’s chest and began to shove his saliva-coated cock into Rachel’s tight slot that was still oozing her father’s potent baby-makers. Jim and I watched, transfixed, as the three of them screwed like pagans!

After a while, my husband came over and we swapped what little of his seed I still had in my mouth back and forth, then swallowed what we each had as per our agreement.

For ten more minutes, Rachel’s brothers fucked her to the stars and beyond. On some wordless cue, they pulled out, scrambled to their feet, and sprayed her with their combined discharge from her face down to her distended labia. Then, they came over to where I was and those two young studs pretty much started over with me!

They made me kneel in front of them and clean their slimy tools and get them hard enough for more fucking. (Fortunately for me, Rachel’s ass was clean!) Then they got down there with me. Peter got on his back – his now rejuvenated pole standing up proudly. My son James picked me up and and very carefully set my pussy down over his brother’s cock, with me facing Peter. I slipped down Peter’s rod and had a powerful orgasm! I felt Jimmy push my back down, my tits pressing onto Peter’s chest. Peter helped by hugging me. Then James Jr. squatted down behind me.

I looked back and saw him holding onto his seven inch phallus that seemed to be the diameter of a pop can! I was alarmed, because I thought he was about to shove that monster up my ass. But, remember what I said about not asking what worse things could happen?

Sarah got back to the lounge just in time to see her twin begin to push his fat cock into her mother’s already over-stuffed cunt!

“Oh, wow, Mom… your world is about to get rocked! I love it when they do this to me!”

“What did you just say, Sarah?! Ooooooo my Gooodddd!! James! they are splitting me in twooooo!!”

James stood there with his mouth agape as his sons double-penetrated their mother’s pussy with their above-average-sized tools! How can I describe the feeling? How about giving birth in reverse? I’ll give my son James good marks for the patient and careful way he just about killed me. It took about ten minutes of slow, rhythmic entry for me to suddenly realize that both these boys were bumping up against my cervix! Oh, man! It was starting to feel really good at that point.

Now, did my loving husband do anything to help me? Yes he did… he came over to my front, knelt down and offered me his cock to suck. I swallowed it immediately!

I quickly began to realize that Sarah must have been telling the truth about having experienced this. The boys established a very smooth rhythm; see-sawing their pricks into me; giving me the best kind of friction on my clit and G-Spot. I was swooning – orgasms washing over me at a rate of about two every five minutes. And they were making this moment even better with their banter:

“Come on, Peter… pound her good! Her pussy is so hot! Can you feel it?”

“Yeah, Jimmy, and she’s juicing so nice like a mother’s cunt should for her sons’ cocks! Should we bust our nuts inside her or come all over her face?”

My husband, at that moment, had to go and be his normally helpful self:

“Boys, she doesn’t have her diaphragm in and this is her most fertile time of the month!”

“Peter! Did you hear that! One of us could impregnate Mom! Let’s do it. Second comer gets to let his swimmers surf on the first one’s wave! I can hold off longer than you can!”

“No street blowjobs porno way, Jose! I have far better control than you do. Just ask Rachel!”

‘Hey,” his cousin/sister/wife said, “don’t get either me or Sarah involved. It’s all on how tight Mom can squeeze you with her pussy muscles!”

For over thirty minutes, my sons relentlessly pounded my cunt into submission… trying not to be the first to blow his wad into me. I loved it!It was by far the best fucking I have ever had.

Sarah had the good sense to pull out her cellphone and begin recording the action. Let me describe to you what she got:

She aimed her phone’s camera right at the juncture of my double-plugged pussy such that the proof of our incest filled the entire screen. There was so much moisture, and you could easily hear their dicks slosh back and forth through my taut folds.

My outer labia were huge and purple! And they were stretched just about as far as possible. About fifteen minutes into the action, my crotch area began to spasm and a jet of female ejaculate drenched my sons’ groins. Then, they both came in me within seconds of one another. James said:

“Let’s keep going, bro. I can stay hard if you can!”

So, that’s what they did. Sarah kept recording. She caught how their combined seed leaked out my quivering pussy and around their turgid shafts. My sons kept this up for another fifteen minutes! No porn scene was ever more explicit or nasty!

I remember thinking at the time that I felt like the whore I’d always been, but had put aside for two decades of domestic bliss. All the while, I chewed and drooled on my husband’s tool until he blew his own load down my throat. Then, he collapsed onto his back whereupon Sarah handed her phone off to Rachel and then proceeded to clean off her father’s cock right in front of me! That revved me up even more.

I could tell that Peter and James Jr. were both reaching the end of their abilities to hold back their second inseminations. Their movements began to get ‘jerky’. Again, they both coated my cervix just milliseconds apart. Their convulsions lasted for over a minute.

My son James came out of me first. He reached down and easily picked me up and off of his brother’s dick and flipped me over in his strong arms. Then Peter got up from the floor and both boys quickly took we upstairs to Peter’s old bedroom where they gently laid me back on the bed. James got two pillows and, while Peter held my legs aloft, put them under my butt.

“What are you two doing?”

“We’re helping you to get pregnant, Mom,” Peter said as if I were being completely forgetful about how to maximize pregnancy. (In truth, I had forgotten.)

“You know, boys, your father beat you to it about two hours ago.”

“We figured,” said my son James, “but his sperm is going to get over-taken by ours in short order. So, chances are, one of us will become father to our own sibling!”

“Cool! Huh, Mom!” added Peter. “You’ll be both Mother and Grandmother at the same time!”

“Yesss,” I hissed. “Just peachy, Peter. What am I going to do with the two of you?”

“Fuck us some more!” said both boys in unison.

With that, my son and my nephew each bent down and took a nipple into their mouths and sucked hard. Then they each used one of their hands to stimulate my clit and pussy lips. They were attempting to bring me to one last orgasm… one that would vacuum up all their sperm resting now at the bottom of my vagina just waiting for the chance to go find an egg of mine happily floating down my fallopian tube (without a clue to the horde about to mob it, I would add), and complete this incestuous romp. They didn’t stop until they had given me four more… the bastards!

Chapter Eight: Friday, July 4th, 2003, 9:00 P.M.

I must admit, orgasms do do wonders for getting pregnant.

Eventually, the boys (naked with cocks again erect!) left me to rest for a time on Peter’s bed. When I felt myself strong enough, I got up on my elbows and looked down at my pussy to examine it first for damage and then to see if I were leaking spunk. Amazingly, it wasn’t bleeding or even sore. All those orgasms, maybe? I don’t know. Also amazingly, nothing was coming back out.

Of course, my pelvis was rotated back and all that cum was probably now sloshing around in my uterus, but you would have thought that at least SOME of it would have escaped! No way, Jose!

About twenty minutes later, I began hearing sounds (that could only be described as those coming from an orgy) wafting up from downstairs. I remember thinking to myself, “I can only imagine!” Of course, then I realized that I didn’t have to imagine because I’d essentially just been on the receiving end of an orgy. I was getting very curious student sex parties porno as to who was doing what to whom when I thought I heard a sound coming from a certain young grandson of mine.

Not wanting to go in to check on him in my birthday suit, I got out of Peter’s old bed and made my way back to my own bedroom. When I went in, I was startled to see that the bed had been remade and that the room itself smelled just fine. I, on the other hand, smelled like old, stale gym clothes.

That was another thing I could not allow my grandson to notice, so I very quickly sponged myself off in our master bathroom, put on some panties (making sure to add a panty-liner), slipped on some jogging shorts and one of James’ t-shirts, and went down to Rachel’s old room.

When I opened that door, I got yet another shock: whereas Petey was asleep, in one of our old bassinets (that someone had retrieved from the attic) lay a baby that could not have been more than four months of age! It was a little girl… my granddaughter, apparently… by Sarah, perhaps? Right then, I wasn’t sure. The little bundle was awake and smelled like she needed changing. Again, my emotions kept bouncing from anger to joy. But, when she looked up at me and cooed… I lost it for the second time!

I decide that it was time for that little tramp (whichever daughter of mine it was who was this child’s mother) to get up here and do her job.

So, I left the little princess in her bed and made my way downstairs. When I walked back into the lounge, my nostrils were immediately assaulted by my ‘before sponge-bath’ odor… times ten! And let me describe for you what I saw:

My husband and Peter were double-teaming Sarah in her very sloppy pussy. She looked exactly how I must have looked, except that my husband was on the bottom and Sarah was on her back on top of him. He was massaging her very large rack and her nipples were leaking copious amounts of milk. That, to me, seemed problematic. But, it at least solved the mystery of who the recent mother was!

I stood there for a long while watching them fuck. It was intoxicating! Sarah’s eyes were rolled up so that all I could see were the whites of her orbs. And she was vibrating! I adjusted my angle and bent down so that I could see where their three groins met.

It was apparent that my husband and Peter had already come inside her; their ejaculations combined with her fluids was frothy and thick, so much so that it was adhering to their genitals instead of dripping off.

Eventually Sarah saw me next to her and gave me a big, breathy smile. Then she shot off so violently that her feet came off the floor with one foot almost knocking me over! What can I say? My daughter Sarah is a little fuck-toy, and loves being one for every adult member of her family. (She told me just last year that she strongly feels this is what she was born to be. Funny, I thought it had something to do with her abilities in math and physics!)

Well, Peter was not wasting any time. He would repeatedly slam his long, thick cock into the very depths of his little cousin/sister and then pull out his tool and slap it hard on her clit. He did this ‘dance’ over and over again until Sarah screamed and squirted so hard that she expelled her father’s cock! That’s when I switched my view.

Over on the other side of the room, James Jr. was seated in one of the high-backed chairs while his sister Rachel was slowly rocking her cunt back and forth over his crotch… Jimmy’s bone buried deep in her garden. He, meanwhile, was alternating between her tits; giving them both a major-league tongue-bathing. Both of my daughters were moaning in absolute ecstasy. My three men were like orgasm-giving machines. I was very proud of them.

As I watched from the sidelines, Sarah went into convulsions and her father began to pump her full of whatever remaining sperm he had in him. It must have been considerable, for quite a bit of it came out of her around both their cocks. He ceased his thrusts and just remained steady as Peter continued his own movements. Two minutes later, he, too, came and the flush of spunk from Sarah’s quim was repeated.

Just like they had done to me, Peter lifted his little sister off her father and held her in his arms. Then my husband got up, wobbly, I might add, and that’s when the men saw me standing there.

“Are you trying to get knocked up, again, Sarah?” I asked (very sweetly, I thought).

My husband scrunched his brow and said, “Again?” and looked at his very naughty daughter.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said sweetly. “It’s been three months since my daughter Abigail was born and I’m ready to get pregnant again. Jimmy insisted that you or Peter father my next child.”

“He did, did he?” asked submissive cuckolds porno her irritated father.

“Yeah, Pop,” she said. “I think incest is by far the best sex there is. Screwing my brothers and Rachel licking my kitty always gives me the best orgasms! If I don’t get fucked at least twice every day by my brother, I get really cranky. And now that my father has fucked me, that gives me three big cocks to rock my world anytime I want.”

“Are you ovulating, Sarah?” Peter asked, excitedly.

“Yes. Today and tomorrow are my peak days this month. That’s why we came home when we did. Please say you’ll both fuck me again and again. But I really hope it’ll be your seed, Daddy, that takes me. I really want my father to father my next sister/daughter or son/brother!”

James looked at me incredulous. I simply smiled and reminded him that there was a good chance that one of his sons had impregnated their mother. He smiled back and said to Peter:

“Give this little wench to me! I’ll show her how to get pregnant!”

“That’s great, dear. You have my blessing to do so, but first the ‘wench’ will have to change her daughter’s diaper and possibly feed her… if the two of you left that baby any milk!”

“Right, Mom!” Sarah said. “Dad, can you carry me upstairs to do that?”

‘Sure, sweetheart. But please allow me to change my granddaughter’s diaper. You, young lady, need to nurse while you rotate that pelvis back and gestate!”

“Dad,” Peter added, “while you’re doing do-do duty, I’ll stay with Sarah and give her some more orgasms.”

“You ‘ok’ with that Sarah?” I asked her.

“Sure, Mom. What are you going to do?”

“Well, I have a certain son whose very wide cock I would like to have in my pussy, again. I’ll be fine, dear. Like your father said, you just go and gestate.”

While the three of them went up to take care of their to-do or do-do lists, I walked over to Jimmy and Rachel who were still humping to their hearts’ content, only now on the oriental rug. Rachel’s thighs were pressed back against her chest with her ankles over her brother’s shoulders. Meanwhile, my son James was slamming his thick prick into his sister with quick jabs followed by very slow extractions from her pussy. Every time he did this, I could see her cunt quiver as his knobby, purple piston scraped its way back through every fiber of her pleasure core.

She was being tortured with the sweetest song: bare-assed, bare-backed, incestuous love-making. Sweat was pouring off her forehead; she was obviously experiencing orgasm after orgasm from her brother’s slow assault on her womanhood; and she was screaming for him to come, again! “How many time had he come already?” I thought. So, I asked him.

“Three, Mom… just inside Rachel in the last thirty minutes alone! I produce a lot of come every day.”

“Too bad your brother already got her pregnant, Jimmy, you might have scored a trifecta: Rachel, Sarah and me!”

“That’s ok, Mom. I already nailed Rachel here,” he said as he let loose for a fourth time into his smiling, now-satisfied sister. “Petey mine! We got tested to see which of us was the father. Whoever got her first had to let the other get her pregnant the next time.”

“Then who is the father of that little, pink bundle upstairs?”

“Abigail’s also mine. I got Sarah pregnant just before we left for our hosteling trip through Europe.”

“How in heaven’s name did you travel for a year in Europe with a pregnant woman?”

“It was pretty easy, Mom. Your daughters love to fuck when they’re pregnant! But, you should know that Sarah and I got married in Albania. We were told that it should be legal in the States, too.”

“You and Sarah are married?!” I echoed, with alarm.

‘Way to go, bro!” Rachel exclaimed. “So, you decided to join the cult, huh?”

“What a family I have!” I said. “So, Rachel… do you like to screw when your pregnant?”

“Yeah, Mom. For some reason, pregnancy really sends my libido into overdrive.

“Just like me…” I responded.

“Can’t wait to see that for myself,” Jimmy said as he rolled off Rachel and immediately went to work sucking every last drop of his own seed from her tender pussy. (He was a gentleman and let me swallow some of it, too.)

Rachel continued to lay there and experience mini-orgasms as her brother serviced her post-coital needs. When he was done, he reached out a hand. She took it and he helped her to her feet. She looked at me and said:

“Do we still need to have that talk, Mom?”

“More than ever!”

“Ok. Then, I’m going to go get cleaned up a bit, put on some clothes and check in on my son – who also happens to be my nephew and my cousin!”

“What about you, Jimmy?” I asked my son.

“I don’t know, Mom… wanna fuck me bareback again? I’ll do to you what you just saw me do to Rach. Believe me, you’ll love it.”

He did and I did. Damn-it if that boy of mine didn’t pump two more loads of sperm into me! So, there I was twenty minutes later with my ass in the air… again!

But, the festivities were far from over… On, yeah! You had better believe that.

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